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Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
20/01/2017 13:49:52

As well as the T-55, I have had the time to return to some older models sitting waiting for some paint for perhaps more years than I should admit to. smile p

First one for Pail E in particular, the Minitanks 1/87 M932. This was in a drawer, and I found the black kit tyres were sticky, deteriorating with age. So, a quick coat of paint seems to have sealed them quite nicely...

Minitanks 1/87 M932 Tractor and semi-trailer

Minitanks 1/87 M932 Tractor and semi-trailer

Then a 1/76 resin kit by Gramodels, the Char 2C (not finished yet)...

Gramodels 1/76 Char 2C

Gramodels 1/76 Char 2C

...and an Academy 1/72 Stryker...

Academy 1/72 Stryker

Academy 1/72 Stryker

Robin smile

20/01/2017 13:43:41

Hi all,

It's great to see so many small scale builds coming along, this is great. teeth 2

Just to get up to date with my T-55, it has gone a long way, just some final weathering to be done. It went together very nicely, especially the link and length tracks which worked well. A few very small parts to be careful not to lose, especially the lifting hooks on the turret. So, under construction...

Revell 1/72 T-55A WIP 1

Revell 1/72 T-55A WIP 1

Revell 1/72 T-55A WIP 1

...with some basic paint...

Revell 1/72 T-55A WIP 2

Revell 1/72 T-55A WIP 2

...and currently (just on a generic base)...

Revell 1/72 T-55A

Revell 1/72 T-55A

Robin smile

Thread: Its his birthday Sunday
15/01/2017 12:48:32

Happy Birthday John, cake and here's to many more. beer

Robin smile

Thread: Stryke three! (SSGB17)
14/01/2017 18:13:01

Hi Al,

I do like this kit I have to say, and the upgrades you are doing to it look excellent. Best of luck with the rest. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: EE Lightning SSGB17
14/01/2017 18:11:01

Hi Tony,

A neat choice to just enjoy building in itself. Tim would be loving to see this, bless him. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Passing on the Baton...
13/01/2017 10:36:19

Thanks Tony. As for visiting SA, you never p

Robin smile

12/01/2017 15:55:25

Hi Wouts,

Thank you. I hope you and your young family have a great 2017.thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen!
12/01/2017 15:52:51


Very sorry to read of your problem, I do hope it all gets sorted as soon as they can. Most importantly of course it is good that no-one was hurt. Best of luck. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Passing on the Baton...
12/01/2017 09:59:22

Thank you John, beer

Robin smile

11/01/2017 11:12:29

Bobby, Tim, Christos, Evan

Thank you all for your good wishes thumbs up. More time to do some actual modelling now... smile p


Thanks for your help too over the years. beer

Robin smile

Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
09/01/2017 19:56:00

Hi Allen,

Thank you, and an excellent choice, best of luck with it and I look forward to watching. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: 50 Years old today!!!
09/01/2017 13:37:27

Happy Birthday Jason. cake

Robin beer

Thread: Old guy returning
09/01/2017 13:36:33

Hi Paul,

Good to see you and that you are feeling like getting back to the bench. Good luck with everything. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: Lynn Sangster has passed away
08/01/2017 18:57:11


Thanks for passing on this sad news. Having known Lynn for so many years, this is a great loss, and my condolences to David and all his family. May he now rest in peace. rose


Thread: Passing on the Baton...
05/01/2017 19:18:05

Gareth, Bob,

Thank you. Yes, hopefully time to get some more past the finishing post at last. smile p

Robin smile

03/01/2017 08:14:14

David, John, Simon, Graeme,

Thank you all, much appreciated. Already feeling a bit more chilled (,,,or could that just be me having a cold as well wink 2)


Robin smile

Thread: Hello - long time reader first time poster
02/01/2017 19:03:08

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the intro and welcome to taking that extra step and joining in with the fun. The Chevy looks good, so off to a great start. Best of luck with what comes next. thumbs up

Robin smile

Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
02/01/2017 08:24:49

Hi Andy,

Thanks for taking on the Group Builds. With a small scale topic I couldn't miss this one,smile p so I will go for the new Revell T55

Box art

Robin smile

Thread: Passing on the Baton...
02/01/2017 08:19:37

John, Mick, Lee, Paul,

Thank you all, and Paul, yes, time to get out of the water and put the 'webbed' feet up for a bit of a rest. wink 2

Robin smile

01/01/2017 09:01:33

Thank you all for your nice comments, they are very much appreciated. smilebeer

Time now for some more modelling, so doing something for the new Group Build wink 2

Robin smile

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