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Thread: Photo etch and plastic - Grrrrrr
11/02/2018 12:20:57

I suspect that etch is often included in the mistaken(?) belief that it adds value to the model, something I'm not convinced of.

I always liked Tasca/Asuka's attitude to this; include both plastic and etch versions of things like lamp brush guards, and leave the customer to choose the option they prefer.

Instead we sometimes get a situation where we are forced to use the (potentially) inferior etch part, where plastic or resin might have been a better choice.


10/02/2018 16:29:49

That's nice work Steve, and a great example of what etch is good at.

My issue isn't with stuff like that, it's with the bits that need a rounded profile or compound curves, all things that etch is no goof for.

Simon Hammerton

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2018
06/02/2018 08:35:03

There is one rumbling around Cornwall with the box body converted into a go anywhere camper van.

Looks completely mad.


05/02/2018 22:43:35

Following my interest in engineering and support vehicles...


Investigation of the kit has me thinking of creating working hinges for the numerous lockers, as there's lots of very nice equipment hidden behind fixed doors once it's made. However the main roof of the box body will lift off easily when required.

A great deal of model for very modest money £26 from Veteranus Models in Ripon via their Facebook page.


Thread: Photo etch and plastic - Grrrrrr
29/01/2018 23:28:02
Posted by Dave Ward on 29/01/2018 13:07:05:


one of the advantages of living alone - I can keep anything I like, where I like! Difficulty is in not letting everything degenerate into one big model making bench (es).

PE is the ideal medium for grilles etc, but now a lot of makers seem to use it to 'cop out' of some difficult tooling - it being much cheaper to create PE than injection moulds. My pet hate is the PE being mandatory, not just being an alternative to moulded parts!!!


Couldn't agree more Dave

Other than flat 2-D items like grilles, brackets and hinges, I consider etch to be very limited in application.

If I use 50% of an aftermarket etch set I think I'm doing well, because all too often the etch is not as good as what you're going to remove.


29/01/2018 23:20:51
Posted by Jon Heptonstall 1 on 29/01/2018 16:36:42:

Simon's suggestion of using sheet styrene as an attachment sounds very useful.It could be used to replicate welded fittings.


Indeed I often use the pad in exactly that way if it's justified Jon.

I add a little extra poly cement to get the edges good and soft, the go in with the back of the tip of a #11 scalpel blade to texture the edge into a weld bead.

As I said this is Mr Zaloga's technique, he's mentioned it on numerous occasions and I have found it to be incredibly effective.

Even getting a good bond on Dragon Zimmerit, although I needed plastic sheet somewhat thicker than usual.


29/01/2018 09:10:03

Like some of the earlier postings there's a question as to whether the AM part is actually better than what's being removed, quite often it isn't.

I use Roket CA's in different viscosities, also solder when metal to metal is involved.

But here's a trick I knicked from Steve Zaloga for fixing etch to plastic

I attach small pads of thin styrene to the attachment points of the etch part with CA, these are trimmed to size when set. We now have a plastic to plastic joint.

By using a regular poly cement the styrene pad softens and acts like a gasket, moulding itself to the surface of the model. This is something that the etch part rarely does. Once the glue has set you have a very strong joint.


Thread: Water based filler
25/01/2018 08:05:11

Deluxe Materials are imported to the US by Horizon IIRC.

Also there's a new packaging for Perfect Plastic Putty in the shape of a soft metal tube with a screw-on nozzle. As has already been said this is a water-soluble putty, so is easy up.


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2018
24/01/2018 14:14:56

I paid £43 posted from Veteranus Models in Ripon via their Facebook page


24/01/2018 12:17:59

Arrived this morning

Something a little different


Thread: Paint Models with Ease
23/01/2018 08:49:22

Hi Martin

I have moved this thread to Trade Announcements


Thread: Casting & Moulding
11/01/2018 00:52:04

A superb SBS, ticks every box.

Thank you Mike for doing this.

If you ever think of doing this as a video presentation and want some pointers, drop me a PM.


Thread: Internet/Facebook Spots - 2018
10/01/2018 16:59:10

Actually it's not unusual to see Trumpeter kits reboxed as Hobby Boss and vice versa, depending on market territory.

Dragon used to do the same with their Cyber Hobby brand.


Thread: Casting & Moulding
09/01/2018 13:02:15

Excellent idea for a Blog, and something that I have been curious about for some time.

Definitely following this.


Thread: A 30 Challenger Mk.VIII Cruiser tank
09/01/2018 12:58:47

This is an unusual piece, definitely interested.


Thread: A great start to 2018 - A new kit of the Bergepanther
06/01/2018 13:35:33

If I was still doing WWII I'd be on this like a virus.

And kudos to Joe @Tiger for getting involved, I was in the same boat as Alan in wanting the Tiger conversion but put off by the financial involvement in the project.

This deserves to do well.


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
02/01/2018 12:51:09

In the spirit of the New Year I have started an Acquisitions thread for 2018.


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2018
02/01/2018 12:35:12

Greetings and Salutations Folks

By way of kickstarting the year's stash filling I thought I would get something up for this year.

Unusually for me I actually got something hobby-related in the form of the Haynes Manuals on the Centurion and Chieftain MBT's. I highly recommend them.


Thread: Internet/Facebook Spots - 2018
01/01/2018 13:51:18

I think this year will be a busy one for new stuff, and new manufacturers.


Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
30/12/2017 23:49:32

Making excellent progress.

Tracks are one of those things that I switch off from when I'm doing them, a couple of evenings in front of the TV is usually sufficient, even with multi-part links.

Looking forward to the next instalment.


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