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Thread: 120mm German Sniper 1WW
23/05/2017 12:30:33


If we push the piano out there'll be room for a few more of us! I'm sure you knew I'd watch this one.

I hope you don't mind if I pinch the butterfly idea. A splash of colour on drab topics is very helpful, so expect some butterflies to appear on my sections. I expect that you'd noticed that I'd put them on my 1:285 dioramas already?

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
22/05/2017 20:53:44


I love this photo. I'm sure the sergeant had many a man quaking in the barracks, but when he returned to his married quarters, he had to report to his superior officer in the Home Division! (as Andy called it) She looks to be a very stern woman!

22/05/2017 20:38:10

Hi Richard,

Your friend's material sounds like what I use. It is polyurethene resin in block form and comes in different densities. I have heard it called chemiwood, Cebatool and other names. It was originaaly made for pattern makers and it's very versatile. I discussed using it here as well - **LINK** Hopefully you can grab some scraps from your friend.

Many of us have partners who don't share our passion for military modelling. We just have to come to some agreement on how we manage it, which usually means SWMBO gets the final say!

22/05/2017 15:51:35

I had problems with my 'C in C' not allowing any 'military' models on show in the home. My grown up son and daughter joined forces with me and out voted her, to allow me to display some in the lounge. A compromise was agreed so that we have a tall slim cabinet in a corner, behind/beside the settee. C in C can sit there and pretend that they're not there! It happened just in time because both offspring have since left home.

Thread: Verlinden 120mm Assyrian Archer
22/05/2017 15:35:45

OH NO!!!! Can you not put him to one side until the pain dulls. Then you might be able to retrieve something???

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
22/05/2017 13:40:41


I am very thankful that I work in 1:32 and 1:285 scales and so is my wife! I want to continue the good marriage that I enjoy. I am intrigued to know what your latest plans are???

Are you aware of Andy Robertshaw's diggings. See video **LINK** He and his buddies have started something new in Kent somewhere now, but they have had many setbacks too. A big project near Cambridge with hours of labour, planning and scheming had to be abandoned eventually after several years of work. Painful like yours! What is it about Andys and trenches????

When my wife calls me obsessed, I show her Andy R's work and she has forbidden me to dig up our garden!

22/05/2017 09:31:57

Thanks Peter.

Doing this has been very long term and I do get a bit weary of it sometimes. My main interests have not been 20th century bases for most of my modelling history. I inherited a lot of family bits and pieces from the Great War, which got me researching into it. I then helped a friend make a trench model for Newhaven Fort. That gave me the desire to make my own small scale trench model. I then wanted to make a larger scale trench section and................. 5 years later I'm still there! I could make further sections, but keep resisting that to complete these ones.

20/05/2017 15:43:50

Thanks Scottie,

I do have the advantage of professional machinery and some extra materials as scraps. Plus making models 5 days a week keeps some of my skills well practiced.


Thread: Verlinden 120mm Assyrian Archer
20/05/2017 15:39:48


So glad that Percy helped - it was worth all the pain! (I can say that having not gone through it!) Bluto is looking great.

Andy B

Thread: 1/35 WWI Trench Scene
19/05/2017 21:57:52


Great detailing. Did you get some of your accessories from Scale Link? The SRD put for instance? As a fellow WW1 modeller, I'm always sourcing what's available.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
19/05/2017 21:16:20

This is an update as to where I've got with the remaining 6 sections.

My British dugout is awaiting 2 figures - One asleep and the other reading a map.


I am begining to paint my Frenchman for a French stye trench. A Jon Smith figure


I have a German awaiting paint. Slightly converted Tommy's War figure.


My figure, who will be shaving, is in New Zealand at the moment. The amazing Mike Butler will work his magic on him when he has some time. This is a converted Tommy's War figure.


This is a German concrete MG bunker. I have 2 Germans awaiting paint. These are made by Kaiser's Army.


