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Thread: Tiger Evolution
18/08/2017 17:26:54

nObby - go on then amigo - use my Avatar like you did before. Also - did you ever finish that Wirbelwind before you dropped off the face of the earth in 2008? If you did - show it to me!!!

This is what I love about Tiger Evolution; 24 hours on and the Evolution gets another 1,500 hits without even seeing plastic. That's amazing. Just wait until I get the AB out. I'm gobsmacked - thanks for your input guys, we'll crank the volume of this blog up to 11.


Bill X

Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
18/08/2017 17:23:24

Hi Steve; there will be magic and there will be nonsense. You’ll be part of the success of this build – I need you all to heave-ho and put the wind under my wings to get this whole thang back on track. Nonsense, jive and blather is what’s called for.

Peter! Mon Ami – great to have you around. I’ve got one box, two kits off the sprue (no tools on an aeroplane), two Boots sanding sticks, TETC, cocktail sticks, a tiny tube of Loctite Superglue, one bottle top, two bowls, several ziplock bags, I’ve posted two scalpel blades to myself and I have a tub of Tippex. That’s my desert island shizzle. I have missed all of you. I raise a glass of Erdinger to you, each and every one of you mad moggellers.

Jimbo! My Shropshire lad. Yup; two teeny Tigers, after two teeny Panzers. It’ll be therapeutic. We must meet; I live in Shropshire now. Weird thing – I don’t need an Optivisor, but my hands shake more than they used to. How odd. Maybe it’s the double espressos.

Bobby – nice to have you around. Tweezers – I am really tempted to sneak a pair into my suitcase, but am worried I’ll get busted at the border…here’s hoping I don't get tempted to take them.

Durk; lovely to see you. What happened to those lovely figures you were assembling & painting (the injured Landser with a medic?) I’d love to see the finished article. Durk; I don’t undertand what an M10 is – is it a tractor or a car? Sometimes people talk at me about ‘Spitfires’ and ‘Mustangs’. I often wonder why they are talking about sports cars when we are at a military modelling show. Maybe it’s beer. Mind you, I have a small span of attention and a very narrow mind. Great to see you pal.

Ok Men – its fab to see you. Lovely to be back and in the fold. The more comments, the more fun, let’s get this blog going. I’ll post some pics ASAP.

Bill X

Thread: Tiger Evolution
18/08/2017 13:55:06

nObbler - could you do that funny thing with my head on my profile picture please? I've always loved it. Bill x

18/08/2017 06:48:45

I still can't believe it's you nObby. It's lovely to see you old friend.

Si - it's a privilege to have you around. Thanks - sooner or later there going to be PAINT!!!

Bill x

Thread: Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit
18/08/2017 06:46:19

If you were on a desert island and were travelling light - what gear would you put in your satchel to moggle?

18/08/2017 06:44:55

Coolio x

18/08/2017 06:44:34

I'll be using Tamiya sheet Zimmerit;


18/08/2017 06:43:54

This is the Tamiya 'poster';


18/08/2017 06:42:33

Hi Guys

Getting back into the saddle I have decided to start my comeback with a brace of Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf H in 1/48; simple and hopefully enjoyable. These two kits will probably be the first go go to the paint shop as I'm not making any fuss with PE, but if I can work out alu barrels with minimal equipment I will do. I have some Tamiya crew figures and will probably make a little interactive between the two.

So, buckle up and stick around, this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Once I've built these I'll do a similar process with a Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I (early) and Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I (late) and then I'll build the Wittmann command Tiger and then get the AB out.

It's been a long journey and I'm looking forward to having my moggelling mates with me and getting back into the groove.



Thread: Tiger Evolution
17/08/2017 22:45:38

Steve - it is going to be great - the come-back kid comes back AGAIN!

Cheers lads!


17/08/2017 22:45:00

Richard - we are going to have a whole lot of Tiger fun!


17/08/2017 22:42:53

Funny thing is Jimbo; I didn't see that. I must be psychic. At long last I have some upcoming bench-time and I plan to put it to good use. Yee-hah!


17/08/2017 22:40:08

nObby! Great to see you, sorry to see you've still got that rash on your forehead. Mind you, I always did fancy one of those head-warmers...stick around - you'll learn something.

Bill X

17/08/2017 22:39:04

Hey Wouts - great to see you. Just you wait; it'll be great fun. First off I'm going to build some simple (nearly) OOB 1/48 scale Tigers, then get back to the Wittmann command Tiger with Zimmerit and then I will paint all the built Panzers (subject to some repairs).

After that, clear the decks take a deep breath and kick off on the Panzer trail and some more Tigers for the Evolution.

Yay! Cheers matey.


15/08/2017 15:50:44

Ok, I am as rusty as hell, but I'm getting back ink the saddle - soon hang tight, we'll get this baby cranked up as soon as damnit.

Hope UR all well. I sure am looking forward to catching up with the Panzer Werkstätte fans.


Thread: reducing my time to the hobby!!!!
30/06/2017 09:04:59

Hi Mark

Are the two Takahashi 1/35 German tank crew figures sold yet? If not I'll go for those.


Thread: Heavy Metal in Tunisia: A Tiger Story
11/06/2017 14:24:01

Nice work Chris - get that weathering done!


06/04/2017 19:36:37

No worries Christos - I'm fine thanks for asking.

Can't say I'm surprised about Wouter & Yamamoto; all the best tank-freaks have a nautical hankering from time to time. Mind you, some of us are able to actually suppress those ideas. I even dreamt of doing a U-boat once.



05/04/2017 14:36:31

Great work Chris. Nice to see some paint on a well detailed Tiger...

I hope you are well (and PS "Hi Wouts").



Edited By Moggeller, PhD on 05/04/2017 14:36:48

Thread: New figures from Alpine Miniatures - Feb 2017
05/02/2017 01:11:44

Hi Taesung

Those Panzer crew figures look great.


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