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Thread: Snow and Mr Smith leaving
10/12/2017 13:20:19

Afternoon All.

It is a great shame that Mr. Smith and Mort are leaving us. I do hope he reconsiders his decision. He really does take great pictures of the models that Mort builds for us. Also, we´re still waiting for the sink!!!......

The nonsense below just started a half an hour ago here in Bamberg. Windy as hell too and it doesn´t look to be ending very soon. Getting to work could be fun in the morning......


Prost and Cold


Thread: WW2 V2 Rocket guard ?
06/12/2017 21:55:34

Hello Ron,

The infantry officer will do nicely as long as he is finished in artillery branch colors. He could be also done in a Luftwaffe uniform too. Most of the officers were artillery officers and the rest were Luftwaffe officers in the V2 program when it was started.

Most were trained at Peenemuende on the island of Usedom in the North Sea. There were also training areas at Koeslin, Schneidemuehl and at Blizna, Poland. The SS also got into the program by starting there own V2 battalion so a figure could also wear an SS officer's uniform too. Their unit was the Werfer-Abteilung 500 and was formed in spring of 1944.

This sounds like a good big project. Do you have the launch pad that the V2 sits on??? It's gonna be huge when it's done if you do!!!



Edited By Allen Dewire on 06/12/2017 21:56:24

Thread: The Unofficial Group Builds for 2018
30/11/2017 17:30:16

OK Steve,

You were Bad and you have served your punishment. I guess it's time to let you out when the Matron and I get back from the Bahamas next week!!!

Oh, you can't wait that long.....I'll see if I can reach someone by telephone to let you out sooner......

This is an absolutely brilliant group of GB's and they are very doable, well, except maybe the million brushes to paint figures....

Thanks Buddy for making my day (week, month) with this little write up!!! You Da Man!!!!!!!

Prost (with Piña Coladas and a tan)


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
25/11/2017 22:08:58

Evening All,

I have solved the paint shelf mishap by ordering the larger paint rack that fits the Tamiya bottles. They are made by Hobbyzone and are quite inexpensive. €8 - 9 for each and they also have a system of racks that are great. check them out at This is how my table ended up using all three sizes of the racks. Gonna need some more soon!


A kit from the most wanted list finally came back in stock and I just had to have it for my Trumpy kit in the stash...


A couple of evilbay goodies at cheap prices. A good reference for the Tiger II with Porsche turret and a resin camera from Easy Line, made by Plus Models. Less than € 20 for both together, delivered to the door!




Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
25/11/2017 18:34:14

Good Evening Good People,

Now that the Riff-Raff has finally settled down and a big thanks to JR for getting them straight, we can move on with this build.

So guys, chill and watch what´s going on! Tracks are assembled and painted with a base coat of AK Dark Tracks. they are still workable and haven´t fallen apart anywhere yet...


I have also started roughing up the track pads with a tiny grinder bit from my motor tool set. This is taking some time as I´m doing it by hand on the sprues. My motor tool´s lowest speed is 5000 rpm and too fast and I ain´t as fast as I used to be at controlling it!!!......


Now we have moved on to the interesting part of the M9 Ace. The suspension:

Useless Info - The Ace was the Army´s original low rider. The ACE had two modes to use, Sprung and Un-sprung. the Sprung mode allowed the ACE to travel with a normal suspension like a tank or any normal tracked vehicle. But the ACE was a digging vehicle and had to be very flexible in using its blade. Unlike a dozer, the ACE´s blade was built in and could only be raised and lowered...........

Enter the un-sprung mode. The un-sprung mode allowed the the suspension arms to be raised and lowered individually or as a group. Each road arm had it´s own hydraulic system allowing it to move up and down. In this mode, you can sink the front (to fill the bowl or dig) and raise the rear for a better digging angle. You could also tilt the suspension to the left or right for angled digging when needed.

I have decided to display my ACE in the digging role and therefore the nose must be down and the butt in the air (like you don´t care). Takom gives you a jig to insure the arms line up in whichever mode you choose. So it looks like this......


The other side...If you notice, two arms are facing forward and two to the rear to give the suspension maximum travel. You will also notice that there are no bump stops. springs or the like as it´s all hydraulic driven on the inside.........


