Military Modelling Magazine Vol 42, No 4 - cover


This month our main features are:-

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war”* - Award winning Takom 1/35 Mk.A Whippet by Fraser Gray

An Introduction to Scratchbuilding – Part 1 By Mark Cooper and Mark Bannerman

CLOSED! Emmanuel Nouaillier looks at old closed wooden shop fronts

Tragedy and Faithfulness Mg Schütze, Regiment Norge, Narva, Estonia, 1944 diorama by Yngve Sjødin

Tribal Woman A Melpa Tribal Woman of Papua New Guinea. Dr Victor Wong discusses the background and the construction of this 1/24 figure

Warrior of the north Neil Marshall demonstrates the model hair technique

‘Milly’ The KFS 1/24 AEC Militant Mk 1 by Richard Wilson         

Two-in-one Self-Propelled Gun Richard Dyer builds the 1/56 scale SU-85/SU-122 kit from Rubicon Models

Shizuoka City The world plastic model capital located in Japan by Robert-Gilles Martineau


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