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Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
18/03/2017 15:52:45

Good Afternoon Fellow Glue Slingers,

Just a quick note to say that I'm finally back for the attack and healing up slowly but surely....More below....

Firstly....John R, Fernando, Scottie, Joe, Si, John B, Wouter, Bobby, Mr. Buckland and Kash...Thanks for best wishes and comments on me and the MAG. As of right now, there are no leftovers inside of me...can't say if the mesh is the proper camo color it's supposed to be...All the cute nurses were on the 1st floor (sorry Si)...I think they finally got all the parts sewn up right this time too!!!! Fingers crossed.....

Today I attempted to do a little work on my Baby's. Sitting at the table is not a big problem when I sit in my captains chair (from my computer). It allows me to sit straight and not interfere with the corset etc. I didn't get anything accomplished for the following reason. HEALING...The four drain holes (two on each side) that held the drain tubing that went under the skin, start to tickle as they heal. They also start to itch a bit as part of that process too. Drives a man crazy!!!!!! Every time you go to do something, bam....tickle!!!! Crazy stuff as my Mojo is soaring, but I'm not getting anywhere with the build.....Never had this sort of prob before, ever! Maybe tomorrow I can get a little done.

Have a great weekend and thanks again all



Thread: The Adventures of Meshman....
16/03/2017 20:19:47

Good Evening Wonderful People (From Around the World and All Ships At Sea!!!!),

The Adventure has finally brought me home...About 30 years older and 20 years uglier. I have tried to up-date this since Tuesday night but between the drugs and the internet connection always going dead, I didn't stand a chance in hell......Everytime I typed a post and attempted to send it here, the net said 'Wrong answer bar rag breath', and ate it.

So...STEVE, SCOTTIE, JIMBO, NICK CRAZY MAN, ROBIN, RICHARD, ANDY S, MR. RACE, MR. BENSON, PAUL E, JOE, SIMON T, CHRIS, PETER, STEFAN, BOBBY, MARCELLO AND MR 'KEEF' HUTTON.....I tip my hat to you all for the prayers, best wishes and good old banter. All you fine folks here on MM are like family to me and is what makes this site the best in the whole world. Thank You so much for putting up with me and for all your friendship along the way.

I hope to get back to finishing my Braille baby's this weekend and maybe paint a few figs. (Yup, you heard that right).....Tomorrow I have to go get my blood tested again as today's test showed my white blood cell count is too low. I will also post the last few pics to close out this thread so we can move on to bigger and better thangs!!!

Thanks again one and all and have a great night.....Tired as hell and trying to drink a cold one!!!



12/03/2017 16:51:25

Good. Afternoon Fine Crazies,

I believe I am finally back among the living here. The past days after he OP were like the worst nightmare you can ever have. I have never, ever endured so much pain in my life and today is the first day I can at least see straight. Most of the pain is gone, but still a bit groggy.

It seems that it's always the same old song...'One thing leads to another'.....On Wednesday, they brought me dinner and when I tried to sit up in bed, I couldn't breath, let alone eat....Ok, lay back down and try to eat with your head elevated. Yea, that worked but my stomach was full in a short time. Damn girdle was so tight it was cutting off my breath and my digestive tract....Thursday morning was the same song and dance. When I told them I couldn't breathe right, one genius came upon the idea that maybe the girdle was wrapped too tight...DOH!!! It didn't do anything for the pain, but at least I could eat,drink and breathe better.

In between all this crap and the pain came the best part, trying to sleep...With all the Meds they had pumped me full of, you would think sleeping would be easy. How many hours are in a day??? 48??? seemed like it....

Everytime I closed my eyes to sleep, it was great. Close my eyes at 8pm and BAM, thought I had slept for 3-4 hours or more...NOT...I had slept for 10 minutes! Closed them again, the same crap happened......over and over again! Fall asleep watching TV, yup, you guessed it, back awake in 10 minutes too!!! Day after day... Even sleeping tablets didn't work either. last night was the first night I only woke up 4 times till the morning came.

Well folks, it looks like I'm on the way to recovery. I do give a Hearty Thank You to one and all for the get well prayers and wishes!!! I'm still me in spite of my stockings and corset. So far, no Rocky Horror flashbacks and you can still call me Allen (Andrew, I owe you one!).

I also haven't found any good modeling stuff yet. They seem to keep that stuff well hidden. Gonna have a better snoop around tomorrow to see what I can find.....

Thanks Again and have a good Sunday evening...


Meshman (for real)

08/03/2017 14:22:12

Good afternoon Wild Bunch,

The OP went good I guess....I kinda slept through it!!! One of the last things you get to put on before is your mesh stockings to keep your legs sexy during the whole thing. They also reduce the threat of blood clots and. Brain cramps.

