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Thread: Esci Partisans - a first attempt
13/11/2017 21:35:30

Hi Nick,

If this is your first shot at figure painting, then I really admire your work. thumbs up

One thing you may not have realised, is that you have set yourself a very difficult challenge. When we embark on our hobby, we assume we shouldn't waste our money on expensive kits that we will inevitably "muck up". However, more costly kits are often easier to build and paint because of their superior design and moulding. For instance, if you spend a few pounds on some after-market resin heads, from Hornet for example, you will find the sharper detail makes painting them easier, and the results better.

I don't intend in any way to detract from your progress so far - which is very good - but take this as a tip from one who has been there before! smiley

I look forward to following your progress with this build. It is not a scene I have seen depicted before and I think it will be a very appealing model.



Thread: Scale Model World, Telford
10/11/2017 15:08:46

I shall be there, gents.

I'm just waiting for the Good Lady Artist 'er Indoors to get back from the dentist and we shall be setting off southwards



Thread: 2017 Biplane Group Build (BiplaneGB17)
07/10/2017 12:12:22

Dave, I think we are certainly very fortunate with the range of tools and materials we have available to us these days.

I hope I'm no for than fashionably late with my entry, now finished.

The final steps are described here, and there are a lot more photos in my album.









Thread: De Havilland DH8.82A Tiger Moth (BiplaneGB17)
07/10/2017 12:06:12

Thanks for the comments chaps. I have been beavering away, and finished her on Monday, but haven't had time to edit and post the pictures until today. I hope that lets me sneak in under the finishing tape!

After masking up for the red, I sprayed Tamiya Red (X-7). I followed this up with a coat of Klear floor polish ready for the decals. The large letters were decals, each letter being an individual piece.


The decals, although old, responded well to micro set and micro sol. There were very matt, so needed more coats of Klear finished off with Testor's Gloss Coat. I then set about the rigging, using fine E Z Line. This stuff stretched to seven times its original length and sets well with super glue, so it's easy to use for rigging.


The easiest way to use it is to secure it at one end, and then stretch it and secure with tape so the loose end can be fixed and once the glue has gone off the tape can be removed.


And then, with a detail wash of 50:50 burnt umber : black oil paint, she is finished. I hope you like her and enjoyed the blog.








Thread: Looking for..........
29/09/2017 09:24:08

Hi Dave,

Grey Goose Collectables sell them in the UK, but you'd better sit down with a stiff drink before you look at the prices!!

As we say in Yorkshire.... "HOW MUCH?!!" smile o



Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
22/09/2017 20:09:53

Oh, I say, Jim!!

This is going to be a great finish.

Have a great holiday. I look forward to seeing this finished.



Thread: De Havilland DH8.82A Tiger Moth (BiplaneGB17)
22/09/2017 20:04:18

Thanks, chaps!

Sorry for the dearth of updates. My mojo has been good, and I've been doing some work on my parade of shame... some figures, a tank, and a larger project that I hope might become something of interest to Martyn.

Nevertheless, I've been chipping away at the Tiger Moth, and after priming it I inspected it against references and realised I had omitted the exhaust. I thought about forming this from some plastic, but then found some brass tubing.


I then had a think about what livery to use. The kit contains an option for an aircraft from the De Haviland Flying school (the model featured on the box artwork). Initially I wanted to use an aircraft from the RAF in either a mix of Dark Earth / Dark Green / Trainer Yellow or all Trainer Yellow. However, the more I looked at the De Haviland scheme, I realised two things. Firstly, it wasn't as complicated as it looked, and secondly, it looked good and would make an interesting contrast to other models in the cabinet.

So I decided to paint this aircraft in it's aluminium dope and red livery. I painted the aluminium with Alclad II White Aluminium, and masked it ready for some red paint.




Thread: Lighting
22/09/2017 19:45:37

Hi Darren,

I am another acolyte of the Triple Bright. It's not cheap, but it is a one off purchase and a tool you will use ALL THE TIME YOU ARE MODEL MAKING. I put that in capitals to emphasise the value a good light gives you. I've had one for 5 years or so, but I have not needed to change a bulb or anything.



Thread: Mr Muscle for Airbrushes
13/09/2017 18:00:18

John, what is a "pinch tip"? It's a term I have not come across before.



13/09/2017 09:55:51

Hi Jim,

Like Si I have been backflushing my Iwata for years with no problem.



Thread: Modeler Input Sought for New Colors to be Added
13/09/2017 09:53:25

Hi Martin.

I am not a ship modeller, so cannot help with your primary request, but I do have some suggestions for other colours which I think should be more easily available.

British WW2 AFV colours are very difficult to source. SCC2 and SCC 15 in particular. The latter is Olive Drab, but different to US Olive Drab in that it fades to a greener shade. A set of Olive drab with greener shades would be very helpful. Most Modellers seem to regard Mike Starmer's MAFVA notes as the most reliable sourse regarding British WW2 AFV colours.

Another difficult to source paint is PC10 for British WW1 Aircraft. This is a Dark Green that (according to Wingnut Wings' notes) fades to a brown, almost Khaki colour. So varying shades of PC10 would be very helpful as well.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful, and potentially commercially viable (particularly given the popularity of Brisyh AFV kits and Wingnut Wings' popularity)



Thread: Alfa Romeo Gtv
12/09/2017 20:05:57

Well thanks for looking in and your kind words, chaps! I hadn't expected such a good reception, that's for sure!

Yes Jim, it's Alfa, a mistake I made when I bought mine back in the day, a 159. A lovely car, and very beautiful, even if lacking in practical things like interior storage! They say you cannot be a real petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa. I loved mine, but it drove me nuts. I think any other Alfisti will know exactly what I mean!

teatea (no drinking and driving!)


