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Thread: For the Motherland!
19/02/2017 21:49:51


Tracks look OK , not an easy build by the sound of it at times.

Its a shame all that internal detail will be lost , will any of it be able to be seen ?

Miniart do make some fantastic models , but at times I do wonder if the level of detail and major sub assemblies is really required, and I do wish they would change their plastic compound .!! What do you think of the plastic now you've come this far ?

John .

Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 21:39:47

Allen .

Looking smooth buddy , like my hair !! Its natural​ by the way surprise,stated to go grey when I turned 60, so not long for you teeth 2.

Great build , and at that scale its even more so ..

John .

Thread: An Apology....
19/02/2017 21:29:33

Smithy, Behave .teeth 2

You are the last one that should be apologising for not commenting, your original post was about commenting in a different context .

When you full time guys are out all day you don't get the time to spend on here like us part timers .When I ran my workshop before I joined here I had no time for anything .

You get well , and when you feel like it and have time we will all be here, as Andy says " Sticking plastic together and splashing paint about " How Andy knows I do that , ? Did you tell him teeth 2.

Take care mate .

John .

Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
19/02/2017 21:10:16

Thanks guys .

Mike ........Yes hrs indeed was fun , not like the faces , just find it so hard .

Peter.........Thanks my friend , I went back to the bench and tidied up the edges of the webbing, using those new brushes, must say they feel right in the hand .

After that it changed the lips on a couple and put a mustache on one as I realised he had one !! Looking much better Right following instructions from Peter , tomorrow I am going to put some lines in on the details of the jackets, the detail on the pink ones is really pronounced , so that should help.

Lifted some what I shall crack on tomorrow afternoon and post the results .

John .

19/02/2017 17:46:23

Having seen some superb figure painting on here, now prepare your selves for attempts that border on should I give up and take up fishing or absailing .

Hold on , children and ladies, and those with a nervous disposition please look away .



I can't keep a tight line on the webbing for one , chin straps I ve painted over after several attempts . The lips look like , oh I don't know . Photos are just not right either . Sorry a real moan .

Really losing it on this . advice more than welcome . sad

John .

Thread: So where do you think you're going to put that then?
19/02/2017 16:58:16

John .

What words , well from apart thats its the best bike model Ive ever seen I am lost surprise

It has to be a 5star


Thread: Tamiya Machine Gun Crew
19/02/2017 16:54:30

As you know I am always be impressed with your work Peter.

They just have something about them which makes them so good .thumbs up


Thread: 1/35th Practice pieces
19/02/2017 16:50:48

Mike .

Good advice from our two experts John and Peter.

I can add nothing other than I impressed .


Thread: First attempt Hussar
19/02/2017 16:47:55

Mike ....

Very nice mate , youv'e done that well thumbs up.

Better than my attempt to day crying


Thread: Somewhere in Dorset . Warrior/Landrover Dio. (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 16:45:46

Bobby, the ditch jumped out on me Sir .

Like it , Rv along next smiley


Thread: Airfix Tiger II (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 16:43:02

Look alright to me John .

Thats a great come back to the bench, .thumbs up


Thread: Birth of a Champion
19/02/2017 12:23:35

Christos .

Definitely No 2 , going back to the photo on the other page it is more like that . Just the strap in the center and the cradle. Perfection teeth 2thumbs up

John .

Thread: 1/35 Wokka Wokka from Trumpeter - British heli
19/02/2017 12:17:16

Well that's a none recommendation if ever !!!!

Sorry to read that.

John .

Thread: Pearl of the Northern Skies
19/02/2017 11:58:00

Gaz .

Firstly the build is superb, your attention to detail is outstanding and really takes the build to another level.

Thank you for taking the time with info on the camera and settings .I am using a Canon 5 d with a 24 /105 lens . The lens I normally use for landscapes and general stuff Will have a look at a Canon lens eq to the one you use, as the depth of field is always a problem .

Think the set up with the tent looks grand .

Thanks again


Thread: Birth of a Champion
19/02/2017 11:43:48

Christos .

Hi and good morning . smiley

Drums look good esp the dented ends showing a bit of wear. The right hand looks more realistic, unless Russian drums were made like those on the left and centre. Yes to the guide please that will be a great help.

John .

Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 11:32:25

Niho .

Where on earth do you find all these oddities ? I often search the web and see nothing like it .

John .

Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 11:26:57

Allen .

Never yet seen a cable reel wound as it first arrived , and those look just as they should be , after all its not on parade .

As for being grey I wish to inform you its the in hair colour this season !!!! Si teeth 2


Thread: 1/35 Wokka Wokka from Trumpeter - British heli
19/02/2017 11:22:01

Simmer .

Still following along , those engines are something else ! god for you for not been beaten .

John .

Thread: Me. and my shadow.....(SSGB17)
19/02/2017 10:07:18


Ah the return of the Katyusha !! Coolio indeede​ teeth 2

Like the foil idea, thanks.


Thread: Hello to you
19/02/2017 10:00:15

Welcome Neil.

That's looks good and different.

This is a great site, we think the best . Friendly, helpful bunch rather like a big extended family .

Hope to see more of your work .


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