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Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
22/01/2017 17:29:37


Das Boat- Probably the best WWII film ever! IMHO. As for the rest of the pornography build its coming on really well. Sprue marks and injector marks really do leave me scratching my head at times. However I think your kit gets the prize for being the worse. Good luck with the rest of the build mate


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
22/01/2017 12:27:52

Hi Everyone

Peter - Is that me or the Semovente mate?laugh. I appreciate the supportyes

Scottie - I was really pleased with the final look also. Cheers mate

Allen - Glad you like it mate. Part of the B&W process is to go over all the raised areas with a brush and highlight them in white primer. However I have had to go over it all again once the base coat was on as it wasnt as light as I wanted. So another lesson learntsmiley

Jim - Cheers mate (By the way the exhausts came off twice during the cleaning processlaugh)

Joe - I really luv doing detail so I'm glad you liked it also. The paint job is going well too

Steven - Glad I could help. I like my blogs to be references for future builders

John - I appreciate the comments mate. A great new chapter in your life is about to start but I know the transition from old to new is always a tough one. Good luck mate

Wouter - Its going too well mate. What's going on?face 20

Onto the base coats. I like a lot of variety of colour on my builds as they will all toned down once weathered. Firstly all the raised areas and rivets were highlighted with Sand Yellow


Next it was the back end to start on. The four jerry cans were done in three different colours Yellow Ochre, Cam Brown and Dark Yellow. The crate was done in Old Wood


The chains at the side and back and also the tracks at the front were done in Natural Steel


The tools were done with Dark Brown with Natural Woodgrain colouring. Along with German Grey and Gun Metal for the metal work. The tent was Sand Ivory with Cork Brown poles. The straps were Red Leather/Brown Leather mix with Brass buckles. Then the ropes were painted in Buff



The number plates front and back were White Grey. The sandbags were in Buff


Still a way to go with the base coats but I am pleased with the progress so far



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Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
22/01/2017 12:06:16


I'm glad its going together so well. If it were me I would have probably snapped that axle frame! Keep up the great work mate


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
21/01/2017 17:25:36

Hi Everyone

Lee - I keep loosing them though matelaugh. Hopefully the rest will stay on now

Peter - Its all an illusion matelaugh. Seriously though all my new gadgets and toys have been a great help

Wouter - Thanks for the positive feedback. I was really pleased with the stowage also

I have started the painting process. I am a big fan of the B&W process. Although I am still practising I took another step forward with this build by introducing grey shading and highlights. I still have a long way to go in mastering this process but I am heading in the right directionwink






Next was the base coat. I used a Green Ochre by Vallejo and I am very happy with the base coat look





Next I will be using three colours to do all the base coat highlights. Then its on too the base coats of all the items on the tank

Thanks for watching



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Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
21/01/2017 17:15:17


I can but only echo all the great feedback you are getting from the guys. Well done mate


Thread: ME-262 Scratch Build 1/100 #5 (JB SSGB17)
21/01/2017 17:13:41


Great improvisation. I really am looking forward to seeing this one come togetheryes


Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 21/01/2017 17:13:53

Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
21/01/2017 17:12:43


You indeed need to do some more armour. Great workyesbeer


Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
21/01/2017 17:11:33


Its never ending. smiley Unbelievable attention to detail. You really are having fun with this oneyes

Keep it coming sir


Thread: 200 Mitches Border Regtiment Bust
21/01/2017 17:09:28


I hope you get better soon mate. Great start to what will be a lovely bust


Thread: Fragezeichen Patton 48
21/01/2017 17:06:10


A fantastic result. Once weathered it will look the part. Well done mate


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
21/01/2017 17:05:01

Robin - Great to see you sir. Some wonderful builds you have going on.

John - Nice engine and I like the subtle changes

Scottie - A great start despite all the problems

Keep it coming guys. Long way to goyes


Thread: Su-76I - 1/35
21/01/2017 17:02:13


Joining the rest of the gang in saying what a great build this. Looking forward to the artwork


Thread: How do I apply Mr Hobby Metal Primer??
20/01/2017 18:25:28

Hi Everyone

Many thanks for all your feedback. I used it this afternoon on all the metal parts of the Semovente. It is slightly thicker than water and seeps into all the nooks and crannies. It dried smooth relatively quickly. With Lee's feedback I am happy it will do the business


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
20/01/2017 14:02:39

Jim - That's a fantastic idea.yes

However I think that is a step to far for me on this build. I will practice the technique on some left over resin and work out what files I need to get to achieve the right groove and see what results I get.

For the meantime I have compromised by placing the rope along the belt straps to make it look more realistic. Many thanks


Thread: Soviet Aerosan NKL-16/41 (SSGB17)
20/01/2017 13:50:39


Great work on the spring mate. Even Tigger would have been proud of that one!yes


(For laughter purposes only)


Thread: How do I apply Mr Hobby Metal Primer??
20/01/2017 11:00:57


I am now using these primers (after your adviceyessmiley) but I still had a paint chip on the Tiger so that's why I am going to use the clear metal primer on the metal first then use these primers for the overall coverage. These are by far the best primers I have ever usedyes, Many thanks


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
20/01/2017 10:54:31

Hi Everyone

Ev - Cheers mate. I am really enjoying this one so I am glad you like it

The next update is for those of us who work on the darkside and cant sleep at night knowing there is a missing rivet or a clamp out of place on our buildsface 20

I had to add a further 58 rivets to the model that wernt on the original kit. Mainly around the back. Also right in the middle of the photo is a missing PE handle which I used from the spares box. A small chain was added for the tow pin links



23 rivets were used for the plate join underneath at the front


also some of the bolts were in fact screws which had to be changed accordingly





The underside of the tool boxes were done. Once sanded down these will be okay


This will all be left to dry overnight and then the clean up begins!embarrassed



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Thread: How do I apply Mr Hobby Metal Primer??
20/01/2017 08:39:27


Cheers for the feedback. However what I have coming is a paint and not a spray. I'm wondering if I should have gone for a spray instead??


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
20/01/2017 08:35:45

Hi Everyone

The stowage has finally arrived. There was a great deal to choose from but I have decided on a crate, a couple of cans and a tent




The final stage is too do final research on the whole build to make sure nothing has been missed off like rivets.clamps etc

This poor little thing has taken quite a beating so there will be an extensive clean up required. Once done I will be able to start the paint job. So hopefully I will be able to let you see how that is going over the weekend

Thanks for the support guys



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Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
20/01/2017 08:26:31

Hi Everyone

Marty - Fantastic work on that front fender. You just luv your battle damageyeslaugh

Scottie -Great choice. Will you be embarking on a vehicle for it too carry as well??

Bobby - Three great builds there my friend. Looking forward to the paintwork

Nick - Another great choice. Good luck

Well my first foray into the world of braille scale is over. It was an enjoyable experience and one I will be doing again but to a better standard and a larger kit. The Zvezda kit was a fantastic kit, highly detailed and a pleasure to put together. I will look forward to following on and watching all your incredible builds come together. Good luck everyone







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