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Thread: Philippine-American War (1898-1902)
19/10/2017 16:53:25


Completely clueless when it comes to American/Filipino history....but can see, what your making look good to me

The building in particular is very impressive thumbs up


Thread: Bruckenlegepanzer Biber (Bridge Laying Tank Beaver) - (EngGB17)
19/10/2017 15:52:00

Oh, so it was you I could hear down here in Sussex face 20

Recently put the tracks on the 1:72 Su-76 Im thoroughly appreciate how tricky they can be at this scale.

Looks like you’ve recovered everything ok. Getting the paint on isn’t so bad as long as you’re patient with the brush.

Keep it coming laugh


Thread: Takom T-55A Marina
18/10/2017 21:52:04

Evening Marcello,

I gotta try that black and white style find it very appealingsmile p

just hope I can achieve the results you have.....looking very sharpthumbs up


Thread: Miniart Caterpillar D7 U.S. armoured bulldozer (EngGB17)
18/10/2017 21:46:10

Hi fernando,

Just catching up and can see your doing a great job of this delicate kit.

I gotta side with Mr T and the JLC razor saw....I started using it on a 1/72 build and it removed part after part with very little clean up...really recommend itlaugh

Can’t help think you’ll have this finished in no timebeer


Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
18/10/2017 19:45:45

Evening Smiffy,

Good to see you buddylaugh

Well you’ve been spreading herself around like some cheap tartsmile p.....showing other fella’s pictures of yer fancy painting and plastic wot-notssmile o...well I nevercrying

But how could we stay mad at you, being your Mort is so gawjusheart.

Anyway...... I Like the choice of builds you got going there. Superb job with the bench seat, you’ve managed to capture the leather look really well...oils?

Great start...hope you can share more as you go my lovercheekywink 2


Thread: What's on the bench
18/10/2017 18:37:25

A most excellent bit of moggeling if ever I saw it Allenthumbs up

Now what was it you where saying?....’buy more models for the stash’ was it?

righto boss I’m on itsmile p


18/10/2017 14:31:57

Graeme...think us boys all had one at some pointface 20

Richard...I’m feeling so much happier about my meagre medley on the bench!

John...well if Mrs Race agrees with me you’ve got no hope face 20


Thread: 2018 Group Builds (YES Really!)
17/10/2017 21:29:40

Evening all,

Had a read through the thoughts so far, some good idea in there gents. Don’t have a preference to quantity of builds over the year.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • ​Cold war....vehicles, aircraft, figures any nation associated with the Cold War period
  • RAF 100....again this could bridge all three modelling subjects
  • Artillery...anything from cannon to mortar crew to SPG
  • The desert....again either vehicles aircraft or figures associated with warfare in the desert

No such thing as a bad idea at this stage and Echo what Andy says, all members old or new are thoroughly welcome and encouraged to chip in with ideas for the GB’slaugh

Look forward to seeing the outcome once mr C does his calculationsnerd


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
16/10/2017 20:18:47

Evening John,

I can only agree with the guys, ‘tis loooking very goodlaugh And the metal pieces look interesting, I’ve seen something similar somewhere else but can’t think where?

Now onto the subject of your pigsty workbench.... I can only assume you’ve had the windows open and the wind has blown everything around on there...I’ve seen tidier bomb sitesface 20

Everything in its place and a place for everything Mr Race....come along now, your meant to be setting us youngsters a good example wink 2


Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
15/10/2017 21:09:58

Are you still milking this one Steve.....thought you’d of had it painted by nowwinkface 20

Only joking mate...I know how sometimes just a few mods can really eat the time awaydont know Looking clean and tidy so far....keep it coming beer


Thread: Bronco Land Wasser Schlepper
15/10/2017 15:16:55


Not built this but Had a quick look google for you.

“Another nice thing about the tracks is that they are workable. I assembled a couple of the track links and they go together quite easily and even hold pretty tight. However, the best thing to do is click them together, put them in place, add the sag, and then go over it with ultra thin cement. Although the links hold tight they are not very well suited for some rough handling”

Another build review here with some advice about the tracks....**LINK**

hope this is usefull

Thread: A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)
15/10/2017 15:08:42

Love it Allen,

An excellent twist to the build and a great way to present itbeer

Great to see some humour in a build for a change toolaughthumbs up


Thread: Morning
15/10/2017 10:50:12


Thread: Bruckenlegepanzer Biber (Bridge Laying Tank Beaver) - (EngGB17)
14/10/2017 21:15:40

Evening Jim,

Glad you found something to ‘bridge the gap’ on this particular GBface 20...ok so it’s a bit corny but gotta get points for trying ehh!

If this is anywhere near as good as your AAGB or the bi-plane GB entries ...then we are in for a treatthumbs up

Carry onlaugh



Edited By Si Benson on 14/10/2017 21:16:58

Thread: Tiran_5 Sh with KMT_5 mine roller on a Transporter
14/10/2017 16:46:45

Some seriously good modelling work. Deserves to be in a magazine article I reckonthumbs up

Great to see the whole process in one go like this too.


Thread: sd.kfz.251/20 UHU
14/10/2017 16:40:37


smile o ... That looks fantastic as it is! Excellent job with the tree...I’m going to have to have a go at doing one of them myself.

What plaster did you use on your base?


Thread: What's on the bench
14/10/2017 13:38:31

Sorry Graeme....I couldn’t find it in amongst the rest of the his pit he passes off for a bedroomface 20 if it ever resurfaces I’ll snap a picthumbs up got some nice stuff on the go, the Miniart MB1500A looks good, how was the kit quality? Gotta finish that and post up some pics....pleasebeer

I try not to have more than two builds on the go...if one stalls I can flit across to the other. Currently building the HB Vk1601 but waiting for a A/m tow cable so pulled this small scale out


Apart from being small, it’s been a good build. Some sinkage and a couple of ejection marks but next to no flash.


Thread: "Did the Earth move for you?" (Engineering Vehicles GB)
13/10/2017 23:47:08


Lovely bit of cheeky dry fittingsmile p

Splendid job getting that interior’s a really nice kit and gotta say, you got it looking tight bruv smile d sorry went a bit street there lolface 20

Nice work old beanbeer


Thread: What's on the bench
13/10/2017 19:48:17

Agree with’s a smashing kitsmiley A great kit for the youngsters.

My son built the Meng Sherman ....and really enjoyed it.image.jpeg

I’ll have to show him your B17, he’ll like thatthumbs up


Thread: It's that time of year again - Happy Birthday Jimbo
13/10/2017 06:07:46


My......What a lot of candleswink lol

Happy Bithday Jim laugh hope you enjoy you special day with lots of presents and cakeface 23


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