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Thread: King's Musketeer
23/03/2018 22:04:42

Great work on the tabard Peter - the sort of thing you excel at.

As for mice, we live surrounded by farmland, so all of the houses around here have a mouse problem. Poison worked for a while (though I don't like killing the things), but they now seem to thrive on that, so it's back to live traps, which work (Joe the Jack Russell also does his share). Good luck with your little visitor.


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
23/03/2018 20:06:59

Peter - Just missed you there - many thanks. Looks like Lyme Regis is the place....


23/03/2018 20:05:53

Allen - Such kind words. Thank you my friend. Andy B's sermons can be a bit racy I understand, so perhaps he could use this one.

Mike. Glad you like him. I actually collect prehistoric stone tools - flints. However I have been to the Jurassic Coast a number of times and can recommend a couple of places. I remember the beach at Charmouth being particularly good, especially where there had been some falls of shale from the cliffs (and please be wary of the cliffs, they're very unstable). The coast at Lyme Regis is also good, and a visit to the town museum is recommended as it contains a lot of the specimens collected by Mary Anning. To be honest there are fossil and dinosaur attractions everywhere, so your grandson won't be bored.

Greg - Gratias tibi.


Thread: Revell Harbour Tug Boat
23/03/2018 17:19:57

Wow, looks real. Great work again Jim.


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
23/03/2018 17:17:40

Jim - Many thanks. I must say making the cover of Mil Mod has made me chuffed to bits. I want to take it back and show my 14 year old self.,,,

Richard -Without the continued support of friends like yourself I would probably have put the brushes away long ago. Thank you.

John - Of course the above applies to you my friend. The phrase you've used in Latin translates as Et canes ablatisque testiculis!

Some more pics:



Thread: 1/16 Para Padre
23/03/2018 17:07:40

Great stuff Nick! Your enthusiasm oozes off the screen.


Thread: Roman Aquila by Nuts Planet
23/03/2018 17:06:30

Hi Simon

More great work, and I believe you're faster than me!


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
23/03/2018 14:57:21

I've had enough of this one now, so I'm calling it finished:



I always find shields tricky as you have to be careful when handling both sides. This one took ages and got very boring! Once it was out of the way there was just the right hand and sword to add.


Thread: Special Boat Service, Falklands 1982,
22/03/2018 18:47:52

Great stuff Tony. I knew that Richard wanted to develop the bust into a full figure, so he must be excited to see what you're doing. Looking forward to following along and learning.


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
22/03/2018 16:50:16

John - Hi. Well you can't beat mother nature. I was sitting there with the resin thinking 'this is crazy, there's a garden full of the real thing out there'.

Jim - Many thanks. Paper beats foil every time for me. The biggest advantage is that it can be painted before use.

Mike - Many thanks also. Nearly there, though shields can be a bit tricky...


22/03/2018 14:49:55

The next stage:


The first job this session was painting and fitting the sword scabbard and dagger. Each had to be provided with straps, all of which I made from paper rather than the supplied foil. Once that was done, I mounted him on an old Verlinden base.

I then worked on the helmet, painting it in sections and building it on the base as I went along. I think it will suffice.

Lastly, after having spent some time trying to paint some Verlinden resin stakes, I gave up and simply went and got some twigs from the garden. These I chopped, sharpened and touched up with a lick of paint, then stuck to the base.

Next, the shield and sword hand.


Thread: Dragon 1/16 Handschar Figure
22/03/2018 08:05:44

Hi Mick and Dave. Sorry, I missed your posts. Thanks very much for looking in.


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
22/03/2018 08:03:56

Peter - Yes, curious. May be the photography?

John - Yes, I think he's better with the boots toned down. It's a nice sculpt, though the clothing is a bit lacking in the crease and fold department.


Thread: Gladiator duet.
22/03/2018 08:01:48

Very nice work John. I like the way the oils have blended the tones. Looks like Mr Crowe as well.


Thread: 15th Century Landsknechts by Young Miniatures
21/03/2018 18:55:31

Very nice work Simon. He's got tonnes of character. Glad he survived!


Thread: 120mm Auxiliary Centurian
21/03/2018 18:46:11

Cheers John -

I like a bit of colour coordination. I'm trying to decided on the colour of the scabbards at the moment - possibly black with silver and bronze mounts. I've changed the helmet by removing the crest and replacing it with some plumes - thought the previous version looked too much like the Bugs Bunny Martian.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 21/03/2018 18:56:34

21/03/2018 17:26:27


To mihi hanc invidiam!


21/03/2018 14:45:09

Afternoon all.

I had a good session today and got the main part of the figure almost finished::


I just need to add some detail to the leather edging, then it's on to the equipment.

For the mail, I first painted the whole thing black, then dry-brushed on layers of silver mixed with black, getting lighter as I went along. I then redrew the outlines in black, then evened out the tones here and there with a pencil. It was quite a quick process, so I was able to get on and paint the rest of the clothing.

I think I've mentioned before that red is not my favourite colour to paint - I find that it looks fine until the matt varnish goes on, which seems to kill off the tonal transitions and make everything look a little flat. In this case I had to adjust and re-varnish the tones several times to get it to look more even.

The base for the trousers was Luftwaffe Uniform, and I decided on a mauveish brown for the boots - I felt that the light colour on the box art made them stand out too much and look a little like babies bootees.


20/03/2018 19:58:50

Hi Peter

This is the kit head - I just meant that Verlinden re-used it on a few of their other figures. Yes, I agree about the hair - I just meant that I was following a bit of a cliche.


Thread: Gladiator duet.
20/03/2018 17:37:43

Great work John, and I'm following with interest. I agree with Mr Race that the oils are already having a dramatic affect.


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