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Member postings for Andrew Belsey 2

Here is a list of all the postings Andrew Belsey 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
20/01/2017 13:07:25

Your new base is a big improvement. The 1st one was a bit cramped. The figures are going to bring it to life!

Andy B

Thread: Rhine Crossing (SSGB17)
20/01/2017 07:56:05

I think that this is your best diorama to date. Great work Paul!

Andy B

Thread: Tamiya LRDG Chevy and Resicast details
20/01/2017 07:53:42

Looking great. Love all the detail! (I've been meaning to comment for a while.)

Andy B

Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
18/01/2017 13:15:59

It's amazing how you turn out quality work so quickly Peter! and painting vehicles with brushes! I'm looking forward to seeing the figures with the Tiger.

Andy B

Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
17/01/2017 08:54:41

Excellent John,

You're a man for experiments - Did you set fire to a real building during your research for this one? Or are you not going to admit that?!

Andy B

Thread: ME-262 Scratch Build 1/100 #5 (JB SSGB17)
16/01/2017 14:02:36

Great start Barry!

Andy B

Thread: Albatros D V by Eduard in 1/72nd (SSGB17)
16/01/2017 13:19:18

Your patience is bearing great results John. Hang in there!

Andy B

Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
16/01/2017 13:16:07

Your 222 is looking great, especially for its size.

Andy B

Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
16/01/2017 13:14:25

Peter, I hope that you can hold your patience long enough to resurrect this monster! Just put it to one side If it continues to baffle you. I'm sure you can make it well given time.

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections
16/01/2017 13:11:38

John, Peter, Jim. It's good to have your company and thanks.

Jim. I used my company's laser jet printer with good quality paper. I didn't change the settings, but you can see it came out sharp.

The new base won't be released until about July, and I won't show any photos until Darren does, but its obviously larger than the 5x5 range.

16/01/2017 08:20:46


Darren has announced my latest base, which is a section of German trench. Nino is sculpting a couple of British trench raiders for it.

Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
13/01/2017 18:24:22

Your building is coming on beautifully John!

Andy B

Thread: Stefans Birthday
13/01/2017 18:23:05

HAPPY Birthday Stefan!

Andy B

Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
13/01/2017 18:19:53

Your officer looks great! (I've had a rest so no naughty thoughts tonight!) He's got a bit of a smerk though -what's he thinking about?

How many large dioramas do you have? Your room must be heaven for us - but hell for your wife!

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections
11/01/2017 22:08:45

I meant to say thanks to Tim Marlow for the idea to do the Wipers Times. I'll be looking for a space on my dugout floor or nearby. It's pretty full already.

Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
11/01/2017 20:01:22

Is he doing a Tommy Cooper impersonation - "just like that!" ? Either that or passing wind! You need to get that officer painted before my mind comes up with more crudities!!

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections
11/01/2017 19:10:41

I decided to make a copy of Wipers Times for my sections. There are many scans available on the net. I pasted them onto a Word document, which allowed me to reduce it to the 9mm high that I needed (11ins in real life.)



Here's one of my guys having a read. I was shocked looking at the photo that he's covered in dust! I have been putting off the figure paintingblush.


11/01/2017 18:18:23

Thank you guys.

Happy New Year everyone. I had a rest from military modelling over Christmas and made a gem tree (which I'd been promising my wife for over a year!) I also made here a small flower garden for Christmas and have plans to do tutorials to local friends.

Here's the gem tree - made from twisted brass wire.



and the flower garden. The box is a from some 1/87 model cars we get for models at work. I've collected some so that my friends can take away the garden they've created.



I'll post you my workings this lunchtime after I've had supper....

Thread: Ardennes Diorama - "Close Call"
11/01/2017 18:02:05

Welcome Josh. You'll fit in nicely here - great work and thanks for the tip about the firesand!

Andy B

Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
10/01/2017 08:01:43

Hi Simon. I'm always watching, even when not commenting, and still enjoying how you super detail and correct everything. Thanks for the pleasure it gives me to see it.

Andy B

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