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Thread: RAF100GB {ST}
16/01/2018 20:22:51

Evenin Mr T

I could have sworn I posted already asking for a seat at the frontblush. The joys of growing old

Great to see your alterations have worked well. Shame about the grief trying to get them done. Will you be adding stowage and have you found the figure yet?. Hope you have an easier ride with the next section


Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 16/01/2018 20:23:27

Thread: 2017 Engineering Vehicle Group Build (EngGB17)
15/01/2018 18:13:17

Hi Everyone

Construction of the PAK40 has now come to an end. It should take two or three weeks to paint. Once done can I still add it to the albums or have I missed the boat? If I can where can I find the folder please?


Thanks in advance


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
14/01/2018 20:46:14


Cracking work. Peter is a top man for sending you those pieces. You have fitted them in well. Time to return to your work as chief seat warmerface 20


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
14/01/2018 16:58:10

Fernando - Your dead right mate. The bag over the muzzle is far to thick. I have redone it and added a few more folds. Let me know what you thinkyes



14/01/2018 16:25:15

Scottie - Cheers mate. PM sent

Thread: A right beauf (RAF100GB)
14/01/2018 16:13:38


Stunning!! You should be pleased. Everything is looking grand. Are you a weatherer of builds or leave as is?


Thread: Captured Autoblinda AB-41 (1/35)
14/01/2018 16:11:42


I dont know how much dust and weathering you are doing but usually the harshness of the camo lines will blend in nicely by the end of the process. What base coat colour are you using?


Thread: M26 Dragon wagon {PS}
14/01/2018 16:08:56


Some nice realistic additions, as you say, to add that bit of interest. Will any of the cabs doors and windows be open?


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
14/01/2018 16:04:50

Hi Everyone

John/John - Nothing of any note on UTube. I tried to find Wouter's Egyptian burnt out tank but no joy. I will now have to go through my MM mags and find it there. Thanks for the support guys

Finishing touches are done so I am calling this one done.

The jury is still out on the tarp. I was inspired by this photo


Honest opinions would be nice as I'm still not sure. Hopefully once painted it wont be so much in your face


There were some clips and brackets on the rear leg supports


(For discussion purposes only)

These were replicated with PE, pewter, rivets and styrene rod



After speaking to Frank Dobson about this photo


(For discussion purposes only)

it was agreed that the wire is there for support of camo net, twigs, branches etc. This has been replicated and the camo net will be added at the end of the build


Other final jobs were the shovel, drilling out the sight, weathering the other tyre, and a few rivets here and there. This will be left to settle for a few days and then the cleaning process will begin


fb_camo_pak 40.jpg

(For discussion purposes only)

Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
13/01/2018 19:35:56

SL Race

You have your hands full here my friend!! This GB really is attracting a lot of interest with a fantastic variety of builds. Good luck keeping it altogetheryesbeer


Thread: Leopard2A4M CAN with Barracuda camouflage.
13/01/2018 19:33:01


I bet you filled the swear box putting that aerial togetherlaugh. Terrific result though. I take it you will be storing it safely until the very end of the build.?wink


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
13/01/2018 19:26:41

Si - Hows sunny Sussex? The wheels are from the Tamiya kit so you may recognise themlaugh

Peter - Cheers mateyes

Jim - A couple of final surprises and then we will be ready for paintingwink

John - It's on my snag list. I need to put a bracket around the spade with a couple of rivets. Hopefully that will bend the shovel into place. Thanks for looking out for me. I need all the help I can getface 20yes

Can anyone point me in the direction of a detailed blog on how to paint metal damage ie what colours to use. In relation to the shrapnel damage on the shield. Many thanks in advance

Thread: RAF 100 Spitfire Float Plane (RAF100GB)
13/01/2018 19:20:26


Dont put yourself down. Your build looks fine. Looking forward to watching your progress. It will be a great addition to the RAFGB


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
13/01/2018 17:17:31







Thanks for all the support guys and have a great weekend modellingyes



(For discussion purposes only)

13/01/2018 17:17:15

The shovel was hacked to pieces and replaced with PE parts and a couple of rivets



Then it was set into place with PE parts for the light mounting


The infamous PE part for the hinge operation will be attached here on the back


I turned my attention to the wheels. I have struggled to find any pictures of the early PAK40 wheels but I assume they would have had the bolt rings on them so I attached these from the AFV original ones


Then a highly detailed internal workings section were added to the wheels which went together lovely


That's the major construction done. I was left with some nice extras including tools and a sight mechanism


I have added some finished pictures even though there is still a few details to add. Not to mention the tarp and muzzle cover

13/01/2018 17:16:43

If you follow the instructions carefully there are no real issues. The coupling bar across the two legs was not a good fix as the replacement PE part was not large enough


So I took the pin off and added a replacement styrene sheet bracket. I then added another pin and it looks a lot better


I will say now that this build is filthy. It has not been the cleanest of builds and it will need a lot of sanding and wire wooling before painting so apologiesblush

Then the arms/legs were attached


I then turned my attention the front flaps. They will be going at a right angle whilst in travel. There are fixings for a shovel on both sides of the plate. However I cannot find any reference to there being two shovels on the plate at the same time. So I have chosen to add mine to the front. Whereas this one is at the back which would disappear when the flap is put back down (Picture2)


(For discussion purposes only)


(For discussion purposes only)

13/01/2018 17:16:00

Hi Everyone

JR - You really do have a lot of storage at your place!laugh

Peter - Painting will start soon so you might enjoy that a little moreyeswinksmiley

Jim - They are indeed poles apart. Matron where are my pills?face 20

Sjors/Scottie - Glad you like it guysbeer

JohnH - laughface 20. PE is probably a stairway to hell rather than heavensmiley

Mike - Terrific work on the hook. I still havnt found a picture of it in a museum piece or a B&W photo. However I do have a couple of references to its existence. There is a photo later showing its placement. Many thanks for all the info. Great stuffbeer

Mr T - I never had an issue with bending the wire. It was getting the horizontal length correct and this tool takes the guess work out.yesbeer

I didnt know I had to use the pewter sheet. I thought I was just supposed to have it in my model room and look at it now and again like JR does.face 20. Still trying to get into the habit of changing and improving kit parts. Hopefully I too will be a pewter user like you soon Master Yodayeslaugh

Section 11 was large for the addition of just a couple of parts


Thread: Mitches 200mm 54th Massachusetts Bust
13/01/2018 16:35:16


I like this one a lot. I do feel your bust work has come on leaps and bounds. Are there different techniques required to paint a bust compared to a figure?


Thread: Andy B's 1916 Somme Trenches
13/01/2018 16:33:50


A wonderful piece of artwork. Is it for a museum or your own personal collection?


Thread: I say, you down there, we have a problem, any chance you can help us out?
12/01/2018 18:23:47


The guys have said it all. A wonderful build. Still working out which is the photo of the real subwink


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