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Thread: Panzerkampfwagen VII Lowe (Amusing Hobby 1/35)
06/10/2017 12:05:10

That gun sure looks like a real killer! looking good so far wink

Kind regards

Thread: Bending tracks?
06/10/2017 08:33:13

Turned out great Perry beer

Kind regards

Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
05/10/2017 11:50:36

Very nice work Keith, the water turned out great beer

Kind regards

Thread: greetings all!
04/10/2017 22:48:02

Welcome Steve,
Don't mind showing your progress, most of us are here to learn from each other beer

Kind regards

Thread: King's German Legion Rifleman
04/10/2017 09:22:03

Beautiful work Peter beer

Kind regards,

Thread: Pete's M4A1/FL10
02/10/2017 09:10:39

Don't scrap it Peter, you did a great job so far, just take a break and come back when feeling lucky yes

Goodluck & kind regards

Thread: "Did the Earth move for you?" (Engineering Vehicles GB)
01/10/2017 23:37:55

That looks pretty sweet Alistair! laugh
Enjoy the build!

Kind regards

Thread: 57 not out and yes it a big box for a pressie
01/10/2017 22:24:17

That thing is a BEAST - So jealous right now... laugh

Happy birthday and have fun with the build Bob!

Kind regards

Thread: T54-1 mod.1947 from Miniart
01/10/2017 20:24:38

You can also upload images to an album,
and then use the little camera icon to insert them into your post...

Edited By Steven DM on 01/10/2017 20:25:22

01/10/2017 20:21:40

Hello Paul,
I see the image links don't work, the forum works a bit different then others...

Here's a link to sort the problem:

Kind regards

Edited By Steven DM on 01/10/2017 20:23:01

Thread: Models finished, where do they go?
01/10/2017 20:17:29

That's a nice collection you got there Matt thumbs up
I totally forgot Ikea sells 'glass' shelves for these...

Looks like you're preparing some sort of invasion... laugh

Kind regards

Thread: Hi there from Paul
01/10/2017 20:08:16

Welcome Paul, this is a nice place so hope you'll like it. beer

Kind regards

Thread: King's German Legion Rifleman
01/10/2017 11:30:00

Here we go again laugh
My seat is still warm from your previous art piece ...

Kind regards

Thread: Models finished, where do they go?
01/10/2017 11:19:42

Hi John, indeed, larger models and diorama's would be a problem. I tend to make my dio's within the boundaries of my closet, but the project I'm gonna start working on now will be too large for that. The shelves can be adjusted (height) but the depth is the main problem (26,5cm ~ 10,43inch deep).

I have used 2 fishtanks in the past to store a dio, the largest was 60x30x30cm, the smaller one was used for my avatar Sherman.

The advantage of a fishtank is that it usually comes with a nice lighting and it can be found in all sizes at your local pet store (or second hand)...

Kind regards

Thread: Leopard2A4M CAN with Barracuda camouflage.
01/10/2017 11:04:39

Good to hear you don't give up on it Mike, sleep well beer

Goodluck & Kind regards

Thread: unexpected lunch guests
01/10/2017 10:57:29

Great progress Robert, I like that brick road very much.
Got inspired by that cobble-tool. yes

Kind regards

Thread: Models finished, where do they go?
01/10/2017 10:41:23

Sad to read Frank and Kevin surprise, as a kid I also had a nice B-17 (1/72) model standing on top of my closet, it came down when someone smacked the door too hard. Always a sad thing to see a model crashing into pieces...

My finished models are put in an 'Ikea Billy bookcase', the glass doors keep out the dust.
I don't 'finish' many models so there is still enough room for future projects.
Still have to mount some LED strips to light the models though...


Kind regards

Thread: M4A1 - Monument 'La Roche' (Belgium)
01/10/2017 10:20:06

Thanks Daniel, Wayne, Hooch for the kind words, means a lot!

Kind regards

30/09/2017 14:43:38

* part 2 *

The bottom plate was made from MDF board, an elips was printed on paper and cut out...sherman_laroche_083.jpg

Then I used a jig saw and a small router to finish the plate.sherman_laroche_084.jpg

Sandpaper was used for the asphalt, the small hole is for the tree trunk.sherman_laroche_085.jpg

The sandpaper was glued with wood glue and clammed up.sherman_laroche_086.jpg

black primersherman_laroche_087.jpg

The edge is masked with Tamiya tapesherman_laroche_088.jpg

More masking and some grey tones were added with the airbrush.sherman_laroche_089.jpg

A little bit of weathering, then added some construction glue to glue the stone base to the asphalt.


At the moment this is the result,
some smaller detail might be added later (fallen leaves, small weathering...)sherman_laroche_091.jpg



Thanks for the input and reading!
Kind regards

30/09/2017 14:43:10

Thanks Steve!

I have been working on other projects lately but today I finished the tree for the small diorama, so I have an update...

The tree was made from iron wire, this technique is widely used on model railroads. You can find a good tutorial here : **LINK** (A tree in 1/35 is a lot larger of course.)


Here the tree was cut to size, about 29cm (11,4" high.sherman_laroche_034.jpg

I used basic hobby materials,
to cover the wire I made a mixture of wood glue and wood dust, this was brushed on to hide the wires.sherman_laroche_035.jpg

When it's cured it looks like some sort of resin.sherman_laroche_036.jpg

After that I've put on a few other layers to make the trunk thicker,
Then I added fibers and dust to give it some smaller branches, this way there is more area for the foliage.

Then I added black primer (spray can) and some brown paint.
The bottom was cut of with a grinder. (that loop was used to hang the tree)sherman_laroche_038.jpg

Here you can see the build-up of the trunk...sherman_laroche_039.jpg

Then foliage was added, this is a mix of materials, mainly chinese-ebay flocking.sherman_laroche_080.jpg


I painted the name 'AMBOY' onto the hull with a small brush.
First I made a print with the right size, the top font is made in a text editor, the lower font is a picture from the tank itself. I used it as a real-size reference while painting.

The rubber-band track problem was partly fixed by seeping in some glue behind the suspension parts, the track is very stiff, so I gently clammed the hole tank to my spray booth for about 24h...

* end of part 1 *

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