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Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
23/03/2018 19:06:03

Wow Peter,

I´m sorry Sir, I just can´t keep up with your fantastic works of art. But, It is so great to see you get published again and you have every right to be on cloud 9!!!

This guy is no different and once again, you have let your skills shine through with your use of colors. I´m just not to sure about the dirty talk in the above post. I wouldn´t go around talking about my testiculis and I hope Andy B doesn´t see this post either.

Kidding aside Peter, You do just get better and better!!! Kudos!!!

Prost and a tip of my hat to you!


Thread: Revell Harbour Tug Boat
23/03/2018 18:51:29

Evening Jim,

I have been following this from the beginning, but have failed to comment. I must say that you have done a fantastic job so far and it will only get better Sir!!!

This is the part that I have been waiting for the most....Mr. Clean and Organized, gets Rusty and Dirty!!!!!!! I´m all eyes now my friend...



Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2018
23/03/2018 18:35:33

Evening Folks,

Wow, there are some really great additions to stash going on here and.......................

Mr. Hutton, I hate you (not really Buddy) as I want this Kitty so bad, but the price just keeps kicking me in the butt. Great to see you got the first release with the clear turret and hull parts. I only ended up with 2 Meng Late 'A's and..........

I got this too. It must be something about the red plastic that makes these Meng kits so attractive. The price is also a huge factor I guess!!!




Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
18/03/2018 20:26:58

Good Evening Rocketeers Around The World,

This crappy flu has shot me to hell, but I did spend a lot of time at the table trying to accomplish something on the Meillerwagen. Once again, it got too dark for pics, but.....

Scottie - Thank you my friend. I hope it only takes a week longer to get back on the ball with this! I don´t want to keep anyone waiting for more...

.John - I hope this crap disappears like yesterday, but it didn´t. tough to work at the table when your nose is running like a busted faucet. The B/W color scheme was used for test firing only. So were the cammo schemes. The B/W scheme allowed the V2 to be observed at higher altitudes than the cammo schemes. Operational V2s in combat were finished in olive green and had no cammo. I will be going with an operational V2 here. Thanks my man! is a fantastic site and I use a lot from it here. You just have to compare info with other sources to get a better picture of the whole shebang...

Fernando - Thank you Sir and the saga continues even though this crap flu won´t let up. October is not as far off as you think buddy and at the rate I build stuff, well, you know the rest....Take care!

Tonight I just want to clear up any questions over the Zundapp/VW motors that were mounted on the right side, forward, on the trailer and their purpose. The motors were used to power the hydraulics on the trailer for erecting the V2 into the upright position. There were 2 types. Gasoline powered and electric powered for this job.

This is the classic Beetle motor used to power the hydraulics. It just needed a 6 volt car battery to fire it up.........


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

The backside showing the plumbing for the whole thing. Hey, the arm had to go up and down somehow.......


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

Here we have another Meillerwagen and......Waitaminute, where´s the Motor??? Ok, this is the electric motor version. It needed regular electricity to operate the pump for the hydraulics. Same Principle, different way to achieve it.....................


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

Here´s a close up of the electric motor (on the right) and just how much less space it used. It was a lot lighter too. You just needed a long extension cord I guess.............


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

If I don´t feel any better in the morn, then I will stay home and attempt to drive on with this baby. There still are a lot of pieces to add. The bad news is that somewhere here I have to start putting some paint on the puppy!!! Oh joy.....Thanks for looking!



17/03/2018 20:19:44

Evening Fellow Rocketeers,

This week was pretty much a total waste as far as build time. I did build a bit, but it was always too dark to take pics. A small update is below, but first..........

Kevin - I had a Hexenschuss (Muscle Spasm) and it pretty much cleared up the next day. Now it seems I have caught this crappy flu that is going around here in the Fatherland. Research was a lot of fun and I am still doing some on the support vehicles. I think everybody built that Revell kit when it came out......

Jim - Thanks Sir. The V2 was a terror weapon and Adolf wanted to bring England to it´s knees with it. It´s inaccuracy and false reporting by the British authorities (where they landed) helped tremendously. more info to come!

