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27/06/2017 00:19:41

Hi Manu.

I've just caught up with your masterpiece and had a read through.

The detail is in a class of it's own outstanding, I will have to give the weld seams a try

if I can get my eyes to focus on something that small.

Look forward to the next update


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
26/06/2017 04:10:04

Steve. Thank you.

Christian. Yeah I used to wonder what all the bits of paper were for.

Good to know I’m not the only one to fit it upside down

DS Thanks for looking in, don’t you just love wheels.

Onwards ever onwards apart from stopping to fix mess ups.

Wheels painted. and I put valve stems in the front wheels, just a small piece of wire bent and fitted between the wheel halves.

img_1995 (large).jpg

They looked a little to green so I mixed some with a bit more blue the one on the right I will more than likely go with that.

img_2003 2 (large).jpg

I started on the rear deck putting off the tracks yet again, front seat just sitting in place.

​and the steering wheel removed, it was on to much of an angle.leaning into the center of the cab.

img_2005 (large).jpg

Not too worried about the inside of the lockers except on the left side as they will be open.

And I used the molded gun stock mounts, I found the PE just too small for me, but I think I will have to use PE for the top brackets.

img_2006 (large).jpg

Had a win at the doctors the other day, I had to get some stiches out, and asked if I could keep the blade they cut them with. He gave me about 20 scalpels that are no longer used both pointed and with a rounded blade.

(Upper left with cover still on), very handy.

img_2007 (large).jpg

And the second row seat back complete with cup holders.

img_2010 (large).jpg

The molding is very good with plenty of detail.


Thread: Japanese WW2 Aishi D3A Type-99 Carrier-borne Dive Bomber 'Val'
26/06/2017 03:09:42

Hi. Clive.

Looking good The panel lines show nicely not overdone.

like Richard said always plenty of ups and downs.

you should be very happy with it .


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
25/06/2017 00:44:34


Hi. I'm finding the build quite enjoyable even with the self inflicted problems.

I've had to put it together out of instruction sequence especially the chassis it is just to flimsy in the order they suggest.

mechanics are certainly not my area either.angry 2

SprueOne. Thank you I'll have to read the instructions better.crook

Mike. and Mike. It's certainly been interesting for me, if you sit and stare at a problem long enough you can usually find something in the shed to fix it.idea

John. Like you say get it straight before the top deck goes on . So I suppose I'll have to tackle the tracks,

first time, not looking forward to that over 340 bits.devil

Thanks to all for the encouragement.yes


Thread: WWI trench
25/06/2017 00:00:43


Thanks for the info.

Absolute pleasure to watch it coming together.


Thread: Trumpeter, 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer IV " Ostwind "(AAGB 17 )
24/06/2017 23:54:45


Like Scottie I have never tried using snow effects in a Dio.

You said you use hairspray as an adhesive between coats how does this work?

I take it that the white glue doesn't make the Woodland scenics Soft Flake Snow sticky.

Hope I've made sense of the question.


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
23/06/2017 10:24:17


When I glued the gearbox in I obviously didn't make sure the chassis was square on the right hand side.


straighten chassis 1.jpg

left side was not quite so bad. So I removed the fuel tank.

and split the joint between the gearbox support and chassis.

straighten chassis 2.jpg

Then inserted a drill bit to force the chassis back in line. then re-glued the support and fuel tank.

straighten chassis 3.jpg

straighten chassis 4.jpg

Now I notice the steering column seems to be on to much of an angle.

a couple of the sprews are slightly warped, but I should have noticed the angles were nowhere near right.

Anyway I hope to get it straightened out.





Edited By Keith Hiscock on 23/06/2017 10:25:12

Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
23/06/2017 00:37:56

Steve , another great scene, and the black and white Pics look great.

something to look at everywhere, If I could get my figures to look that good I'd be quite happy.



Thread: WWI trench
23/06/2017 00:22:29

Love the very high level of detail you have achieved.

all the little bits and pieces bring it alive.

One question where did you get the 1 mm LEDs.idea

Keep it coming.


Edited By Keith Hiscock on 23/06/2017 00:23:17

Thread: AA On The Move (AAGB17)
23/06/2017 00:13:53


The detail is up to your usual high standard, and the base is looking great.


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
22/06/2017 01:28:51

Steering column fitted and linkages now correct way up.

img_1985 (large).jpg

img_1989 (large).jpg

That's as far as I've got at the moment .

All C & C welcome.


22/06/2017 01:19:19

Hi All.

Sorry there have been no posts for a while, as my computer had a stroke.


So a bit of a catch up.

