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Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
24/08/2017 02:13:30

Simon, Yes its surprising how much heat(and expansion) even a small mount of catalyst can generate, anyway fingers crossed when the time arrives

Jason, Thank you

Been a bit off colour lately, so it has been a bit of an effort.

The second horse ( maybe a mule) has it's head quite low, anyway I didn't have a horse like that.

img_2424 (large).jpg

So I used this one, the legs are very close.

img_2425 (large).jpg

And cut it into 2 pieces

img_2426 (large).jpg

And built it up with air dried clay, it molded Ok but didn't adhere to the plastic, so after it was dry I had to superglue it into position.

img_2432 (large).jpg

I think I will only be using 3 horses 4 seems a bit crowded.

img_2441 (large).jpg

These are the kits I am using, the 1st Cavalry Division is far more detailed with more than 200 parts.

img_2436 (large).jpg

img_2437 (large).jpg

img_2445 (large).jpg


Thread: Sd.Kfz.11 C`mon,we ALL know these eh?!!
24/08/2017 01:29:07

Hi Andy .

I think Scottie's way sound like the way to go with the sag, You can always wick a bit of superglue on to the cotton and trim off very close to the knot, cargo area coming along nicely, the wood effect looks just right

As John said there's absolutely nothing wrong with your builds.


Thread: T34/85
24/08/2017 00:42:16

Mick Hi.

Looking really good and I'm sure the T34 will do it justice. look forward to the next update.


Thread: Pilots first flight and first love (BiplaneGB17)
24/08/2017 00:29:25

Hi Richard

As Jim said an excellent result, and deserves to be in the display cabinet.


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
20/08/2017 01:50:41

Simon, Thanks for the concern, Yes I am a bit worried about the resin shrinking myself.dont know

The small areas I have been testing are only about 70 x 50 mm and 4mm deep there has been no shrinkage so far. by adding only a very small amount of catalyst so that it cures slowly and does not heat up.

I used to repair fiberglass boats with my brother in law, many years ago, and found that it is easy to use too much catalyst, we used to mix small amounts in ice cream containers and they heat up and this causes cracking as it cures and can be made to catch fire if you add too much.

Steve, Yes I am enjoying it, and the horses are something different for me, still not looking forward to the figures though.

Jim, Thank you and no problem.

Andy B, Ron, Peter, Joe, Kevin, Maher, Thank you all.

Andy, Thank you feels like it is taking forever.





Edited By Keith Hiscock on 20/08/2017 01:51:10

19/08/2017 01:50:16


Back into it I see, great, don't feed the carpet monster to much there's only 49 bits left.


Thread: Pilots first flight and first love (BiplaneGB17)
19/08/2017 00:55:58

Hi Richard. seems to be my day for finding builds that I have missed.

What a little beauty, and a credit to your skill.

The painting on the sprue seems to work well, I will have to try that.

Will be keeping an eye on this.


Thread: T34/85
19/08/2017 00:30:59

double post sorry


Edited By Keith Hiscock on 19/08/2017 00:31:37

19/08/2017 00:28:10

Mick, Sorry, I'm another to have missed the start of your build.

An interesting setting and It's coming along great, the T34 looks very good along with the factory and rubble.thumbs up

If I might be so bold as to make a suggestion maybe deform the handrail on the steps as if it's been hit by the rubble falling from the roof.embarrassed

Looking forward to the next instalment.




Edited By Keith Hiscock on 19/08/2017 00:30:44

Thread: A Winter Sherman M4A2 Russian
18/08/2017 23:57:26


Very nice build, I particularly like the last photo looking down through the branches.

and the fence posts being slightly out of line adds a touch of realism.


Thread: Preparing for the worst...Reforger M60A3
18/08/2017 00:31:50


It's been a while since I commented on your excellent build.

It is a great to read of your progress and the comments of others.

And your pursuit to get it just right is a pleasure to watch.

keep up the great job, as I know you will.


Thread: WWI trench
18/08/2017 00:04:39


I have been keeping an eye on this and it is progressing beautifully.

I would not have picked the wood work as plastic very well done, and it has great detailing.


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
17/08/2017 00:55:38

Just a little more progress

Field gun now fixed in position.

img_2401 (large).jpg

halftrack just sitting there to see if it hooks up ok.

img_2412 (large).jpg

Afraid the poor horse has to have most of his/her legs removed.

img_2413 (large).jpg

img_2416 (large).jpg

Canopy on the 7,windscreen fitted and a few other small bits, weathering still to do.

Not a lot of progress but getting there slowly.


Thread: Miniart 1/16 Dragoon
17/08/2017 00:23:50


I agree with John wholeheartedly superb.

I'm going back to repaint my horses, hopefully improved.


Thread: Hi from Holland
16/08/2017 01:09:13

Hi Pieter,

welcome to the site you'll find a great bunch here at MM.

look forward to seeing your work.


Thread: Cave up date.JR
16/08/2017 01:01:10

Now that is a very well thought out workspace.disgust

Hope you have many hours of enjoyment building the next lot of masterpieces. thumbs up


15/08/2017 00:44:08

That's all very well Steve, but won't the overspray from the AB get on the ceiling.


Thread: Sd.Kfz.11 C`mon,we ALL know these eh?!!
15/08/2017 00:41:07

Hi Mate

This is coming along great.

I had trouble with the front wheels on the half track I built as well ended up drilling out the joint and adding a brass inserting a brass wire.


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
15/08/2017 00:28:53

Jim, Thank you,

As for the preserving natural plant material, I am very new to this.

But with the help from members here, seem to have had success with at least one type of plant, (asparagus fern

a photo is back in this post on page 13)

I mixed water/glycerol (bought at the chemist) there are several different names it goes by)

soak in a mix of about 50/50 water to glycerin for at least 24 hours ( I left them for about 48 hours).

Make sure they are completely covered.

as far as I understand the glycerin replaces the water already in the plant

I think this (glycerin) kills the chlorophyll in the plants removing the green colour so by adding a little green food dye the colour is retained.

after the process rinse in clean water and dry.( I leave it on paper towel to dry).

Hope this has been of some help.

below is another photo of the same scene I am trying to build.

One of the members found it and it has been a big help (unfortunately I could not find their name) But thanks anyway.


Photo for discussion purposes only.capture 1 (large).jpg



Edited By Keith Hiscock on 15/08/2017 00:30:12

14/08/2017 00:52:29


Thanks for the kind comments and birthday wish, I did get than sinking feeling when I saw it heading for the floor.

but it's back together now and repainted.crook

Greg, Thank you

It's the first time I have tried to build something that is trying to replicate a photo ,I will have to be taking a few liberties though.

having said that No 1 Dragon street is a bit like that. (Here's a link if you are interested(Not Military)


A bit more, after repairing the gun I decided to tackle the horses. (anything to delay doing the figures),face 22

I put a couple together then decided I didn't like the manes.

img_2376 (large).jpg


horse steps 1.jpg

Then I glued the mane into place holding the shape with masking tape, forgot to take a photo.

I pinched some of Max's hair to try on the second one, he didn't see to care one way or the other.

I undercut the saddle cloth a bit, then a primer coat.

img_2389 (large).jpg

and a coat of flat black.

img_2394 (large).jpg

and then a mixture of browns.

img_2397 (large).jpg

img_2398 (large).jpg

C & C welcome and appreciated.


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