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Thread: Destroyed Egyptian T-62
23/06/2017 16:51:06

Hi Wouts,

Super end result, that looks very effective. You deserve to be pleased with it, neatly finished off and excellent

Robin smile

Thread: Voroshivolets Tractor in 1/72...
22/06/2017 20:14:03

Thanks Dave,

I've not tried the larger scale kit, but Trumpeter have done a neat job with it in the smaller scale, and the single piece track units make it a quick and easy build. Your larger scale version of it turned out really nicely. thumbs up

Robin smile

22/06/2017 19:48:49

Another Trumpeter small scale kit got my attention recently and this has built very quickly, so a quick coat of basic green already applied. Just transfers and weathering to p

Trumpeter 1/72 Voroshivolets tractor


Robin smile

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Thread: Tankfest 2017
22/06/2017 19:11:26

Ian, Andy,

Best show of the year, I wouldn't miss it, but I'll be caught up in the arena for most of the day on Saturday. smile p

Robin smile

Thread: Metallic Details - Armor detailing sets
20/06/2017 08:01:06

Hi Dmitry,

As Manu has said, these do look very good, thanks for letting us know about them.thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
16/06/2017 18:06:47

Hi Steve,

Excellent result, the scene overall works well. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: M1A2 SEP TUSK 2 and M1114 HMMWV in 1/72...
16/06/2017 18:03:58

Hi Steve,

Thank you. And I agree, so good to see some excellent new small scale models being released. As for this one, I have got the basic paint on now so updated it currently looks like this...


(more pics here)

The other good news is that T-Model have just announced a set of Modern US Military Equipment as an accessory set that will be ideal to go with this. News/detail is here)

Robin smile

Edited By Robin Buckland on 16/06/2017 18:04:34

Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
16/06/2017 12:39:08
Lot's to catch up on, and loads going on for this group which is nice to see thumbs up
Andy, your LAV-AD is coming along nicely, very neat.
Peter, the Clarence Battery looks excellent. Shame about the warping of the base but the scene itself is super.
Graeme, the extra etch detailing on the Crusader is effective, I look forward to seeing the finished build.
Andy S, The FLak 43, along with the simple base has turned out very nicely, and an effective use of the picture frame for the base too.
Carl, I do like the look of that 88.
Ron, a good interesting choice for the U-Boat conning tower, I am sure this will be a fascinating build.
Alan, Neat progress on the Mobelwagen.
Fernando, the finish on your Patriot vehicles is excellent, not sure mine will be anywhere near as good. The camo sceme has worked really well. The HEMTT is a very neat build as well.
Paul, the work you have put into the Rhine Crossing diorama is a delight to see, and is an inspiration to what can be done with 1/87 scale models.
Mike, your Ostwind is coming along a treat.

Just to update my build of Trumpeter's 1/72 SA-6, this is now painted and transfers applied, only some light weathering still to be done.

Robin smile

Edited By Martyn Chorlton on 24/06/2017 10:43:28

Thread: Trumpeter 1/72 JS-7...
15/06/2017 08:13:30


Thanks for commenting. thumbs up The smaller scale does have the distinct advantage of needing less storage space. wink 2

Robin smile

Thread: Two Trumpeter BTR-70 builds...
15/06/2017 08:10:44

Hi John,

Thank you. I rather like these recent releases from Trumpeter and am pleased to see them doing some more small scale kits. thumbs up

Robin smile

14/06/2017 19:31:58

Trumpeter recently added two more small scale models to this range, with both Early and Late versions of the BTR-70 APC. Just minor differences in detail between them, but they build easily enough. I have got them both to the stage of painted and transfers applied, just some weathering needed to finish them off.

BTR-70 Early

Trumpeter 1/72 Early version

BTR-70 Late

Trumpeter 1/72 BTR-70 Late versions

Robin smile

Edited By Robin Buckland on 14/06/2017 19:33:00

Edited By Martyn Chorlton on 15/06/2017 15:48:44

Thread: Trumpeter 1/72 JS-7...
14/06/2017 19:01:29

David, Thank you. thumbs up

More progress as this has been painted and simple transfers added, I just need to add some weathering now. smile p

Trumpeter 1/72 JS-7 fully painted

Robin smile

Edited By Martyn Chorlton on 15/06/2017 11:38:51

Thread: Schneider CA1
14/06/2017 16:58:58

Hi Ian,

This looks very neat and makes for an effective little vignette. thumbs up (I bet Paul will enjoy this one in his favourite scalewink 2)

Robin smile

Thread: Has it really been TEN years!?!?!
09/06/2017 08:06:41

Hi Andy,

Congratulations, a great anniversary and a worthy mark of your effort and important contribution to the site over that time. starcake

beerbeerbeerbeer Here's to the next 10, and I remain grateful for all the support and friendship you shared with me while I was looking after things..thumbs up

Robin teeth 2

Thread: M1A2 SEP TUSK 2 and M1114 HMMWV in 1/72...
09/06/2017 06:43:14

Hi Simon,

Thanks. Yes, all the extra fittings make for a very different look to the Abrams and the kit does go together nicely. thumbs up

The M1114 is a fine start for this new range by T-Model, and spare parts left in the box indicate further variants to come. At first glance the way the wheels are done is unusual but I found they went together very well and the result worked well. Tempting to fit the doors open on the M1114 but in the end I decided to have them shut, basically so I don't keep knocking them off the completed model... smile p

Robin smile

09/06/2017 05:51:03

Thanks Jim,

It is nice to be able to have more time to get back to doing more modelling for myself. Some of these new small scale models and the variety of new subjects coming onto the market is good to see. smile

Robin thumbs up

08/06/2017 17:02:23

Hi Ed,

Thank you. It has jumped straight to the top as my favourite small scale Abrams kit to date, and neat to build as well. thumbs up

Robin smile

07/06/2017 21:05:29

Hi All,

A couple more new small scale builds as I am managing to find time to get some kits built these days wink 2.

The first is the 1/72 M1A2 SEP TUSK 2 Abrams which I bought recently, released a while back by Tiger Models. One of the 'busiest' turrets I have found in a long time, but builds very nicely. Yet to be painted...

- box art

Tiger Models 1/72 M1A2 SEP TUSK 2 Abrams

The other is the new and first small scale kit from T-Model, and this features the up-armoured HMMWV, the M1114. Painted inside already, now the external body is built and awaits p

- box art

T-Models 1/72 M1114 HMMWV

Robin smile

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Thread: British Mark IV by Takom 1/35
05/06/2017 08:44:14

Hi George,

I'm with Steve, a very nice finish to this one. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: hello from Dallas
05/06/2017 08:42:13

Hello George,

Welcome on board the Mil Mod website. thumbs up Some interesting builds you have coming along.

Robin smile

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