I have managed to finish painting the lights and adding the clear lenses (sorry no pics). I have also painted the blades and pertinent areas of wear with aluminum paint for chipping off the base coat of green. I only wish I could shoot a coat on the whole thang. Our weather has been terrible and the sun is on vacation. It´s so dark every day, I couldn´t see if I had covered the model or not, if I sprayed it. I do need a light in or on my booth!

That´s all for now and if the sun does shine in the morn, then on goes the NATO green. Thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend at the bench. All C, C and abuse accepted (but not from the Rabble)!!!



Thread: Miniart Caterpillar D7 U.S. armoured bulldozer (EngGB17)
14/11/2017 20:54:12

Hey Buddy,

"Mud, Mud, We Want Mud....Mud, Mud, We Want More Mud"!!!!!.....Ok, I realize life can take away from the valued bench time. This is looking so fine and so clean. Did you chip the blade??? Oh, and did I mention that we want mud too!!!



Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
14/11/2017 20:38:27

Evening Guys,

A quick note of thanks to Andy for correcting the young whipper-snapper's error. I'm feeling better and I hope you are doing well too. I also hope you are getting a little bench time to relax.

Thanks too Paul and yea, can't do a damn thing about Old Man Winter coming. I only hope he keeps his snow to himself...

Don't worry John, I haven't had a Cpt Morgan and coke for about three years. We won't talk about the medical professional and pills!!!

Now to you Mr. Benson, you can take off the helmet and sit back in your seat. You really had me busting a gut over the cures for my illness. Thanks for that my friend. Have a good one and give my best to the family!

No update as work is a bit hectic. I hope to have something in the next day or two. Have a great evening all!!!



Edited By Allen Dewire on 14/11/2017 20:38:41

Thread: "Did the Earth move for you?" (Engineering Vehicles GB)
14/11/2017 20:21:25

Hi Alistair,

Sorry that the Rabble from my post carried over into yours. It's evident that the Stupid Helmet rehab is not working with Mr. B. Stronger measures will have to taken in his case. Andy C has corrected the mistake...

I'm afraid this tiny soldering thing is a bit over my head. It appears you have nailed this baby down pat. The slat armor is fantastic and neat as a pin too. Total respect Sir!!!

I used to solder my own saddle pack batteries together for my R/C cars about 20 years ago. Also soldered the motor and speed controller wires too. I thought I was a bad mother, but your work here is phenomenal. It's all probably pretty light in weight too huh???



Thread: Come fly with me and its not a Stug !!!
12/11/2017 21:30:24

Evening Mr. C,

You know, sometimes a change of pace is exactly what the Mojo needs to get stoked back up. Everybody loves a Fukke Wulf....Uhhh, a FW-190!!! I'm in to see this through. All the best!!!



Thread: Quarry Engineers (EngineerGB17)
12/11/2017 21:24:32

Afternoon Paul,

Tipping my winter hat to you Sir. You have really brought out the best of both worlds here. The crusher is first class and this whole scene is incredible. So much going on in such a small space. Top Job!

Had our first snow fall today, how about your neck of the woods??? Luckily it didn't stick too long....



Thread: Verlinden 120mm Samurai
12/11/2017 21:18:37

Evening Peter,

Sorry to hear that another one bites the dust. I can only wonder why you binned the rifleman. Some patience and some CA could have brought him back to life. He was looking so good too...

As for the Samurai, I think he too was looking mighty fine. Sorry to hear this news too. Maybe Tim has the right answer here. You are such a talented person and your painting skills are second to none.

Good luck with Hindy. He looks like a bit of a challenge...



Thread: sd.kfz.251/20 UHU
12/11/2017 21:03:18

Hi Scottie,

I gotta agree with the boys here. A really great build in your tradition and the greenery is again first class! Your works just get better and better Sir. Love your finish on the UHU and now I need to dig mine out and finally finish her too. Any idea as to what might be next???



Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
12/11/2017 20:55:01

Evening Gentlemen,

Thank you all for the get well wishes. I did work on the ACE today as I'm feeling better. I managed to paint some more things to be added last and did the periscopes in the cupola. No terrible pics as it is too dark during the day. Our weather has taken a turn for the worse as this afternoon it snowed! Don't need that crap at all. Haven't seen the sun for over a week except for the 13 minutes last Thursday. So, enough BS......

Steve - Thanks Sir, I do feel the love and I'm glad you are enjoying this build. Parole ain't in your future as of right now.....You killing me Bro!!!

