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Thread: Pz. Kpfw 2 Ausf. F
23/04/2017 20:53:35


If you are a regular Vallejo user then you need Model Air Sand Ivory 71075. Hope this helps mate


23/04/2017 13:39:30


Great work on the back end. The chain adds a nice piece of detail. However the tail light guide cover needs to cover either the top or the bottom sets of reflectors. Its up to you which. I was helped out by Alan on this point in the past. Here is the link




Keep the great work comin mate



Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 23/04/2017 13:43:47

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Soviet Female Sniper
23/04/2017 09:51:14


You have your work cut out as the original one you did looks fantastic. Good luckyes

The name of the film I mentioned was Battle For Sevastolop. Here is the link for the trailer



Thread: Face
23/04/2017 09:25:53


As per JR's instructions this is what you will get

737603 (1).jpg

Now the world is your oyster! Enjoy


P.S I'm no figure painter but I'm sure the professionals will give you some feedback in due course

Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
23/04/2017 09:18:17

Mr T

Its funny you should say that because I was thinking of experimenting on my next dio by using a Beige wash all over and then dry brushing with Dark Umber. It will be interesting to see the difference.yes


23/04/2017 08:57:10

Hi Everyone

Simon - I am happy with Milliputt so will stick with it until supplies run out. Many thanks

Well the painting process has finally begunsmiley. I will concentrate on the base first. So a grey primer was applied to start


The concrete was painted using Mid Grey


The cliff was Sand Yellow. Nice and bright but this will tone down with the washes


Fun was had with the ground. A variety of Dark Sand, Tan and Sand Brown was used to add tones


The rope clasp was in Dark Rust and the stone blocks were Sand Ivory


Then a Dark Umber oil wash was applied all over and left to dry for a couple of hours



This was polished off with white spirit


A combination of Beige and White oils were used to dry brush all over. This has added a good range of dark and light areas


Now it is onto the stonework and the cliffs

Thanks for watching



(For discussion purposes only)

Thread: (AAGB17) Sdkfz.7/1 quad Flak38 {ST}
23/04/2017 08:29:53

yesface 20

23/04/2017 08:16:00

Mr T

The force is weak in me masterlaugh. I shall return to the back of the class and study the merits of holes and rivetsparty

Seriously though its such a fantastic learning experience following your blogs

You cant beat 80 years of experiencewinkface 20


Thread: Back with a Flak Attack (AAGB17)
22/04/2017 23:21:30


Some nice detailing there mate. You could always add a bit of Smoke or black soot to the barrel if your not happy with it.

Or you can add Popeye to your crew so he can be responsible for polishing the barrel so shiny and newlaugh


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Zouave
22/04/2017 23:16:25

There was a film recently on Sky about a Soviet women sniper. Cant remember the title but it was an awesome film. If you havnt seen it yet its well worth a look. Cant wait to see this one. Good luck sir


Thread: Kriegsdampflokomotive KDL 1 - Baureihe 52
22/04/2017 23:14:02


Your latest updates sum up what I luv about you mate. That book is unbelievably brain numbing but is probably a walk in the park for you. As for the build well its just pure engineering not model making. This is turning into a museum piece. Well done sir


Thread: Trumpeter 1/35th LAV-AD (AAGB17)
22/04/2017 23:10:23


Great work on the cab. I have not done a trumpeter kit before. Me thinks I need to have a look and see what they have on offer. Great workyes


Thread: Me109 E
22/04/2017 23:08:47


Phew! Dodged a bullet there matesmiley. Look forward to seeing the finished beast as she is looking really good


Thread: A bit of Flak (AAGB)
22/04/2017 23:07:05


I always look forward to seeing your updates and you certainly dont disappoint. Fantastic artwork. A real joy to watchbeer


Thread: Pz. Kpfw 2 Ausf. F
22/04/2017 23:05:10


A very tidy start to the build. I would certainly recommend a desert theme but then I am some what biasedlaugh. Keep it comin mate


Thread: Trumpeter, 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer IV " Ostwind "(AAGB 17 )
22/04/2017 23:02:27


Nice underwear!laugh I notice the main body is the same as Panzer IV?. As Si says good luck with the camowink 2


Thread: Check your references !!
22/04/2017 22:58:55


For a man who loves his detailing you must be livid. For a mere mortal like myself the work you have done is wonderful. Happy baby sittinghug


Thread: Battle of Cambrai 1917
22/04/2017 22:57:17


Sorry to hear the flu has dragged you down a bit. The diorama is fantastic for a first attempt. The good thing is you have learnt a lot that you can take forward to the next build. I learn something new on all my builds. That's what keeps me coming back for more. Outstanding! Well done


Thread: Rhine Xing II (AAGB2017)
22/04/2017 22:54:35


Outstanding work. That is such a detailed grouping. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. Well done sir


Thread: The Crazy Eighty Eight AAGB17
22/04/2017 22:53:04


Outstanding work sir. Very tidy indeed. I take my hat off to you because you are able to do two projects at once. Looking forward to the next update


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