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Thread: SS Tanker
19/02/2018 23:22:55

Chris that advise will really helps in my planning thank you sir.

John I think I will sit beside you and have them explain it to me as well .smiley

I only got a few colors on tonight but the general face color is on and some shadows are in place. I need to soften the black around the eyes but not much as I like there looks.





18/02/2018 19:48:13

Steve , I hope your right on the filters. sorry I have not posted lately but I have been down with the flu and its hard to paint from the bed or the restroom. I will be painting tonight as I feel some better so updates will be tomorrow gents.


Thread: 1/16 Fallschirmjager, Eben Emael
13/02/2018 14:38:15

Peter once again I very nice start to this figure. really enjoy your work and look forward to seeing this come together.


Thread: Navy Seal 2005
09/02/2018 22:50:28

Steve thank you for the kind words. the badge is the Officers badge . I really don't know if this is the one they do that to . I would guess (only a guess ) is they would do that to the actual seal badge but I have no clue


Thread: SS Tanker
09/02/2018 22:24:44

Peter I think I will take a break away from the camo pattern for awhile I think that if this doesn't turn out I can always soak it and repaint him in panzer black lol. Anyway I keep on going and so far this doesn't look to bad (I think) but like you said it seems to take the final results for it to come together. here are the updated photos.




09/02/2018 01:02:37

            Been a long few days at work but I finally got some paint on this bust. I must say anyone who does not go crazy trying to paint this pattern my hats off to you . I am literally losing my mind on this . im thinking that once the under colors are in place it will go smoother but until then man oh man what was I thinking lol . ok enough of my rant smiley

I only have the 3 main colors applied to the jacket and have not done the sleeves. but once I get everything painted I will high light and shadow it before I start the dots (peas) .

So here are a couple photos.




Edited By Rick Edens on 09/02/2018 01:04:49

07/02/2018 03:01:26

Peter            I think i'm ready to tackle the camo . I found this image of three pea patterns and I am taking your advise I will go with the greener version. thanks for the insight. The 1st picture and the second pattern is what I think you are saying as the greener version.

Jimbo           there is a lot less equipment on this one so I don't think I will drive myself crazy with the equipment .

Steve           glad you like my choice of busts I really like the worn hat and the way it droops (like he has smashed it with his headset ). but the flare gun I might leave off . looks nice but is it practical to have it there and how is it attached to him.

Slapping some paint tonight so should have pictures tomorrow.




Edited By Rick Edens on 07/02/2018 03:02:14

06/02/2018 04:48:54

Well gentlemen I have decided to do another tanker from WWII . It will be a German SS Tanker with the pea pattern camo. I have painted 2 camo patterns in my last two busts and to be honest it has slowed my painting down and I really think it has help my work. So I will try my hand at this one. Its a 1/10 bust from young miniatures. I will be painting this all in acrylics. have not cleaned and primer it yet but will start this bust tomorrow. There are several different pea patterns it seems so I will decide that as well.







Thread: Navy Seal 2005
05/02/2018 21:40:50

So gentlemen I am calling this one finished I painted the base with krylon spackled aerosol can. it turned out very well and I think I may end up doing that to most my bases. Now on to my next project.

thanks for all your kind comments gentlemen.



05/02/2018 06:12:29

Richard                  thank you sir im glad you liked it. it was very fun to do and I wish I would have painted this when I got it awhile back lol.

Jimbo                     I told a buddy the other day I thought this was my best over all bust done. sometimes I did a good face with bad other stuff then visa versa.

John.                      I was worried the equipment was going to be a lot of the model and was gonna take some doing to blend it all in. to my surprise it did and im very pleased with the outcome. thank you for liking it sir.



Edited By Rick Edens on 05/02/2018 06:13:00

03/02/2018 08:20:28

I Have just finished the weapon and sling I may go back and do a little more detail on the magazine and sling but the placement and overall effect is done.






02/02/2018 12:23:45

Right before I left for work the mailman delivered my reedees miniatures M-4 . So when I got home to tore into it and cleaned it up and put it together, I also decided to add a silencer to it as the picture I based all my work on had one. he also had a flashlight on the side and im working on making one of them as well. the only thing I have changed is due to the headset being on the right side (I did not expect to buy the M-4 so the headset is glued ). so I made the choice to turn the gun around and make him left handed. here are the photos so far for the weapon.





02/02/2018 12:13:07

Gregory, you in no way annoyed me with your comments. I try to make the most accurate model I can. I miss sometihngs and im glad guys like you help out with making the corrections. So no worries here and if in the future you see something I have missed please feel free to give me a shout .

Chris, thank you for your comments.



Edited By Rick Edens on 02/02/2018 12:14:11

Thread: Show us your workbench
29/01/2018 02:50:27

Well gents I will cast my workbench here as well it is normally more busy . Like Spanner said caught me on a tidy day. The strips on the walls is because it was my sons old room and he was a New York Yankee fan.sad



Thread: No i have not vanished again
28/01/2018 15:05:33

BOB,    I have lost parts to the carpet monster and searched to no luck. that is until my wife said use your shop vac ( I said you crazy it will break them) she left my room came back with an old pantyhose she placed it over the end of the hose and within 5 minutes I found all three parts. It sucked them up into the hose and saved them from going into the vacuum.  you might give that a try sir.

also hope you are feeling better.


Edited By Rick Edens on 28/01/2018 15:07:29

Thread: Navy Seal 2005
27/01/2018 23:02:21

Thank you John for the nice words I think I will always struggle with the face contrast until I get the set order down and paint consistently the same way. I decided to repaint the smoke grenade to get it correct and here is the end results on that repaint.





Thread: Casting & Moulding
27/01/2018 14:41:02

MIKE Excellent SBS I have always wanted to cast some 1/9 heads (as I paint busts ) so I could have some practice heads to try new ways of painting. My question is if I make the neck hole the pour hole can I also go off the neck hole to make the air holes? any ideas on how to successfully cast heads would be greatly helpful.


Thread: Navy Seal 2005
27/01/2018 14:19:43

Gregory,    thank you for the photos I have corrected them once again and will post more pictures when the rifle gets here and I get it painted and placed.

Steve.       very flattering words thank you for liking my work. I was not sure of the outcome at the beginning but it came out way better than I could ever expected.


Edited By Rick Edens on 27/01/2018 14:20:18

23/01/2018 20:25:19

Gregory thank you for your insight. . I always try to correct the mistakes I have been made aware of. thank you again.

I based my grenade on a few pictures I seen . I have fixed the grenade and it is time to place the headset back on and wait for the M-4 .






23/01/2018 04:08:26

Jimbo, John thank you for your kind words I have been working hard to get better and glad it is noticed

as soon as the weapon get here I will be posting more photos


Edited By Rick Edens on 23/01/2018 04:08:47

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