At 12:45 yesterday they took me under and that's the last I remember till 11:00 today. I'm still groggy as hell and managed to finally get some food in the stomach . Afterwards, I even got a cup of coffee to boot. Sorry there isn't much humorous stuff going on at the time.......


Here's a pic of the OP area. As you can see I have some kind of girdle holding everything inside. The black thing starts at my ribs and goes to my belly button...Don't know what it does. The good part so far is that I have very little to no pain at all......It feels like someone shoved a sheet of wood down my front side. Stiff as a board.....


Thank you All (John's, Wouts, Peter, Si, Andrew, Stefan) and anybody I may have missed. Still very groggy and not clear in the birne....Brain!!!.....

Oh, BTW, the food is good and you get a big portion. If anything goes down later, I'll post it up. I have also been eyeing up things for the table for when I get home. Thanks for the reminders guys....

Prost Groggy

Allen Meshman

07/03/2017 08:17:08

I guess the post was too big....I will try to update as soon as it's possible and/or between shots of the good stuff. See you all later and thanks for watching


Allen (Meshman)

07/03/2017 08:11:00

Good Morning Fellow MilModer's,

The time has finally come to go under the knife and become Meshman. If you read my last post on my SSGB project, you will know what I'm talking about. I will try to do this blog as best I can. It will be along the same lines as my trip to the Euro blog last year. I will try to keep it humorous with touches of satire and of course, plain nonsense too....

The header pic is the main entrance to the Jura Klinik in Schesslitz, Germany. It's a 15 minute drive from where I live in Bamberg. My friend Heinz dropped me off at 7:08 and in I went. Checked in at the front desk and then went upstairs to my ward, no. 4....

i tried out my WiFi and it's a bit slow, but will do the job boring you all to death when I can. Having lots of time still, I went outside to take a few pics and made a few discoveries......

The Klinik is located on the edge of town and is out in the country so to speak. A pic of across the street from the entrance........


We also have a Cafe that's connected to the Klinik. Reasonable prices and good food. I only hope they have cold ones in stock when the time comes..........


Here In Germany, when you have a heavy OP to do, you need to bring in the right equipment. We always have the right piece for the right job. Removes those old organs like a dream!!!! Down in front of the pic is our swimming pool. Unfortunately it's only 1 inch deep...guess they don't want anybody to drown in it.............


And of course if you don't make it, we have the disposal system right in the back yard!!! All for now...TBC....



Edited By Allen Dewire on 07/03/2017 08:13:05

Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
05/03/2017 19:00:33

Ok, the program isn't liking me right now......

Anyway, that's all for now. I thank you all for looking and see you on the other side (maybe ten days) with an up date. As far as the OP further,

The Op isn't too serious really. 5 1/2 years ago it was serious. Noncancerous tumor over the entrance to my stomach and a cancerous tumor in my bladder that couldn't be removed.....Result, old bladder removed, new bladder made and installed and the tumor over the stomach also removed. Bad work with the stitching as a year and a half after the OP, it came apart. Then I had a bulge the size of a grapefruit sticking out under my rib cage. It was my stomach under my skin bulging out....I guess that's what you get for two OPs for the price of one. Bladder works great, the bulge didn't go away.....

The Op on Tuesday is to install a (so to say) a mesh screen from under the ribs to the large intestines. Kinda like a screen door...they sew it in, sew the muscles back together and sew me back up.....Ok, cool.....My OP is also around or right after lunchtime, so before I leave the hospital, I will ask that they take an x-ray to make sure that the docs didn't leave any empty McDonalds bags, french fries or cups inside me. Ya never know........

Thank you all again for the support and good wishes for my adventure Tuesday. To quote Arnie...'I'll Be Back'....



05/03/2017 18:32:35

Good Afternoon Good People (again),

I just spent an hour making a post and with one tap of the sausage finger, it was gone........2nd try, Grrrrrr....

This will be the last post on this project for a while as on Tuesday, I go into the hospital for my OP. Monday is work and pack my bag etc. More details posted below....

John H - Thank you my friend and it's good to hear you've finally got a little down time. Love the idea with the turntable for the Kfz.4...I still may make a clock out of it. Promise to keep my hands to myself this time. They do have some fine nurses there though!!!

Simon - Thanks to you and a few others here, I've fallen for this tiny scratchery thang. It's so much fun're always an inspiration with your fine works and I thank you for that!!!

Steve - Yes Sir buddy, the MAG had a crew of 11 so I have to add some life into the big picture. It'll be fun....Thanks for the wishes and my blog (if they have WiFi) will be just like the one I did for my trip to the Euro last year. Oh, and beer is very good for the healing process they say!!!

Brushman - You may very well be right about that point. Rest will be first as sitting at the table would just squash my guts a bit. Moggeling while lying on my back??? Don't think that will work too good. Trust me, all details will be posted as soon I can post. I have to keep you all bored somehow. Thanks John.

