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Thread: Friendly local model shop(s) in Toronto
19/08/2017 21:31:16
Posted by Si Benson on 19/08/2017 19:48:00:

Only 40 minutes be there every weekendsmile p My better half used to live in Trenton?

Looks fantastic! I have 2 dedicated model shops both within a 20 min drive....both of which are massively overpriced and understocked compared to what I can get online including delivery.

Well, truth be told, the shop is not cheap, particularly with regards to books. But it's accessible and they do have lots of stock And no shipping costs versus... well, for me, $6 in transit fees.

19/08/2017 19:29:40

The very front has books and paint and tools. And then there is one aisle with cars and ships. And another with planes.



At the back is all armour, well there are some figures and books too, in a wraparound area



19/08/2017 19:22:31
Toronto is a big city which unfortunately means that rental prices are quite high. As a result all of the brick and mortar hobby shops are located in the east end which is about a 40 minute trip by transit.

I took some pictures to share because it really is a great shop. Unfortunately I did not get photos of the paints or particularly of the basement which is maybe 1/3 the size of the main floor and which houses second hand models.

The other stores are, one more focused on trains, and the other is off the main drag and is cluttered and haphazard BUT they run classes in the basement.

Photos in next post.

Pictures in next post.
Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
18/08/2017 17:42:49

Yay, someone else doing work in 1/48! Bill, I'm very much looking forward watching you build.

Thread: Long live the model shop!
17/08/2017 00:37:02

Very nice!! Maybe I'll take pictures of my FNMS (friendly neighborhood model shop... even if it's not in my neighborhood)

Thread: Buy cheap, buy twice....
16/08/2017 15:10:12

Wow, I hope your books are okay!

I've been mindful of the need to replace some of my old IKEA bookshelves.

Thread: I too am actually still here
16/08/2017 15:04:34

Hi Tim,

That is actually exactly the problem! I'm still trying to learn to suck eggs!

My gut tells me that it will take even more than 6 coats but I will try it your way for a while. and see how it works out!

Thread: Cave up date.JR
16/08/2017 15:01:28

Hi John,

I was being silly, of course. Your setup looks absolutely marvelous and I wish you joy with it


Edited By Chris Camfield on 16/08/2017 15:01:36

Thread: I too am actually still here
16/08/2017 03:45:05

Thank you for the many kind words, friends

I'm not really sure if a change of model is really what's needed. Aside from the practical limits of what space I have...

Tonight I started thinking about the task at hand - scratch building a POW can rack for my Matidla - and I looked at the great pictures in my A9/A10 and A13 books and that actually started getting the juices going. I didn't have time to do any modeling tonight but I did look over some Matilda pictures as well and I went over my measurements for how wide I need to make the rack. The cans seem to annoyingly be just over 5mm wide and I'm not sure whether to count the space for two cans at 10.5mm or 11mm or what exactly. I don't think I can make a measurement more precise than half a mm!

As far as the painting goes, I know, largest brush possible and multiple thin coats and all. What about when you're painting something really quite small? And after dipping my brush in the (thinned) paint, how much do I need to tap off of the brush before starting to paint? Ah dear.

Thread: Cave up date.JR
16/08/2017 03:38:31

Hi John,

That all looks very nice, but given that you now have your own space... I'd have thought you'd have given more thought to storage!!!

face 20

Thread: I too am actually still here
11/08/2017 14:37:07

My Matilda is sadly neglected... I finished those blasted PE POW cans and can scratch build the rack for them but the "oomph" (mojo?) to work on my model hasn't been present. Summer just might not be my modelling season!

I guess I'm also discouraged that I can't seem to hand brush an even coat of paint to save my life.

I've been collecting some lovely books... stumbled across a copy of a beautiful 1947 history of the Lord Strathcona Regiment - a Canadian armoured unit that served primarily in Italy - and yesterday my copy of the 79th Armoured Division's history published in Hamburg in 1945 arrived. Tons of photos and maps.

Wishing you all well,

Thread: Just in case anyone is wondering
11/08/2017 14:33:19

Hi John,

Book translations? Are they related to modelling or history? Do tell!

Hope you are well,


Thread: Hello from Canada!
29/07/2017 02:23:52

Welcome Adam!

Hello from ... Toronto :-/

Thread: Caption Competition
25/07/2017 16:31:41

"As you can see, the test of the new shrink ray is a complete success!"

Thread: Trying to trace stuff....
21/07/2017 01:58:14

Andy, you should come on over to and post about him.  There are TONS of helpful chaps. It is almost entirely UK oriented.

Edited By Chris Camfield on 21/07/2017 02:00:17

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
14/07/2017 18:25:13

Mike, that's a lot of great robots!

Have you thought of putting them into a diorama?

Thread: Writing (with a pen) on paint?
14/07/2017 18:24:17

I've assembled and put a base coat on my 2L British POL cans and I know that the water cans had a "W" on them. However, I don't think there are any 1/48 decals which would have a W, so I was thinking about just trying to write a W on them.

Is there anything I should look for in a pen other than - I think - "an ultra fine point pen which is not a ball point"?

Thread: Cave up date.JR
13/07/2017 21:07:16

Good job John

13/07/2017 15:39:55

Actually it looks grey to me. Did you use a dark primer? Were you planning to use the black&white technique for some shading? face 20

Edited By Chris Camfield on 13/07/2017 15:40:12

Thread: Hello from Oregon
10/07/2017 04:34:24
Welcome Chris!

You can find just about everything online (e.g. eBay and Amazon as well as actual specific hobby stores) if you look. Of course, then you have to wait for the kit to arrive...

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