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We're the official website of Military Modelling magazine and we want to build a community where you'll feel welcome every time you drop in to see what people are up to, or to ask people what they think about your latest build, or just to see what's happening in the industry at large.
Through our close ties with the kit and aftermarket manufacturers, we hope to be able to bring you the latest News and Reviews of course, but it doesn't stop there... we need you to bring us your news too and to that end you'll find it extremely easy to use the forums and post images, so that modellers everywhere can view many people's opinions about the kits or items they'll want to buy.
Above all, MilitaryModelling.com aims to be an informative and interactive, lively and amusing website, that is easily accessible and appeals to modellers of all abilities.
There's plenty on the site to interest all modellers, from reviews of the latest kits, out of the box build features, and news of forthcoming model events such as shows.
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