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Thread: Ibrahim Pasha - A 200mm Bust
11/12/2017 21:54:13

John H - Thanks. Another one of those box artists one's got no chance of coming near, but inspiring none the less.

John R - Thanks that man.


11/12/2017 20:11:30

Thanks chaps - he's turned out better so far than I expected. Flattered to have inspired you to get painting Dirk - the secret is not to stop unless you absolutely have to!


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
11/12/2017 20:09:21

More great work John. The broken windows look very convincing. Keep going.....


Thread: Ibrahim Pasha - A 200mm Bust
11/12/2017 15:23:47

I've now got the torso more or less done:



There is still a bit of shine from drying varnish on the cummerbund.

The decoration I'd replaced for the collar looked terrible, so I removed it - I think it looks fine without it. I've tried to paint a lot of contrast to allow the bumpy bits in the recesses to be covered in shadow. I painted the cummerbund blue, as I feel there's a bit too much gold on the box art, and anyway it gave an excuse to add more colour. I also had to make some new baubles for the right sleeve as three of the originals broke off with handling.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 11/12/2017 15:48:38

11/12/2017 14:30:02

Thanks for looking in chaps.

That's what I wanted to hear about the turban! However, I have added a decorative band along one edge, similar to the second reference pic. Waiting for some varnish to dry, then will post some pictures.


10/12/2017 13:42:44

Hi Steve

Awful ain't the word. I did take quite a bit of work, but I'm reconciled to it now. As for the skin tone, I've tried to imitate that in the above illustrations - not that dark, sort of Mediterranean (he's of Greek/Turkish ancestry):


This wasn't so bad to paint as I thought it would be. Once I got Used to the slightly rough finish and kept the recesses in deep shadow, it started to look OK. I've left the turban one colour for now, but may add some decoration - depends how brave I'm feeling.....


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 10/12/2017 13:43:31

Thread: Warrior Woman - a bust painting SBS
10/12/2017 13:35:31

Ron and Steve - my pleasure.


Thread: 200mm Verlinden Chasseur a Cheval
10/12/2017 13:34:19

Many thanks Steve

Yes, I believe they did use gold thread and gold wire. It's had to be put at the top of the cabinet as it won't fit elsewhere.


Thread: SBS on grass box .
09/12/2017 20:26:52

Great stuff John. I buy a lot of grass tufts by Add-On Parts and wondered how they got the grass to stand upright. May need to have a look at the piggybank.....


Thread: Ibrahim Pasha - A 200mm Bust
09/12/2017 19:45:44

Hi Jim

I don't think I possess any particular experience or skill, but I do know a rough old sculpt when I see one.

Seems like you can't win. With Verlinden for example, you get a perfect finish and very refined casting, but often something lacking anatomically. With some of the smaller manufacturers, you usually get a more refined figure, but the finish and casting can be a bit dodgy. I wouldn't mind if this was reflected in the price, but it's not (though I realise that the costs on smaller runs can be expensive for the manufacturer.)

Even the Miniart 1/16s are beginning to look like masterpieces in comparison to some others I've worked on recently (I have another one of their Greeks in the stash). Must be getting more intolerant...


09/12/2017 16:02:32

Hi John - Black coffee coming up.

He's now more or less ready for painting:


This was in quite a mess, not so much because of the moulding, but more because the sculpting was very rough and unfinished in places.

The torso and arms were reasonably OK, though I couldn't live with the poorly done embroidery around the neck and shoulders and replaced it with decoration made from foil and sprue.

The raised decoration on the sword was similarly poorly done, so again, I removed it and replaced it in the same manner. I've cleaned up the pistols as best I can, but the detail isn't good and they will need some sleight of hand with the brush to make them look acceptable.

The face wasn't too bad, though it needed some scalpel work in places.

I'm determined to finish this one, though it will be hard to compromise on the finish. We'll see.....


Thread: Warrior Woman - a bust painting SBS
09/12/2017 15:48:43

Scottie - More or less the same for 1/35, but less scope for detrailing.

Jim - Steady, steady!!!! Always aware of the 'woman/bust' thing.....


Thread: Ibrahim Pasha - A 200mm Bust
09/12/2017 08:45:23


I saw this on the Historex website and thought it would offer something a bit different. It's a 200mm bust by YS Masterpieces, sculpted by Carl Reid.

Ibrahim Pasha should in fact be considered Egyptian, though he was born in Macedonia. He was the son (possibly adopted) of Muhammad Ali, the self declared Khedive of Egypt (who was Turkish!) and became a great general under his father, expanding Egyptian territory, mostly at the expense of the Ottoman empire.

a0138a6c63dd64887e17661668bd78cd--egypt (1).jpgibrahimbaja-cropped.jpg

The kit is very well presented and includes a glossy poster-style painting guide:


The figure is well sculpted, but I must admit being very disappointed with the quality of some of the parts. The casting isn't great anyway, but some areas of the sculpt are perfunctorarily finished and will need some work to get them up to scratch:


It's fair enough that the undersides and hidden areas are rough, but things like the sword and pistols are pretty poor - blades, sandpaper and filler at the ready.


