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Thread: Airfix Tiger II (SSGB17)
20/02/2017 20:44:18


Fantastic work. Well done sirbeer


Thread: Somewhere in Dorset . Warrior/Landrover Dio. (SSGB17)
20/02/2017 20:42:53


I'm with John - luv the dio. Well done mate. Not long to go now. Keep it coming


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
20/02/2017 20:41:23

Hi Everyone

Again there is so much to see and little time to comment on them all. Its been an absolute joy looking through all the latest updates. Well done guys and keep it coming. I reckon you could make a best seller book out of this group build once it's finished


20/02/2017 20:38:10


They are awesome. I am seriously going to have to get these kits as I would luv to have these little beauties on the side of my bench. Well done siryes


Thread: Tamiya Machine Gun Crew
20/02/2017 20:35:07


Great figures as always. You must have held your breath a looooong time to do the piping on their uniformslaugh. Great work on the equipment and I luv their nonchalannt poses. Looking forward to the next one


Thread: Sd.Kfz.231
20/02/2017 20:29:32


"and the building is done". What a great feeling that is mate. Now onto the fun of the paint job.

If you need any help on the B/W process then let me know. Just remember to keep the layers thin with diluted black and white primer so that you dont loose too much detail. Good lucksmiley


Thread: An Apology....
20/02/2017 20:13:46


On the 31st October 2015 I posted my first ever entry on the Millimod website and this was the first ever reply I got : -

Hi Steve,

Firstly,A warm welcome to Milmod from me mateyes....I`m sure you`l love your time with the guys here!

For a first attempt,that`s a GREAT result,looks quite natural,and well embattledfist,the chipping is about right for the conditions you`re portraying it amongst,did you use painting or hairspray technique for that?face 22

A great build to be chuffed with........only one thing from me critique wise......Surely the Tank should`ve stopped THIS SIDE of that sign?!! face 20face 20face 20.......just kidding!!

A great introduction to the hobby.....have fun!!



Since then you have not only been a great friend and supporter of my work but you have done the same for so many others on the forum. We should be thanking you for all your positivity and support that you have given us over the years.

Life is a bitch and always gets in the way of the things we love to do but above all health and happiness is all important. So no need to apologise mate but just enjoy life to the full and we will enjoy your enthusiastic posts and support when you are able. Take care my friend and I will speak to you soon



Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 20/02/2017 20:20:19

Thread: Raining in Tunisia - ITALERI Kfz. 15 Funkwagen No6526
19/02/2017 11:49:56

Hi Everyone

Allen - The radios are certainly the highlight for me. If I do a tyred vehicle again I will certainly go for resin tyres as these are awful. They will be covered in plenty of dust and wet sandlaugh. Thanks for the support

Joe - That's a disco number isn't it - "keep the funk magic going"face 20.Cheers mateyes

Peter - When I figure it out for myself I will let you knowface 20

Wouter - I have just finished the initial dusting. More to follow after the streaking. Looking forward to seeing Yammy with some paint on.

Alistair - Glad you like it mate. Some more progress on the interior below

John - Its gone well so far. Streaking, dusting, dry brushing and pigments left to goyes

A short update with all the washes done. Dark on the outside and dust on the inside. The oil wash was put on and left for an hour



Then armed with a moist white spirit brush and foam cotton buds it was all blended in. Over the next two days further blending will be done. Then once fully dry I will do the streaking



I know there is a lot going on with the site at the moment so I appreciate all your support guys. It helps me enjoy this building lark a lot morelaugh



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Thread: So where do you think you're going to put that then?
19/02/2017 09:08:18


Fantastic detail on this build and the paint finish is really neat. The chrome pen worked well. Looking forward to the next stage


Thread: Birth of a Champion
19/02/2017 09:06:02


Spot on mateyes, That's a fantastic link. Thanks for sharing it with us. The AFV is coming on really well. Good luck with the rest


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 09:03:33


To be honest I had to go back to the first page to check this was 1:72 scale! You have done an incredible job. The mesh is really neat and the cable reels are in fact spot on. You very rarely wind cable back neat and tidy


As for shaking I have two splatter marks all over my bench room where I too forgot to cover the bottle before shaking. My excuse was too much drink - what was yours?face 20. Keep it coming mate as this is a real thing of beautieeeeeeeee!


