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Thread: Next Group Build for 2018
21/03/2018 04:28:12
Posted by Scottie on 20/03/2018 23:34:37:

Man I love this site.


ME TOO... 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
19/03/2018 19:44:00

ANd more.... 😁😁😁😁


19/03/2018 19:39:21

Thanks John and Joe....

Today’s detail seccion..... I NEED MORE DETAILS... ahahhaah aaaahhh ah....laugh...



18/03/2018 19:07:46

More details.... 😁😁😁



Thread: Chosin Few
17/03/2018 20:46:35

Dear Rick thank u very much for comments and support...

Mike.... thank u for your service SORRY for the very very late reply, thank u for your comments

I’ll do detail Greg on this too.

Have a nice evening


Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
17/03/2018 10:41:26

Dear Mike, Lee, John and Scottie, thank you for all your support... the diorama is getting close to the end... still:

1. finish the PBR

2. add details (yes MORE details.... people know me as DETAIL GREG.... ) to the PBR and the pontoon like tires

3. painting the figures, total of 6 and a dog

4. painting the river bed and making the water...

i won't say that i'll do all of it this weekend but i'm getting close to the end.. since i'm eager to start the new CHOSIN RESERVOIR diorama.

Richard thank you again for your support and advice... i think i corrected the problem on the PRB with those wires...

stay tuned everyone more to come...

Edited By Gregory Mortara on 17/03/2018 10:42:14

Thread: 1/16 German Officer in Italian Camo
17/03/2018 08:01:12

Hey Peter check this out..


16/03/2018 16:49:57

.... why don't you try to build it... i don't think that would be super difficult.... and plus if you can use green stuff you can put the Italian ammo pouches

16/03/2018 15:19:56

PETER.... Perfect tones... wonderful... I had a set of Italian paratrooper that was that same color... we still used them until the late 80s.

It would be soooo cool if you could find a MAB (Moschetto Automatico Beretta) instead of a StG44, many German officers and NCO loved that sub machine gun

Keep up the wonderful work

Thread: D.A.K.
16/03/2018 11:03:30

Hey Daniel every update is really AWESOME... now i'm wondering when we will see the final product... I'm getting SUPER curious and i'm ready to look at it from all possible angles.

Have a nice day and keep up


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
15/03/2018 19:11:20

Super....add more bricks on the broken stug... love the work

Thread: M60A1 Rise
15/03/2018 16:00:18

I can't believe I missed this one...SORRY Mick... is there any room left??

I'll bring wine for all of you...

I really enjoy your sense of realism... keep up

Have a nice day


Thread: Chosin Few
15/03/2018 15:26:40

Hey Richard... i'm still waiting for them i order them in november.....

Sorry for the late reply to you all.

I bought some extra stuff.. I had a deal.... well you know "make him a deal...a DEAL DEAL ... maybe he's a republican" kind of deal... laugh




some modification will happen on the truck since i have no evidence that closed steel cabins were used in korea

Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
15/03/2018 15:10:38


15/03/2018 10:32:25

Hey John, for the gloss finish don't worry... the pigments will cover everything...if i can give you a suggestion do LAYERS of pigments.

Start with a very pale grey...then put "drops" of water to fix it ( you can even use a grey wash VERY diluted to do the job) then add some ocre yellow (repeat step "drops" ) and finsh with a very delicate touches of red bricks... then on the recess use some brown.

pigments will fix with the water and will go in the recess as naturally as you can imagine... if you are not happy with a tone add some more grey/red/yellow/brown...

you can even add a little bit of black to simulate fire or black smoke from a stove that fell on the ground/tank.

Hope it helps

14/03/2018 20:12:36

Splendid work.... and when you will weather it... that will be superb... well done John

Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
14/03/2018 17:01:34

Scottie and Peter Thank you.

I'll add more this week end I have some crazy ideas in mind.. I hope it will work.. stay tuned.. laugh

Have a nice you all


Thread: Young Miniatures 1/10 Cossack Bust
13/03/2018 04:30:07

Peter..... Peter.... the expression on his face....and those eyes are... incredible you gave life to a piece of resin... your paint job/skill is PHENOMENAL...

I’m really impressed... BRAVO...


Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
12/03/2018 21:57:30

Today’s little work.... bow details and mid section details.... some of you will reconize a headspace.... 😁😁😁



Thread: D.A.K.
11/03/2018 20:24:28

Defenetly superb

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