Sjors - Laying on the couch wasn't doing me any good. So building further was the only answer. Thank you for the kind words and hopefully paint is in the near future.

Jim - You are so correct Sir. Friday was horrible and I thought the end was near. Suffer and sleep was all I could do. The rest of the weekend was table time and it helped. Thanks my friend and I'm glad you have a good seat up front!

Joe - Thanks my man, I'm trying to get back in the saddle again and toddies are what I needed. Then she said.............We won't go there, Ok???

Scottie - Thanks too my friend! I haven't really had a cold or flu in over 6 years. Maybe some sniffles, but that was it. I just hope this bull is gone in the next few days. Take care!

I'm gonna try and go to work tomorrow to see how it goes. I think the worst is over. Thanks again and have a wonderful Sunday night. Hope the sun shines soon....



Thread: Wrecker (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 19:35:38

Hey Sjors,

Umm, I think you have lost your mind here Sir! Are you sure that the whole kit is not etch with a plastic chassis thrown in???

Drive on buddy, I just went to get my darker sunglasses out of the drawer to watch this build. Nice stuff...



Thread: V3000s maultier
11/11/2017 19:26:42

Whoa Joe,

The first B/W pic is incredible and so lifelike. The second set of B/W (and color) pics are killer too. You have nailed this to a "T" buddy. Your attention to detail on the little things really bring it to life! I love it!!!

So what do ya have up your sleeve for the next build??? (Time permitting, that is)....



Thread: MacTaggarts Catapult
11/11/2017 19:11:04


Ich bin Sprachlos!!! This is just too good to be believed. You have more than outdone yourself here Sir. A gold medal wherever you enter it for sure. Bring on the Walrus, Coo, Coo, Ca Choo!!!!!

Sorry Buddy, I'm gone.......



Thread: Scale Model World, Telford
11/11/2017 19:00:27

Hi Jim,

It always goes like that Sir. You make a list and you find most of what is on it, but there are so many things you see, not knowing that you needed and can't live without too!!! Just one of life's little mysteries.....

Hope you had a good time and any pics???...



Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 18:43:49

Good Evening GBer's,

This man flu has beat me up a bit, but the ACE and I are plowing through anyway...

Fernando - Hi my friend, how are you doing? Thanks for the good wishes and I'm feeling a bit better today. I have no idea how to use the chipping set, but I'm going to try it out and learn before I put any on the ACE. Take care and stay warm!

After blowing my nose about 20 times I hit the table and carried on gluing this and that on her. I also managed to paint up the water and fuel cans that will be added after a coat of paint. The ejector in the bowl is moveable and has a piston arm just like the real vehicle. The front blade is also finished except for the headlights and a couple of tools that go on top.....


Here you can see the oopsie that Simon H warned about. Huge driver's compartment to say the least. The blade is just test fitted as it will be painted separately. The front track guards have the pins molded in that hold the arms in place. You can also see where the headlights, guards and tools mount on the blade......


A view of the backside. The step is normally a grate with the rung hanging under it with 2 cables. It's an open grate so dirt and mud fall through it. I didn't find a way (or etch) to modify it like the real thing. We're OOB here guys!!!.....


Road wheels on a stick, all ready for paint. The road arms, wheels and sprockets will be done last after the paint coat. There is a method to my madness here. The road wheels on the outside have separate tires too. The inner wheels have the tires molded on. It makes the whole thing much easier to work with and paint. More on this later....


Just have to paint and prep the lights all around as they too will be added last before weathering begins. Getting down to the end slowly here. I can't believe it either!!! All in all, this kit goes together very well with little corrections to be made. Impressive!!!

Thanks for looking and all C, C and Abuse welcome. Have a super weekend and Moggell on!!!



Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
09/11/2017 19:45:15

Once again, it appears we are all getting ready for the winter by building up the insulation. Nice goodies guys!

I needed street lights and this was snapped up on evilbay. 3 from 4 identical sprues in the box and therefore cheap...


I found I didn't have NATO green or aluminum paint for my EngGB ACE. The AK chipping set also caught my eye. The Maultier set is for another future project in my next life...




Thread: Sorry for my lack of input recently
09/11/2017 12:44:22

Damn Bobby,

So sorry to hear that. It's the kind of news we all dread. At least Teddy is in a better place and pain free now. I hope you are doing ok too....


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