MikeC - You keep me rolling on the floor buddy....Thanks for that. For the next post, tomorrow, I think I will do it in German just to blow everyone´s mind. Lots of dingbumms und quatsch und so weiter auch!

Peter - Thanks so much my friend. Once in a while, us old guys get lucky and can pull it off...

Dzhon - No streets for me and Ian answered your questions spot on. I got too much to do here to be messing around out there buddy...

Joe - Thanks Sir and the next one is below. As for support vehicles, a V2 battery could have up to 32 vehicles in it. I will try to do a breakdown a bit later...

Ian - Spot on Sir and thanks for setting John straight. Wartime pics of actual V2 launches and the units involved, were far and few between and one was severely punished for taking them. The whole project was top secret.

Dan - Thank you too for the links on the V2. I´m still waiting for a new book from Volker Ruff to come out that covers all the support vehicles...

Mick - I do appreciate your stopping Sir! I´m trying to keep it interesting and accomplish some building too!!! It´s like walking on a fine line Thanks again!

So short and sweet for this evening is the catch word.........

Yup, I drilled out the exhaust pipe and not only did some trailers carry this pump motor, others carried a Volkswagen 4 cylinder beetle engine to do the job. Not every trailer had a pump motor though...


I then started cleaning up more parts of the Meillerwagen erection arm. The two main frame rails will hold a lot of thig-a-ma-jigs between them. I would have made more pics, but by the time I get through cleaning and gluing, it´s too dark...DOH!!!............


Here´s how it looks attached to the under chassis. While gluing and attaching all the cross member pieces. I found it best to glue the rear rocket clamp first. Then add the pieces to the rear of it. Use a rubberband to hold it together until it sets and then add the pieces towards the front. The whole thing is pretty flexible and sets up straight when it dries. I was surprised that it worked out so well. That goes to say that Takom also did their homework on this kit. On the board is the rear axle, the erection cylinders and some other tidbits......


Bammm, that´s it for now good people. If this flu crap doesn´t shoot me totally down, I´ll be working this critter tomorrow too and can bore ya with a new update with measurements and stuff. From what I see so far, this is going to be a bear to paint with the hissy stick. Probably have to hairy stick a lot too!!!

Thanks for looking in and stay healthy! I am going to give it my all (I´m a loser baby, so why don´t cha kill....) you know the song...Time für futter!



14/03/2018 19:58:23

Fernando - Sorry I missed you my friend. The cleanup of resin is pretty easy and Azimut mailed me that they will send the missing parts. When I will get them is another story. It took them almost 3 months to complete my order of 4 kits...I am seriously thinking of bringing this to the SMC and see what happens. I just hope that I finish it by October!

Great to hear no zaps for a while. 220/240 can definitely give you a cheap thrill, but 380 can kill ya!!!.... Take care buddy and be careful out there!

Graeme - Welcome to my madness Sir. Pull up a comfy chair and make yourself at home. Cold ones in the fridge and hope I don´t fall on my face!!! Can´t wait to see who wins, the resin or me...

Andy - No worries Sir, You have way too much on your plate at the time., I do hope your home gets dried out and you can get back to normality. It must have been a heck of a shock! Wishing you all the best my friend.

Sorry, no piccies tonight as I have been busy trying to clean up loads of tiny parts that go on the Meillerwagen. Yes, I drilled out the exhaust pipe on the generator too. I will try to shoot some tomorrow for a post. I just hope my back spasms stop so I can go back to moving like a normal person. Been chomping muscle relaxers like candy and if it doesn´t get any better, it´s off to hospital for me in the morning. Really hating this old age crap right now!!!

Take care all and Prost


Thread: A distraction
13/03/2018 17:18:45

Evening Ross,

4 years is not too long a break between starting and almost finishing this great scene. Looks tops to me Sir!!! Now come on, you know you want to do the figures and finally finish her up. Oh, and please don´t forget to add some air lines between the 8 ton and the arty piece! We wouldn´t want the safety folks to come around and deadline the whole thing!!!...



Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
12/03/2018 19:19:25

Evening Folks,

A meager update as mentioned in my last post. Putting the LOX trailer aside while waiting for parts, I decided to build the transport/erection trailer that comes with the Takom kit...

Shown below is the FR-Anhänger (S), used for transporting the V1 to the launch site and for erecting the missile onto the launch platform. Once the missile was on the platform, The trailer was pulled a few meters away and the work decks were lowered. These were used for inspections, setting the gyros, hooking up the electrical cables, fueling and a host of other important tasks in the launch prep.........


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

Here is the Meillerwagen shown in the lowered position. It was called the Meillerwagen (instead of FR-Anhänger (S) because it was manufactured by the Meiller Company in Munich and easier to remember by name. As you can see, the missile was held in place by 2 fastening devices. The padded clamp forward and the band further back. The band was tightened with a ratchet device to hold the missile tight in place....BTW, The Meiller Company is still in business today and manufactures dump truck beds w/hydraulics and dump trailers too.....


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

So now onto the build...I started with the first step in the instructions. The Meillerwagen has 6 sprues of parts to play with. This is the mainframe of the trailer and a bunch of parts went into it! The biggest problem was getting it all to line up as the middle rail had a lot of parts to connect to the outside rails. Funky, but it worked out in the end..........


The other side.........Ok, Boring!!!.....


The next step is more little pieces that make it happen. The trailer had a Zündapp 2 cylinder motor powering a pump for the filling of the Lox tank. Compressed air tanks were needed for pre-testing the rocket fuel tanks for leaks. The 2 piston bases for the hydraulics and what appears to be a little siren for whatever???.....Not to forget the few whatnots in the picture too..........


Yea, I will drill out the exhaust pipe! Lots of parts to follow. This mother could take a week to build without a break. Wish me luck and have great evening!



12/03/2018 17:37:13

Late Afternoon Good People,

An update will follow, but first I owe you all some replies. I´m wish someone would take the initiative and introduce 36 hour days for people like me who need them.

Scottie - I paid € 104.90 for the trailer and the Hanomag. You can buy the Hanomag itself from Azimut for € 19.99, so the trailer is € 94.00. They better do the right thing with this! No way is this going to kill my Mojo my friend.

John H - I am having a grand old time here. Yea, you get a little PO´d, but what´s nice is you can put a kit to the side and start on another one. Keeps everything kinda fresh too!!!. Funny you should mention the V1 Bro......That was my first plan of action as Azimut makes a start ramp section with all the accessories and I have the Bronco V1 in the stash!!! Peenemünde is out, as well as the Dora (Too Expensive). We will set this in Holland in early '45. Thanks.

Alan - So correct Sir as Sam did build one helluva kitty out of the crap kit. looking at his work made me decide to buy the second one and they are inexpensive too. Thanks again!

Steve - Thanks so much Sir. I don´t mind the cleanup at all, but I can´t handle have missing parts on expensive kits. That goes for some warpage on big parts too. Hope all is well by you guys...

Rossco - I love it Sir!!! I hope to finish this in less than 6 months...Really!!! As for the rest of the year, I think it will be........Drink beer and get stupid!!!

Peter - Thanks so much too my friend. I´ve found resin is not that difficult to work with (this coming from a man that has almost never worked with it). I am surprised that I have not broken any pieces. Does resin become brittle as it gets older??? You are so correct about small pieces too and I guess I have been lucky so far. By the time I get finished with this, you will have finished 127 figures and have won 50 medals for your fine work...Handshar was incredible too!

So now I can go and post a meager update. Have started on the Meiller trailer. Thank you all once again for bearing with this old coot!



10/03/2018 17:15:23

Good Day Rocketeers,

V2 is moving along and a small update is in order. All is not peachy keen in Bamberg at the moment. More later, but first:

John - Thanks Bro, The project is going to be cool. Alan McKenzie had the answer, They make some really nice conversions for the Steyr 2000, but not a tilt in sight. It´s going to be my scratching skills on this one!

Dzhon - Dude 2, we have a problem in Houston...I am so a happy camper, only to get shot up in the fray. See below buddy.

