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Member postings for Steve Jones 12

Here is a list of all the postings Steve Jones 12 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: StuG III Ausf D (SdKfz 142) Bronco CB35117
23/07/2017 13:02:31

Allen - Cheers mate!beerbeer. I dont know how I ever coped without live pause on the TV beforelaugh. It means I can get an hours modelling in and then watch the golf and fast forward the adverts. Wonderful!wink

Robin - The golf watching and modelling is dove tailing well. Thanks for the feedback. Will give you an update on the weekends work on Monday but all going wellyes

Joe - Your too kindbeer I have to leave the drinking until the evening otherwise I get wonky paintworkface 20

Tim - Cheers for that. I like to give something back to the community so others can build this kit better than mewink

Si - My main man! How are you my friend? Thanks for the feedback. Plenty of Windolene mixed in with the Vallejo keeps it flowing welllaugh

Keith - Thanks for the confirmation. Weathering well under way. Just finished the chippingyes

JR - Stage!?? How many beers did you have for breakfastbeerbeerface 20. You need to speak to your carer about reducing your dosagelaugh. As for the fine paintwork I think the watered down paint was one of the issues causing the paint splats. Once the needles have arrived I will try a few things as I do like doing camo work

Jim - Great to have you back following the blog. Glad you like it. Carrying on now Sirlaughface 20yes

Thread: KFS FV438 Swingfire ATGW
23/07/2017 12:48:00


A tremendous build and your photo blog is wonderful. I envy your tidy building skills. Fantastic detailing work and looking really good. Keep it going mate


Thread: War Piglet
23/07/2017 12:45:57


A cracking little build. Some nice detailing added to a wonderful finish. The out door shots look great. Well done mate


Thread: Bronco 1:35 Correspondents and Riich Road to victory diorama
23/07/2017 12:44:06


JR has nicked my seat again so I will sit behind and keep him in order. He prefers the perfumed talc if you have someface 20

The blog is going well and I look forward to seeing your figure well. God luck


Thread: Building Tamiya's Stringbag (BiplaneGB17)
23/07/2017 12:40:55


Blimey!. That is some serious detailing in the cockpit. You have handled it really well with a very tidy outcome. Looking forward to the next instalment


Thread: Another Miniart Westphalian Trumpeter
23/07/2017 12:38:42


It's been a joy to do some catchup on your build. Your mega session ended with a wonderful rider. Sorry to hear about the issues with the white colour. Certainly looks the DB's to me. Another nightmare horse well tamed by your good self. Hopefully things will be a little bit easier soon but it really is wonderful work


Thread: Bat outta Hell....
23/07/2017 12:35:25


A fine piece of Dartmoor stonework there mate. Not to sure how it made it to the Ukrainian flatlands but looking totally awesomeface 20. The bike sits neatly in the grass. Just need a couple of Dartmoor sheep to finish it offyes. Well done mate


Thread: Academy M4A3 Calliope Review Build
23/07/2017 12:30:10


Top work and brilliantly recorded on your blog. Looks like it is all coming together well. Keep it coming mate


Thread: 2017 Biplane Group Build (BiplaneGB17)
23/07/2017 12:27:28

Fernando - A stunning build

Darren - A great update. Looks like it is all going in the right direction

Thread: V3000s maultier
23/07/2017 12:26:03


A seat with the rest of the guys, The vehicle will be fine I am sure but really looking forward to seeing your figure work. Good luck my friend


Thread: Takom Tiger 2 Repair dio
23/07/2017 12:24:27


Slow but steady progress. Should keep you going for a whilewink. Look forward to the next instalment soon


Thread: Trafalgar Class Submarine
23/07/2017 12:21:54


Well deserved feedback from the guys. A stunning model. It must look good on the mantle piece. Hopefully the hands will cope with another build soon


Thread: 1:10 Fallschirmjager - Ardennes 1944
23/07/2017 12:20:05


A stunning result. Well done. What's next on the bench?


Thread: Military Modelling Vol.47 Issue 8
23/07/2017 12:18:24

Received yesterday and a great initial read through. A great deal of varietyyes

Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
23/07/2017 12:16:59


A cracking start on the artillery. I have great issues with getting everything in line and square when I do artillery pieces. Any hints and tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


Thread: Albatross D.Va (BiplaneGB17)
23/07/2017 12:13:49


A shame to see all the detail tucked away but a wonderful piece of detailing


Thread: Tamiya Tomcat
23/07/2017 12:11:51


Glad to hear it is going together so well. As Paul says the flight crew look great, Looking forward to the next update


Thread: Dunkirk film trailer
22/07/2017 10:19:14

Tickets booked for Thursday afternoon showing. Cant waityesbeer

Thread: StuG III Ausf D (SdKfz 142) Bronco CB35117
21/07/2017 20:15:07

However I had some serious issues with my airbrush. The closer I went on a low pressure the more water bursts I had. So in the end I had to go for larger higher up camo stripes. It's okay but not what I wanted. Thankfully once the painting process is over you will hardly see it anyway. However in a couple of builds time I will be doing an olive green on yellow base camo sceme which will stand out a mile. So I have ordered up 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm needles to see if they can help me produce fine lines with the brush. Any other ideas please let me knowyesbeer


Next will be the highlights with the original Green Brown and Iraqi Sand. Thanks for watching and now it's back to the golfyesbeer


(For discussion purposes only)

21/07/2017 20:14:50

Here is the effect of the base coat on the white and black primers


Next was the camo scheme. I was going to base it on this picture


(For discussion purposes only)

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