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Thread: Hello from James
22/08/2017 21:07:39

Hallo James,

A big welcome from me too from Bamberg Germany. WIP is looking fine And can't wait to see it finished. My two sons never had an interest in the hobby. They look at my models with working parts I've made or etch I've added and think dad has lost his marbles. Have fun!!!



Thread: Super Hornet
22/08/2017 20:47:46

Evening Sjors,

Sorry Sir. When I first saw your title for the post, I thought it said Super Horney and I didn't want to know what goes on behind closed doors at your house. Upon further notice, I then saw 1/72 Hasegawa and I knew that it wasn't a new position to try under the sink.

I'm in for this one, as wing thingys are pretty cool and I can always learn some new tricks for building them. As far as modern jets go, my favorite is the A-10 Warthog. It's like a Panzer with wings. Have fun and best wishes to the family!!!



Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
22/08/2017 20:25:57

Evening Peter,

A tip of the Hat and a hearty Congratulations are in order here Sir. It's wonderful to see a man of your talents finally get his due. Your work so far is superb and will only get better. That's the Mr. Day way! (I'm a poet and don't know it)

Kidding aside Peter, you will do this bust nothing but justice with your skills. Good luck with the DPM! You'll nail it...



Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
22/08/2017 19:19:17

Good Afternoon My Blind Friends,

Great to see you all have missed your eye doctors appointments once again (except John Race of course) And due to that, you couldn't see the decal probs............

Ok, enough humor now. I guess I'm my own worst critic and that makes it even more terrible!

Wouter and Fernando - You are both 100 % correct with the Micro stuff. I really got my Sol and Set all mixed up and ended up doing it bass ackwards. Correct is first Set and then Sol...The problem is I don't finish enough builds to get proficient at doing the decals. No, I will not do a crash scene with the Fokker. maybe a three point landing on it's nose at the end of the airfield???????? I will shoot her with a coat of clear and move on to some weathering to finish her off. Thanks so much guys!!!

John and Peter - Thank you both so much too. I promise to behave and do the right thing here. I have put a lot of work into the little Fokker. To trash it now would be a waste!!!

Jim - I do appreciate that Sir. Believe it or not, that is exactly what I did with the top two crosses. They were the only ones that went on straight and aligned. To remove the excess water I used a Qtip. I couldn't believe how well these stuck to the model either...

Steve - Now really Old Bean, a thousand miles you say??? You're killing me!!! Truth be known, I drink water the whole day at work and in the evenings enjoy a cold one. I must also say that your last line in your post makes me wonder if perhaps you should drink a few more cold ones each day!!! Weathering to follow my friend. Take care...

I'm off to look for a 1/48 fig for the Fokker just to give it some perspective. Maybe a patch of grass to put her on when she's done.

I really want to thank you guys for keeping me straight and on my toes. You're a wonderful bunch and your input is most helpful and keeps the Mojo flowing. This cold one is for you!!!!!!!!!!



21/08/2017 21:08:51

Evening Gentlemen,

A day late and a dollar short, but we are still pushing forward to the finish line. First.

Mick - Thanks Sir! The end is in sight I hope.

John - Tovarich Solviyev, Dankski my friend! The Fokker is getting there. I just don´t know how long it will take!

Peter - Neat and tidy??? Please don´t blow up the pics. You are also a very lucky person to have such aircraft flying over the house! No such luck here...Thank you Sir for posting the picture as it´s really cool to see planes with more than 1 wing.

Wouter - Easy my man, I bring German beer so that others can try it. If there is a good Belgian beer there, then it will be consumed by me. On another note, PLEASE don´t attempt to brush Tami clear as I have learned (the hard way). Maybe if it is first thinned, it might brush better. Otherwise, shoot it with the hissy stick. Decals on and clearance for take off is pending...Thanks Sir!

Si - Trust me my friend, it is so hard to keep up today. There is no need to feel bad about not commenting. Life has a way of taking away our free time for the things we love. The lowdown is, this was the cheapest kit I found on evilbay! I am definitely not a wing thingy person BUT, this little Fokker isn´t too bad. I will bring this one to the end....Best wishes to the family and hope you get some bench time soon!!!

Dave S - Never tried a French beer, so I can´t comment. Belgian beer, yup, good stuff...But, When was the last time you had a good Frankische beer (from Bavaria)???

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty here...Now I know why I don´t (or haven´t) built wing thingys for many years...The damn decals, that´s why!!!......My attempt (shameful to say the least)....................


I started with the rudder decals. A coat of Micro Sol as a basis and fergetaboutit...Once the decal hit the surface, it didn´t matter how wet the decal was, it stuck like glue. Tried to move them up, no chance.............


