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Thread: Hobbyboss 2cm flak 38 Pz. kpfw. 38(t) (AAGB17)
23/04/2017 16:15:23


I thought I had a couple more but it seems only had the one!


Apart from the glaring ejector pin mark next to the steering mech it's turned out alright I think

Thanks for looking gents

All comments welcome


23/04/2017 16:10:06

Thanks very much....for the encouragement gentsbeer

Modelling time consistently eluding me at the mo...with the fair weather we've had, attention has turned to the taming of the back garden! Needed to make it a more toddler friendly zone.

Harry has had the garden all to himself for so many years, so its a mass of rusty Matchbox cars, homemade swords, digging holes and various deadly semi destroyed objectsface 22

Holly has commandeered a few of the vehicles and has made friends with one of the neighbours cats....i expect I'll be painting Harry's old shed pink before longface 20


Ive managed some time follows a small amount of progress....Mixed up a wash for the interior and let loose on the interior surfaces....







More in a moment

Thread: Tamiya Opel Blitz & 2cm Flak 38
23/04/2017 11:21:15

Scottie...Thanks mate. Not the most detailed scratch work but certainly enjoyablethumbs up

Mick...glad you like how the sled turned out. The hardest bit was finding reference material!

John...I was a bit annoyed that Dragon released it but there's nothing like building your own...hopefully will get on with it again soon!

Mike...too kind sir...thanks very muchbeer

Steve...I'm sorry to say your getting more points deducted as it wasn't an updatecheekylol. Come on man keep upwink 2 thanks for your kindness thoughbeer

Thanks again for your input gents...hoping not to keep this shelved for too long!



Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
23/04/2017 11:05:39

morning Steve,

The groundwork has come on really certainly have picked up the hang of it.

Good luck with the stone work...I'm sure it'll turn out finethumbs up


Thread: Pz. Kpfw 2 Ausf. F
22/04/2017 21:33:53

Hi Sjors,

Very fond of the early panzers so keen to see what this kit has to offer. I've got a few Pz II's and variants in the stash and a few books will be taking notes as I watch wink 2



Edited By Si Benson on 22/04/2017 21:34:34

Thread: Back to basics with Bob part 2
22/04/2017 21:24:53


What I was asking was how accurate is Tamiya's StuG III Ausf G compared to the real thing? I remember Simon T hacking up a Tamiya Stug a while ago as it was to wide and long, details not right wondered how this kit compared in that respect?

Hope that's a bit clearerwink 2


Thread: A bit of Flak (AAGB)
22/04/2017 21:08:45

Evening John,

Thanks for your opinion on the kit...will probably have one in the stash before xmasface 20

Some lovely paintwork I see....the woodwork looks superb and that stowage is coming up nicely so far, I reckon this beast would have quite a lot of extra stuff for the crew to operate it good call on the extra bitsthumbs up


Thread: Trumpeter 1/35th LAV-AD (AAGB17)
22/04/2017 20:58:25

Evening Andy,

I completely missed this build!! But have had a right Royal read up, enjoyed the hot peg actionsmile p​....and now fully up to date!

Looks like a nicely detailed kit and quite busy! Tidy work sir....carry onthumbs up


Thread: Academy M4A3 Calliope Review Build
22/04/2017 20:32:55

Hi Kimmo,

That really is Some lovely detailing work your adding to this build, and very neatly done if I may say!

That Mg is nice but can't help wonder wether an aftermarket turned wotsit, would look even better?

All good stuff thothumbs up


Thread: Trumpeter, 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer IV " Ostwind "(AAGB 17 )
22/04/2017 19:55:31

Evening John,

Missed a few updates but back on track now laugh Nice work with the Flak paint job, particularly like the barrel colour. I've mixed my own steely colours but I've never been happy, yours looks great!

Great that the top can come off still to show the interior once it's all together...nice touchthumbs up

figure looks good to me, looking forward to see you tackle thatsmile p


Thread: Me109 E
22/04/2017 19:27:56

Evening Mick,

Looking very nice indeed....such a great schemeface 23


Thread: Back to basics with Bob part 2
22/04/2017 19:16:13

Hi Bob,

That's a very neat and tidy build there...great to see you rolling again, been too longsmile p

I know this is purely an Out the box build, but I'm curious how it compares, accuracy wise, with its full scale big brother?


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
21/04/2017 09:46:34

Hi John,

Ah so this is what your up to! Looking like a substantial refit...worth getting this stage right!

Bet you can't wait to get back to the benchsmile p


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
19/04/2017 21:58:55

Agree with Chris,

Seriously well done for packing up the snouts for a over a monthbeer

I battled for ages and it will be two years in August....feel so much better for it!

Well done buddythumbs up

Thread: Tamiya 1/35 Pzkw. II F/G Build
19/04/2017 21:38:01

Hi Forbes,

lovely build and paintwork of possibly my favourite tamiya kit ( I've built three so far) a true weekend kitlaughp


Thread: The Crazy Eighty Eight AAGB17
19/04/2017 21:25:16

Hi Bobby,

Great start on the 88....looking tidy so farthumbs up


Thread: Tamiya Opel Blitz & 2cm Flak 38
18/04/2017 20:28:50

Tony...sorry for the very last responseblush. Glad you like the sledthumbs up


Ron...great to have you looking in, your excellent blog was very helpful in making up the sled and yes.... It was tricky but only because I'd not really attempted much scratch stuff before. Like many modelling disciplines, the more you do the better you get at doing it! Thanks again for the thumbs upbeer


Marcello...I made the sled from plastic card then used a fine tooth saw to scratch some grain into it...really glad you like it. Coincidentally, Dragon released the version you have just as I got into my build....think they were watching me and did it to wind me upwink


I do intend to get this back on the bench before the end of the keep your eyes peelednerd



Edited By Si Benson on 18/04/2017 20:33:03

Thread: Back with a Flak Attack (AAGB17)
17/04/2017 21:15:52


Great to see you back and building matebeer. I was beginning to think the asylum had tracked you down and where performing more experiments on you wink 2

I think I may of had this kit but sold it on? Looks like you've made a good start what with the modifications an all...wasn't this called a wardrobe wagon or removals van or something?

Anyway...looks good keep it comingbeer


Thread: Achtung Flugzeug! (AAGB17)
17/04/2017 19:19:22

Hi fernando,

Firstly let me say well done for having the patience to see it through..... I threw mine away after getting 3/4 of the way through!

The alignment on mine was abysmal so when I started clean up I was filling away so much material and detail....and the plastic was like rock!

So top respect for getting it together so wellthumbs up all looking greatbeer


Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
17/04/2017 19:06:14

Evening Steve,

Now I wasn't quite sure where this was going but now I can see what's what, I think this is gonna be a good unthumbs up

Coming together very nicely matebeer


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