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Thread: Need your help please
18/01/2017 13:02:41
I don't know how the Dutch build roofs on houses, but I suspected that they use lead or some other soft metal for their flashings.
A DIY store should have what you want.

17/01/2017 22:35:01

When I want a deform fenders I use pewter or lead sheet and burnish it over the kit fenders.

I then remove the sections I don't need and secure the foil sections in place. You can then distress the heck out of it.


Thread: Taking some time off
16/01/2017 08:29:11

Morning all

Well the boy has been doing very well following his op.

Today we're taking him in to have the staples removed from the operation, something that I suspect will not be a jolly experience for all concerned, but finger's crossed.

I think he'll just be glad to get out for a while.


Apologies for the orientation of the image, I'm on the run this morning and don't have the head space to sort it out.


Thread: Happy to be a part of the group! (Introducing Myself)
13/01/2017 17:03:10

Hi Josh

Welcome aboard


Thread: Hello-avid militaryvehicles fan :)
13/01/2017 17:00:29

Hi Chris and Lily

Welcome to the Site

I have moved this to the Trade Announcements Forum, as you are offering a service.

I wish you every success.


Thread: Who remembers these?
12/01/2017 00:52:16

My Dad was Construction Manager on the film

I ended up with the Prop Master of the Demoiselle, an utterly beautiful thing. Sadly it was destroyed by a particularly obnoxious nephew if memory serves me right.

I was very young at the time of the filming, but I remember having tea with Benny Hill and the wonderfully bonkers Gerd Frohm.


Thread: Fng
12/01/2017 00:47:31

Hi Jarrod

Welcome to the site, as you've probably noticed we have something for everyone here.


Thread: mengs latest annoucement
11/01/2017 13:46:43
With so many Bundeswehr AFVs available these will be popular, although it would have been better to have boxed sets of either Europe or Afghanistan.

I have several Bundeswehr vehicles, but only one is destined for Afghanistan so I can see myself ending up with several unused figures on the way to populating all the others.

I'm still getting at least a couple of sets though.

Thread: Spots on Facebook
11/01/2017 13:39:36
This one is quite an important vehicle in its own little way.

I definitely want one of these.

Thread: Old guy returning
09/01/2017 18:33:10
Good to see you back.

Thread: I've changed my avatar again
09/01/2017 18:32:08
Cute pups.

Thread: Lynn Sangster has passed away
09/01/2017 18:31:00
RIP to a true Gentleman

Thread: Amusing Hobby Website
06/01/2017 15:10:13
Hobby Easy in HK do the Neubaufahrzeug for about ?40 posted.

It's where I got mine from and have never had a problem with them.

Thread: The Tank Museum Model Expo
06/01/2017 15:05:32

My mob (IPMS West Cornwall) are going to be there, as will I if my life gets back to normal by then.


Thread: Amusing Hobby Website
06/01/2017 14:54:49

I loved their Neubaufahrzeug, and definitely want the Conqueror.


Thread: Taking some time off
05/01/2017 09:04:58

A very brief update

They haven't found any secondary cancers with Stan, so he's having his leg removed today. It sounds extreme but is really the best thing for him, and he has been getting around without using the damaged leg very well.

Unfortunately that's where the good news ends, my Father in law is in serious decline so will be dealing with that for the next few months.

However I will be around so behave yourselves.


Thread: mengs latest annoucement
03/01/2017 13:53:22
I know RFM are doing the ABV, so possibly

Thread: Farewell old Friend
03/01/2017 13:49:59
Very cute.

If you need any pointers, take a look at my Partner's website.

Thread: Selling complete collection due to health problems...
03/01/2017 10:00:16

Hi Dennis

First of all my sympathies for your Uncle's condition.

Regarding your Uncle's collection, I would suggest getting in touch with any local hobby stores, or model clubs if you're looking to get rid of these items.

As a rule a hobby store will buy the collection for roughly 2/3 the price they will sell them for. As a lot of the kits are quite old I wouldn't attempt to value them, but maybe one of the others could give you a steer.


Thread: mengs latest annoucement
03/01/2017 09:47:20

They are also talking about a Mine Clearance vehicle based on the T-72 / T-90 chassis.

However it's possible that they might put a hold on these models, depending on what other companies such as Trumpeter are doing.

Very much a case of

"To be continued"


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