Top wing crosses are the only ones that are halfway uniform. The side crosses. one sits further back than the other. The Fokker decals are kinda ok, but not 100%..........


The under wing crosses...No comment! You can see the result without blowing up the pic.....................


The little critters on the struts??? No idea other than they are marked over and under, left and right and have a 2009 on them. believe it or not, these were the easiest to apply. Go figure!!!

There are two ways to go here. the first is too shoot a coat of clear and weather the hell out of her (to balance the red out), or turn this into Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr´s last flight and crash this baby into the ground as a wreck. Gotta kick this around a bit!

Once again, thanks for stopping in and all C, C and C more than welcome. Have super week and don´t work to hard.



Thread: Recycling 2 - More Re-Worked 120mm Figures
19/08/2017 18:07:26

Evening Peter,

It does look like I will have to change my name to Catch-up! I´m still looking at Neddy and your fine finish there and you are already onto the next one.

This one is about half done too. Great face and a nice color combo on the field jacket. The web gear is sometimes very hard to paint, but you have nailed it. Will give it my best to keep up Sir...



PS. Maybe you should go on Holiday for two weeks...Then I would have a chance to get caught up...

Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
19/08/2017 17:34:22

Good Day All,

Yup, he´s back to bore you once again with the Fokker. It´s weekend, so, it´s table time (maybe more like Howdy Doody time sometimes). Anywho,

Jim - Thanks Sir and you are so correct. Hindsight should be forsight in most cases. By me, it´s more brain cramps than anything else most of the time though! I´ll try to get the weather gods to give you a break and let summer return to your neck of the woods.

Wouter & Fernando - Thank you both so much and if you look below, you´ll see I have prepped the places for decals with a brush coat of Tamiya clear. looks like holy Hanna and I only hope the decals go on good over the coat. Micro Sol & Set are at the ready for tomorrow when all is dry.

Steve - Great to see you buddy!!! You know wing thingys aren´t my bag, but this one is almost done. I don´t have the foggiest idea on how to weather this Fokker. Maybe a wash or two to bring out some detail and hide all my mistakes. I can´t understand why your weather is so bad and cold. Normally, we get the same weather as you three days later. We´ve had two cold days in the last three weeks. (could be the lager you drink)...Ooops...

Bobby - You don´t know how true your statement is Sir! The control lines and tensioning cables were easy (we don´t use the R word as it scares people) but the chasing the red around...You hit the nail on the head!!! Thanks my Man...

We are finally getting to the end of this madness and today I affixed the last couple of pieces to the Fokker. We have a motor and we have wheels. She can now stand on her own two feet. I also brushed X-22 clear on the areas that will receive decals. I touched up the missed spots with the hairy stick and it ain´t the same as the AB. look at the center of the top and middle wing. DOH!!!...Guess we have to attempt some weathering...........


After letting the clear coat dry a while I went on to paint the control lines and tensioner cables. That went well, but was a little tedious having to handle and turn the Fokker in so many directions to do it. I was a lucky dog as I didn´t ping or bust anything off...........


I threw a base coat of paint on the prop and will take my best shot at making it look like wood tomorrow. The prop is the 77th part from this kit with 77 pieces. The MGs are done (no pic) and will be added last. Sorry, but everytime I look at the cowl I bust out laughing!!! It still looks like a hungry smiley face.........


Decals in the morning, weathering research afterward and then finish the prop. The end is finally in sight (I hope)...

On another front, I have confirmed my apartment reservation for the SMC (Scale Model Challenge) in Veldhoven, Holland, in October. I do hope to meet some of you there if possible. The dates are 21-22 October and should be a blast. I always bring two types of local german beer too!!!...

Have a great evening and Moggell on! All C, C and abuse gladly accepted...



Thread: Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger I early version Fujimi 1:72
18/08/2017 18:27:12

Hey Steve,

Just to let you know, I have been following this all along and not sleeping. You do have most everything under control and are doing a super job of it.

I can't add anything to what's been said already. Braille scale can be so much fun and it shows here on your build. You just need to crank up the magnification on the old optivisor. This brew is for you buddy and a Pils at that!!!



Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
18/08/2017 18:07:08

Hey Greg,

Now wait a minute!!! How big (long) is this puppy??? This looks HUGE in the picture hanging off the end of the bench.

Looks like you have invested a small fortune in plastic too Sir. The scratchery is beautiful and it appears you're having way too much fun. Keep it's getting better and better.



Thread: Old Wings of the Fleet (Bi-plane GB)
18/08/2017 17:53:06

Damn Bobby,

You'll probably get a lot of hate mail from the purists for this, but hey, kits are meant to be built, not sat on...

The Sopwith Triplane looks great Sir!!! The Germans captured one intact and it was the design inspiration for the little Fokker that I'm building. You can see the similarities between the two. I hope the Mojo keeps truckin' on the Flycatcher. Have a good one!



Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
18/08/2017 17:37:44

Bill, Bill, Bill,

Heeeeee's baaaaack!!! Great to see you posting again Kumpel... This group looks nice and easy for ya...

Desert Island, Hmmm, Rum, lotsa Rum. You can almost do everything with lotsa Rum........Oh, and Cindy Crawford too!!!

Bring it on Brother, we're all eyes and ears and thirsty!!!



18/08/2017 17:23:59

Afternoon Johnski,

Sorry Buddy, but I spit out a sip of beer when I read what your mom did to your plane......I can't believe the cave is hexed by a part gulper already. You'll probably find it sooner or later. Just hope you don't step on it!

We will be serving German Beer during this build. We have different types to include Lager (for Steve), Pils and Weisse (Weizen). Steve brought the JD, but did he remember the coke to go with it. Hmmmm...I know there's plenty of ice in the freezer.

New cave, new rules. Read Carefully Gentlemen!!!

There will be no spilling of drinks at any time...You will use a coaster under your glass, no exceptions. Food products will be consumed with care and caution as we will not tolerate crumbs and such on the new floor. Keep your feet off the furniture, you're not at home. If rowdiness occurs, the management (Christine) will beat you about the head and shoulders with a broom and you will be escorted to the door. If you can't abide by the rules, then stay home!!!....Did I miss anything John?


Allen (Meshman aka The Enforcer)

Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
15/08/2017 22:14:10


You're killing me man!!!!!


Give it a day or two and all will be back to normal!



Thread: Preparing for the worst...Reforger M60A3
15/08/2017 22:06:43

Wow Alistair,

Once again some super finery and scratcherizing going on here! Impressive Sir, really impressive!!! Sorry I can't help with an idea for stenciling the grenade launchers. Maybe a 0000 brush, a few beers, and a steady hand might do the trick though.

Just wondering what you have up your sleeve for the next step and update my friend. Always, all eyes forward!



Thread: Miniart 1/16 Dragoon
15/08/2017 21:53:57

Hey Peter,

Mr. Better-Late-Than-Never has caught up with your latest endeavor. I too think that to do pink, it does take a special hand and you surely have mastered that. I don't think there is a color in the spectrum that you can't paint on a figure. You've showed us with white, what you can do and that is a difficult color to paint.

Neddy is tops too and I can't wait to see which finish you give her. Not too fast though, I have to work tomorrow. Now I have to go back and catch up on your last build that's finished (as usual). The green jacket is phenomenal Sir!!!



Thread: Cave up date.JR
15/08/2017 21:39:35

Mr. Race,

Yes Sir, the beers are on me for sure!!! An absolutely FANTUBIUOS cave you have created. I know it took a bit longer than you had anticipated and the doubters were always present, but you have come through shining with your work and know-how.

I tip my hat in the utmost of respect Buddy and wish you many wonderful builds and projects in your new and killer work space. What else can a man say???......Get crackin' Tovarich!!!!!!!!

Prost and in Awe


PS, If the doubters from that certain quarter start up, the STN is armed and ready!

Thread: A bit of Sabre Rattling
15/08/2017 21:24:13

To me too Mick!

The decals do shine and the yellow bands look terrific to me too! Just imagine if you had to mask them and paint them yourself. This Sabre is definitely one to be very proud of Sir.

If there is a fault to be found, then maybe it's the lack of blackening behind the gun ports after 6 kills. Then again, what do I know about wing thingys!!!



Thread: Hobbyboss 2cm flak 38 Pz. kpfw. 38(t) (AAGB17)
15/08/2017 20:54:19

Evening Mr. Benson,

It's wonderful to see you finish this beauty. I hang my head in shame as I haven't finished my AAGB project yet. I think the color scheme is spot on and it's one of my favorites.

It's also nice to see you didn't go crazy with the weathering. Most of these were the first target for allied fighters anyway. Don't think they had a long life! The wheels are the best as they depict the typical 38t grease splattering after maintenance, due to their speed on the go.

I agree with the others, a base and a fig would really set it off nicely. To job Sir!!!



Thread: CR.32 (BiplaneGB17)
15/08/2017 19:58:25

Evening Sjors,

Nice update Sir and it looks like the decals went on well after the coat. How did the decals adhere to the silver paint? Any problems?

I wouldn't worry about the alignment of the lower wing or the gaps. If anything, I would worry about James. He has that look in his eyes that say, "I've found my new toy for this week"........



Thread: Hi from Holland
15/08/2017 14:08:41

And a big welcome from Germany too Pieter. Plenty of fine folks here and any help or answers needed are only a question away. Oh, and an Optivisor will help you see things better. I can't model without mine on...



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