Joe - Thanks my man! John´s and some other´s comments had me rolling too. I had to remember we are building models here and not making pornos! Nah, My rocket is staying the same Sir! Take care...

Jim - That´s what she said...Uhh, I mean, yes Sir, There will be figures in the dio. Most are normal figures in regular uniform. A few could be in overalls too. I do have a large amount of figures in the stash. They will be the last in the scene so that it gives me time to pick and choose the poses needed when each piece is built.

Alan - Thanks for the link Sir. I have saved it as the 17VA generator is very, very interesting! It is a bit pricey though. Have you built your crappy Meng Panther yet? I´ve got 2 now........

So, We/I decided to start on the LOX trailer as it just looked so good. Upon a very closer look, it came to my attention that there was a bit more cleanup than I thought. Anyway, I dove in and went at it. Once again a big thanks to JR aka Dzhon, for the saw from JLC and a new #11 blade in the knife from my spares. Below, you can see why.........


This was the baggie with the smaller parts and as you can see, some cleanup was really needed. One thing stood out in the whole picture. Why do I only have 3 leaf springs???................


When I was done cleaning all the parts, I still only had 3 leaf springs. Checking the flakey destructions, I found I am also missing a drain valve assembly piece from the underside of the trailer too. I can´t believe that Azimut appears to have almost no quality control to make sure that the kit is at least, complete! Another mail and hope they do the right thing and send me the parts. The kit was not exactly cheap you know! Rant over...Here are the parts all cleaned with just a little touch up to be done...Quite a difference, Huh?.....


I guess I´ll put this aside and maybe build the Meillerwagen erection trailer or maybe one of the Hanomags. No worries people, the Mojo is soaring even with these setbacks. Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend at the bench!!!



08/03/2018 17:22:09

Good Afternoon All,

Thanks for the interest and your comments are so helpful.

Scottie - This will definitely take a while to get them all finished, I then ask myself 'what am I going to do with it all?' I may take it to the SMC in Holland in October. Thanks and I hope it is enjoyable too.

Marty - A big thanks to you for the pic and the link. Funny thing is, when I was researching and deciding if I could/would spend the cash on this project, I scoured these very pages and all the photos. I then took a break for a month or two and then decided to go for it. In that time, I totally forgot about these very pages. Brain farts I guess!!!

The arms are detachable and my best guess so far is that they were used to keep the vanes straight while mounting them on the fins. After the vanes were secure, they removed them as I would think they would get destroyed during the launch. I will keep checking as I just found a bunch of other info in German!

Thanks too for the offer for the trailer. Very kind of you Sir! I have the Trumpy Flak kit pictured in the stash. The trailer is not correct anyway, so chopping it up and making a new one is the plan.

Paul E - Yes Sir, I had thought about that too, but seeing as I have invested € 400.00 already, I put a hold on the spending. MiniArt does make interesting kits to say the least. The BVM kit of the T-Stoff wagen has a hand pump mounted on the left side under the tank. It could be placed on the ground and used too. Thanks my friend and keep on with your BW Dio. Lots of great things going on there and looks to be another epic build!!!

Today was a good day as my last kit arrived from Paris and was waiting for me when I got home. It´s the Takom Hanomag SS-100 and the Azimut Resin LOX tank trailer. I am a happy Moggeller right now!!!!!!!.......


WOW, lots of resin in the box of this one! At first glance it appears to be very cleanly molded and with no air bubbles to deal with. Flash is paper thin and the pour stubs too. They also include piping material in 2 sizes (in black) and a piece of aluminum tubing. The destructions are a little flakey so they need to be studied carefully. I might just start cleaning up and assembling this baby tomorrow night........


It´s off to Stammtisch shortly. Time for a Schnitzel and a few cold ones. Thanks for looking and enjoy your evening. In the morning it´s a drive to Erfurt to drop off a vehicle for a show...



07/03/2018 21:31:16

Evening One and All,

John - Thanks Bro, There is so much ahead of me and I´m so ready to just do it! As for the vocabulary, I could only translate the German word into English and it came out nipples. You gotta love them though! I´m afraid the rubber bands were the no-name type. They did the job really good. I will be driving on with a hard o...​fine touch here my friend...No worries!

