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Member postings for Si Benson

Here is a list of all the postings Si Benson has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Show us your workbench
04/03/2018 20:16:38

Oh no.....

A rebel from the N.E.T.A.A.C (not entirely tidy at all club).

Quick Bring out the procedures handbookssmile owink 2


Thread: M26 Dragon wagon {PS}
04/03/2018 18:29:28

Evening Scottie,

Superb blog mate culminating in a great finish. So many bits and pieces to look at make for an interesting model.

Weathering is just right in my eyes, particularly like how the grease has come out on the fifth wheel.

Brilliant stuffbeer


Thread: Show us your workbench
04/03/2018 17:51:29

Looking very posh there Mr Glovertea....I dare say the TBC would approve.

I’m assuming you applied to the ‘chairman’ for planning consent.... in triplicate? He’s a tuff fellow to pleasedisgust

Mr Race....ah I see your taking notes from the tidier memberswink 2 wouldn’t want to drop your guard, what with the likelihood of an impending spot check.

Partial, temporary, junior, interim, limited membership is easily revoked  smile o




Edited By Si Benson on 04/03/2018 17:54:20

Thread: Sit Rep
04/03/2018 14:17:42

Hi Simon,

All the best for the surgery...totally understand the eye thing. I can watch the most in depth surgery shown on TV but for some reason eye stuff is a no no!

They do these ops day in day out, so sure it will go smoothlytea



Thread: M31 US Tank Recovery Vehicle
04/03/2018 09:49:18

Morning Mike,

Completely neglected to wish you Happy birthday yesterday embarrassed

So a somewhat belated....”happy birthday sir”laughcakegiftbeer

Hope you had a good ‘un!


Thread: 2for1 take 2
04/03/2018 08:21:25

Morning Dave,

Couple of neat looking builds....that tractor is a proper chunky monkey compared to the tanksmile o

Look forward to seeing the pair weathered upthumbs up


Thread: Newbie
03/03/2018 21:00:14

Hello Meech,

And welcome from me too. Always good to have new members, look forward to seeing you around and joining in.


Thread: M31 US Tank Recovery Vehicle
03/03/2018 20:03:59

Evening Mike,

I like the look of this so I’ll grab a chair with Scottielaugh


Thread: SS-100
03/03/2018 19:41:34

Evening John,

Looks good to me, fresh paint and a bit of dust are just enoughthumbs up

You can’t beat a quick simple build and paint to keep the mojo flowingbeer


Thread: M26 Dragon wagon {PS}
03/03/2018 16:55:02

A’noon Scottie,

Fan-tabulous stuff mate....really enjoyed just catching up with the build of this beast...sooo much detailsmile p

I did a stowed camo net myself during the week using a very similar technique but formed on the vehicle.... I didn’t think to try a chemist for netdont know

Keep it coming


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
03/03/2018 16:29:51

Won’t be a yellow card’ll be dunklegelb with olivgrun disruptive patternface 20




Edited By Si Benson on 03/03/2018 16:30:42

Thread: Braille Scale 2018 {ST}
02/03/2018 09:59:13

Morning Simon,

Looks to have a texture, but I think it looks good from herethumbs up

I tried doing worn white wash and gave up....dont know


Thread: Dragon Nashorn kit 6001
01/03/2018 16:41:46

Steve.....cheers buddybeer I can honesty say, seeing your builds is encouraging me to look at the way I finish my models. As for shelf queens....I have a Tamiya Tiger I in the sights for my next build. Got a couple to finish first though.

Hi Rossco....long time no see. Thanks for checking inthumbs up

A quick tickle with a brush and some burnt umber oil paint has transformed the rifle butt....

Once that drys I’ll try and create some darker streaks...


The exhausts have been brushed with a little dark rusty colour but the photo I took came out pants!

Thanks for looking


01/03/2018 16:31:03

Mr T....ah yes I vaguely remembered some nutter scratching a jack.....should of realised it was you sirface 20

I stumbled across a website dedicated to German AFV jacks.....who’d have thought it!

Thanks for you input thumbs up

Hooch....thank you. The rifle was painted with Vallejo English uniform and then I mixed a highlight by adding some buff. I’ve since changed it a bit.

Jim....cheers matelaugh I had heard that rumour about our Mr T.....but dismissed itwink 2

Scottie .....thank you matethumbs up Agree....a few tweaks can make such a difference!

Richard.....thanks for popping in sir. Get them built.... If I can make it look reasonable, a man with your skills can knock it out the ball parklaugh

Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
01/03/2018 14:00:54

Somebody call?


Thread: SS-100
28/02/2018 19:40:18

Evening John,

-16 is a little chilly .... and a damn good excuse to get some plastic glued together!

Cool vehicle, excuse the utterly deliberate the build looks pretty much done, let’s get some paint flowingsmile p


Thread: Meng Shilka ZSU 23-4
28/02/2018 18:34:47

Evening Lee,

I’m another one that would quite like to build this so will be watching along toolaugh


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2018
27/02/2018 21:56:40

Such a useful tool Allen...aren’t you a lucky boy laugh

And John what a generous gesture....a true gentleman beer


Thread: Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-35 Multi Turret Heavy
27/02/2018 20:48:09

Rolling along nicely Davethumbs up


Thread: Meng Leopard 1 A5
27/02/2018 19:59:51

Hi Lee,

I don’t know much about modern tanks but I do know you’ve made a nice tidy job of the building and paintworkthumbs up


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