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Member postings for Andrew Belsey 2

Here is a list of all the postings Andrew Belsey 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: IJN Battleship Yamato 1/350
28/03/2017 13:31:53


We are all delighted with the sheer neatness of your fine work! Don't look at my workbench!!

Andy B

Thread: German Destroyer Z class
28/03/2017 13:24:41


I too have ventured into 1:700 ships - I scratch-built a couple of British WW1 destroyers. You can see mine in my album folder called 'other stuff', but my water isn't as good as Jim's. I'll follow your build Sjors.

Andy B

Thread: Watchout GI
28/03/2017 13:19:50

This is going to be fantastic! Great little scene!!

Andy B

Thread: Rumble in the Jungle: 1/16 Figure Vignette
28/03/2017 13:18:28

(I haven't commented on this one yet, so the whole dictionary is available for me!) You delight our eyes with your skill Peter. I really need to get back to my figures!!

Andy B

Thread: Boxed Dio
27/03/2017 08:18:52

Looking really great John! You never disappoint.

Andy B

Thread: Absent for a while but back now...
24/03/2017 13:45:13

Glad that he's on the mend.

Andy B

Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
24/03/2017 10:14:07

Hope you feel better soon Simon and that the docs can help with the right medication. I'm on anti-biotic at the moment which is giving me kidney pain, so having to drink loads. Drugs usually help but have other consequences!

Andy B

Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
24/03/2017 10:06:53

Great figure Peter!

Andy B

Thread: Did I hear someone say smoke generator?
20/03/2017 16:27:15

Well done Paul!

Andy B

Thread: Bell AH-1 /AB-47 (SSGB17)
20/03/2017 16:25:02

Looks great John! Well done.

Andy B

Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
17/03/2017 13:27:30

Excellent! He's looking really thoughtful.

Andy B

Thread: Scratch Build #6 : 1/24 Hawker Fury
17/03/2017 08:00:42


So sorry to read about Tess.

I've been watching this progress with interest and enjoying it progress well.


Thread: The Adventures of Meshman....
16/03/2017 22:08:08

Glad that you're home Allen. (I'm also glad that you're still the bloke we love!) Get well gently! We all long to hear that the pain has stopped. I pray that the blood counts will settle down - I've had more than my fair share of that, so understand.

God bless you, Andy

Thread: Boxed Dio
16/03/2017 19:49:30

Wonderfully atmospheric John! And this is just the backdrop!

Andy B

Thread: 120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.
16/03/2017 19:47:00


Turn your back for 5 minutes and Mr Day has painted a face and ditched it before you even saw it! The first head looked good to me too, but I'm sure that you'll make even an better job of this new one.

Andy B

Thread: Bell AH-1 /AB-47 (SSGB17)
16/03/2017 10:13:41


She's looking great! (Just found this.)

Andy B

Thread: 1:32 Trench Sections
15/03/2017 08:01:57

Sorry for my lack of input recently. Partly lack of mojo and more of an interest in song-writing for the spare time that I do have. Just one brief update. My shaving guy has just arrived safely (to my relief!) in New Zealand for Mike to work his magic on. He won't work on him immediately but we will keep you posted. I'll try to work up some enthusiasm to do my figures too.

Anyone who is considering going to the exhibition where the sections are displayed only has until Easter Sunday to do so. Here is a link to its website for details....


Thread: WWI trench
12/03/2017 19:37:51

My vote goes for schene 1. The 'Hun' has already passed, so why would the officer be still pointing to the rear escort?

Andy B

Thread: Did I hear someone say smoke generator?
11/03/2017 18:00:24

Great work Paul. Are you building this from photos or is it just a generic generator?

Andy B

Thread: whats the story?
11/03/2017 17:56:21

Looking really good John!

Andy B

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