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Thread: STORM WARNING! Typhoon Inbound! (RAF100GB)
27/01/2018 20:35:27

Good afternoon lads,

With the Tempest II almost done, I've decided to try and finish this one for the GB too. Further work and photos later.


Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
27/01/2018 20:26:11

That's looking good Steve. Looking forward to the paint.

A little bit more done this afternoon...

mbox tempest ii (9).jpg

mbox tempest ii (10).jpg

mbox tempest ii (13).jpg

mbox tempest ii (14).jpg


Thread: RAF100GB STORM WARNING! Tempestuous times revisited
27/01/2018 20:11:32

Hi Jim,

Thanks very much. As you'll see below, it's back again.wink 2

I've added a few of the serial decals but I have to sort out some letters for them. Also I've done the panel lines in pencil and painted the navigation lights.

mbox tempest ii (7).jpg

mbox tempest ii (8).jpg

mbox tempest ii (9).jpg

mbox tempest ii (10).jpg

mbox tempest ii (11).jpg

mbox tempest ii (12).jpg

mbox tempest ii (13).jpg

mbox tempest ii (14).jpg

Hopefully more soon.


27/01/2018 17:51:52

Good evening chaps, I hope this finds everyone well.

Sjors, Steve, thanks for the kind words. I couldn't let this GB slip past me.

Got the Squadron markings on now so I just have to rummage about for some serial numbers. Here be pictures.

mbox tempest ii (1).jpg

mbox tempest ii (2).jpg

mbox tempest ii (3).jpg

mbox tempest ii (4).jpg

mbox tempest ii (5).jpg

mbox tempest ii (6).jpg


Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
27/01/2018 17:45:50

Good evening Chaps,

There are some fantastic builds going into this GB so well done to all.

I've been watching from the shadows and managed to get a little done on the Tempest as well. Got the Squadron markings on now so I just have to rummage about for some serial numbers. Here be pictures. More in the Tempest thread.

mbox tempest ii (1).jpg

mbox tempest ii (2).jpg

mbox tempest ii (6).jpg

Keep up the good work. Carry on Chaps!


Thread: Blimey, it's a crikey (RAF100GB)
17/01/2018 14:36:35


Count me in for this one definitelythumbs up


Thread: R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue Launch. (RAF100GB)
17/01/2018 14:23:02


You've got my attention right from the start.thumbs up Looking forward to this so best of luck with it.


Thread: RAF 100 Spitfire Float Plane (RAF100GB)
15/01/2018 14:20:26


Don't think I've said hello before, so welcome to MilMod.

A nice start and as the lads have said, don't talk yourself down, just enjoy what your doingthumbs up. Good to see an unusual variant as well.

Just to let you know as well I've moved the thread from General Modelling to Group Builds and edited the title to include the GB search term (RAF100GB). That way the thread will get picked up in GB searches far more easily. Don't worry about twin postings either. It often happens dependant on machine connection speed or mouse sensitivity; my record is six identical posts! I've deleted the other thread for you.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing this develop.face 23


Thread: Dragon 6901 DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H
15/01/2018 14:06:48

Alan, Welcome,

Good to see that you have had the typical MilMod warm welcome. As has been said, we have a truly inclusive and non-elitist policy here and the main mantra is that anyone who enjoys the hobby for what it is, is made to feel as part of the gang. Enjoy the Banter, get fully involved and you'll have a whale of a time.

Most of us consider ourselves average so don't worry too much about standards of finish in the early stages of your re-absorption into the hobby. If you're having fun then that's the main thing.

I'm another one who has a love/hate relationship with Dragon. Their T-34s and Panthers are wonderful but again instructions can be a bit of a pain. I have a few PzIII and IV variants in the stash awaiting the time when I can face the instructions again.

Looks like you're making good progress so best of luck with it.thumbs up


Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
15/01/2018 12:00:42

Superb work all round chaps! A brilliant range of subjects so well done to all.

I mentioned the Tempest that I propose to finish for this but realised I haven't posted anything, so here goes.

Matchbox' old Hawker Tempest II in 1/72. I'll be finishing it as a 54(f) Sqn kite from the Sqn's post war time at Chilbolton.

Tempest II 54(f)Sqn

Here is how she was left.

Tempest II decals (5)

Some decalling tonight I hope.

Andy beer

Edited By Andy Claesens on 15/01/2018 12:01:32

Thread: RAF100GB {ST}
15/01/2018 09:41:06

Good Morning Simon,

Despite the issues you're going well so far.

I'm definitely in for this one. We only had one of these on our Squadron in the early Eighties and it was a great little beast. Why not do it stripped down?


Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
12/01/2018 10:53:20

What Oh Chaps!

Have to say that I am thrilled with the levels of enthusiasm being shown for this GB.teeth 2thumbs up

I am hoping to get something done on the Tempest this weekend.

Well done John on a brilliant job so far...

Tally Ho!


Thread: Typhoon FGR4 ''GiNA'' (RAF100GB)
08/01/2018 12:00:11

Marvellous choice Fernando,thumbs up

Consider me counted as in! looking forward to this. Might even give me the required kick up the rear to finish one of my Typhoons.


Thread: Vickers Wellington (RAF100GB)
08/01/2018 11:57:09


Liking your choice as I'm a Wellington fan too. Best of luck with it. Can't see the images here at work so I'll look properly this evening.


PS Sorted the other thread for youwink 2

Thread: RAF100GB STORM WARNING! Tempestuous times revisited
08/01/2018 11:36:20

Many thanks Jim,

Difficult times have meant finding simple solutions. Hope you enjoy the show.


08/01/2018 11:35:07

Hi John and thanks.

At this stage however I may not be able to give the GB the attention that the forum membership deserves so if you're happy to continue that would be great. (I'll provide support wherever and whenever I can)


08/01/2018 10:04:08

Good Morning all,

Despite circumstances making mogelling and getting online difficult at the moment, I want to get as involved as I can with this GB. So with that in mind I thought i would try to keep things simple and revitalise an old build to actually get something finished.
My choices on the "Airfield of Ignominy" are many and various therefore I have elected to try to finish this lovely old Matchbox kit. The Tempest II (The original thread can be found here).

In theory, all I have left to do is a bit of detail painting and decalling. Fingers crossed I'll manage to get her done.

Chosen scheme is from my old mob, 54(f)Sqn

Tempest II 54(f)Sqn

This is how far I got and the start point for the recommencement of operations.

Tempest II decals (4)

Tempest II decals (5)

Hope you'll enjoy the show.


Thread: (RAF100GB) If it works on my pond Guy......
08/01/2018 08:57:43

Count me in too John,thumbs up

I went to school with Barnes' Grandson Humphrey and he was just as barking mad when it came to creating things that explodeddisgust... Different times they were; these days such activity would be met by unsociable visits by unmaked transit vans full of armed gentlemen...

Looking forward to seeing this develop.


Thread: British Armoured Car by RODEN No.734 in 1:72 (RAF100GB)
04/01/2018 14:06:48

Ahhhhh the fore runners to the RAF Regimentteeth 2. Per Ardua!

Marvellous choice Steve. I'll join John in the front row,(have to have a word with him about bringing sleeping bags into the public rooms of the Mess though....)

Looks a nice kit so best of luck with it. Any ideas on which scheme yet?



03/01/2018 11:48:25


I have set up an album for the RAF100 GB as well as unlocking the Engineering GB album too. ( I hadn't clicked the member upload box).

Click on the photos under my avatar.

I'll do my best to assist where I can.


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