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Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
30/03/2017 17:25:56

Thanks Richard

He does look a bit of a handful doesn't he? Just been out gathering jungle.....


Thread: Wojtek the soldier bear figure project
30/03/2017 16:06:54

Great stuff Richard - very bear-like!


Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
30/03/2017 15:34:45

Keep going Andy!

It looks like you've wrestled it to the ground and what you've done so far is superb. Go and kick something inanimate - always works for me!


Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
30/03/2017 14:56:09

Hi Richard

The jungle arrived today. I haven't opened the box yet - a treat for later.

A Merrills Maruader sounds like a great idea. This was my second attempt at that particular figure, and I did find that the head had to be swapped for something better - this one's by Dragon - but you may have more luck.

I've now done most of the SNCO's uniform:


The casting was messier than I'd first thought, but I don't think more cleaning up would have helped much. As it was, I had to struggle to get a decent finish in some areas, particularly around the straps and belts. The back leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm hoping the equipment will hide most of it.

I didn't attempt to do the puttees and boots today, as they will probably take some time, but I did add the sun flaps to the hat (made from paper).


30/03/2017 07:28:52

Hi Richard

I will try an experiment with sweat stains and dirt etc. but I'm always a bit reluctant to mess up a hard won finish.

Pretty amazing that your colleague is working on the same idea. Please do try and download some photos, but only if it's not too intimidating!

I'm not sure, but I might try a straight forward confrontation. They've both stepped into a clearing and discovered eachother. The Australian hasn't time to lift and fire his rifle so he's reaching for his machete - he's been practicing using it in self-defence. The Japanese has his pistol ready, but it's not a foregone conclusion.

We have a lack of tropical jungle here in the UK, so it's on to the internettywebthingy for reference. I've ordered a whole load of tropical foliage from Fields of Glory Models and will give it a go. Her's one I did earlier:



Thread: Berlin Ist Bust
29/03/2017 19:46:48

Great work Bobby. Fields of Glory carry some great stock - I'v just ordered a load of jungle foliage.

Have you been watching 'Downfall' for inspiration?


Thread: Otto's Ride
29/03/2017 15:51:40

Great work Mick and a convincing story being told there.


Thread: Wojtek the soldier bear figure project
29/03/2017 15:47:56

He's looking great Richard - so good to see you at the painting stage. The fur is is very nicely painted indeed.

May I suggest that with bears, it's rare to see any white in the eyes? Perhaps painted black with a coat of gloss varnish instead?


Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
29/03/2017 15:42:22

Hi Richard

It's sorted now, but it was a pain. I used Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty to fill the holes - a new one for me, but it did the job.

I find that Vallejos do have a tendency to dry glossy, and yes brown is particularly bad. The only brush-on matt varnish that works for me is Daler Rowney Soluble Matt Varnish. I still prefer Vallejo over all other paint though, so tend to put up with the gloss.


29/03/2017 13:41:58

Hello all

On to the next figure, and as predicted, this was a b****r:


This looked as though someone had taken it out of the box and fired a shotgun at it - I've never seen so many pinholes. The resin was also very soft, which was great when correcting problems on the main figure, but meant that the smaller parts were easily bent and broken.

The first stage involved cleaning copious amounts of release agent out of the crevices, then sanding down the mould lines. I had to do a lot of filling as I built him, as none of the parts fitted well, then I spent many hours filling the pinholes - as luck would have it, these were mainly over the detailed areas like the belt buckles.

As you can see, the lower legs are cast in a different resin, which is harder and problem free - I wonder if Miniature Alliance realised that they had a problem and switched materials?

Anyway, he's as clean and repaired as he's gong to get, so now on to the painting.


29/03/2017 08:29:34

Steve - forgiven, but dont go to S******rs for Gawd's sake!

John - I see your point, but if you read him as wearing baggy shorts with an exceptionally low-slung crotch, then he's correct.


Thread: Wojtek the soldier bear figure project
28/03/2017 19:31:23

A brilliant idea for a vignette Richard - an unusual and touching subject. Really looking forward to seeing this develop.


Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
28/03/2017 19:01:52

Hi Steve - he's got his hand on the handle of a machete - it's sticking out from under the water bottle.


Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
28/03/2017 17:42:56

Steve and Mike - this is ancient history! Thank you both.


Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
28/03/2017 17:41:43

Sjors - get out of there!. Why are you hiding in the shadows? Many thanks!

Bobby - many thanks. I take your point re the sweat. I'm going to put it all together before the final weathering so that everything matches, then I 'll see what extras it needs.


28/03/2017 13:50:56

Richard - Sounds like you're really getting into it. Bravo!

Jim - Many thanks for looking in.

Andy - Thank you, and please do get back into doing figures - you are exceptionally good at it..

So, the first figure is done. One Australian jungle fighter:


I started off today with the machete, which I was relieved to find fitted perfectly, as did the Verlinden water bottle. I then added the haversack and made paper straps for both.

I decided to put the hat on his back, as I saw someone else had done so and liked it. - it was too small anyway, and because of all of the pinholes that went right through it, I decided not to risk surgery.

That left the Lee Enfield and left hand (again Verlinden spares), and the rifle strap.

I will dirty him up at some point, after I've sorted out the base.


Thread: Watchout GI
28/03/2017 12:06:49

Richard, it keeps getting better and better. Very fine work indeed.


Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
28/03/2017 08:49:49

Hi Richard

I like that - The Figure Club - The first rule about Figure Club is that you don't talk about Figure Club......

The outlining is something I'm trying to keep in check, but with this figure the seams and lines were etched so deeply there was no alternative. I tend to finish each section completely as I go along so that I don't have to handle it again - front of torso, left arm, back of torso etc. working around and down.

Really looking forward to seeing your work, but not sure ''a la Peter Day'' is the way to go!


Thread: IJN Battleship Yamato 1/350
27/03/2017 21:22:37

Beautiful work Wouter - so clean and neat.


Thread: German Destroyer Z class
27/03/2017 21:21:04

That's a great little ship Sjors, Look forward to seeing it painted.

My Dad is a ship modeller and has had a keen interest in things maritime all his life (he was even a Queen's Sea Scout!). It was all ''Leigh ho!'', ''Standby to come about'', etc at home, and he wasn't averse to getting his Bosun's whistle out to pipe us all aboard.


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