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Member postings for Si Benson

Here is a list of all the postings Si Benson has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 22:28:05

Looks great Peterthumbs up


Thread: An Apology....
19/02/2017 22:05:30

Hey Mate,

Really no need to apologise....the chaps have summed it up really. You do what you need to do, we will all be here when things are better for you.

all the best mate


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 21:26:35

Evening Allen,

Incorrect names seem to be a phase I'm going through buddy....I can only apologise profusely embarrassed.

Love the pic with the battle bus sitting on the paint pot....bring home how small this is!

Nearly done ehh!?....figures you say....hmmm. Now you have even more of my attentionnerd


Thread: Birth of a Champion
19/02/2017 11:58:24

Hi Christos,

Good to see you've been busy on the beast. Nice work on the barrels and thanks for sharing the linkthumbs up

Isn't it funny how sometimes you spend more time on the extra details than you do building the actual kitsmile o


Thread: For the Motherland!
19/02/2017 11:23:47

Morning Alistair,

Good gawd...I've not looked in for a few days and dang you nearly finished! You've made a very nice job of, I have to say, very tidythumbs up

Looking to me like Miniart have done a good job a few elements.

I'll have to reconsider miniart kits, once the stashed has thinned, in a few years lmaoface 20


Thread: Me. and my shadow.....(SSGB17)
19/02/2017 10:59:21

Morning Nick,

Nice touch adding that damage to the to rememberthumbs up

looking smart with a coat primer. I'll keep my eyes peeled for an update as looking forward to see how your going to roll all the other bits into a scenelaugh


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/02/2017 10:20:05

Morning Alan,

Blimey I've gone through two coffees reading this and catching up on your waffling detailed reportwink

Your doing a cracking Job on her still mate....the cable reels look absolutely fine to me....I agree with Steve, unless your have OCD, cable never goes back neatly onto a reel.

And who is the guy in denim you have helping you with painting...your grandpa?face 20

I'm joking of course....there is nothing wrong with 41 myself, my beard is more grey than I care to admit!

All looking very nice here Mr D....keep it comingbeer


Thread: Academy M4A3 Calliope Review Build
19/02/2017 09:39:00

Morning Kimmo,

Looks like some nice scratch workthumbs up

I had a look through that other blog you lucky are you to of found that! I bet that has proved very helpful.


Thread: The roar of the Leopard.Italeri/Mbk models leopard 1a4.
18/02/2017 11:01:10

Hi Richard,

I've always used this forum since modelling so don't know any difference, but agree it's a nice place to share the hobby we all enjoy.

Your always welcome to share whatever you makelaugh

I don't think we see enough non ww2 happy to watch and learnthumbs up


Thread: Shenanigans16: Tamiya's Old Matilda II
17/02/2017 09:20:06

My apologies Peter,

I had maybe one glass of brandy too manysmile p. Been s tuff couple of weeks in Bensonville wink


16/02/2017 22:09:18


Im so very envious of your ability to create beautifully painted vehicles and figures. Im always left wondering how on earth you do it!

Really nicely done sirbeer


Thread: Raining in Tunisia - ITALERI Kfz. 15 Funkwagen No6526
16/02/2017 21:42:41

Hi Steve,

Good to see the paintings has started . Nice start...look forward to watching you do your thinglaugh


Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
16/02/2017 21:33:07

Evening Simon,

Glad to read that your father is better and back with you at homethumbs up

Smashing result on the tyre....has come out lovely.


Thread: Revell PzKpfw III L...(SSGB17)
15/02/2017 22:16:28

Andy, John...

Thanks for the kind words gentsthumbs up

Some progress Tonight. Running gear and turret assembled. Created a bit of trim to fit round the PE mesh on engine louvred. Not brilliant but should be fine once its all painted up


I'm not entirely happy with the tow cables so will see what can be done and will look into knocking up some stowage perhaps?

Thanks for looking, all comments welcome


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
15/02/2017 21:30:03

Excellent work Allen,

Seems your leaving no stone unturned and still enjoying it. Very good sirthumbs up


Thread: Revell Fw.200C-4 Condor (SSGB17)
14/02/2017 22:25:35

Hi Fernando,

I missed the final pics...that is a lovely looking finish, superb job on the paint thumbs up


Thread: Me. and my shadow.....(SSGB17)
13/02/2017 21:35:52

Alles klar.....weiter nerd


Thread: Airfix 1/76 Pz IV F1/F2 (SSGB17)
13/02/2017 21:29:02

Hi Andy,

Nice finish and some saggy track too...can't be badthumbs up


Thread: " Dusty Bin " ( GB SSGB17 ) JR .
13/02/2017 21:26:44


We all thought you were bonkers to tackle the smallest 1:72 scale kit ever produced....and where correctface 20

However, in the grand scheme of things, where many would've thrown in the towel, you soldiered on ,relentlessly, to the end with a quality finish!

Great work matebeer


Thread: Me. and my shadow.....(SSGB17)
13/02/2017 19:49:24

Evening Nick,

Not entirely sure what's going on but I'm in toolaugh


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