Jim - You too are responsible for the micro-scratchery in my project. Thank you for the good wishes my friend and keep making the magic happen!

Peter - Thank you too Sir. I did a test today and acrylics adhere well on the little critters. I will be using some reverse psycho trick when I paint them. If they turn out good without the optivisor exploding, then my 1/35 figs will be a breeze to paint! If I can blog from the ward, then it will be just like my Euro blog. I'll just do it in between shots of the good stuff...

Richard - I hope you are felling better my man. Sorry to hear you were down for while. The pop gun is almost finished and my healing time will be used to finish the whole Shebang. Thanks too for the wishes! It's all good.

Ed - Nice to see you Sir!!! Yea, maybe I went a little crazy on this project, but it's so much fun working with the tiny stuff. Thanks and I will definitely take care of myself or make all the nurses mad!!! Hey, ya only live once....Hope all is well over there!

Mick - Vielen Dank mein Herr! They're not taking anything out this time I'm afraid, they are sorta putting a screen door in me. I'll explain below. All the best down under!!!

Andy - Well thanks to you and your project, every time I log in and see your post, I can't stop singing Van Halen for 2 days... You ought to be arrested Sir!!! Seriously though, Thank You so much for the good wishes and I'll be back before you know it. Give my best to Rach and a pet to Mort...Be good...

Paul - I kinda figured that everything would be a little crazy in these times. Crazy weather you're having too. It must be hell brother. Hey, Sept could very well be a plan to get together. I'll be all healed up and I have a whole lot of vacation time saved up. Brussels is nice and the Belgians have good beer too, just ask Wouter...I'll drop you a line after the Op when I'm back home. Thanks and you take care too.....

I spent today finishing up most of the painting and there's only a bit more to do before the the vehicles are complete. They need decals and two drops of red for the marker lights. Gun mounted, windshield glued, dash affixed and the feet on the stabilizers in place. A few pics.......


I just need to paint the width markers white.........




I also finished painting the Kfz.4...Still need to do the exhaust pipe, add the steering wheel, MGs, decals and spare tire.......



Both of them side by side...Sorta like father and son.........TBC


Thread: Scratch Build #6 : 1/24 Hawker Fury
03/03/2017 22:32:31

Good Afternoon Jim,

Ok, please tell us what you can't do with all this scratchery. It's amazing what you can come up with when you put your mind to it. I honestly think you will have this whole project done In the next few months latest. Super tail, super prop and there's no stopping you now Sir!!! Simply wild....



Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
03/03/2017 22:14:28

Evening Gentlemen,

It's not an update as time has been hectic the past few days. But, short and sweet......

John, Nick, Joe, Jim and Paul - Thank you all for the kind comments and encouragement! You don't know how much it means to me. I will try to comment better over the weekend to all.

This week, it's been work and a doctor's appointment for an OP next week. It's nothing too serious and will happen on Tuesday. I may be off the net for a week if the hospital doesn't have Wi-Fi to use my iPad. If they do, I will blog my mis-adventures in the hospital with satire and humor as it may be. My blood test today was a very hilarious undertaking to say the least....As it seems, I'm dead or I'm a vampire......More later,

Have a good one and stay tuned for more gory details.....



Thread: 6th. SS-Sturmbrigade Langemarck StuG III ausf. G
03/03/2017 21:31:55

Abend Wouter,

Nice figure you've got there...Looks great to me Sir and I wouldn't touch the face. I'm no expert (far from it) but I think the face shows that cold and weary look to a 'T'. My question is, how did you make the holster??? Did you scratch it together or is it from another fig kit??? The result looks fantastic and hey, those ammo crates are nice too!!!



Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
03/03/2017 21:09:46


I told you so, I told you so....Great work buddy!!! My favorite is still Stalin in the middle of the bunch in the last pic. You are definitely getting the hang of this mysterious art and doing a bang-up job of it. Drive on Brushman!!!!!! I love it....


Allen (Meshman)

Thread: Rhine Crossing (SSGB17)
03/03/2017 21:01:44

Hi Paul,

You're ingenuity in creating huge masterpieces in this scale is incredible. With all that detail you packed into the buildings, vehicles, rubble and the tiny figs, hell the whole picture is beyond words. You need to lay off the dark chocs buddy!!! All in all, besser Gehts Nicht on this one Sir. I hope all is well over in Trumpville and the snow isn't too deep (the bull maybe). Take care my friend and keep it coming...



PS, the semis add more to whole scheme of things IMHO. They look good!

