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Thread: Sherman Dio
22/07/2017 15:10:42

Hi Peter

Very interesting thread and some nice work thumbs up


Threads can only be edited for a short while after posting. Not sure how long but probably only 15 mins or so. There is a good reason for this. If posts were able to be edited at any time after posting then there is a danger that replies/responses to a post would not make sense if the original post was altered.

Thread: Trafalgar Class Submarine
21/07/2017 17:37:33

Hi Ian

A great result. Subs can't be the easiest of subjects to make look interesting. Plain colouring and not much exterior details. You have certainly done this one proud.


Thread: A little help please on an aircraft carrier
21/07/2017 12:46:00

Hi Barry

Welcome to MilMod. Loads of stuff on YouTube about this carrier which may be of interest to you.


Thread: Military Modelling Vol.47 Issue 8
20/07/2017 12:29:13

Hi Martyn

My subscription copy dropped through the letter box yesterday. Another great issue with a wide range of subjects, so something to suit most people. I loved 'Sturm at dawn' and found Geoff Barns' Gaucho article very interesting. I appreciate how difficult it is to choose articles but are there any aeroplane or ship articles in the pipeline?

Keep up the good work.


Edited By jimbo on 20/07/2017 12:29:49

Thread: CR.32 Freccia
18/07/2017 17:25:14

Hi Marcello

In my limited experience resin parts usually fit poorly with the plastic parts crying 2 From the photos it looks as if you have done a good job. Paint job is coming along nicely.


Thread: MALCOM Penang Show 2017
18/07/2017 13:25:12

Hi Richard

Thanks for the photos. There really was some superb work on show. As Maher says great modellers are alive and kicking all over the world. I can understand how that was best in show although the judges must have had a very hard job.


Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
18/07/2017 13:18:25

Hi Allen

If you miss painting something it may pass unnoticed by everyone except you - for you it will stick out like a sore thumb. This little Fokker is surprising you isn't it wink 2 Not quite the little Fokker you thought it might be face 20

Great job so far. Keep it up thumbs up


Thread: Tamiya Tomcat
18/07/2017 13:10:44

Hi Alun

Well done Tamiya. Seems they have just about got this perfect. Seats look superb and with good figures gonna be a winner.


Thread: Another Miniart Westphalian Trumpeter
18/07/2017 13:06:16

Hi Peter

I loved your guys in the bamboo but these very colourful figures are very eye catching and there's a horse as well thumbs up


Thread: Type 61 Tank
18/07/2017 13:02:59

Hi Maher

I missed this when you started two years ago but I 'm in now. I like the way you made the handles - noted in my little book of ideas thumbs up While PE is not always better than the kit part I think that mesh invariably is better done with etch.


Thread: Yet another Stug on the way but from the 6 day Arab war!
17/07/2017 17:20:58

Hi Bob

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. The early days of the state of Israel is a fascinating story. I didn't know Stugs were involved.


Edited By jimbo on 17/07/2017 17:24:59

Thread: 120mm Jungle Recon Vignette
17/07/2017 16:59:41

Hi Peter

One of your best - so that makes it exceptional. I love the bamboo background - works a treat.


Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
17/07/2017 16:56:23

Hi all

It must be a generation thing - saving off cuts of wood. When we moved from Scotland I insisted bringing my 'wood collection' with me. My daughter was less than impressed but she changed her tune when her baby was born and dad was roped in to put up shelves and do other DIY jobs. Then she was pleased with my frugality face 20

I digress so back to modelling. The mogglin pixies must have been in a good mood because the jig worked and the wings, after a little filling and sanding, are now pretty good.



The seat has still to go in but the cockpit is complete. As I said the slight tilt on the instrument panel is really not noticeable.


Thanks for following along. I do appreciate just how much time it takes to keep up with these recent, very popular GBs.


Thread: The Camels Are Coming (BiplaneGB17) {ST}
17/07/2017 08:51:02

Hi Simon

Hope Dad goes on OK. Like John I was wondering why you were not posting.

Engine looks great - many, many times better than the kit offering. A very basic question if I may - What do you choose for sanding back filler? I find it very difficult to find something that flexes into corners and around detail.


Thread: Albatros D.III ( Biplane GB 17 )
16/07/2017 15:11:14

Hi John

Fuselage looks to have gone together nicely. Wing struts are giving me worries as well dont know


Thread: "Hands Off, No Souvenirs!" (BiplaneGB17)
16/07/2017 15:08:26

Hi Ron

Modelling, photography and vision are all first class.


Thread: StuG III Ausf D (SdKfz 142) Bronco CB35117
16/07/2017 15:06:13

Hi Steve

Just running out of superlatives for this. Every update just gets better and better with new techniques and more detail. A real must follow blog thumbs up


Thread: CR.32 (BiplaneGB17)
16/07/2017 15:01:24

Hi Sjors

All ready to join the two halves. Hope the join it OK. One of the only advantages of my DH.2 is that the body is so short so no long joins face 20


Thread: Two Gladiators Two climates (BiplaneGB17)
16/07/2017 14:55:56

Hi Fernando

Well done Sir. That is a great result. Paint job is first class and the rigging has turned out very well.


Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
16/07/2017 14:48:40

Hi all

Your kind comments mean a lot. Nothing better that when people whose work you admire say nice things - very encouraging thumbs up

The cockpit went together fine - big sigh of relief. The instrument panel is very slightly off level but to be honest you would only notice if you had it pointed out to you. I used Contacta glue for fixing the panel as it is slower drying than my usual EMA Plastic Weld which is much more aggressive and very quick drying. I have not fitted the seat as some joins will need sanding slightly first.

I said earlier that there was a problem with the fit to the trailing edge of the wing. The wing needs to fit level with the rear of the body ....


..... like this.


Also the lower wings each side need to come inwards to the body ......


.... like this


I needed to clamp everything into position and I thought that it would be best to make a simple jig. The jig with its card inserts pushes the wings into the body. The blue foam ensure the correct dihedral and the clamp holds the body down to the wings.





I would have liked to have found a way to glue from underneath as well but couldn't figure out a way to do it so I'll just hope it holds in place long enough to glue there when it come out of the clamp.

It will be left to dry overnight and the fingers are crossed.




Edited By jimbo on 16/07/2017 14:49:40

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