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Thread: Introducing Mookies Miniatures
23/08/2017 19:42:26

Hi Peter,

I know you are not finished with it yet but this looks excellent and that DPM is impressive. starthumbs up

Robin smile

23/08/2017 09:55:32

Hi Peter,

Super start, the head looks excellent. star​ Overall a good looking bust and I am sure you'll master the DPM camo for what looks like another fine piece of sculpting from Maurice. Best of luck also to Richard for the new venture as well. thumbs up​ I do have a fascination for Falklands War subjects so look forward to seeing this once you have worked your magic, and it will be a pleasure to see that on the box art I am sure. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Tiger Models Cute F-4U Corsair...
21/08/2017 19:31:05

Hi Steve,

Not Tiger Models. I think it is Fujimi that do some ships, including the carrier. smile p

Robin smile

Thread: M4 Sherman - Armor Walk Around No. 1
21/08/2017 19:28:54

Hi Peter,

Paul Meekins books have one listed for £10 if that is any interest. Here is a link to their page.


Robin smile

Thread: Tiger Models Cute F-4U Corsair...
20/08/2017 11:55:20

Sjors, Jim, Richard,

Thank you for your kind comments, I'm glad you like it. Simple enough and fun to do. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: 1960's plus cam net build
20/08/2017 11:52:40

Hi Mike,

This is very useful, thanks for putting this together and sharing with us. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Tiger Models Cute F-4U Corsair...
19/08/2017 18:54:56

A recent release from Tiger Models has been their F-4U Corsair in their 'Cute' series of aircraft caricatures, a style of model that seems to have gathered new popularity recently from a variety of manufacturers. Designed to be built without needing glue, though that helps give a permanent join, and the option of both water-slide transfers and stickers. Moulded in a dark blue plastic, with black plastic for engine and undercarriage and a basic interior for the oversize cockpit. The other thing about this one is that the wings can be made to fold, and the mechanism works really well. Ideal for youngsters to get them into modelling it can also be a fun distraction from what I might describe as more 'serious' scale models. With this one I also decided to try out the stickers for the markings, rather than transfers and they have worked rather neatly...

TIger Models Cute Corsair F4U

TIger Models Cute Corsair F4U

I enjoyed this as a bit of a break, and it goes with their Spitfire and Me109E I did about a year ago. If it helps encourage youngsters to have a go as well, then all well and good. They could be useful as presents for grandchildren...wink 2

Robin smile p

Thread: Hi from Holland
19/08/2017 18:42:12

Hello Pieter,

Welcome on board the Mil Mod site from me too. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Greetings !
19/08/2017 18:40:43

Hi Danny,

Welcome on board the Mil Mod website. Best of luck for your planned diorama, I'll look forward to seeing it progress. thumbs up

Robin. smile

Thread: Hi guys - new from Belgium
14/08/2017 17:33:59

Hi Steven,

Welcome on board the Mil Mod website. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Scale District
14/08/2017 17:33:04

Hello Alexander,

Thanks for the introduction, welcome on board the Mil Mod website. thumbs up

(I corrected your emoji for you. I assume you pasted one in, as it just appeared as a text string. You can just use the icon in this text box tool to add one.)

Robin smile

Thread: New guy from Payson AZ
12/08/2017 21:11:57

Hi David,

Welcome on board the Mil Mod website. An impressive bit of modelling coming along, I look forward to seeing it progress. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Too big?
11/08/2017 19:46:34

Hi Peter,

No, not too big by any means. 28mm is equal to 1/56 scale, as per some AFV kits done by both Italeri and figures by Plastic Soldier Company as well as the figures by Perry Miniatures and Victrix. A good looking start with the horse so I'm another keen to watch how you get on with these. thumbs up

Robin thumbs up

Thread: Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger I early version Fujimi 1:72
10/08/2017 19:31:20

Hi Steve,

Just for interest, Fujimi small scale armour kits have appeared in about four lots. There was their original set of releases which I still like. They did a Pz 1 Ausf B and the first kit of a Hanomag Sdkfz251, which I still like despite their age. Then there was a break before they took over the old Nitto range. These had some internal details, such as basic engines though track etc not as good as their own first series. Then there was a third batch which I believe were their own, and featured the Tiger, one of which is your one and started with link and length track. Then in recent years they have done some new JSDF trucks etc, and these are actually pretty good. So just a question of being selective with the Fujimi range, many are not bad at all, in my view that is. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: M1A2 SEP
10/08/2017 08:20:42

Hi John,

This is moving along nicely and it looks to be a nicely made kit. I've not seen anything from Flyhawk before and this is great to see, thank you. Best of luck with the rest of the build. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger I early version Fujimi 1:72
09/08/2017 20:23:21

Hi Steve,

I always like to see a small scale build, and this one I am sure will turn out well for you. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: StuG III Ausf D (SdKfz 142) Bronco CB35117
09/08/2017 20:22:13

Hi Steve,

What a superb result, one you should be rightly proud of and what's more it has been a pleasure to watch along the way. Not only some excellent modelling but so well explained as you have gone along. Congratulations all round. starstarbeer

Robin teeth 2thumbs up

Thread: Modern vehicles of the IDF...
05/08/2017 20:20:40

Thanks Jim, thumbs up

One of my bad habits I'm afraid, start something and get distracted by something else so need a push to get back and catch up embarrassed but eventually I get there, with a bit of p

Robin smile

Thread: Hi guys
05/08/2017 20:18:03

Hi Huw,

Thanks for the intro, welcome on board the Mil Mod website. thumbs up


Thread: Modern vehicles of the IDF...
05/08/2017 17:14:47

Thanks John,

I have all the basic colours done for some time, and went for the Sand Grey colour, though a couple (Shermans) to be in the earlier sand colour. I just need to get some of the others past the finishing post. Most of the reference photos I have, using the excellent Desert Eagle books show most in this colour, less in the newer green shade, but just my choice really. thumbs up

Though these Centurion variants are not available in small scale in plastic, the availability of plastic kits of the Mk 3 and the Mark 5 now available from Ace Models, then conversions would be much easier than from the now aging Airfix Cent. smile p​ If you go for the larger scale, and since I started this thread back in 2012, it has been great to see kits come on the market for variants of the Nagmachon and the Puma from the likes of HobbyBoss and Tiger Models. thumbs up

Robin smile

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