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Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
23/08/2017 21:37:31

Cheers Robin.


23/08/2017 19:18:52

John - Many thanks mate.

Tim - Suddenly I feel the need to don a kaftan......


23/08/2017 19:17:45

That's looking very neat and clean John - nice work. Can't help you with air-brushing camo I'm afraid, but I bet there are a million ways......


Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
23/08/2017 18:33:04

Tim - Do you like Demis Roussos?

Greg - Many thanks my man.


23/08/2017 18:31:30

Thanks Steve - I'm a bit too close to it at the moment to be able to judge how it looks, but though it's by no means perfect, I hope it's readable as dpm. I'm not sure I found it too enjoyable - as usual, it quickly turns into a slog, as well as a struggle, and the fact that I can't use my usual wet-on-wet technique to get a better blend of tones frustrates me.

Moan, moan, moan! Actually it wasn't that bad, and I did enjoy doing all the small folds and wrinkles.


23/08/2017 18:12:01

Kevin - The subject does crop up from time to time, but I'm afraid that I'm a hopelessly disorganised person and wouldn't know where to start.

Tim - And perhaps a tan roll-neck sweater and a pipe - Abigail's Party?

This is the state of our man so far:


I've got most of the front part of the jacket done. I started by priming in black, then painted in the basic camo pattern using Vallejo Green Ochre (which doesn't show a trace of green), Olive Green and a mix of Dark Red, Black Brown and Red Leather for the brown. Once that was done, I washed in the shadows with Black Brown, then went round and highlighted each patch individually, adding Off White to the green and using an almost pure Leather Brown. Finally I added the black markings using German Grey.

The most difficult aspect was adding the grey so that it didn't conflict with the shadows and disrupt the camo pattern, which unfortunately it has done in a couple of places.I will of course need to spend some time tidying it up, but that's the most laborious part done.


23/08/2017 10:20:48

Robin - Many thanks. This is indeed another very fine sculpture by Maurice and it's privilege to be the first to have a crack at painting it.

Richard and Helen - Thanks for looking in. I've just started on the camo (waiting for paint to dry). Should be interesting......


23/08/2017 09:42:47

Morning chaps.

I must say that I'm overwhelmed by the response to this one, and by everyone's kind words and encouragement. Thank you.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 23/08/2017 09:43:20

22/08/2017 22:18:56

Many thanks people - I'm sure Richard will be very pleased with your praise of the bust.

The main problem with camo is the shading and highlighting. With dpm camo the pattern is very busy and close, so the shadows may have to be put in with washes once the basic pattern has been painted. The other thing to watch is the scale. Fun and games!

Mike- Great photo- which one are you? Any photos you have would be of enormous help thanks. I hope I can do your old unit justice.


Thread: CR.32 (BiplaneGB17)
22/08/2017 20:15:29

Sorry Sjors, I thought I'd already commented on the finished build. Very nice indeed my friend and the weathering is just right. Great stuff.


Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
22/08/2017 19:53:28

Evening chaps.

Glad you all approve of the head - I of course can only see it's faults!

Steve and John - Sideburns went out of fashion in the late 70s and didn't become popular again until the early 90s - I should know - I was an addict. As for moustaches, it was only macho types like soldiers who wore them in those days, though nowadays we're all he-men apparently. As Earl Hickey said ''People say to me 'Earl, what's it like having a moustache', and I say to them 'If you'd ever had one you wouldn't need to ask that question.' ''

Just printed out the reference for the dpm camo - yikes!



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 22/08/2017 20:13:47

22/08/2017 16:07:00

Another couple of images for good measure:



22/08/2017 15:51:21

Cheers Kevin. Thanks for looking in.

We'll here's the head:


Runs and hides.........


Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger with Zimmerit
22/08/2017 07:54:32

What are you taking Bill? - kit boxes popping open all over the place. These Tamiya 1/48s are great kits - cut my armour teeth on them.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 22/08/2017 07:54:51

Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
22/08/2017 07:52:21

Agree with these two Allen - I think it's only you who are seeing any differences with the decal placing. Please keep going, as this is turning into a great build.


22/08/2017 07:49:22

Hi John

This is coming along very well.

Re: the photos, it may be an idea to photograph against a darker, coloured background, then your camera should identify the plastic as the lightest element and adjust accordingly. Just a thought.

Also you should be able to adjust the photos by right-clicking on them to open the picture editor function on your computer.


Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
22/08/2017 07:45:45

Ah Sjors, baby juggling! It's amazing what you can learn to do one-handed. I found that I also built up much needed muscle on my upper body from carrying the children around - you have to have at least two to get a balanced look though.

Thanks re the bust. Starting on the face today.....


21/08/2017 20:05:25

Thanks Richard.

PM received and forwarded.


Thread: Recycling 2 - More Re-Worked 120mm Figures
21/08/2017 17:59:35

Many thanks Steven

You do always set yourself up for a big fail when recycling, and the original effort will always have parts that are better than the second. I think there is a bit of improvement here, though perhaps I do prefer the head on the first.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 21/08/2017 17:59:48

Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
21/08/2017 16:29:45

Hi Steve, missed you there.

The pressure mounts......


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