This is a reversed trench who will havean officer with periscope standing on the new firestep. He's a slightly converted Tommy's War figure.


Here are the figures awaiting some paint and mojo for the task!


Edited By Andrew Belsey 2 on 19/05/2017 21:18:22

19/05/2017 20:31:05

Peter, More next week..... Maybe even some figure painting?? He's progressing slowly.

Simon, Thanks for your ideas to this solution.

19/05/2017 14:32:47

Andy and Tim - welcome.

Tim, You are probably unaware that the sections spent most of the last year in an exhibition called Remembering 1916 (Now closed.) It had 35,000 visitors including Prince Andrew who stopped to discuss my models.


Thread: Update medically
19/05/2017 13:55:05

Hopefully you were just planting seeds!? Carrying all those vegetables with not help your recovery! cheeky

Get well soon!

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
19/05/2017 13:44:25

Hi Jim,

You were the first person to welcome me to the forum 4 years ago, so it's good to have your company here and fitting that you should be the first contributor! THANKS my friend!

Andy B

19/05/2017 13:40:35

Trench Sections Index continued

Making Equipment

Webbing - Page 65 -66 **LINK**

Wooden boxes - Page 45 **LINK**

More boxes - Page 68 -69 **LINK**

Field telephone - Page 49 -50 **LINK**

Billy can - Page 60 **LINK**

Folding periscope - Page 61 -62 **LINK**

Periscopes - Page 73 **LINK**

Cleaning roll - Page 71 **LINK**

Grenade boxes - Page 74 **LINK**

Lewis ammo boxes - Page 75 -76 **LINK**

Wire cutters - Page 78 **LINK**

Tommy cooker - Page 83 **LINK**

Tin cans - Page 24 -25 **LINK**

Brodie helmets - Page 2 **LINK**


Wipers Times - Page 82 **LINK**

Ciggie packets - Page 25 -26 **LINK**

Pictures, cards, books - Page 23 **LINK**

Cards and letters - Page 29 **LINK**

19/05/2017 13:35:41

Here is an index to the first thread with the main bits linked to their pages, so you can find them easily.

Trench Sections Index

Groundwork and Revetment

Base construction and rough soil technique - Page 3 **LINK**

Painting soil - Page 6 – 7 **LINK**

Painting chalky soil and revetment - Page 34 – 37 ttp://

Painting chalky soil and revetment - Page 56 **LINK**

Chalky soil and grass - Page 14 -15 **LINK**

Types of revetment - Page 41 **LINK**

Tommys War bases x5 - Page 78 **LINK**

Fimo sandbags - Page 15 **LINK**

Fimo sandbags - Page 57 – 58 **LINK**

Corrugated iron - Page 25 **LINK**

Duckboards - Page 16 -17 **LINK**

Painting balsa wood - Page 58 **LINK**

Painting balsa wood, part 2 - Page 60 **LINK**

Gabion baskets - Page 11 **LINK**

Concrete and polyurethane - Page 11 – 13 **LINK**

Dandelions - Page 86 **LINK**

Foam flowers - Page 20 (see also thread in Tools and Techniques section)


Sculpting in Fimo and Miliput

Rats - Page 9 **LINK**

More rats - Page 73 **LINK**

Long johns - Page 29 -30 **LINK**

PH hood - Page 64 **LINK**

Jacket - Page 70 **LINK**

Lemon squeezer hat - Page 77 **LINK**

19/05/2017 13:26:41

These are the first three section, which I have completed. I am working on a further 6 sections, which will feature in this thread.




Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections
19/05/2017 13:22:06


Thanks for you company over the past four years and join me on the new thread.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections - Part 2
19/05/2017 13:17:57

My trench section thread has been going for over 4 years and has got too cumbersome to manage or navigate. I am therefore beginning a new thread. You can find the old thread here **LINK** with its index. Please don't contribute to the old thread and post here. I will continue to blog what I'm doing as I complete the 9 sections.

Andy B

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