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Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
23/04/2017 18:07:47
That's just wrong.

That looks great. Interesting how much German design is in these guns, especially the circular trunnions with the ammunition feeds inside. Very Flak 38/43

Thread: Spots on Facebook
23/04/2017 12:11:59
I have the Tiger Models version of this on its way.

I imagine that this will be stunning, but Trumpeter have got into the habit of making their kits unnecessarily complicated, and I'm having to think about kits that are more finger-friendly these days.

Thread: A new 1/35 M109A3 Van Shop...
21/04/2017 21:13:26

Definitely looking forward to this Robin

And as it's AFV Club, even more so.


Thread: Spots on Facebook
21/04/2017 11:38:48
I have just got the Miniart T-54-1 (1947), and counted 76 sprues of plastic.

Ok a couple only had a single moulded tow cable, but it's still an insane amount of plastic.

Thread: Useful advice for when using CA glue.
20/04/2017 22:40:07

Hi Jon

Basically I see two errors here

1. Doing it in the first place.

2. Letting us - or more specifically me - know about it.

Can anyone tell me if the Darwin Awards have a presentation ceremony?

Joking aside, you were very lucky. I have seen this get very nasty very quickly.

I worked with a guy who was a total liability, in addition to nearly choking on CA the madman managed to solder his eyelids shut.

Amazingly he survived both events with no permanent damage.


Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
20/04/2017 00:06:19
Lovely job Robin.

I think this set is a stunning bargain considering what you get.

Thread: Meng MkA Whippet British Medium Tank
18/04/2017 19:36:23
You see hardly anything of them peeking out from the bottom of the armoured sides.

Meng always give you very clear diagrams of which of the two styles of roadwheels go where, as they don't appear to follow a pattern.

18/04/2017 13:38:10

So a good session working on the running gear.

Everything went smoothly with just a couple of issues.

The sprue attachments on the drive sprockets are tricky to get a clean finish, but a fresh #11 Scalpel blade sorted things out.



One of the road wheel axles was broken off, but there's a circular rebate around the axle that locates the wheel just right.


Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
18/04/2017 12:40:28

Loving that Robin.

Are those the kit barrels? I was thinking of replacing them with turned brass, but they look great.

Plus the fact that seven barrels ain't cheap


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
18/04/2017 10:59:36

These today.


A very nice little set with loads of potential uses.


The one with the interior. A ridiculous amount of parts in the box.


Thread: Computer problem only with MM FORUM
18/04/2017 08:12:47

I'm going to message Martyn Chorlton and see if he can help.


Thread: Spots on Facebook
17/04/2017 22:46:27
I look after a couple of trading groups on Facebook and we forever get people asking silly money for built kits

I can only deduce that the term "Professionally Built" has taken a bit of a kicking recently.

Thread: Meng ZU-23/2 Light AA Gun (AAGB 17) SPH
17/04/2017 17:10:04
Thanks for the comments Gentlemen.

Scottie I must confess to being a Meng addict, I have over 50 of their kits and while they're not perfect they are very well made and beautifully presented.

For the money this four gun set is amazing value.

The only extras necessary are some Evergreen girders or other structural stock to make the mounting frames for the pickup beds.

The pickup kits that come with guns have mounting frames supplied, but these things are highly improvised in the real world so some artistic licence is acceptable.

17/04/2017 16:15:24

Welcome about guys.

I got a couple of hours in on this build this afternoon, enough time to make the gun assembly and mounting cradle. The mouldings are very fine with tiny sprue attachment points that clean up with almost zero effort.


The barrels themselves have very fine moulding lines, but so fine that they come away with just a light scrape with a scalpel blade. There are aftermarket barrels available, but unless you absolutely need to spend the money I'm not convinced they're necessary.

While the assembly dries, I think I'll put the ammunition boxes together.


Thread: Spots on Facebook
17/04/2017 16:04:43
That BMPT looks good

I have the Tiger Models version on order, it's a lot more expensive but comes with metal 30mm barrels, and what appear to be metal missiles.

It's a bit like the situation with the Meng and Tiger AMX-30B2's, the Tiger model is more money but comes with all the AM goodies as standard
Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
17/04/2017 11:15:47
I'm now flip-flopping about doing the Quad 14.5mm ZPU-4.

Of the four guns in the set this is the one that doesn't appear on pickup trucks as the cruciform platform is large compared to the others.

Also I have worked out a way of putting them together, and retrofitting the AM barrels down the road.

I'm also trying to make a working balance piston for the ZU-23/2. The kit gives you three options for gun elevation angles; horizontal, full elevation, and a position somewhere between the two extremes. You are then provided with three pistons which are set at different lengths of stroke. I'm not a fan of working bits on static models, but I feel guns and other pieces of active equipment are an exception as posing them in a scene is easier when you're not tied to limited options.

A quick nose through the box this morning has left me with more questions than answers, so I feel that I'm not done with the flipflop thing yet.

Thread: Computer reset Everything lost
17/04/2017 08:58:42

Hi Mike

You need to contact Martyn Chorlton, who took over the operation of the website after Robin decided to call it a day.

He's the only one with direct access to the tech support.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance.


Thread: Meng ZU-23/2 Light AA Gun (AAGB 17) SPH
16/04/2017 16:59:55

Although there are four guns in this excellent set, I'm concentrating on the ZU-23/2 twin autocannon.

These have been widely seen in Africa, and of course in the unfolding tragedies in Iraq and Syria.

I'll be interspersing work on this with work on the Meng Whippet.


16/04/2017 16:41:54

My entry for the AA Group Build

Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
16/04/2017 16:32:48

Usually I avoid Group Builds like the plague, but this one appeals and I have some stuff that might be interesting.


I think I have time to build one of them, most likely the ZU-23/2 as I am thinking of replacing the barrels on the 14.5mm KPVT Mg's, something that the 23mm doesn't really need.


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