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Thread: Verlinden 120mm Soviet Female Sniper
23/04/2017 19:32:04



Thread: "Calot Rouge",exercise by 1st infantry regiment, french army
23/04/2017 19:27:56

Thanks for posting Julie.

I know which one i'd rather be sent . !!


Thread: MiniArt 1/35 AEC MK. II Armoured Car
23/04/2017 19:16:21


Good move on strengthening those spring hangers. I should have done that on my Miniart truck , might have stopped the front axle collapse.


Thread: THE REFURB ( JR )
23/04/2017 19:07:35

Just missed you Peter , thank you, remember the management are also the clerk of works.laugh


23/04/2017 19:05:05

Hi Sjors.


Bit far unless you can let me have a tent.teeth 2


Thread: Dragon 3.7cm Flak 37(AAGB17)
23/04/2017 18:58:27

Hi Gary.

These weapons on this joint build all seen to have some great details on them and this is no exception, looks good mate. Hope the eyes hold and Mo jo up your doing ok.


Thread: THE REFURB ( JR )
23/04/2017 18:49:48

Hi all , having asked if anyone was interested in my reburbishment and Tim said he was, here we go .

The concrete slab sided building was last altered years ago from a garden shed to a workshop, I moved out of there into a large industrial unit soon after. It then became part store and office. Now I can rearrange the whole thing and make a comfortable warm cave.

The roof is fibreglass , a fantastic material , strong and waterproof, unlike part of the floor which prompted all this ripping out lark.

This is where I 'm at the present , old damaged flooring sheet s up, new damp sheet down, subfloor timbers and new Sterling board in. Brick end with PDC . The flooring sheet has been taken over the brickwork and behind the replacement timber end frame.This will be covered in shiplap cladding in due course when I can then tackle the double glazed lights as well.





Some good 50 mm insulation in to the frame area, the flooring sheet is now under this and back on the outside.Not much expected to happen tomorrow as another trip with my son in law to Addenbrooks , yes another check up.!!

Thanks for looking in on the 1/1 , you should see the size of the glue bottle.teeth 2


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
23/04/2017 18:27:13

Evening all .

Mike .......Thank you.

Jim.......Yes I must keep active, maybe could take up cave refurbs as a new line......... may be notteeth 2, and being for us makes it more fun. It does help attempting to know what your doing.face 1

Tim........ Ok mate I have started a new thread if anyone wants to have a gander

Richard....... You would have been more than welcome , 2 heads and four hands eh .

John......... Hi my friend, yes you are quite correct, I want to be warmer this year and better set up. so now's the time to do it, and of course what a great incentive.

Pics now going on the refurb blog.


Edited By John Race on 23/04/2017 18:27:50

Thread: 1/72 Zvezda British Bofors 40mm AA gun (AAGB17)
23/04/2017 18:15:27


Well your perseverance has paid off handsomely. They will really enhance the look . Well done .thumbs upbeerbeer


Thread: Check your references !!
23/04/2017 18:08:57

Well done that man , great recovery thumbs upbeer


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Soviet Female Sniper
23/04/2017 18:05:14


You have captured the face perfectly, and the Russian equipment is good. thumbs up


Thread: FAUN L900 LK5 1/35
23/04/2017 10:17:23


You seem to be getting on with this well, have there been any problems ?

John .

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Soviet Female Sniper
23/04/2017 10:12:12

Well I can't miss this, so down the front with Steve and Dirk.

Don't know how you can improve , but it will an interesting project Peter .

John .

Thread: Richard and Mike Invite YOU........
23/04/2017 09:35:01

Mike .

Some very neat painting thumbs up

You have really taken to these figures and flats.


Thread: Face
23/04/2017 09:16:33


I can't see any pics at all. !! Would you be able to show them as you post.? Look for the black camera on the top of the post area, its on the right hand side . click on that after you have written some thing about what you have done. In the All topics page there is an artical telling you how to post photos.

Then you will be able to receive feed back and help if you ask .


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Zouave
23/04/2017 09:01:01

Ha, the Grump's, we could be like Waldorf and his friend on The Muppets.!!!teeth 2

Peter on a different note.

Superb, you just get better and better, it's good to see. Has to be a starstarstarstarstar


Off to Addenbrooks tomorrow, yet another check up, just hope I can see the consultant and not one of her team.

Thread: (AAGB17) Sdkfz.7/1 quad Flak38 {ST}
23/04/2017 08:50:29

Who's a naughty boy then Steve, you will have to go to see that lady you found on my post teeth 2

Keep him in order Simon, pleasesmiley


23/04/2017 07:47:23

Morning Simon.

Super work as always, you could have said that string of fluff was a cable , no one would have doubted you , hand crafted from a hair. teeth 2


Thread: Check your references !!
23/04/2017 07:41:31


I agree with the guys, you followed the instructions, don't be hard on yourself. I was thinking as I read what would Simon do, and low and behold he had posted. Off course some of us think " outside the box " .

Lovely photo of the little onethumbs up


Thread: Trumpeter 1/35th LAV-AD (AAGB17)
22/04/2017 22:28:18


Coming on well, like that green on the " glass "

John .

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