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Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
18/04/2018 14:04:46

Thanks Peter,

Yes WD do have a great range of products. **LINK**

They have lots of figures, but also some super vehicles. It's a bit bigger than my 1:285 scale, which some find hard to see in reality, but still small enough to be able to expand the parameters without upsetting the wife too much!

18/04/2018 09:44:12

I think that I've got to the bottom of the translation confusion. The literal translation of 'god' in Chinese is 'heavenly master' so they are labelling me as a 'master craftsman'. I'm more comfortable with that title!

I have done a little work on the sections. I don't have the concentration to do much, but I'm working on a display system for them using some black MDF that we use at work. I'll get some pictures sometime but it's only R&D at the moment.

I have plans to make each of the sections in a wider context in 1:76 scale so you can see what happens either side and around the 1:32 versions. I have a load of WD Models figures, which are the best WW1 figures on the market. I was just beginning this when the flood came so it's all on hold, but I want to display the sections and context models together.

Thread: D.A.K.
17/04/2018 07:57:44

Wow! I'm trying to muster the energy for at least one more figure! Respect!

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
13/04/2018 13:46:41

Oh dear!! I've just had a shock. You know that I check the internet now and then to see what people are doing with my models and trying to work out a way to bring some income. There are Chinese sites which tell of my models. I just pressed 'Google translate' to see what the Chinese characters were saying about me - I wish I hadn't! It translated " The big god Andy Belsey...."

13/04/2018 07:47:47

The mains pipe to the cold water tank in the loft burst during the snowy period a month ago. Water went into every room for a day while we were away. Amazingly it went round everything of importance to us. The rest can be replaced by insurance - eventually! It's a slow painful process but my faith keeps me going and cope with the crap.


12/04/2018 07:59:26


Thank you for your kind words and I have no idea what to get offended about?

Last night I had the best night's sleep I've had for over a month now. We were given very short notice to pack for several months (with no access to the store) on Monday!!! We moved out on Tuesday and the adrenaline has gone now, but the previous two nights I didn't sleep well because my mind was buzzing. We're out of the damp, noisy house and staying with friends nearby (Insurance pays them.) Our house will be pulled apart to dry and then rebuilt and decorated. I'm still 'lurking' on here to relax but will be back when I have more energy.


Thread: LiftKing LK-67C ('The Beast')
11/04/2018 13:20:48


Delighted to have you back on here. I've seen some of this on Facebook but not all. Great work my friend!

Andy B

Thread: Braille Scale 2018 {ST}
11/04/2018 13:16:51


It's a pleasure to see what you do, with a little bit of the original kit showing through!

Andy B

Thread: Sit Rep
09/04/2018 13:10:10


I'm delighted to read that the 1st op has been so successful. I look forward to reading that you've had equal success with the 2nd op and that you've started to make models again!!

Andy B

Thread: 1/10 Chosin Few Bust by Young Miniatures
07/04/2018 17:52:23


It's always a pleasure to see what you do!

Andy B

Thread: Sit Rep
01/04/2018 22:41:58


We're all routing, hoping and praying that this goes ahead on the 7th, and longing to read that your eyes are better!

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
29/03/2018 19:08:23

Sorry, I have no energy for this at the moment. We had a house flood, which will be repaired on insurance - eventually! I do look on here still but am becoming more of a lurker - sorry, I'm tired! (Trying to steep next to a dehumidifier!)

I discovered that the sections appear on all sorts of simple searches on Google like 'WW1 trenches' and are the 1st image to appear on 'WW1 models'. My name or 'trench sections' leads to articles in all sorts of languages - English, French, Danish, Russian, Chinese..... One of the automatic suggestions when typing my name into Google is 'Andy Belsey models for sale'. Noones approached d me yet.

Thread: WWI Shadowbox/ trench dio
28/03/2018 12:45:10


I'm watching with interest. Your wounded guy is fine. If you're in pain, you'll walk awkwardly and maybe stiffly.

Andy B

Thread: 1:285 scale artillery WW1
28/03/2018 07:47:53

Another excellent diorama Kelly! I think this one's my favourite. Keep them coming!

Andy B

Thread: Stakes and picquets
26/03/2018 21:57:26

Here is a photo of my bits of bent wire. Some with screws and others just to plant in the ground. If you look at photos they did vary depending on who made them, but they apear to be roughly 'man length'. I just bent the wire around a 1.5mm spike that I have.img_1086-001.jpg

Andy B

26/03/2018 14:18:24

Screw picquets are quite easy to create with wire. I used some copper wire but 30amp fuse wire would do and is softer. Sorry I don't have close ups in my albums but here are my efforts. I just bent the wire around a spike (drill would do) which was about 1.5mm diameter.


Andy B

Thread: Military Modelling Vol.48 Issue 4 Kursk Special
23/03/2018 08:22:56

Delighted to see Peter in the magazine again. He's even beaten me to the front cover!

Andy B

Thread: MkIV "Female Airship Tug" & MkV "Hermaphrodite" (PL)
21/03/2018 08:24:46

Excellent Peter! How many WW1 tanks do you have now?

Andy B

Thread: Andy B - Why I've been quiet.
19/03/2018 08:30:48

Thank you guys!

I'm getting support from my church too - I'm in one which has a real community to it, which helps. We've been told that we have to move out of the house and clear everything - even the loft!!! That's when 20+ years of accumulation catches up with you!!! I don't know when or where they will house us while my house is rebuilt, but it will be months before it finishes. I'm rather busy sorting things at the moment, so my time here will be limited. I will be dropping in because you have to find places to lift your spirit while going through hard times. I'm also rather weary because I have an industrial dehumidifier and fan about a metre away from my head while I try to sleep! Thank God for insurance, because this will cost a fortune! And eventually I get a home which is virtually completely redecorated.

Andy B

13/03/2018 08:15:59

Thanks again guys,

We're still waiting to find out what they will replace or repair? I presume that samples of 8 ceilings means that they will go but don't know for certain?

I will "not let the ba***ards grind me down", but resist "hate" as hard as I can - it only complicates things. Christians should be those who forgive, if they follow what Jesus told us to do! The company dealing with my claim are dealing with 600+ properties at the moment, so we're trying to be patiently firm with them. 11 days on, we still have soggy carpets, which I am not allowed to remove, but the floorboards under the stairs are warping! We'll get there eventually.

Andy B

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