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Thread: Bradley AMTV (or AMEV)
17/02/2017 01:18:11
The guy to have a chat with is Robert Skipper.

You might be able to contact him over on the Missing-Lynx site.

Fair warning he sells his image sets, but I paid about 14USD for several hundred images of the M2A3 Bradley BUSK

Thread: Anyone know where to find candlesticks, etc in 1/35 scale?
17/02/2017 01:12:04
I'm not saying that they definitely do them, but I suggest taking a look at Plus Models.

They do some unusual diorama materials, and I vaguely remember seeing banqueting stuff in 35th scale.

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
15/02/2017 13:01:42
Two more Gaz Tigers arrived, one early and one up-armoured.
I now have enough to open a dealership.

Thread: New M18 or M10 Diorama
15/02/2017 01:58:19
It would be worth researching how these TDs were used.

Obviously between actions you can put them wherever you want. But in combat I think they were hit and run ambush predators, especially the M18 with its high speed. Certainly with their thin armour they weren't getting into slugging matches with even a PzIV, never mind a Panther or a Tiger.

Thread: Spots on Facebook
14/02/2017 15:14:54
A very good point Marty
14/02/2017 09:24:22
The S-300V looks like something Gerry Anderson would have stuffed inside Thunderbird 2

Still want it though

Thread: The Tank Museum Model Expo
08/02/2017 17:52:49
Sadly I can't make it, too much happening on the home front still.

Thread: 1/35 Wokka Wokka from Trumpeter - British heli
07/02/2017 22:42:11
So sorry to hear about your pup mate - in my head they're always pups - I know it's hard, but it does get easier with time.

Thread: Are these supposed to be the same scale ????
06/02/2017 21:18:16

It wasn't that many years ago that Tamiya 35th scale figures were known as "pygmies" because of their relatively small stature.

Recent Tamiya offerings have been a massive improvement, although a lot are in fact ICM mouldings.

I have to say that the figures supplied with Tamiya's Elefant TD look closer to 1/48th than 35th scale, and ended up in the spares box.


Thread: Dora 1/35
05/02/2017 00:07:04
Hi Roger

Delighted to see this epic diorama back to life.

A project this big was never going to be a quick one, and time away from it was inevitable.

So welcome back to the forum Roger

Thread: An IDF AMX-13/75
03/02/2017 01:36:11
Ouch not nice John

I hope you feel better soon, everything else is irrelevant

Thread: Military Modelling Vol.47 Issue 2
01/02/2017 11:56:31
Downloaded mine a few days ago, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Excellent job Martyn and congratulations to you and the contributors.

Thread: Been away far too long
01/02/2017 11:53:58
Hi Woody

Great to see you back, and delighted that your wife is recovering.

Thread: after market tracks
31/01/2017 00:19:33
Thanks for jumping in on this Lee, things have been a bit nuts here.

As long as you follow the instructions you should always have an open end left to attach pads to.

Meng are currently on holiday but I have sent them an email discussing the situation.

People are allowing themselves to get freaked out by the seemingly intricate operation involved, when in fact it's not at all difficult.

30/01/2017 09:39:30

I think Meng need to put out a video on assembling their tracks, not because they're difficult - they're not BTW - but because everyone seems to react the same way to them.

I sit down in front of the TV and put them together over a couple of evenings - no fuss no worries - and they're done.

Part of the problem is that Meng like to offer working suspension and tracks, and this system works where a lot of the others don't.

Fruils aren't workable in the strictest sense of the word because the end connectors are fixed, and some are fixed at an angle to get round the sprockets and idlers.

An argument can be made for single length flexible tracks, but these are greeted with howls of outrage by people who say they aren't as detailed as indy links.

Sometimes you just can't win.


Thread: PE and glues
30/01/2017 09:00:44

Take a look on the Deluxe Materials website for how-to videos on using different glues and solvents.

Regarding the fixing of some types of etch, I offer an idea stolen from Steve Zaloga.

Where the etch part has small attachment tabs I superglue small pads of thin styrene sheet to the tabs, these are trimmed to shape when the superglue has dried.

You now have a surface which can be glued to the model with regular poly cements. This pad has an advantage of also being easier to conform to an uneven surface than a hard metal tab as the poly cement softens the pad, in effect turning it into a gasket.

I have found this especially effective when attaching etch to heavily cast armour, or if the tank has Zimmerit.

If putting a bend in straps, it's worth heating the parts with a lighter or candle flame until they are almost cherry red then leave to cool. This takes the spring out of the part.

For cleaning parts I use a glass fibre scratch pencil to gently abrade the contact surfaces. Take care not to breath in the dust as it's very dangerous in the lungs.


Thread: 1/35 Wokka Wokka from Trumpeter - British heli
30/01/2017 00:49:17
Hope the Pup recovers mate, mine is constantly reminding me just how tough they are.

Thread: Panzer iii burnt out question
29/01/2017 00:00:16

Hi Scott

That's looking very good.

Regarding the transit of the fire, I had a neighbour when I was a kid who was a former SS Tiger Commander. He told me that fuel system leaks were a constant problem in all the Panzers he had used, and when one was disabled you got out ASAP because it was a matter of when it caught fire.

Certainly all precautions were taken to avoid a fire starting, but wherever one started it apparently moved around very quickly.


Thread: Another new boy... with a query
28/01/2017 23:51:50

While an Airbrush is always a nice thing to have, I know too many great aircraft painters who have never used one to say that they're a must.

Assuming that you have decided to take the plunge, I would prioritise the Compressor over the Airbrush. Always get an air supply that delivers more air than you might think, in short avoid these little box Compressors that are often bundled as part of a deal. Get one with a decent reservoir tank if you can run to it.

Airbrushes are a very personal thing. I use Iwata, but Harder & Steenbeck, and Badger are popular choices.

The Chinese Airbrushes can be a minefield, identical looking brushes can come from different sources, one being very good while another can be utter rubbish. This means that a test drive is a good idea if you can arrange it. I'm not saying don't get one, just that they are a case of Buyer Beware.


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
28/01/2017 23:35:35

Rather quiet on the new arrivals front here in the Wild West.

But today these arrived



I did scare myself when I totted up the cost of the AM Barrels for the AA Gun Set.


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