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Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
18/01/2017 14:08:58


Really like how the tiger has turned out....and not a airbrush is sight! You should be very pleased with how this has turned out in such an unbelievably short space of time!


Thread: Stryke three! (SSGB17)
18/01/2017 10:35:16

Morning Alistair,

Superb job on that there Stryker, the stowage looks very good!

I've not attempted modification or additional items at this scale yet...but looks tricky!



Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
16/01/2017 20:23:22

Evening Mr T,

looking sweetthumbs up

Are you doing stowage and pioneer tools?


Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
16/01/2017 13:32:01

Hi Peter,

Was expecting to see a little progress, then I read all is not wellsmile o hope you can dry brush the beast back into submission...

Don't give in soon...there's always the fairy power spray!


Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 21:49:03


Nice progress so far but What's with the tyres...that really is a gap! I'm sure you'll sort it..

That chassis shows nicely how long this beast was! A really interesting vehicle....look forward to more soon... keep rolling


Edited By Si Benson on 15/01/2017 21:49:56

Thread: Armourfast Valentine 1/72 #1 (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 21:34:44


These are the kits from Italeri


2 in a box....pretty good for wargaming, not that I know anything about the war game side though!


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 16:31:55

Hi Mike....

Nice work with the wespethumbs up....reminds me, I have Revels 1/72 nashorn in the stash somewhere!


Thread: Shenanigans 14: Italeri 1/35 Tiger 1
15/01/2017 15:45:36


You are a model making machine sirsmile o...with the wheels and tracks assembled there isn't much left?

Impressive workbeer


Thread: Soviet Aerosan NKL-16/41 (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 15:27:39

Hi Jim,

Crickey mate....I've filed off bigger flash than that! Top workthumbs up



Edited By Si Benson on 15/01/2017 15:28:16

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 15:17:36

A'noon Andy,

An underwater boat!....I like em but you'd never catch me in one!

I had an ex submariner work for me who was on a sub during the Cold War. Although he was from Yorkshire he was quite interestingwink 2face 20 ...loads of crazy stories to tell!

Count me in mate!


Thread: Armourfast Valentine 1/72 #1 (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 15:04:25

Hi Chris,

I brought some of these and some of the italeri quick builds too for my son for Christmas. He really enjoyed putting them together and agree with Ev that some of the details are non too bad for the scale!

Great kits to practice techniques on!


Thread: Infantry Tank MkII Matilda (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 13:04:40

Afternoon Ev...or whatever time it is down under?

Don't know much at all about British maybe I'll learn something nerd


Thread: MiG-15bis (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 11:28:36

Morning Mick,

Catch up Sunday for me....nice job so far, the office looks great with the dash in place and the seat belts, Well worth the effort.

The big joins are the trickiest bit for me too!


Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
15/01/2017 11:16:06

Certainly looks like you enjoyed yourself Simon...

forget hidden or in full view, if you enjoyed doing it, that's what counts thumbs up


Thread: Albatros D V by Eduard in 1/72nd (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 11:03:22

Morning John,

Yet again I'm missing updates from this GB by the dozen! embarrassed just been reading through and up to speed laugh

Really feel for you on the free fall misshap....all that workcrying. Hopefully not a complete right off? Looks like the rigging is full of challenges..I have every confidence you'll solve it thoughtea


Thread: Airfix BF109E 1/72 (SSGB17)
14/01/2017 23:12:56

Evening gents,

As originally imagined, I intended to complete a few Builds for the SSGB. While foraging in one of my stash overflow zones (SOZ for short) wink 2...I spotted this!


"That's getting built" I thought to myselflaugh

So it was a very expensive kit as you can see.... and comes in the most upmarket of protective packaging...transparent for your viewing pleasure...if you will!

Ok so the skill level may be at the peak of my ability....but I'm in for the long haulfist

I've started clean will snap some pics and keep you posted



Edited By Si Benson on 14/01/2017 23:17:37

Thread: Its his birthday Sunday
14/01/2017 22:50:07

noteHappy birthday to you....

Happy birthday to younote...

notehappy birthday dear John.....happy birthday to youcakebeer

Scotties right about them candles tho mateface 20...expect Mrs Race has cleared one or two supermarket shelves for that manycheekyface 20

All the best....


Thread: SSGB17 BTR 3E1 Ukrainian Personnel carrier
14/01/2017 22:43:55

Hi Marcello,

Bummer that the kit is not so user friendly after you've spent so much time on it....I've had a couple of them that have made it to the bin!

John has a great idea for a wrecker thoughthumbs up so all is not lost!


Thread: Zvezda T90 1/72 (SSGB17)
14/01/2017 22:19:45

Dave...Digital cammo would be über cool...but way out of my ability parameters!

I'm think more like this....

Picture from prime portal....for discussion only.

Nick....I'm thinking similar on the running gear and lower hull. But don't want to cover up too much. Cool video btw....How many T-90's does it take to change a light bulbwink 2


14/01/2017 20:29:00

Some progress shots for your perusal.....

Tracks in place....slight mishap with fitting but easy fix....nice fit and teeth mesh with track beautifully



The build is 95%complete but I need to paint up the lower half and tracks before continuing are some rather cheeky dry fit p





Thanks for looking



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