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Thread: Back Again!
23/06/2015 01:12:44

NIce one Simon cheeky
Im sure he meant it DJwink 2
Great to see your post 'ole buddy


Edited By Adam Kuller on 23/06/2015 01:14:18

Thread: RAM OP
22/06/2015 01:33:49

That pic gives us a nice idea of the final look Mark.
---and very nice yesyes really like this one


Thread: Otter Mk.1 (Anyone welcome)
22/06/2015 01:25:44

Nice work on that interior bulkhead Griff yesyes
Building those tiny hatch arms is not easy---well done man


Thread: Alpine Miniatures 1/16th scale MG 42 Team, Cherkassy Pocket.
05/06/2015 06:06:46

SKI ! Hey bro---great to see you over here !
Sorry,haven't had a scrap of time for the (other list) in a while
Welcome to MM beersmile

Carlos, brother, Love this one---lookin ideal


Thread: Alpine Miniatures New figures
03/06/2015 01:46:17

More great stuff--fantastic!
I like that Frenchman especially too

Edited By Adam Kuller on 03/06/2015 01:46:37

Thread: Ramcke Brigade in Libya 1942
03/06/2015 01:43:53
Posted by jimbo on 02/06/2015 21:23:56:

Hi Lieven

Your figures are some of the best I have seen. Beautiful, inspiring work.


I think you're right, Jim---I think
I've told Leiven the same thing before.wink 2

Thread: Bedford QLR Wireless Truck
28/05/2015 00:57:36

Gaz--more of the same from mesmilethumbs up
Positive re-enforcement to you're modelling hand
You have to knack with building detail to look not cluttered but not simple
just right--Love that interior


Thread: Otter Mk.1 (Anyone welcome)
24/05/2015 04:01:32
Posted by Griff Morgan-Jones on 23/05/2015 13:44:28:

I am going to try and resolve the wheels problem with some Everbuild Superglue Solvent De Bonder.

Edited By Griff Morgan-Jones on 23/05/2015 13:49:07

Griff that's an essential mistake as you know. Great idea to reach for the de-bonder when these things happen, it really can be a good feeling once these things are rectified.

While you're right that the kit instructions don't explicitly tell you which hubs are front or back, any look at any reference pic will have it sorted out for you. The kit-maker figures if you have 2 types you would know to check and not guess.

On a high-detail build as you're doing, I would never recommend permanently attaching the wheels prior to paint. I know I showed mine with them fitted---but just for pics :

"I have assembled the rest of the chassis and most of the running gear too. The kit wheels are held on for photos with a bit of clay."



24/05/2015 03:51:09
Posted by Griff Morgan-Jones on 23/05/2015 21:25:27:

The Force is not with me today..... my fourth sodding attempt to get the flanges on. I have success at spotting with Superglue and then I flux and get the solder into the seam with no problem. The real issue is when you come to tidy up and take it a bit too far with the abrasion.

I had to anneal the brass to get it to shape, I used one of my foam sanding sticks and a blade handle to round.

* Why didnt Mirror just let you bend the shape rather than have this in three separate bits (moan!)


Yeah, this was maybe the largest challenge in the kit. Funny as a lot of people feared shaping the brass for the turret 'cone', and that turns out to be fairly easy. Joining those side lips was tuffer and I had a bad time with it, as you read on page 7 of my blog.
I'd toss those parts you're showing and cut some spares from the scrap brass. Xuron PE shears work great for it.
A fresh peice of material with give you a new lease on soldering.(and sand all that solder of the cone with 320grit or so)(and use less solder.--
Personally I've never got through any of these kits without some re-do's




Edited By Adam Kuller on 24/05/2015 04:03:05

Thread: Flak Truck Mercedes L4500A 3.7cm Armoured Cab
17/05/2015 21:05:36

Hi Ron
Maddeningly beautiful & thorough blogging and wow-o what a model as usual with you teeth 2 Always a pleasure to catch up on your bench-happenings---good to see you going strong----
Top inspiration for me as I've got to add lines for my D-7 engine (a lot of it seen) & I have no where as much patience for getting it all quite so ---but I do have references so must try
anyways your example causes me to take breathe (then execute) thanks!

