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Thread: It's that time of year again - Happy Birthday Jimbo
14/10/2017 01:35:15
Today is a very good day to have a birthday. Happy birthday Jimbo!

(it is still the 13th here)
Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger with Zimmerit
30/09/2017 03:50:57
Hi Bill,

The build looks great!

Another source of zimmerit in 1/48 is the US company Monroe Purdu. They don't yet make zim for every vehicle but it's made from laser etched paper and can be applied with, I think, white glue. I have a MAN pattern Panther set but haven't used one yet.

Edited By Chris Camfield on 30/09/2017 03:51:43

Thread: A public thank you
20/09/2017 00:23:08

Wow, that's really great of them!

Thread: Any tips on dealing with really small construction?
15/09/2017 03:12:13

Thanks everyone!

A week later I am finally moving into action. I have combined your advice and used white tac (it's like blue tac... only white!) to stick the vertical piece onto a steel ruler. Then abutted the horizontal piece and applied cement.



P.S. is there a "plastruct" website other than Evergreen? I'm only scratch building these because the smallest L shape that Evergreen makes is 1.5mm to a side, and what I need is... 0.75mm to a side! Oh my eyes.

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
04/09/2017 20:12:46
Posted by Allen Dewire on 30/08/2017 17:34:37:

I've got a feeling this winter is going to be a cold one. Need insulation to keep warm with.


I think in my case I might have been addled by the heat of the midday sun, but still - a Crusader AA for doing something with the South Albertas recce regiment (who continued to use them) and T51 tracks for an early British Sherman.  Interestingly the resin tracks look like link-and-length rather than separate links... which will be more familiar to me from my Tamiya kits so that's all right. 

I was only going to get the tracks but the shipping wasn't going to increase and the tank was 30% off...!



Edited By Chris Camfield on 04/09/2017 20:13:55

Thread: A Tribute
03/09/2017 22:13:04

That really is quite beautiful and moving. Thanks for sharing.

Thread: Any tips on dealing with really small construction?
03/09/2017 22:12:00

So... I did a LITTLE bit of work on the POW can rack for my 1/48 Matilda on my holiday.

Based on my look at photographs (and maybe I need to look again), I need to make L shaped pieces 0.75mm to a side. So I have 0.5mm styrene strips and 0.75mm styrene strips and I did manage to glue two sections about 35mm together in I think proper L shapes.

But the next three attempts I threw out. One conclusion I came to is that for smaller pieces it might be better for me to just glue larger L segments and then cut off the length that I want.

My "technique" was to hold the 0.75mm strip in my left hand, brush glue on it, and then with my left hand to try to put the other strip in place.

Are there any... tools... which would act like tweezers and only hold things as strongly as tweezers, but to hold items in place? I imagine that alligator clips like those which come with some magnifying sets might grip too tightly on something as small as a <1mm strip.

Thread: Other Armour builds on the bench...
03/09/2017 22:05:42

Nice stuff Robin.

Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
01/09/2017 23:08:41

The idea of pooling the wheels of TWO Panzer IVs strikes me as possibly a sign of something evil :D but I can definitely understand sort of getting into a zen state... or possibly listening to some good music or a radio program as you work.

Thread: Peter Days box art for Mookies Miniatures
27/08/2017 19:05:15

Fantastic work Peter, and great to see it featured as box art

Thread: Nice WW1 Mark IV tank video
26/08/2017 20:52:24

I imagine this will be old hat for those of you who have been to Bovington, but -

Video chat with Indy Neidell (who has been making a looong video series on youtube appropriately called The Great War) and David Willey of the Tank Museum, about the Mk IV, inside and out:

Edited By Chris Camfield on 26/08/2017 20:53:36

Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger with Zimmerit
24/08/2017 20:25:18

Hi Bill,

I see you've conquered all those road wheels!! Well done

If you ever decide to make any 1/48 Panthers you might want to look at Monroe Purdue's 1/48 zimmerit. They have some different zim patterns from Tamiya. (1/35 too)

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
23/08/2017 20:12:28

Wow, is that fancy guillotine for styrene, John? Or "anything at all whatsoever"? :D

Thread: Back in Action
23/08/2017 16:30:47

Welcome, Erwin!

Good job by your son on the tracks!

Thread: Friendly local model shop(s) in Toronto
19/08/2017 21:31:16
Posted by Si Benson on 19/08/2017 19:48:00:

Only 40 minutes be there every weekendsmile p My better half used to live in Trenton?

Looks fantastic! I have 2 dedicated model shops both within a 20 min drive....both of which are massively overpriced and understocked compared to what I can get online including delivery.

Well, truth be told, the shop is not cheap, particularly with regards to books. But it's accessible and they do have lots of stock And no shipping costs versus... well, for me, $6 in transit fees.

19/08/2017 19:29:40

The very front has books and paint and tools. And then there is one aisle with cars and ships. And another with planes.



At the back is all armour, well there are some figures and books too, in a wraparound area



19/08/2017 19:22:31
Toronto is a big city which unfortunately means that rental prices are quite high. As a result all of the brick and mortar hobby shops are located in the east end which is about a 40 minute trip by transit.

I took some pictures to share because it really is a great shop. Unfortunately I did not get photos of the paints or particularly of the basement which is maybe 1/3 the size of the main floor and which houses second hand models.

The other stores are, one more focused on trains, and the other is off the main drag and is cluttered and haphazard BUT they run classes in the basement.

Photos in next post.

Pictures in next post.
Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
18/08/2017 17:42:49

Yay, someone else doing work in 1/48! Bill, I'm very much looking forward watching you build.

Thread: Long live the model shop!
17/08/2017 00:37:02

Very nice!! Maybe I'll take pictures of my FNMS (friendly neighborhood model shop... even if it's not in my neighborhood)

Thread: Buy cheap, buy twice....
16/08/2017 15:10:12

Wow, I hope your books are okay!

I've been mindful of the need to replace some of my old IKEA bookshelves.

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