Thread: De Havilland DH8.82A Tiger Moth (BiplaneGB17)
12/09/2017 20:01:27

Hi Gents!

Yes, Jim, the temptation of sun and fresh air does, I'm afraid, pull me away from the bench in the summer! But what can beat a cold beer with good friends? smile d I'd really recommend the putty. By far the best I've tried, including Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty, Squadron Green & White, Humbrol & Tamiya. Rhona and I will certainly be at Telford. I look forward to catching up with you!

Thank you Bobby. Aeroclub do a lot of interesting subjects, but I have a feeling they are no longer trading. I'm far from certain about this and hope I am wrong. Their kits do come up on eBay fairly frequently, and seem to be a mix of vac-formed and injected kits.

Richard, thank you. I have seen your 1/72 offering and it is, as ever, an exquisite model. You get more detail in a 1/72 kit than I manage in 1/48!! No option bu to add the tail bracings with this kit, they are moulded into the fuselage halves. I'd better double check my references before deciding on a livery.

Sjors & Steve, thanks for looking in - hopefully getting closer to the finish line now!

The sanding seemed to go OK. The dark lines are not a gap, they are residual paint from detailing the interior.



Of course the real test of your filling and sanding is when the primer goes on. I use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. I find it obscures detail less than car primer.



When it came to the white metal struts, I drilled generous holes in the wings (1mm) and fixed the first one by eye using slow curing super glue. I ten used the top wing as a template to align the others. Tricky, but after a bit of time and a lot of Anglo-Saxon, I got the job done.

Ready for paint now.



Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
09/09/2017 11:40:06

This is looking great, Jim. The pilot is very good and will complement the aeroplane very nicely. A coffee at Telford will be lovely. thumbs up



Thread: Alfa Romeo Gtv
09/09/2017 11:03:55

I have a close friend who has a connection with this car. He and his wife spent their honeymoon touring Europe in one. He recently celebrated his 50th birthday, and I thought a model of one would be a pleasing present. I've never built a car before, so I learnt an awful lot building this. The model could, and should, be better. However, my friend was pleased with it, and that is the most important thing.












Thread: Mr Muscle for Airbrushes
08/09/2017 18:56:57

Thanks Chas. I've heard stories about cleaning agents damaging the metal of the brush (which seems ludicrous to me since the cleaning fluid will be an organic compound and therefore unlikely to interact with metal), so I wanted to make sure that wasn't what you had found.



08/09/2017 17:48:05

Hi Steve.

During a session, between colours I flush the brush with thinners, of if I've been spraying a lot of paint, airbrush cleaner. At the end of the session I 3/4 fill the cup with airbrush cleaner, spray it through, remove the needle and give it a careful wipe, and block the nozzle to give it a "blow back" clean. Then I wipe around the cup with a tissue and cotton bud. Occasionally i strip the brush down (it's an Iwata HP-C with MAC valve), but usually only when I'm having issues with how the brush is painting, or if the needles isn't moving smoothly. If I do strip it down I use some airbrush cleaning brushes to give it a good clear out and then I take the opportunity to lubricate it with Iwata's silicone lubricant.

I have used an ultrasonic cleaner, but I'm not sure it got the brush much cleaner than my usual method. I don't leave thinners sitting in the brush, A lot will evaporate overnight anyway, leaving dried paint behind.

Chas, if you don't mind me asking, how did you find you were dmaging your brush - I'm always keen to learn from another modeller's experience!



Thread: Tamiya Tomcat
08/09/2017 12:24:24

That's a great looking model, Alun. Very eye catching and nicely presented. Thanks for a very interesting blog. i can't wait to start mine now!



Thread: A question of taste
08/09/2017 12:01:38

This is always an interesting debate.

I tend to take a fairly relaxed view about these things. My preferred subjects are Allied anyway, but I'm guided more by the kit than anything else. I have a model of Michael Wittman

But I only built that as the I had the Cyber Hobby "Wittman's Last Tiger" kit. If I build a Luftwaffe kit, I add the swastikas to the tail. I'm confident that people know me as a person who has no sympathy for the Nazis or indeed the far right in general (in fact, I'm a democratic socialist fwiw). However, I do not think that models of SS subjects, or with swastikas on them, are a threat to our democracy. I'm far more concerned about the EDL, BNP & Britain First than a modeller's choice of subject, or a historical re-enactor's choice of uniform.

With regard to dead and wounded troops, then context is all. I am planning a diorama set in the fall of Berlin. Part of it will feature wounded and dead soldiers. I think they will be an important part of the diorama, adding drama to the scene, and hopefully increasing its emotional impact and illustrating the horror of the last few days of the war.

I have seen the concentration camp figures used to great effect in a moving and thought provoking diorama, so once again - context is all.

As for coffins, I can see a number of scenes where they might add to the model's impact. Unhappy infantry marching up to the front, passing a truck with men unloading coffins is the obvious application.



Thread: 2017 Biplane Group Build (BiplaneGB17)
08/09/2017 10:15:04

I think that's a great finish, Tim. I don't think any of us are always 100% happy with our builds, as we get so close to them. But you should be easier on yourself - this is a fine looking model!

Mike, when I saw all those breeze blocks I thought your were building a huge jig for adding the top wing!! teeth 2 Good work on the Gladiator. It's whettign my appetite to start mine, but then I have so many things i'd like to get my teeth into!

More progress on the Tiger Moth.tiger_moth_006.jpg


All ready for sanding down. I used Mr White Putty. This is my favourite filler. It dries quite hard and sands down perfectly smooth. Hopefully with enough care over the seems, once primer is on I won't need to go back and refill.

Full build here.



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