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Thread: Figure Assortment {ST}
19/11/2017 08:35:05


no particular reason but I started assembling this chap last night

He is an old Verlinden 120mm that I've had for many years. The original head with peaked cap must have been used elsewhere

I have filed a hollow into his shoulder so that the panzerfaust sits better - a bit of work will be required to rebuild the jacket around it

the magazine pouches were separated so that I could also get them sitting a little better

fit of parts was rather poor, especially the arms - the arm and torso shapes just didn't match up at all

even with some fettling prior to fixing there are still gaps that will need work

I carved off the moulded D ring from the bread bag and made a new one from aluminium armature wire and attached the water bottle with a spring clip made from a piece of etch fret


Thread: LAV-R (EngGB17) {ST}
19/11/2017 08:18:11

Al / Jim - thanks

The boom has had a little more work but I forgot to take a piccy

had trouble getting camera to focus but I have replaced the solid locking handles with bits of etch fret

also added those pole thingies at the top of the rear hull

another unknown bit added to hull top right side


Thread: "Did the Earth move for you?" (Engineering Vehicles GB)
16/11/2017 00:10:52

More excellent work Al


Thread: YRBM 20 Brown Water Navy
14/11/2017 01:21:12

Very nice thumbs up


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
14/11/2017 01:16:26

Wow, what a hugemungous undertaking John smile o

Good to see it assembled even if only temporarily

Blasting part of a window and the adjacent wall sounds like a plan thumbs up


Thread: LAV-R (EngGB17) {ST}
13/11/2017 01:14:35

Hi Jim - I agree, straight ahead wheels just look too formal somehow. These just needed the locating pin removing so that they would pivot

A bit more progress......

replaced the solid large handles above the rear door with brass wire

new piston from aluminium tubing

finished hollowing out the underside of the crane boom and installed another piston

as usual not much of this will be visible but at least it looks better than the solid boom and non piston like pistons

opened a hole in the top of the boom and fed some aluminium armature wire through to represent the hydraulic hoses

Boom still needs a few details but most of the work on it is done

Thanks for looking in


Thread: "Did the Earth move for you?" (Engineering Vehicles GB)
12/11/2017 09:50:55

If anyone watching Al's great build is thinking of getting one of these monsters Creative Models have a few at 25% discount in their current 100 weekly offers

Thread: Wrecker (EngGB17)
12/11/2017 09:04:12

thumbs upface 20

Thread: LAV-R (EngGB17) {ST}
12/11/2017 08:08:27

John - that's an early start. I was actually asleep for a change by then face 20

Thanks - still a few bits to sort out but references are thin on the ground so not so much fettling as usual

The spring wire was just wound around a suitably sized drill bit

Sjors - thanks. They are not quite as visible as I thought they would be


Thread: Wrecker (EngGB17)
12/11/2017 08:01:49

Hi Sjors,

coming on nicely thumbs up

like the PE - looks fiddly

the rear cab corners look a little straight - they look curved in pictures. Should those sections have been rolled to impart a curve before assembling?


Thread: LAV-R (EngGB17) {ST}
12/11/2017 01:06:48

Hi all - actually got some work done on this last night thumbs up

suspension now all installed - front wheels turned from the kits straight ahead position

steering arms had their locating pins removed to allow the arms to fit the rotated hubs

trimmed off the moulded springs to leave a bottom plate then sanded the top back to a round profile and removed the peg that forced the straight ahead position

new springs wound from brass wire - they actually had a bit of bounce to them and before I got them glued in one launched itself and the hub. Luckily I managed to find them again and stick them down before they could escape again

made a start hollowing out the crane arm after cutting off the unconvincing hydraulic piston

drilled/carved out the front lifting lugs and installed the bow plate

drilled out the towing loops top and bottom at the front and also on the rear

exhaust drilled out and installed

side support legs added to both sides of the hull


Thanks for looking in


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
11/11/2017 03:30:17

I may not be getting much build time but I have managed a bit of online retail therapy

got this from Creative Models weekly bargain centre £28 instead of £43

It is stuffed with sprues - look at the box top parts count

Excellent service from Creative, as usual - ordered first thing Wednesday and it arrived mid morning Thursday

not a very good figure painter but I have been almost tempted by this one a few times - I envisage them trudging through snow.....

Odd size of 60mm and cast in my least favourite medium of white metal

Supplied by Historex Agents - ordered Thursday morning delivered Friday thumbs up


Thread: Miniart Caterpillar D7 U.S. armoured bulldozer (EngGB17)
11/11/2017 03:07:27

Far too clean - needs plenty of mud so the chap with the shovel has something to do face 20


Thread: Plans
11/11/2017 03:00:09

Hi Derek,

a good starting point is website



jpeg versions that you need to scale for yourself are freely available. You can also buy proper vector drawings

Quality is variable but there is a huge database to choose from

There are also these afv plans books


They can also be considered as a good starting point but they do have their faults - incorrect or missing information and also different scales between different views so they do need checking before using. They seem to have been printed on a 'fit to page' basis rather than properly to scale. Some of the ones I have used even have different scales in the horizontal and vertical


Thread: MacTaggarts Catapult
10/11/2017 02:09:27

Very nice Richard thumbs up (even without my favourite, rivets) face 20


Thread: Quarry Engineers (EngineerGB17)
10/11/2017 01:59:20

Hi Paul,

some of the low level flocking looks a tad bright to me - I find it draws the eye as it stands out, but maybe that's just me dont know


09/11/2017 01:37:01

Hi Paul,

gardening looks fine (maybe a touch on the bright side in places)

well done on the crusher from limited info


Thread: Queen of the North 1/10 Bust
09/11/2017 01:30:28

popped in to see the progress - should have realised it would be already finished thinking

Very nice as usual thumbs up


Thread: Admiral Alexander Hood 1726 - 1814 or So what happened to our ship?
09/11/2017 01:16:41

Hi John,

another cracking bust thumbs up

I would be well happy if I could do the same to this level

This appears to have been based on the Lemuel Francis Abbott painting and as such I would offer the following observations - the jaw line in the painting is much squarer, nose a little smaller and the decoration (Order of the Bath?) a fair bit larger


Thread: Spots on the Net (previously Facebook)
08/11/2017 18:16:31

Ah, Jon just beat me to it

T72 based heavy apc

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