Kevin - Thank you Sir and by chance, do you remember who made the kit you built? I will try to iron out the vehicles below as there were plenty of them in a launch battery. Thank you also for sharing the story. I´m sure there were others who got separated and had to find the way back to their units.

Dzhon - I see you have once again forgotten to take your meds. It´s Ok, It seems we all forget now and then...

So now onto the boring crap​ vehicle info I was going on about yesterday.....

.At the beginning I forgot to post a pic of the B-Stoff tanker. The kit is from 2009 and discontinued for a long time. The kit also carries a premium price today, but worth it for this project. This kit is based on the Opel Blitz kit with the radio van body. Italeri added the Tankwagen parts with the convertible cab without removing the van parts....


The pump trailer for filling the rocket with LOX will be modified from the ammo trailer from Trumpeter.........


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)


The radio van body from the Italeri Tankwagen will be used here. I have the Opel Maultier on hand and this will be another of the support vehicles in the V2 battery. This Maultier carried large reels of electrical wire used to power up the V2 from the Feuerleitwagen through the generator or power source............


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

​Next up was the 4.5 ton Bussing Nag transport truck used to carry the warheads, supplies, troops and such from the railhead to the final launch site, with stops in between. We will be using the IBG kit as it is 4WD like the originals in the V2 battery. Another support vehicle for the project.....


(For Discussion Purposes Only)


The Steyr 1500 A was an important part of the V2 battery. Later in the war it was classified as a 2 tonner and carried a 6 KVA generator with Zündapp-motor, transformer, batteries, switch station and 5 reels of cable. It´s purpose was to supply constant electric power to the V2 so that all the checks and functions could be performed before the launch and the launch too. The Tamiya kit will be the basis of this conversion (if I haven´t gone bonkers and landed in the looney ward) of this. Pics are hard to find, so the top and side panels can hide the interior or basically...Faking the Funk!!!......The dark point between the doors on the vented panel was for the crank handle to start the generator. The small wheel on the side was for rolling the cable reels around on the ground.......


(For Discussion Purposes Only)


That´s all folks and more to come (if you´re still awake) soon!



Thread: M26 Dragon wagon {PS}
07/03/2018 18:55:58

Hey Scottie,

You definitely nailed the finish on the .50 cal. Buddy. It brings back so many memories of shooting up the targets at a kilometer out, on the ranges at Graf and Wildflecken back in the day....

And besides, that figure looks mighty fine to me Sir!!! Just wait until you see mine...You can start laughing now if you wish.......



Thread: Sit Rep
06/03/2018 20:26:26

Evening Simon,

I do certainly hope you get the proper required care and your sight does hold on to till the 4th. Sometimes I think as we get older, the Doctors and medical institutions figure we don´t have many years left to live. Therefore, they don´t care as much about giving us the best treatment as it costs too much.....Wishing you all the best Sir!



Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
06/03/2018 20:10:19

Evening Rocketeers,

Just a quick update on the project. No build time, but answers are always to be given. So,

Mike - You got me busting a gut Sir and the ribs are starting to hurt a bit!!! We are going with everything in the header pic except the fuel trailer, The fuel trailer was a Luftwaffe item and not used in the V2 program. The British used them for their tests after the war. The pump trailer, the 2 Opel Blitz tankers, the 2 Hanomag SS-100s, The LOX trailer (behind the V2), The Meiller erection trailer and the V2 on the launch pad will be the stars. Not in the pic are support vehicles that will also be added to the build. Around 5 total. More info when I get the pics organized tomorrow. I´m working between windows 10 and my iPad for this project and it ain´t easy! Thanks Bud.

Greg - Thanks and believe me, I am even more curious than you are!!! I just wish I had 36 hours in each day. 24 ain´t enough....

Rossco - Thanks too Sir! The pic below shows how she sits on the launch/firing table. Just plastic on plastic and not the most stable of things. For a permanent fix, you would have to glue the fins to the table. There is always the chance of knocking the V2 over if you don´t.

