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Thread: Miniart 1/16 Praetorian
19/10/2017 14:38:33

Afternoon all

All cleaned up, partially assembled and ready for painting:


This went pretty much as expected. The fit wasn't too bad, though there was quite a lot of sanding required to smooth the joins and remove the mould marks. I also had to add the scabbard (v****a) at this stage in order to connect the straps ends. Miniart provide six medallions to decorate the shoulder armour, but as they were poorly done, and mainly consisted of flash anyway, I swapped them for a single pair from the spares box.

The helmet is well done and went together with no problem. I decided to use a spare head instead of the kit one, in this case by Dog Tag, which I'd lobotomized in it's previous life. The kit head isn't too bad (a dead ringer for Sid James), but it does look a little to rough and weather beaten.


18/10/2017 21:52:21

John - MINIART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim - I could easily mess it up.

Allen - It's a minefield. The Lorica Segmenta armour depicted here appeared at the end of the 1st century, and the curved oblong shields in the 2nd. For most of the 1st and previous century legionaries wore chain mail, which I would have preferred Miniart to depict. A pilum is a weighted javelin as sported by the man in my first version. Those with larger helmet brushes cleaned chimneys.


18/10/2017 17:59:38

Hi John

Yes, Miniart and a Roman! I'm not so scared of Miniart now and I'm even prepared to do the extra filling and sanding.

Don't mind Steve - he can't help it, and it's all my fault anyway - I should never have mentioned itface 20.


18/10/2017 17:51:04

Hi Peter

Yes, it's a bit naughty of Miniart, but I suppose that's why they're cheap. The same thing applies to their knights, ancient Greeks and mounted subjects - all versions of the same figure.

They could be posed together if one was interested in modifying the poses - the only difference between their 1st and 2nd century Romans is the shield shape and one comes with a pilum, so the armour is the same.


18/10/2017 17:03:15

Steve - Oh those Amazons! Hope you don't mind my putting the bust aside.

Andy - Yep, this is a well detailed kit and the equipment is pretty authentically done - the Lorica Segmentata armour is particularly good.

Re my point about uniform - the Praetorians in the above relief are all dressed differently.

Peter (PDiddy to Steve).

Thread: Young Miniatures 1/10 Roman Centurian Bust
18/10/2017 16:58:17

Allen and Steve - Many thanks. One of those situations where I know that if I keep on at it I'll ruin it, so I'll leave it until I feel I can tackle it. Sorry Steve, hope you don't mind.

And id anyone's interested. google 'Legio Rapax vs Amazons'' - the offending parts have been daintily covered with the Legions insignia, so it won't offend anyone.


Thread: Miniart 1/16 Praetorian
18/10/2017 15:42:44


Having decided to put the Young's bust aside for a while (before I go and completely c**k it up), I thought I'd stay with the Romans and have a go at this Miniart Praetorian.

Miniart have produced three 1/16 Roman figures, but as with other subjects in the range, they are all essentially the same figure with just some arm and equipment changes. Here's one I did earlier:


These are the basic instructions:


The reverse side numbers the parts.

The sprue shot:


As you can see, both sets of arms are included (generic sprues) so I may pose him differently from the box art. I will probably give him a different head, and may give him a spear, as appropriate for a member of the Emperor's bodyguard.

A couple of reference pics (ancient Roman carvings depicting Praetorians):



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 18/10/2017 15:52:59

Thread: Young Miniatures 1/10 Roman Centurian Bust
18/10/2017 15:16:16

Completely failed with the face today, so I think I'll put this aside for a while.


17/10/2017 20:41:26


Just found this picture of the Legio Rapax re-enactment group. I think they've got it right:


(For discussion only).


A great variety of dress, but still Roman - note also the differences in the Lorica Segmentata armour. There's also a photo of the group being attacked by topless Amazons somewhere on the web!


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 17/10/2017 20:43:10

17/10/2017 20:07:37

Cheers Steve - or Incontinetia Buttocks!

Scottie - They are!


Thread: MacTaggarts Catapult
17/10/2017 19:15:10

Great work already Richard. Looks very small and fiddly.


Thread: Young Miniatures 1/10 Roman Centurian Bust
17/10/2017 19:13:19

Richard - A bust in a day - now there's a challenge.

Peter - Welcome.

Allen - Welcome also. I've asked JR to take his stetson off the seat.

Andy - Thank you smut merchant.

Jon - Didn't they also have a defensive shield formation called a testicle?


17/10/2017 16:49:12

Here we go!

17/10/2017 15:17:44

After all that, I forgot the update. The parts are now cleaned up and ready for painting:


There was very little work to do to prepare the parts - just a few small casting blocks to remove. I broke the supporting rod for the plume, so replaced it with some spare resin, but the rest was OK.

There were also some brackets on the underside of the plume that didn't meet the catches indicated on the helmet. This stumped me for a while, until I saw that they were buckles and that I needed to add some securing straps between the two.


17/10/2017 14:59:54

Andy - Thanks for that - an Optio he is then.

Mind you I'm a bit dubious about the arms and armour guides on the Romans. There have been plenty of original bits of armour and weaponry dug up, but they don't of course have labels, so no one really knows who wore what - classical carvings are vague to say the least, and they aren't coloured. I think our perception of identically uniformed legionaries has more to do with Hollywood than the reality - the Roman soldier had to supply his own equipment, often bought second hand, and was more likely to have worn plain homespun cloth rather than the scarlet so often depicted. The shields are always shown as identical, but this is the only known example of an original:


It suggests that they were painted with designs personal to the individual owner - favourite gods, good luck devices etc. 

Sorry, bit of a hobbyhorse of mine!


John - Welcome, the seat's still warm!

Jim - Yes, the plumes and wolf pelt will take a bit of thought, though the later is more textured than it appears in the box art, so should respond well to dry-brushing.



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 17/10/2017 15:07:00

Edited By Peter Day 1 on 17/10/2017 15:07:55

17/10/2017 11:35:21


Morning all.

I have recently done some work in collaboration with Steve Jones, and for my meagre efforts he has thought me worthy of this gift. To say I was overwhelmed (not to say delighted) is an understatement. Thank you so much Steve.

This is a beautiful 1/10 Centurian bust by Young B Song, and if the box art raises high expectations, the contents more than meet them:


Lovely, lovely stuff -. beautiful sculpting and casting - it will be nice to work on something of real quality for a change (don't mention the Verlinden Apache!).


Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
17/10/2017 09:30:06

More fantastic work Greg. The whaler is something else.


Thread: D.A.K.
16/10/2017 21:50:42

Wow, that was quick Daniel and a very fine job you've made of it. Great stuff.


Thread: Dragon 1/16 Florian Geyer German Cavalryman
16/10/2017 21:49:31

David and Andy

Re the Miniart, no I didn't think I'd ever say that. However the Roman figures they've done are pretty good - basically all three are the same kit with a couple of arm and weapon changes. They wear lorica segmantata armour that is very well done.


16/10/2017 20:56:36

Thanks for your kind comments chaps - much appreciated.

Next, it depends on what arrives first. I have some recycling projects ready, but I've also ordered the Minairt Praetorian and a Mitches ACW figure. Quite fancy another Miniart.......


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