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Here is a list of all the postings colin bruce 1 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: 1/35 Zvezda SU 100 SPG
19/01/2017 20:00:00


love the battle damage, something I need to get better at!


Thread: SSGB17 Tractor and Fire Truck ...Tovarich
19/01/2017 13:35:38

Can't wait to see the paint on this tractor, so reminds me of days gone by.


Thread: STORM WARNING! Gale Force 3. Hawker's windy trio from Revell (SSGB17)
18/01/2017 18:54:41

Cant wait, I am growing a real fondness for these aircraft!


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
18/01/2017 18:51:14


Having grown up on dozers I have a great fondness of the Russian Traktor! Look forward to that build indeed!


Thread: IJN Battleship Yamato 1/350
16/01/2017 16:24:51

I'd have to get permanent 20X vision to work on this scale, simply amazing!


16/01/2017 01:42:17

SimonT...these models where built most likely pre-internet, so reference sources, I mean, it sure isn't what it is nowadays!

Perhaps 40 years ago it was just eye candy to the builder, again I just bought them as is...for what they cost me, let's just say the bases where worth it alone!


Thread: Its his birthday Sunday
15/01/2017 23:04:23

Another shout from across the pond as well! cakeHappy Birthday John!!!


Thread: Spots on Facebook
15/01/2017 23:03:22

That Russian Traktor is cool!


15/01/2017 22:45:38

I'd say if memory is correct I often visited the LHS and picked up a Tiger here and there...then the place closed it's doors and it was a full blown auction of well over 200+ lots...and do I love an auction. I got these on the cheap, but the real challenge was getting them past the warden (now x-wife!) back at base camp!!

Warden: "What is all this crap doing in my van?"

StSgt Bruce (me)..."just future gold and I gotta go back and get the 2nd round."

Warden: "Make sure it all goes in the basement and not my dining room table!!"

So as I was searching thru 5 shipping containers for some 1/72 decals for the SSGB17 I knew I was missing a box, or so I thought. Lo and behold it was buried under some clothes and yet there is still another to be found!!! Here are some highlight's, loose built and a few dios...I did find the decals too!!!

Is this what you call the 20CM pak?dallas.jpg

What model type vehicle, not the foggiest??dallas1.jpgI do know these however!dallas2.jpgand the last one a group shop...til I find the next treasure chest! Now I know why being a pirate was such a cool endeavor! dallas3.jpg

The Stug is awesome though, I'll post some more closeup pix if there's an interest!

Thread: Airfix 1/76 Pz IV F1/F2 (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 15:54:00

Love the expression..."Vague and dubious!" Build on, love these little tanks!


Thread: Soviet Aerosan NKL-16/41 (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 15:49:02

Mike, literally amazing the patience you have displayed!

Wow! I have such wondered and these small bits...even 1/35 scale tanks w certain P/E that I told myself, "If I can't see it with the naked eye and I know it's there, then who would see it without knowing?"


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 13:51:33


Outstanding aircraft indeed!!!


Thread: 2017 Group Builds
12/01/2017 16:39:09

OK then my 2nd and 3rd votes shall be...Panzer III & Cold War


Thread: JU87G-1 STUKA. (SSGB17)
11/01/2017 13:39:22

I went deep into the boxed archives (Basement) and searched diligently, I knew since packing these relics up there was still something missing. Something I had not seen in a very long time. I relocated from Dallas about 14 years ago, and went to an auction of a hobby shop that was closing its doors around 99-2000! I bought as many displays and kits as I could sneak by the guard (wife). She said 'what is all this crap?" I replied, 'just treasure for the future.'

Well I found at least 10 built tank dios! But this is a tale for another post...what was located are the tail swastikas to complete the STUKA. So here are the final pics...oh,did I mention I found 2 more 1/72 plane kits...a Bf 109!!!




Thread: "Somewhere In Normandy"
10/01/2017 03:10:22

Read your blog, awesome Tiger build and an even better story! Thanks so much for sharing!


Thread: revell sd.kfz.9 Famo (SSGB17)
09/01/2017 16:38:29

I have the big "FAMO" kit staring me down for years and I shudder at tackling that beast, but this scale here is starting to get me the aspect of your scratch building, something I am still novice about!

Looks awesome!


Thread: Zis-5 Aug 2cm Flak 30 LKW SSGB 17
09/01/2017 16:35:47

Such a neat subject! Really like this size gun on such a small platform!


Thread: Your 2016 builds
08/01/2017 18:13:32


Love that Typhoon! She's a beaut!


Thread: " Dusty Bin " ( GB SSGB17 ) JR .
07/01/2017 20:36:30

Looking fwd. to this John, figure are my Achilles heel for sure!


Thread: Albatros D V by Eduard in 1/72nd (SSGB17)
07/01/2017 13:29:55

The rigging is what has kept me from these beasties! Hopefully I can sit back and watch as you go through such a task!


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