Thread: For the Motherland!
19/02/2017 08:53:41


Just popped in to see how you are doing and the tracks and wheels look great. A very tidy build indeed. Sorry to here its been a bit of drag but like you say onto the interesting stuff nowyes


Thread: How I paint leather SBS
18/02/2017 21:41:59


Top man! Thank you sooooo very much. Hopefully now my leather will look like leatherlaugh. Good luck with the rest of the bike


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
18/02/2017 18:47:18

And there was me thinking all along you were Johnny Depp's look alikeface 20

Thread: Raining in Tunisia - ITALERI Kfz. 15 Funkwagen No6526
18/02/2017 18:41:12

Hi Everyone

Peter - Its a shame I cant do it with figures. All day I have been having a go. The uniform work is improving but the face is so hard especially the eyes. I really do think I need some sort of magnifying glass if I am going to get this licked. Also there are so many ways of doing the face and eyes so I am just working through everyone's suggestions and trying to find the one that best suits me. Onwards and upwardslaugh

John - Happy to oblige my friendsmiley

Si - After this build I was glad to get to the painting stage as welllaugh

Bobby - Ah! I remember now. An awesome dio. Thanks for the reminderyes

Scottie - Plenty coming up belowyes

The funkywagon was given an Iraqi Sand airbrushing all over the underneath in readiness for the pigments at a later stage. Then she was covered in Matt Varnish and left overnight. This morning I decided on a dust filter rather than a grey one. This lightened up the interior and wheels and helped blend everything together. I made a start on the seat cushions but still a way to go with these. This will be left to dry until tomorrow



So this left me the rest of the day to get all the base coats on the accessories in readiness for the washes. Here are the dreaded close ups showing all the dust, hairs, touch up areas etcface 20. Enjoy






Tomorrow will be back to the funkywagon to start the oil washesyes

Thanks for watching



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Thread: Tamiya Machine Gun Crew
17/02/2017 18:28:35


Jaw dropping! That is a fantastic piece of work. I have just brought this kit to restock my spares box, The figures were quite good I thought. I'm glad you have tackled them. Bring on the next one!


Thread: Fairchild Republic A10A Thunderbolt II by Tamiya
17/02/2017 18:25:38


This is certainly a mighty piece of equipment. I take it there were many configurations of weapons it could use. Good luck with painting them all


Thread: Shenanigans16: Tamiya's Old Matilda II
17/02/2017 18:22:32


What a fantastic result. The dying figures are really good. The whole diorama has been tied in well. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed following on. Well done mate


Thread: The roar of the Leopard.Italeri/Mbk models leopard 1a4.
17/02/2017 18:18:34


An iconic build to come back with. Will take a seat with the rest of the guys. Good luck


Thread: Raining in Tunisia - ITALERI Kfz. 15 Funkwagen No6526
16/02/2017 19:57:53

Hi Everyone

Alistair - Thanks for the support and I am glad you like it. Indeed it has been a pig of a build but it is great fun making changes and adding detail

Jim - Glad you like it. Its a lot easier than 1:72laugh

Jim - Indeed it is magic my friend. I have enjoyed that side of modelling greatly.

Wouter - Glad you like it. Hows the boat coming along?

John - I need to invest in some more drill bits as all my smaller ones have snappedlaugh

Peter - I'm glad you like it. I am going to have another go at a figure and I am determined it will come out okay this time

Well the paint process is well under way. Firstly the whole thing was primed in grey. I really enjoy doing B&W priming and I can understand the benefits of doing it, However it does not fit into my way of painting. All the colour variations and shading I get from modulation of the base coats and my oil work. So from now on I will just be priming my models with one coat


Next I applied three shades of yellow to the top middle and bottom of the model and then highlighted some of the small parts in Iraqi Sand


Then the interior was masked off and painted in Panzer Grey


All early vehicles came over to Africa in their original grey colour and then painted in mud, sand and water so I wanted to capture the original grey coming through


Yes I know it looks awful but there is still along way to go and this has given me a good base to work with, The base coats were finished all over and then three layers of chipping were done to break up the harshness of the Panzer grey



The decals will be left to dry and then weathered accordingly. The floor inside was given a Gun Metal wash and the back of the seats were chipped in silver to make them look more metallic


As for the bottom I just did some basic colours as this will all eventually be covered in sand and mud


The foot plates were dry brushed to highlight the raised areas



Next the whole thing will be Matt varnished and then a grey filter will be put on to blend everything in.

Thanks for watching



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