This month our main features are:-

Rapid Reaction MBT

Ivan Momcilovic Momcha presents his reactive armour package AMX-30

Scratch built Sherman

Scratch built 1/35 Allied Sherman M4A3 105mm Howitzer by Keith Sharples (Part 1 of 2)*

Deadly Water Nymph!

Bronco Models 1/35 ‘Rheintochter’ German R-3p Surface-to-Air Missile by Gary Radford

Take One Garage – Part 2

The colouring and ageing process of an old garage frontage continued by Emmanuel Nouaillier

The Swedish Stormartillerivagn m/43

John Norris continues his series of military vehicle ‘walk-arounds’

Schorndorf 1514

The Blood Court and summary executions of the ringleaders of the Poor Conrad uprising by Doug Miller, Mick Burgin and Geoff Laws

Airbrush practice

Refreshing your airbrush skills and techniques by Peter Gillson

Models at Saumur

The International Model show at the Tank Museum Saumur France by David Garden


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