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Thread: Forum Page in MilMod periodical
23/08/2017 11:29:32

Good morning Chaps,

I have to take responsibility for the lack of an AAGB article as I had promised one to Martyn but have been away on Exercise and then maxxed out at work. This is the first time I've logged in for one month exactly!

With some leave approaching I hope to get back into the swing of things and also hope to get some content to Martyn soon.

All the best everyone.


Thread: EBay sales
23/07/2017 20:48:26

Good evening chaps,

Karl, that's not really an issue as long as no member gets a rough deal.

The only time I've seen hackles raised a bit is when someone new joins the site and starts posting ebay links with their first postings. As a long time member I see no problem at all.

Best of luck.


Thread: Building Tamiya's Stringbag (BiplaneGB17)
22/07/2017 23:06:41

What a great story Bobby,

Ive heard tales of these things taking tremendous punishment.

Well you've all been very patient so it's about time we committed to plastic. I was thinking about our mate Timster and how he'd drag things out even further before the plastic gets touched but as I've got loads to get through, here we go...

Tamiya have made a wonderful job of this and part removal has been painless and I already have many parts prepared. A word of apology about some of the pictures... I took this away to Cranwell when i was on a course and some of the pictures were decidedly ropey as I'd taken them on my phone in bad light. I've retaken some of them with the camera and hopefully this will give you a good view of where I'm up to.

Stage 1 starts the cockpit assembly with the pilot's position

tam swordfish inst stg 1.jpg

tam swordfish stg 1 (1).jpg

tam swordfish stg 1 (2).jpg

Stage 2 continues the cockpit assembly.

tam swordfish inst stg 2.jpg

tam swordfish stg 2 (1).jpg

tam swordfish stg 2 (2).jpg

tam swordfish stg 2 (3).jpg

Stage 3 puts the top deck of the cockpit together.

tam swordfish inst stg 3.jpg

tam swordfish stg 3 (1).jpg

tam swordfish stg 3 (2).jpg

tam swordfish stg 3 (3).jpg

Lots of painting to do on these sections. More tomorrow.


Thread: Trying to trace stuff....
20/07/2017 23:17:28


Try The National Army Museum at Chelsea as a start point. I'm not certain where Army Records are kept now but they might be able to give you a bit of a steer, especially if you've got his Service Number.

Hope that helps.


Thread: 2017 Biplane Group Build (BiplaneGB17)
20/07/2017 22:31:25


Good evening all and thanks to you all for forming up in the Mess in such an orderly manner.

I haven't been idle, just away doing another course so I have been peeking in but unable to comment. Some MAGNIFICENT work going on, (I'll comment more over the weekend).

I have made a start to the Swordfish. Taking it away with me actually saved me a few quid in the bar. The pictures however, are on my phone and are not of the best quality, so I will get them downloaded and cleaned up and then hopefully post up progress tomorrow.

Chin Chin,

Andy C
Flt Lt
OC No.1 (MilMod) Sqn


Thread: Building Tamiya's Stringbag (BiplaneGB17)
20/07/2017 22:26:52


Good evening all and thanks for forming up in the Mess in an orderly manner. I haven't been idle, just away doing another course so taking this away actually saved me a few quid in the bar. I have made a start but the pictures are on my phone and are not of the best quality. Will get them downloaded and cleaned up and then hopefully post up progress tomorrow.

Chin Chin,

Andy C
Flt Lt
OC No.1 (MilMod) Sqn


Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
15/07/2017 18:46:06

Looking superb so far. Some nifty brasswork and crisp painting.thumbs up

I've always liked the DH2 but never thought i'd be brave enough to have a go at one. Watching with great interest.


Thread: Building Tamiya's Stringbag (BiplaneGB17)
15/07/2017 18:36:13

Fron centre seat in the confy chairs is yours Jim. Good to have you along

One of the schemes offered up is from the Bismarck hunt. I'm undecide yet as there is a colourful option too. We'll see...


15/07/2017 18:00:19

Good afternoon chaps.

