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Member postings for Andrew Belsey 2

Here is a list of all the postings Andrew Belsey 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Luftwaffe Field Division Machine Gunner
24/06/2017 21:18:14

Great Camo Peter! and that head looks really good too.

Andy B

Thread: WWI trench
24/06/2017 21:15:23


Andy B

Thread: 1/72 Zvezda British Bofors 40mm AA gun (AAGB17)
24/06/2017 21:13:16


It looks great! You've got to be pleased with that!

Andy B

Thread: Tommy`s War 1/10th Corporal bust.
24/06/2017 21:11:13

He's looking excellent John!

Andy B

Thread: Out numbered
24/06/2017 21:10:30

Excellent Joe.

Andy B

Thread: Quarry Engineers (EngineerGB17)
22/06/2017 13:36:59


I'm pleased to see that you are carrying this one through. I always thought it would make a lovely little diorama.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
22/06/2017 13:34:50

Peter and John. Thanks for your company and encouragement.

Mike. It still surprises me that someone of our talents likes my work - I guess I just don't appreciate what I do well. I look forward to meeting you later in the year and am excited to see what you do with my Kiwi shaving guy.

Peter mentioned that there is another article in this month's magazine. This one concentrates mainly on creating groundwork, but features my German trench, reversed trench and improved shellhole. The images below are from my trip into Andy Robertshaw's trench, but a lot of this article speaks about German construction.


Thread: (AAGB17) Sdkfz.7/1 quad Flak38 {ST}
22/06/2017 13:22:02

I love the padlocks Simon!

Andy B

Thread: 120mm Volkssturm Vignette
22/06/2017 13:20:23


Two more super figures. I look forward to seeing them on the base together - which at your speed may have already happened!

Andy B

20/06/2017 22:07:53

The pipe on your first figure looks really good as so does the Tiburzy head.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
20/06/2017 20:45:11

I put my Poilu in his trench today. A bit rough, but I've had enough of him. Hopefully my next one will be building on what I've learnt again doing this one.



19/06/2017 21:10:43

Andy, Jim and John.

Thanks for making the time to comment. I am trying to educate rather than promote war. As a Christian, I struggle as to why I am interested in death, misery and mutilation - war. I had a few years when I didn't do any military modelling and tried trains. I gave up when the interest didn't go away!

I have been working on the Poilu's face, but having seen Mike Butler's work up close, my ability just frustrates me, especially since my eyes have aged. I'll post a photo when I put him in the base but not close ups!

Thread: 1/72 Zvezda British Bofors 40mm AA gun (AAGB17)
19/06/2017 10:19:44

Hey Jim,

Please excuse me for my late arrival! Your diorama is looking great and you've done a good job with the sandbags. I'm glad to be of help there and will be cheering you on now that I've spotted this!! (Andy C is the expert on 1:1 sandbags - having laid quite a number!)

Andy B

Thread: WWI trench
19/06/2017 09:17:04


Casting can be great fun. Your diorama is coming on really well and I'm watching for inspiration. I want to make some lamps for my dugout too, with LEDs behind.

Andy B

Thread: Tommy`s War 1/10th Corporal bust.
19/06/2017 09:13:54


He's looking great!

You're encouraging me to have another bash at figure painting, which I struggle with.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
19/06/2017 08:53:44

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, my mojo is pretty flat since seeing so many graves in Flanders. I have tinkered with my Poilu a little.

My latest base is released by Tommy's War. It's a little larger than the previous set to accommodate at least 2 figures. Nino has sculpted 2 trench raiders for it and also a German Stormtrooper (optional heads). The base has an optional end which make it more adaptable.




This is the trench raid diorama painted by Ernesto Reyes. A nasty topic, the tension is captured well by Nino and the darkness well by Ernesto.



I hope that these sell well for Darren.

Thread: Alpine minis Gebirgsjaeger 1/16.
17/06/2017 15:46:56

Very nicely done David! I missed this first time round somehow?

Andy B

Thread: Tamiya 1/16 DAK Tank Crewman
09/06/2017 21:21:25


The new legs look better than the first ones, so it turned out OK in the end. The neighbours don't mind when you say, "fiddle sticks!" do they? They may have thought that you'd just heard that Canterbury had gone to Labour anyway?

Andy B

Thread: AAGB17 - Clarence Battery in guernsey, 1944
09/06/2017 20:58:35

It's looking great Peter. I'm so sorry to read about the warping. If you have something that is rigid, you could put a pilot hole through that and hopefully pull the warp down with some screws in the raised bit???

Looks like you're having fun with the figures! I used to cut them off their bases before paint - if that's not too late?

Thread: 1/35th Volkssturm Diorama
08/06/2017 08:31:17


As others have said, your composition works well. As for context and what Peter G says - you could add a bit of debris around the edges to show that the surroundings are not so clean and tidy?? It looks great like this and you're into DAK now, so may want to leave it as it is. Always a pleasure to see your work.

Andy B

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