Thread: Warrior Woman - a bust painting SBS
08/12/2017 18:20:25

Thanks John - glad it's of use.

However...... I've decided not to carry on with her. I find the sculpting of the face a bit disappointing - she doesn't look very Japanese in my opinion, and the eyes are too big and the nose and mouth too small. I don't know how the box artist got the results he did, but my best efforts have not produced something I want to keep.

However, hopefully at least I've shown how I go about it.


08/12/2017 15:38:35

Hi all - thanks for looking in.

Here we go then.

First the palette:


These are all Vallejo Model Color. Off White, Flat Flesh, Amarantha Red, Flat Red., Dark Red and German Camo Black Brown.

The brush of choice:


The first stages:


I first paint in the darkest parts - the eyes, the shadow under the upper lid, the eyebrows etc. Getting the pupil in at this stage helps establish character from the start. I next block in the darkest skin tones with a mix of Flat Flesh and Dark Red - I assume that the light is coming from ahead and above, so the shadows should appear under the brows, nose, cheekbones and chin. I then block in the mid tone using Flat Flesh.


Next, I add the whites of the eyes, then the lips, using Dark Red for the upper lip and a mix of Flat Flesh and Flat Red for the lower. Then I paint a line of Flat Red along the bottom of the eyeball and a line of Off White mixed with a tiny amount of Dark Red along the lip of the lower lid. I also start to blend the flesh tones by taking the Flat Flesh over the shadows, and begin to add lighter tones of Flat Flesh mixed with Off White.


I now start blending the skin tones by adding the three reds to the flat flesh to create some variation. It's hard to describe the process here, but essentially it's about using tiny amounts of paint on an almost dry brush to give the appearance of blending. I also work some areas wet on wet, stipple, scrub, you name it, to help the process along. The highlights are built up by adding more and more white to the Flat Flesh until a pure white is used for the extreme highlights.

At this stage I finished off the eyes. I added brown to the iris, lighter at one side and making sure I left a dark outline, then added a dot of Matt Black for the pupil. A final dot of white served as the highlight.

I tend to work on the main parts of the face to a fairly advanced state, then block in the hair and neck to establish the overall look.

As I go along I continually check the balance of the skin tones, ironing out the extreme contrasts and softening the shadows. I find it quite hard to hold my nerve when it comes to zenithal lighting, which will not work from all angles unless you remember that the light is meant to be coming from one direction.

That's the flesh more or less done, though I will no doubt work on it some more, as I go along. As you can see, I've also started on the hairline. I spent some time tweaking and refining certain areas, getting it all as tidy as possible, and adding detail, such as the highlights to the lower lip.

Hope this all makes sense.




Edited By Peter Day 1 on 08/12/2017 15:40:47

Thread: 200mm Verlinden Chasseur a Cheval
08/12/2017 14:42:59

Many thanks Jim and the Johns.


Thread: Warrior Woman - a bust painting SBS
08/12/2017 09:10:49


A couple of people have asked if I could do an SBS on bust painting, so I thought I'd give it a go with this offering from Best Soldiers.

The Onna-bugeisha were women of the Samurai class who fought alongside their male counterparts, some winning much acclaim for their exploits.

I wonder if they were all as beautiful?

This is what's in the box:



The sculptor Alberto Acquavivia has produced a rather elfin figure, beautifully sculpted and very finely cast. The pony tail is separate, as are the pair of chopsticks that hold it in place.

I'll do my best with this. I don't have a particularly methodical way of working and I'm not good at stopping to take photos. I would urge anyone interested in bust painting to have a look at Fernando Ruiz and Jaume Ortiz's article in Mil Mod magazine on their Soviet infantryman. In the meantime I hope my own humble efforts will be of interest.



Edited By Peter Day 1 on 08/12/2017 09:22:47

Thread: 200mm Verlinden Chasseur a Cheval
08/12/2017 08:57:34

Some final photos in better light:


This was an immensely enjoyable build, and at nine days, one of my longest. Despite the problems with the sculpt - those legs(!), and the indifferent folds to the drapery, this has made up into quite a monumental figure. Here's a reminder of his size compared to a 120mm figure:


Now to see if I can find him some cabinet space......


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 08/12/2017 09:03:15

07/12/2017 22:43:04

Peter and Mike - thank you. It will be hard to go back to 120mm - seems so small in comparison. Might try a bust next instead.


Thread: 1/24 Grumman Bearcat F8F - JB
07/12/2017 20:10:06

And you should be! Great work Jim.


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