Adam K

Thread: U.S.Caterpiller D-7 Bulldozer
17/05/2015 20:49:18

Hi Jim smile d
I guess that's sort of basic stuff, right? I mean manipulating and managing the styrene, solvent and pressure applied. Honestly I still find that to be some of the tuffest things to get right. Some parts just seem to want to slide off the mark no matter what. Sometimes I wish I'd started with C/A and not bothered to 'weld' the parts (sometimes its a good idea actually ! )

Thread: Bedford QLR Wireless Truck
17/05/2015 20:43:56

Hi Gaz,
I'm very interested to see how this IBG kit goes together.
The parts look terrific as they come (beautiful sprue pics btw)


Thread: Sean's 1/35 Jagdpanther...
17/05/2015 20:38:21

This one looks quite great Sean !
Wow, really captured the whole package in the pics
-thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

well done

Thread: U.S.Caterpiller D-7 Bulldozer
16/05/2015 09:34:39

Just a small update with the next few steps---



each step being a sub-assembly of a number of parts---and though they go together well, I find I really have to make a join and leave it to really dry, then pick it up later and continue. None of It had me feeling like it would come off right if I was moving rapidly.


There's a note in the instructions about not using the hexagonal blanking plate at the transmission's rear, at least, unless you are building the basic crawler. (Also in case of the Crawler, the 3 large holes on either side of the chassis arms need filling.



The instructions warn to fully seat the engine assembly to the rear when adding to the chassis/trans---but the design is such that there may be a vacuume issue when the gluing is curing, the assembly wants to push away from its rightful spot. I shaved the connection points a bit to loosen the fit some..


The radiator is 4 separate parts. It goes on next, then the cowl.
I'm about ready to test fit that bodywork, but it looks like first I'll need to ream the holes that the smokestacks occupy .
This kit seems really nice to build, bit I wouldn't try doing it in a big hurry

Having a good time with this build--I wish I had more time to focus on modelling & blogging, but I just haven't, really all year

Thanks for reading along and see you guys soon!



Edited By Adam Kuller on 16/05/2015 09:38:22

Thread: What would you like to see in a blog?
16/05/2015 08:22:46

What would you like to see in a blog?

  • Good, clear, decent photos (Buddy, you said it. It maybe shouldn't be so important, but if you dont have pics that read well you are going to lose a lot of people. I know If someone doesn't take the time to light and frame their shots I'm not likely to follow
  • Step-by-step photo and caption production from planning to final touches (if possible), including every scrap of advice your build informs you of, and interesting points from your subject research (particular to the kit or variant )
  • Include observations about how the subject compares to the kit.
  • Discuss your choices for adding or omitting details.
  • Start discussions about how to meet challenges.
  • Share any errors you may have found with the kit or instructions.
  • Mainly stay on topic -but-Be open to having a laugh.

OK. sounds like a lot of work I know. Explains part of why my blogging has slowed down a lot.



Edited By Adam Kuller on 16/05/2015 08:29:26

Thread: Otter Mk.1 (Anyone welcome)
14/05/2015 05:53:04

Hey Griff I think we're all on the intermediate spectrum hereteeth 2 I have yet to feel like I've really lived up to the full potential accuracy on any Mirror/LZ kit I've built yet. There is just always room for improvement as far as I'm concerned. That said, there's no hotbed for growth than having your own blog going, so great startthumbs up When I built my Otter, I'd just finished the C15TA, where I really had to show the interior, so seemed fair to avoid it with the Otter
Great ambition doing a full scratch interior on yours--I'll look forward to your continuing updates

Thread: Wusty Wobot - pcc
14/05/2015 05:38:38

So cool !
Im following ole buddy


Thread: Alpine Miniatures 1/16th scale MG 42 Team, Cherkassy Pocket.
14/05/2015 05:37:15

Heyya Carloso - lookin amazing my man. Love the game-plan on this
Looks to me like you'll have tied together that (floor) leaf & garment leaf pattern in a perfect way to get the most out of viewing your (lovely) whites face 1teaso on its bonkers


Thread: Otter MkI Recce Car
14/05/2015 04:34:45


Griff~ Early on with Forums, I tried to do things my own way too, I don't fault you any. Fact is some of what I learned here at MM was managing all the great pathways to modeller-fulfillment. One thing I like to do is link my threads together, so someone following my stuff might have a link to my next one, or related one, as there's no way to find (all builds by a given modeller) other than their albums (if the pics at stored here)
I'll look forward to following your build progress

14/05/2015 04:33:28

JIm ~that is so warm and thoughtful.
Thank you my friend. A real pleasure having you theresmilethumbs up


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