Thread: Verlinden 120mm ADC
02/03/2017 17:07:19

Afternoon Peter,

And yet another Meisterwerk from your bench. I might suggest you check your color settings on the computer monitor as when I look at the pantaloons, they are a real nice red color on my iPad. I don't see any orange tint at all anywhere. The only fault I see is (I think) his hands may be missing....Could be the iPad though. (Sorry, couldn't resist Sir)



Thread: I am a ridiculously proud granddad
01/03/2017 20:28:43

Hi Jim,

So Sorry that I'm late to the party once again. Herzlichen Gluckwunsch Opa Jim!!!!! Alles Bestens zu Mama, Papa und Kleine Elsie!!!!! Viel Spass!!!! Ok, best wishes from Bamberg on all and you, Grandpa (Opa)....I hope your felling better and your eyes aren't not too bloodshot. Wishing the family all the best and lots of cuddles...



Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
26/02/2017 19:16:47

Guten Abend Leute,

Still at it I'm afraid and making a little headway here.....

Wouter - Vielen Dank Herr Wouts! It can only get better oder schief gehen mein freund...

John - Thanks Buddy! I guess one bad thing leads to some things in the long run. I've decided not to wire the motors this time as I had other things to do...

Scottie - Bonkers is the new cool I think???...the wipers were a spur of the moment thing. A pain, but worth it. Thanks for the kind words my man! Kitty on....I'm loving it!!!

Steve - I haven't had so much fun since I had a hernia!!!! Seriously though, thank you too for the compliment, bonkers is better than boring, I guess....Please see below..

Yesterday's evening Snooker session really didn't produce anything worth posting. After slinging a little paint and playing here and there, I decided to sort out the Mötley Crew for the whole mess. It's not set in stone, but I think I can use most of them, so I spent the time cleaning some of them up...Still sorting the arms too..........


Today was a new day and spent time looking at the last details needed for the Kfz.4. Wipers were also on the hit list to be put together (started yesterday and not having any etch small enough to work), I decided to put together what I had concocted. Stretched sprue is a wonderful thing!!!...Crawling around on the floor looking for parts that pinged off wasn't............image.jpg

Letting them dry a while, I painted them knowing that I could not do it later. After they dried, I glued them in place and when they're dry, I can trim them up. A bit of paint and that nonsense is over with. Also added the side mirrors/markers too...........


In between the little stuff, I mustered up enough courage to attempt painting the 2 dials again. I'm still not 100% happy, but I ain't trying it again!!! This time there was a heavy coat of Kristal Kleer applied so if I get crazy with painting the rest of the dashboard, there may be hope for a rescue.........


Enough of the tiny stuff for today. We all know what tomorrow is, yea, back to the grind! Thanks for following my mis-adventures and have a great week all. C, C and Abuse is always welcome Gents...



Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
25/02/2017 17:53:42

Greetings Fellow GBer's,

Getting better with the brain cramps about posting here...But first, I have to marvel at all the work here....John G, Great trio there Sir, can't wait to see a coat on the Kitty...Paul, another epic work you're creating and the detailing is fantastic...Bobby, damn, two projects going on at Once and both Looking fabulous. Which one is going to done first?...Peter, that Sir is a whole lot of Stugging going on. Can't believe you finished them all in such a short time too! Unbelievable...Niho, crazy man, I'm singing that Bon Jovi song for you. You know which one I mean....Andy's wingy Ruskies are a blast too.......

I'm truckin' along and making some headway myself...Shot a coat on the MAG and 88 with my 20 year old Tamiya feldgrau paint. I must say it came out better than I expected..........


Finished up the wheels and glued them on. Turned the front wheels to give the MAG that in use look........


I gave the cable reels a coat of black and they actually look like cable reels. Now the MAG has comm's with the Kommandogeraete and generator..........


Went crazy and did up some wipers for the windshield from leftover etch (from the Kfz.4)...scratched a couple of motors for the backside too. It just needs some paint before it goes in place..........


Tiny update for a tiny build! All C, C and Abuse welcome anytime...Enjoy!!!



Thread: Poste Militaire French Dragoon
25/02/2017 16:54:37

Peter Peter Peter,

It seems this Heavy Metal stuff appeals to you. I always marvel at how you get the colors to look natural and not bright or unrealistic. Your work with brass/gold painting is also incredible. I can't wait to see what you do with Mr. Ed.



Thread: Sapper Completed
25/02/2017 16:46:52

Hey Mike,

I'm not a bust person per se, but you definitely have hit the nail on the head with this one! I too love the coloring and the effects you've achieved overall. The beard and headgear really stand out. Top Job Sir!!!!!!!



Thread: Tiger ll {PS}
25/02/2017 16:40:42

Damn Dawg,

Scottie, that is one sweet coat you put on there my friend!!! Looks tight....most ambush schemes i've seen on models seem to miss one point. The dots are offset, color wise on each of the base colors, but you've got it right. Top stuff!!!



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