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Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
15/11/2017 17:49:21

Si - Do ya think so?face 20laughyes

Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
15/11/2017 17:44:28

I have also included a cannister and a couple of PAK 40 shell holders. It should all look okay once painted up






I am off around the country now playing Santa to my far flung family members. I shall be back in a week or so to make a start on the paint work. I will also be building the PAK 40 at the same time as time is not on my side at the moment. Happy modelling everyone and thanks for watching



(For discussion purposes only)

15/11/2017 17:44:13

Hi Everyone

Jim/Richard - That's okay. We are both in the same block nowface 20

Scottie - That's good of you to say. Cheers mate

Si - Your wish is my commandface 20

Well I managed to find a map and a compass and a took a course on orienteering. This then enabled me to search for my modelling room and start work at the bench againlaugh

After the addition of 250+ rivets and bolts I have decided to call this one done. It's not perfect but it is a damn sight better than the original kit. As you will see from the photos she needs a very thorough clean in readiness for the paint work

Firstly the issue of the front hull had to be addressed. There are three or four different configurations to choose from. I chose to leave off the fire extinguisher, the indicator strip, N/S lamp and did internal hinges instead of external ones on the front flap.

I added a lamp using a three piece PE set covered with a PE band


The front light was enhanced with a PE base and wire holder with additional nuts and rivets


The pick axe was improved with PE wing nuts and brackets


The side exhaust was in the wrong place so the hole had to be filled and sanded back. There was a PE exhaust shield but it had markings for the Marder and not the Lorraine.



The rear tool rack was done. I left off the shovel as I wanted that in the back. Not the best of quality but should be okay once painted


The inside rear was a right balls up. Firstly the seats should be set above the top of the hull as per this picture which I found out when researching.


(For discussion purposes only)

So I had to do major surgery to remove the seats and replace them further up. I added some brackets and rivets.


The mess on the inside will be covered up with sandbags and a box. I also added a final line of rivets along the back panel


I want to improve my accessories. So I have brought these two items which are fantastic

img_0306.jpgMy first attempt at a helmet liner isnt too bad. Next time I will push the liner further down enabling the collar to sit better. All together four PE pieces were used


Thread: 2017 Engineering Vehicle Group Build (EngGB17)
15/11/2017 17:12:47

Hi Everyone

I have decided to call the Lorraine done now.


To earn her stripes as a workshop mule she needs to be doing something. So next I will be building a rather badly damaged PAK 40 for her to tow back to the workshops

Happy modelling everyone


Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
15/11/2017 17:08:58


Your choice of hats this time around is not a good one


Burger off to you too mateface 20. Is my parole due yet??


Thread: 1/16 African Gladiator
14/11/2017 17:11:17


I see you have picked another figure modelled on your good selflaugh. Great to see you mixing it up a bit. Make sure you dont get the helmets mixed up. A gladiator with a picklehaubel is not a good lookface 20. Look forward to the next update


Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
14/11/2017 17:07:02


Another terrific update. Your attention to detail is legendary. Look forward to seeing the next part come together


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
14/11/2017 17:05:13


Terrific work mate. Don't forget the chimney on the roof for Santa this yearlaugh. I hope your footings were dug to the correct depth of 1 metre and 600mm wide and that all the damp proofing was put in. You know what these Russian builders are likewink. You might want to improve the weathering on the Stug - far to clean for my likingface 20

Keep going mate. It's going to be immense.


Thread: Life Miniatures Von Hindenburg Bust
14/11/2017 16:57:55


I thought the Roman was the best you have done but this is absolutely stunning! I take it you are enjoying this one.

Well done JR - Top man and a great choice to boot. Is this bribery to get Peter to help make all those bricks your going to need for your dio debris??laugh

Good luck with the rest of the bust Peter


Thread: Lest we forget
12/11/2017 10:02:58
Well done Tim and well said Jim. This is well worth a read as well


Some from my albums.
















Never shall we forgetsad rose


Thread: Esci Partisans - a first attempt
11/11/2017 20:12:07


Not a figures man but you have certainly seemed to have started off well. Good luck with the rest of it.


Thread: MacTaggarts Catapult
11/11/2017 20:08:23


Wonderful attention to detail even once you have started the painting process. Really enjoying this build. One of the highlights of the year. Keep it comin sir


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
11/11/2017 20:05:48


Some nice weathering mate. Its coming together well


Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 20:03:33


It's only a cold mate. If you had lost a limb I could understand your excusesface 20

Seriously though you have done an outstanding job on this build. Liking it a lot. Hopefully all that glue sniffing will clear your nose soon. Great to see the long chopsticks backsmiley. Good luck with the paint job


Thread: Admiral Alexander Hood 1726 - 1814 or So what happened to our ship?
11/11/2017 19:59:54


My opinions are far to uneducated as you clearly know what you are doing and I would have no idea where to start. All I can say is that you must be very pleased with the outcome. Well done sir


Thread: Wrecker (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 19:55:54


Terrific work on the PE cab mate. To think its 1 72 as well goes to show what a wonderful job you have done. You must be very pleased


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Samurai
11/11/2017 19:52:33


Well that's different! I never realised the Samourai wore such flamboyant gear. You have certainly captured the moment. Great stuff


Thread: D.A.K.
11/11/2017 19:48:46


A very tidy Tiger to go with the rest of your diorama. Which tracks did you use? Nice to see your control tower in the magazine this month. Well done sir


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
11/11/2017 19:46:38

John - Chas and Dave! Now there's is a name from the past. Their songs are as good as your jokes matelaugh

Peter - Totally mad me mateface 7

Sjors - Glad you like it mate

I cant even remember where my model room is as its been soooo long since I last did any modelling. This time of year is always very busy for me personally and work wise. Hopefully I will see my bench again sometime soon. Thanks for all your support


Thread: Miniart Caterpillar D7 U.S. armoured bulldozer (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 19:41:48


Blade is looking like the dogs danglies. Keep it coming mate


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