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Thread: Next Group Build for 2018
20/03/2018 17:06:09

Hi John,

I agree with Mike C and Dave W, gives the next GB some extra days.teeth 2

Looking forward to see the dates of the builds.


ps. Thank you taking this up.thumbs up

Thread: Phantom FG Mk.1 & Jaguar GR.1A (RAF100GB)
18/03/2018 17:04:07

Good afternoon all,

Mike C, thank youthumbs up and she’ll be finished in 111 Squadron markings, although 43’s finish is great for a future one.thinking

Mick, thanks one of my favourites too.thumbs upface 23

John, thank you toothumbs up and I just have more time for the hobby than most otherslaugh. Hope the paintjob is up to expectations…

Sean, thanksthumbs up and hope the add-ons come out as planned in the end.dont know

Jim and Scottie, thanks guysthumbs up your fine worksstar have inspired me too to take up the extra step in detailing a model.

Lee, thank you toothumbs up as for the size you can always go for the smaller scales like 1/72 and 1/144 there are lot's of nice kits to find in those scales.wink 2

Finished painting the camo today, well most of it anyway still needs a tidy up here and there before my usual gloss coats.

Haven’t used Gunze Acrylic’s before for all the camo work and I have to say I love how it ends up.face 23

Following the instructions I applied H332 Light aircraft grey for the underside and H330 Dark green with H331 Dark sea grey for the topside pattern, which working from light to dark always gives a nice masking exerciseface 20:


Here she is all unmasked and drying before the touch-up routine can start:




The colours of the drop tanks were an educated guess btw, instructions gave no info so got the colours from reference pics.teeth 2

Have a great week everyone and thanks for looking in.


(for discussion purposes only)

Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
18/03/2018 16:09:35

Hi Allen,

Keep up the great work with all the nice background infothumbs up, no need to rush it SMC is still far away.wink 2

Hope the flu is over soon and the back problems stay away....


Thread: Revell Harbour Tug Boat
18/03/2018 15:24:52

Hi Jim,

Just caught up with your fine work, very nice looking rowboat.thumbs up

But the derelict blue tugboat looks great, nice touch with the broken and covered p


Thread: Academy Vought Corsair 1/72
18/03/2018 15:09:13

Looks very nice Dave.thumbs up

Good luck and have fun with the figures.


Thread: Decals
18/03/2018 14:51:32

Hi Dave,

I agree with Tim that anything printed by Cartograph would be good to use.

In my experience their printing has been sharp and their decals thin and easy to set in place with solvents like Micro Set/Sol.thumbs up

Aeromaster, Xtradecal, Daco, Superscale, Caracal and Furball to name a few might have the decals you’re looking for.


Thread: Phantom FG Mk.1 & Jaguar GR.1A (RAF100GB)
17/03/2018 17:46:34

Good evening everyone,

Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the kind words guys.thumbs up

Haven’t sat still all the time just lost the energy to update the tread….

As with a lot of things, the smaller they are the more time it takes to complete like detailing with pe and such.crook

All the outer etch installed and ready for final masking in the following pics:




Being inspired by the fine work of Mr. T and Mr. Jones to name a couple I’ve added some thin copper wire in the undercarriage wells to supplant the etch and make it look a bit like the real deal, also helps to have a copy of Danny Coremans uncovering the US Navy F-4 B/J/N/S Phantom (great book btw-no affiliation just happy userface 1)for inspiration how the wells have to look like.

Next step was to get the interior windshield and canopy colour on, used Vallejo 71.057 Black strait from the bottle:


Followed by a good coat VJ Grey primer, VJ black for the panel lines and nosecone, VJ 71.001 White for the wells/Sparrows and VJ 71.063 Silver for the first panels of the exhaust area:



Sadly the Eduard Sidewinders were bent during their time in the package and my attempts to get them strait and decent went from bad to worse, so these are binned:


I have ordered a Meng weapon set with the wanted Sidewinders, hope it arrives swiftly from the U.K….

Now on to applying the camo pattern, thanks for looking in.


(for discussion purposes only)

Thread: British infantryman Afghanistan 2011 - Masterbox 1/35
17/03/2018 17:08:26

Great result p

Modern camo patterns at this scale can be quite a challenge to accomplish but you’ve done it.thumbs up


Thread: Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-35 Multi Turret Heavy
17/03/2018 16:58:44

Hi Dave,

Very nice finishesthumbs up , really like the pic with both of p

Good luck with the Speedster and the Ferguson.


Thread: Sit Rep
17/03/2018 16:39:44

Sorry to read about Stan Simon.

You have my sympathy too, the loss of ones pet can be like losing a family member.

Hope the memories of the great times you had together eases the loss….

RIP Stan


Thread: R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue Launch. (RAF100GB)
17/03/2018 16:27:43

Hi Ron,

Great paintjob of the launch.thumbs up

Looking forward to the next update and like the guys the p


Thread: Academy Vought Corsair 1/72
17/03/2018 16:21:53

Hi Dave,

Sorry for not commenting sooner, the two-tone camo has come out pretty nice.thumbs up

Looking forward to see the final p


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
17/03/2018 16:06:05

Hi John,

The paint jobs followed by the weathering of the trio turned out really nice and to echo the others, really like the b/w photos pthumbs up

Top work, have fun and good luck with the figures.


ps. nice aerial from the cat whisker.teeth 2

Thread: V2 - Vengeance From Above
12/03/2018 17:38:09

Hi Allen,

What a build list matesmile o, this will certainly keep you busy till SMC….thumbs up

Great start cleaning up the resin parts, sorry to read it’s incomplete hope they send the parts swiftly.


ps. no zaps for the last two months now.laugh

Thread: BW in Afganistan
12/03/2018 17:18:46

Thanks for the colour info Paul.thumbs up

Great start on the lager dirt, looking forward to the next update.


Thread: Andy B - Why I've been quiet.
12/03/2018 17:05:11

Hi Andy,

Sorry to read about your problems and glad it's getting sorted out.

Keep the positive attitude, as said you’re an example to us all.thumbs up

All the best to you all.


Thread: RAF Benevolent Fund BAE Hawk ( RAF 100 GB )
12/03/2018 16:54:36

Hi John,

Great job with all the decals on such a small o

The matt finish is quite nice and satin might work to give a subdued shine in this size.

Always nice to see a Hawk in a special schemesmile p, well done sir.thumbs up


09/03/2018 17:29:38

Sorry to read about the paint John, but the decals look very nice especially the tail.thumbs upsmile

Judging by the pics, I think the gloss coat has worked pretty well, good luck with the other side.


Thread: Next Group Build for 2018
09/03/2018 17:23:58

Sorry John.embarrassed

  1. WW1
  2. IDF
  3. Helicopters

If it will be a 3 GB year then just:

  1. WW1
  2. IDF


09/03/2018 16:50:34

Hi everyone,

John, thank you for taking this up too.thumbs up

I go for IDF and WW1 too, thought about Helicopters instead of IDF but I’m following Steve’s p

Maybe a sort of guideline for next year: one ground, one air/ground and one anniversary GB?

Looking forward to see the results.


ps. Dave guilty as charged….wink 2

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