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Thread: Richard and Mike Invite YOU........
24/05/2017 22:16:23

Dave W - Looking really good. You're really tempting me with the idea of trying one of these figures.

Windy - Beautifully done. A very fine figure indeed.

Dave S -  White is such a pain. There's no choice but to plaster it on. Looking forward to seeing the final result.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 24/05/2017 22:17:41

Thread: 120mm German Sniper 1WW
24/05/2017 22:12:49

Dave - Smaller scales are becoming more of a challenge to my deteriorating eyesight - I'd certainly have more choice if I could cope with less than 120mm. I use Vallejo Model Color, no medium, except a little water.

And nice weather we're having for appreciating a few beers!

Windy - Evening.Time spent painting faces is never wasted, even if you don't use them. I'm really struggling with the temptation to keep fiddling with the current head, but once I get on to the uniform I'll be OK. My continual mistake is to go back and look at a finished head in the evening under artificial light -that always highlights lumps and bumps that you can't see under normal conditions and it sets the ball rolling. What I have to remind myself is that I've probably already explored all of the possibilities and options during the initial painting session.


24/05/2017 19:31:13

Evening chaps.

I am going for the second as I think it has a better face. I since done some more work to it but not enough to make a new pic worthwhile.


24/05/2017 11:44:12

OK, here's head number two:


I made this up last night with another Reedees head and a 2ww German officer's field cap from the spares box (Classy Hobby I think).

I think it's much better - must leave it alone though......


24/05/2017 11:28:19

Hi Wayne

Yes, Ernest Borgnine is perfect as Katz - every inch the grizzled veteran.


Thread: Trumpeter, 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer IV " Ostwind "(AAGB 17 )
24/05/2017 07:49:32

Wow! You really are a master painter John.


Thread: (AAGB17) Sdkfz.7/1 quad Flak38 {ST}
24/05/2017 07:48:43

Simon, I never know what to say about your work except to express wonder at your dedication to accuracy. Brilliant.


Thread: 120mm German Sniper 1WW
24/05/2017 07:47:15

Hi all

Messed around a bit more with the head last night, and decided to try another. Look out for version two.......

John - the rat came with the kit. I've just dug out two more from the spares box to use with this chap.

As far as inspiration goes I was very impressed with the 1979 re-make of ''All Quiet on the Western Front'. It stars, and I kid you not, Richard 'John Boy' Thomas and has a mostly British cast including Ian Holm, Donald Pleasance and a host of young unknowns. It really captures the bleakness of the book, especially in the final scenes, and they've easily managed to match the butterfly end scene (no spoilers!). Recommended.


23/05/2017 18:11:32

Hi Kevin

I think I may just work on the faces a bit with the others, but will probably leave all else alone. It's funny how the addition of the moustache and painting the eyebrows in a different position can change a face - expression seems to be all about the brow.

I've fiddled a bit more with the face:


I've tried to make the eyes match more. I think I'd better leave it alone now before I over-work it.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 23/05/2017 18:13:39

23/05/2017 14:21:48

Hi Kevin

I can't claim to have made the trench section - it's as supplied. I just don't have the skills that you are displaying in your wonderful trench diorama.

I've just found a photo of my previous effort:


These are some other 1WW Germans that I've done - all getting near a repaint. I have made some allied subjects, but for some reason have no photos:


All Verlinden with some changes, except the third one which is by Imperial Gallery again.


23/05/2017 13:10:50

Jim - Hi. No b*****y bow! I don't think I'll ever tackle an archer again. Welcome to this one.

Andy - I noticed that the box art includes a butterfly, so I can't claim the inspiration for this one. I have indeed seen your small scale versions - this was hard enough at 120mm, so how you do it, I don't know.

OK, the head's done:


I trimmed his moustache a bit before painting - still huge, but I suppose that's the point. Like a lot of Reedees heads, this was a bit lumpy in places, but I think it will do.


23/05/2017 12:08:17

Wow, where did you all come from? Just shows, get the right subject and you'll get the interest! Welcome aboard chaps.

John - You're right; lots to enjoy with this one. I've noticed all sorts of wrinkles and creases on the uniform that I missed before, and with Wouter's Man Jin Kim figure to inspire me...

Peter - Yes it's an interesting pose. Unfortunately he doesn't quite sit right on the base, hence my thinking of adding some textured mud.

Richard - This sculpt appealed to me the moment I saw it. I only hope I can do it justice this time.

Richard - No need to sneak in Richard! Make yourself comfy.

Windy - I agree, so good to see more figures appearing on the site. They are still very much a niche interest though, and it's sometimes quite hard to keep going when the view count is low. I must admit that I've been looking around at some of the other modelling sites, but with the obvious exception of PF, there seems to be even less interest than here. Must keep the faith....


Thread: Me109 E
22/05/2017 23:19:26

And a very fine thing it is too Mick. Beautifully done.


Thread: 120mm German Sniper 1WW
22/05/2017 23:10:47


The above is the box art picture for Imperial Gallery's 120mm German Infantry Sniper 1WW.

I bought and built this figure two years ago, and felt it was time for a re-paint. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that I had no photos of the original effort before stripping it down. Anyway, here are the parts:


The kit came with two heads, one in a pickelhaube, and one in a steel helmet, but I was unable to make anything of them. I therefore made up this one from a Reedees spare, with a cap adapted from that of a 2WW officer. This time I've given him a slightly OTT Milliput moustache, and replaced the insignia, which I'd made too large originally.

I'm going to leave the base as it is:


I made the butterfly to add an 'All Quiet on the Western Front' flavour. I'll probably also add a bit of textured mud to the flooring.

So, onwards and upwards (we hope)....



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 22/05/2017 23:15:43

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Assyrian Archer
22/05/2017 15:43:39

Hi John and Andy

I got completely fed up with the whole thing. I had got the bow to sit reasonably well, but in the end it wasn't good enough. I tried adjusting it, but what it really needed was some major sanding and a new paint job - life's too short!

John, I can't find any ACW stuff to re-work at the moment, so I've got John Chard and a 1WW German sniper in a Flash bath.



22/05/2017 15:24:54

Another failure, gluey mess, bin job!


21/05/2017 21:52:56

Thanks Dirk and Jim

Currently watching the TV series ''Gettysburg'' - Chamberlaine's defence of Little Round Top - I feel an ACW phase coming on.......



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 21/05/2017 22:19:03

Thread: Squadron White drying time?
21/05/2017 19:30:29

Hi Chris

You could probably get away with 2-3 hours drying time , but I've found it best to leave it at least 12 hours before sanding. Basically, the longer you leave it to dry, the better.


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Assyrian Archer
21/05/2017 19:27:42

Thank you John.

This one has been more involved than I thought it would be. There's quite a lot of detail to take care of, on the armour and boots for example. I think I'll fit the left arm and bow next, which if I remember rightly are quite hard to get lined up properly. Should be fun.


Thread: Alpine Miniatures late war Kharkov parka
21/05/2017 19:24:48

Great work Dirk - you have a very delicate touch.


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