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Thread: Miniart I/16 Westphalian Trumpeter.
26/06/2017 20:51:15

Hi John

Well, I'm a bit apprehensive. I do have an orange pigment, but it's incredibly thin. I might start with a very light red like amarantha and add yellow to it to build up the highlights. Now sure about the shadows. Fun, fun, fun......


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Luftwaffe Field Division Machine Gunner
26/06/2017 20:36:53

Hi Allen.

That's who he reminds me of!!!!


Thread: Miniart I/16 Westphalian Trumpeter.
26/06/2017 20:35:30

Hi John

Funnily enough I've just come across this illustration and have been playing about with it in picture manager. I's say it was orange. The epaulettes do indeed appear to be silver.

Very many thanks again.


26/06/2017 20:22:36

Tim - Wow, that is colourful. I'd have to alter the tunic details though.

Jon - Many thanks.Yes they show the tunic colour as orange - is that incorrect? Also the epaulettes could be silver in the illustration, though the boards are plain except for a stripe across them.


26/06/2017 19:18:04

Very many thanks Tim. - blue it is.

The Westphalians are not as well known as other Grand Armee regiments, in this country at least - hence the lack of reference I suppose. Miniart also do a 1st Cuirassiers figure:




26/06/2017 17:42:27

Hi John - Not too much swearing today - perhaps I'm getting used to Miniart. You do find yourself hoping, though, that the next one will be better (no chance!).

Hi Jim - Yes, as John said, a lot of the joins are hidden by the saddle. I don't think I'm at the stage where I want to tackle a grey horse - think I'll try and perfect my chestnut bay technique. All of that red is actually orange, which is going to be tricky....


26/06/2017 16:24:38

I've spent the day building the figure:


The fit was quite good, apart from the legs, which were terrible. As you can see there was a lot of annoying filling and scraping to do, and that will always compromise the detail do some extent, - I think there's enough left to make it worth painting though!

The helmet wouldn't hit without some major trimming of the head, and the chin straps had to be cut and bent to get a better fit, so again some detail was lost. There should also be some raised decoration to the side of the helmet, which I mat try to paint on.



26/06/2017 12:39:48

Hi Kevin

This kit is proving standard Miniart fare - endless sanding and filling so far. You're right in the fact that everything being in two halves adds to the problems, as you have a join and mould lines to sort out, as well as the poor fit to deal with. Still, I wanted a challenge......


26/06/2017 10:21:17


I decided that for my next project I wanted a challenge, so have opted for another Miniart mounted subject.

The Westphalians formed part of Napoleon's Grande Armee in 1812 during the invasion of Russia, and most seem to agree that their performance was decidedly 'mixed'.

The horse is the same  one supplied with all of Miniart's mounted figures (a couple have alternative heads) so three of the sprues are generic, while the figure has two entirely new sprues:


It's solidly sculpted, though some of the folds and creases are a bit simplistically done.

The instructions are a bit inadequate:


Some parts have been left off entirely and all of the extra parts have been numbered, which would confuse anyone not used to these kits. The painting instructions aren't great and unfortunately there seems to be very little reference material out there - I've no idea how to paint the boards of the epaulettes for example.

Anyway, should keep me occupied for a while, and hopefully it will be fun...


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 26/06/2017 10:22:45

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Luftwaffe Field Division Machine Gunner
26/06/2017 09:19:58

Thanks Stuart

For the gaiters I used Luftwaffe Green, darkened with Black Brown and lightened with Off White. The boots were done by dry-brushing mixes of Black Brown, Flat Earth and German Camo Beige.


25/06/2017 21:10:16

Hi Dirk and thanks.

Yes, I use Daler Rowney, which is brush paintable. It's very reliable, although you have to be wary when getting to the end of the bottle. I generally throw it away after I've used 2/3 of it as it has a tendency to go off. In this case I'd tried to use the last drop in the bottle with unfortunate results. A fresh coat of new varnish should sort it out.


25/06/2017 19:27:56

John H - I've spent quite a lot of time recently looking at other people's work and trying to work out what is the masters are doing. I've also re-read quite a number of Ian Succamore's Mil Mod articles and he always says such sensible things about painting figures with acrylics. It all a bout looking....

John R - Many thanks my friend. The shine is particularly noticeable on the blue coat tails and has made taking pictures difficult.


25/06/2017 18:27:27

Thanks Jim - You're assuming I got the pose right and that the box art wasn't as it was intended!

I've just taken a close up:



25/06/2017 16:02:44

Thank you Richard - I have been more aware of weathering I think.

Well, apart from needing a coat of matt varnish (see above), I'm calling this one done:


I can't really remember what equipment he came with, but the stuff I've used seems to be a mix of Verlinden, Dragon, Tamiya and Alpine. I think the feet don't look to bad now that they are painted and buried in grass

Next up, for my sins, a Miniart mounted subject......


Thread: Return from Dunkirk
25/06/2017 15:56:05

Also glad to see this back on the bench Peter. Looking good.


Thread: "Achtung! Aircraft spotted - Battle Stations!" (AAGB17)
25/06/2017 15:54:40

Another masterpiece Ron - love it.


Thread: Half a Stug roof and a bit of a challenge
25/06/2017 15:53:40

Turned out brilliantly Kimmo. Very well done.


Thread: Cave up date.JR
25/06/2017 12:33:53

Hi John

Like Richard I'm so bloomin' envious......... Mind you, they'll be no excuses once you get back to the benchface 20.


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Luftwaffe Field Division Machine Gunner
25/06/2017 12:05:31

Sorry Jim - posts crossed. Many thanks.


25/06/2017 12:04:23

I've now finished the uniform and mounted him on a base:


I've added the rain dashes to the camo, just where they show most on the lighter parts. Hit a bit of a problem in that my varnish has gone off again and left a satin sheen - I've ordered a new bottle, so apologies for the shine.


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