With many of you well dug in to your builds and even a few finished, it's about time I got my finger out and made a start. Work has kept me on the back foot for a number of weeks but I'm away on a course for the next few nights so to prevent me spending a fortune in the Mess bar, I'll be taking this beauty away with me. Tamiya's wonderful Fairey Swordfish, colloquially known as the Stringbag.

tam swordfish boxart.jpg

I acquired this earlier this year from a mate and I've been itching to get on with it. As a whippersnapper I built a couple of the old Airfix Stringbags in 1/72 but this is a totally different beast.

More to follow soon. Hope you'll follow along and enjoy the show.

Chocks away!

Andy C
Flt Lt
OC No.1 (MilMod) Sqn


Thread: Boyng, boyngady, boyng, boyng...Doink! Aircraft down!
15/07/2017 17:51:55

Fantastic idea Ron and very convincingly carried off.thumbs upstar The black and white photos are superb.

Love it.heart


Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
10/07/2017 22:36:52

Amazing work as always Andythumbs upstar


Thread: Passchendaele
10/07/2017 22:14:45

A very evocative start Bobby.thumbs up

I'm in for this one.


Thread: 2017 Biplane Group Build (BiplaneGB17)
10/07/2017 22:13:27

Tell you what Dave,

That is a little cracker! Well done.thumbs up And congrats on being the first to land Grab yourself a G&T in the Mess before you go up again


09/07/2017 22:48:05

Good evening Chaps,

Tally Ho! With a bing and a bong and a buzz buzz buzz!face 23

I've just been through and commented on all your individual threads and am now starting my look through this great behemoth of a thread too. Thanks for the enthusiasm so far. Those of you that have started are all doing great.thumbs up

I'll just comment on those without individual threads until I catch up.

Mike, Normally I'd take a stern line with the defaultersangry 2 but as I may well find myself in similar hot water I think we may have to dispense with the jankers and look the other way a few timesdont know

Darren, great start on your 153thumbs up

Lee, maybe once the Jenny is done you'll feel more able to tackle the smaller scales.

Ron, thanks for spreading such good news... I can hear the cries of "Wibble" echoing around the forum already...crook

Steve, looks like we are going to have to keep you out of the sun old bean...face 22face 20

Bobby, Nice start.thumbs up

Ed, Great to see you. Permission granted old chap. Make sure the MO has your Air Medical Chit, pick your kite and crack onthumbs up

Marty, Now that would be something o

Ian, good to see you. If you decide not join in you can guard the Mess piano from Tonysmile p... and keep the Gs & Ts flowingcocktail

Tim, superb start. Loving the additions to the enginethumbs up

So I've managed to catch up this evening now. Hopefully I can get cracking later this week with mine.

Tally Ho Chaps.

Andy C
Flt Lt
OC No.1 (MilMod) Sqn

Thread: BiplaneGB17 Albatros D.111
09/07/2017 22:08:03


Fanastically speedy progress already. Liking the work in the officethumbs up.

You can count me in for this.


Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
09/07/2017 22:06:38


Marvellous news that you've decided to leave the ranks of the groundcrew and join the "Twenty Minuters"thumbs upface 20

A damned fine start there.thumbs up

I'll be following along with great interest.


Thread: The Camels Are Coming (BiplaneGB17) {ST}
09/07/2017 21:59:55

Another ST masterpiece in the making.

Great to see the scratching taking off on the first page. Superb stuffthumbs up.


Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
09/07/2017 21:58:35


Made it back from the middle of nowhere and would like to offer my moral support. Love the work you've done on the seat alreadythumbs up. It may be a daunting task you've set yourself but I bet you'll be able to sort it no problem at all.


Thread: Albatross D.Va (BiplaneGB17)
09/07/2017 21:55:54


A good startthumbs up. I'll join the front row if I may.


Thread: Polikarpov 1- 153 CHAIKA (BiplaneGB17) JR.
09/07/2017 21:55:44


Count me in too.

Will have to eep an eye out for the whippersnappers and their jolly japesface 20. The Chairman of the Mess Committee (CMC) will be none too impressed if they start goading on the likes of The Great Dillini to burn the Mess piano...


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