I have been looking on the netty thing about air brushing paints

And decided to give this a try using acrylic paints, like these.

Thinned with Windex (original) to a spray able consistency.

They seem to cover well. Have to see how it turns out

img_1990 (large).jpg

100 to 120 ml for about $3

The Windex seems to slow the drying slightly,

And I use it to clean the air brush as well, so far no troubles.


Any way back to the bench.

A bit of paint, and thinned the fan blades.

img_1951 (large).jpg

Fitted the engine I had to shorten the connection

to the gearbox about ½ mm (my own fault)

img_1960 (large).jpg

Fuel tank air tanks and winch fitted

I used the supplied thread to load up the winch, but used fishing steel trace going to the towing hook

At his point the trace has not been secured to the winch drum.

img_1964 (large).jpg


And a bit more of the suspension, leaving the track idler adjusters off until the tracks are on to get the tension correct.

img_1974 (large).jpg


I managed to glue the steering mechanism

on upside down.

img_1975 (large).jpg


img_1979 a (large).jpg

The etch supplied with the kit is fairly thick and the pieces on the wheels needed to annealed before rolling around an appropriate drill bit.

img_1980 (large).jpg


img_1981 (large).jpg

Engine masked before painting

img_1982 (large).jpg



Still hadn’t realised it was upside-down. and more seams showing I'm sure they grow overnight, not going to worry about the spring seam as it will never be seen.

img_1983 (large).jpg



Edited By Keith Hiscock on 22/06/2017 01:21:25

17/06/2017 23:16:10


The pointing man certainly does get around face 20

Hope to get it to look something like the photo.


Thread: Trumpeter, 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer IV " Ostwind "(AAGB 17 )
17/06/2017 23:08:44

Hi John,

absolute pleasure to watch it all coming together


Thread: RAF Phantom
17/06/2017 22:58:20


I also missed this, apologies due,

Very nice! love the detail in the office, in fact the whole build is great, 200 decals, have a beer on me for the effort. beer


Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
17/06/2017 00:30:17

Peter, Yes I hope I can find somewhere to store it.

Sjors, no problem, thank you.

Lewis, Just a thin strip of aluminium easy to bend

And glue. PaulE suggested chart striping also sounds good.

It’s the first time they (the belts) haven’t been supplied.

Scottie, good to have you along hope you brought a cushion to sit on, it could be a long haul.

PaulE, I hadn’t heard of it before will keep it in mind could have a lot of uses.

Joe, Thanks I’ll try to keep it moving, unlike the gun.

John, Good to have you along, plenty of seats.


Unfortunately no more progress at the moment.



Edited By Keith Hiscock on 17/06/2017 00:31:36

Thread: Bat outta Hell....
17/06/2017 00:05:39


Keeping an eye on this, if you don't mind.

are you going to put it on the grass or with snow?


Thread: No 1 Dragon St. Old Australian house
16/06/2017 23:53:52

William , Thank you.

And on to the finish line.


The green line was left in place and the tops and bottoms trimmed.

the top and bottom rails glued on to cover the green lines.

hand rails 3.jpg

Garbage bin cut from foam, door handles are pin heads and the tap was from the spares box.

rubish bin

The shade cloth on the side of the carport is pantyhose from garden shed painted green.

h 3

The sections of roof not painted were still weathering when the house was sold.

h 4

swing set from copper wire.

and the switch for the lighting.

h 5

h 7

One of the few photos not lost taken before the paths went in.

rear of house 1 dragon st lightened (large) (2).jpg

At the moment I don't have any photos with the lights on.

So that's it.

Thanks to all for the kind comments.




Edited By Keith Hiscock on 16/06/2017 23:56:40

16/06/2017 00:37:14


And a few more photos.


roof sheet 6

back steps



Some of the old corrugated iron work was quite rough. I have attempted to replicate it as much as I can.

hot water

h 1

h 2


Hope you like it.



Edited By Keith Hiscock on 16/06/2017 00:39:03

16/06/2017 00:22:05


The flashings, gutters, ridge capping etc. are made from aluminium sheet 0.03mm.

It was something I had left over from my plumbing days. a product called Alcor "here" it is an aluminium

flashing coated with bitumen with a plastic layer on each side. very messy to get to the stage where I can use it

have to peel off plastic soak in (I use petrol) then wipe clean, but it's cheap and I had it.

there are almost certainly a lot easier ways

I posted a bit on it previously. the link below should work


SimonT, Jim, Steve, Mike

Thanks for commenting.



Edited By Keith Hiscock on 16/06/2017 00:38:27

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