Steve - Great to see you drop by my friend. How´s everything by you? I do hope to keep this project interesting and also moving along too! Take care and thanks for keeping Dzhon straight..


Now, I was babbling about the launch table a few days ago and how it had 4 parts that aren´t in reference piccies and one major part that is missing. Here are the 4 arms that would appear to be holding the thrust fins under the rocket. I have found no pics(as of yet) that these arms were mounted and/or what their purpose was. I will keep searching though......


Now this is the missing part and it is quite apparent that without the electrical cable pole, the V2 would get no juice and not go anywhere. This puppy needed juice to do the pre-checks, purge checks, set the gyros and then finally fire the V2. It´s not a difficult piece to scratch out of small diameter tubing. The mount point on the launch table is there, but no pole! The pole was two pieces itself. If you look closely you will see a support/strengthening guywire on the right side. Also easy to replicate.......


​(For Discussion Purposes Only)

That´s all for this evening. Short and sweet. Thanks for looking and have a good one. Much more to come!



05/03/2018 21:17:27

Sorry I missed you Si,

No worries, I am rather careful at the table as I also have to eat there too. I have a section of info coming during the build that covers these oopsies. Then we will get into the hard facts about hits, misses and nogo´s. Thanks for checking in Si, it means a lot!



05/03/2018 21:08:21

Evening Gents,

I spent the day tearing down our stand at the recreation expo in Nurnberg and didn´t get home till dark. Sorry no update and it looks like most of this build will be done on the weekends, unless I do get lucky during the week...

Danny - Thanks for the comments and I do hope it turns out how I have planned it. It will be set in Holland in 1945. I have looked at the dio on the German web site and must say he put a lot of work into it as well as a lot of money. almost every kit is resin except for the V2 and the 2 385 Tankwagens from Italeri. A few things are lacking/missing, but he has produced a very good looking project!

As far as the LOX trailer w/Hanomag SS-100, you have to go to Once you are there, select English on the right side. Scroll down and click on the 'EU' box and then 'enter shop' icon. On the new screen, scroll down and in the middle comes all the categories. Click on V2 and at the next screen, click on V2 specials. This will show the 19 products that are related to this topic. You can buy the LOX trailer by itself or the combo with the Hanomag SS-100. You can order direct from Azimut, but the postage is a bit high. Have fun!

Peter - Thank you Sir and no, my table is not so neat and tidy. You only see about the half of it and that´s what counts, HeHe! Mojo flying and having fun on this one. As far as vengeance weapons, the V1 was far more effective as the V2. Over 24,200 V1s were launched versus 3,500 V2s. The V1 was 10 times cheaper to produce as the V2 and caused much more havoc on England...As we progress, I will be providing more info on this.

Jim - JR beat me to the punch and has hooked you up! Take care my friend...

Fernando - Thanks my friend and so far it´s pretty easy going. Can´t wait till I get to the resin kits and improve my blue vocabulary! Hey, and don´t work too hard or stick your finger in any light sockets...

Dzhon - Thanks Buddy for keeping Jim on track. Been spraying any color yet???

If I manage to get home at a decent time tomorrow, I will clear up the launch pad probs and maybe drive on a bit with this. Thanks for looking and have wonderful evening!



Thread: Show us your workbench
05/03/2018 18:11:33

I´m with Simon, It does appear some people do have toooooo much time, but hey, it´s all in good fun and that´s what makes this site so great. I for one will never make it into the TBC club! Too many kits, too little time....



Thread: An Irregular Regular
05/03/2018 18:06:09


Great news to hear. At our age the time goes so fast that it should not be too taxing on you. The graft ain´t a bad thing as long as it goes in your pocket Buddy! I still have to wait a few years till I can finally call it quits. Been working since I was 14 and I am really starting to get tired....Take care my friend.

Prost and a Cuppa


Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
04/03/2018 21:58:01

Thanks Peter,

Who says you can´t teach an old dog a new trick! Gonna give that a shot and will do a few practice tries so I don´t screw it up. Thanks again Sir!



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