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Thread: Military Modelling Vol.46 Issue 12 'Euro Militaire' Special
15/11/2016 00:45:56

Always grateful to pick the Euro special up, it's a shame it'll be the last One! : ( there is a lot of guys out there that don't post, who do appreciate it also, this is worldwide... with the quality of work on display at Euro, it is only right to publish all this great work, atleast the haters won't suffer anymore! I say support the mag in its entirety, before that dissapears also : (

Thread: The 2016 EuroMilitaire show will be the last...
15/11/2016 00:14:32

I read this shocking news over on Facebook, a real shame and a very sad day for me, I have very fond memories, I've never been to any other show that had that much of an impact on me, the incredible work on display from every corner of the World, the atmosphere and in the earlier days the great trade. I hoped to return next year after missing a couple of recent years, but that's not going to happen now : (

Hi Peter Day, I don't think Figure modelling is on the decline in the U.K, you only have to attend fFigure World, Sword + Lance and Euro to witness this, there is alot of talent I see in this country ... Euro was always a figure biased show, but it also attracted Some of the very best Diorama and AFV modellers.

The U.K has lost a World famous quality show, probably THE best show, it seems allthough with 31 years under its belt even, there wasn't enough passion to save it, or atleast try! : (

Thread: Tasca 1/24th Scale Zundapp
15/05/2016 16:59:40

Hi John, I've been looking in when I can, this is a great kit! Mine stalled at around the stage you are at, simply because I could not get hold of any acessories for it and thinking that in time, the market would be full of such bits, but sadly not ... So it is still in the box. However it's no excuse, as it is too nice to be left un-built!

I added missing bolt heads and tyre valves, wing nuts and wiring, the battery needs a strap which is the rectangular box in between the cylinder head and kickstart to the Left hand side, but these are only minor details that do not really detract without them ...

It looks a nice tidy build thus far 👍🏼 Theres not much choice on the figure front either, as you probably noticed! Model Cellar, sold by SK Miniatures in the UK, do Two resin standing bike riders, sculpted by Mike Good, so the sculpts are very nice, there's also Tanker Craft(?) but I have no dealings with these figures and also AC Miniatures do a Three figure set. If you need more images of the Model Cellar figures I'll post some up.

Looking forward to seeing more progress, it may give me the urge to dig mine out 😀


..... 010.jpg

..... 007.jpg

Thread: Dragon kits
15/02/2016 20:19:20

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your helpful reply, I'll take a look at the links, I do recall there were some issues, it's funny as I found the kit 6264 in the stash yesterday, I'd forgotten all about it ...

Cheers buddy 👍🏼


15/02/2016 19:56:49

Apologies for the off topic content, Alan could you remind me Please what was the problem with Dragon kit 6264 and how do you recognise if you have the later anmeded parts from kit 6301? Thanks

Thread: Battlefield Recovery
16/01/2016 22:15:09

But it's ok on Time Team??

16/01/2016 21:56:13

You are giving them the same tag as those that sell this stuff on, they handed everything in, if they are doin this in a respectful manor, which they appeared to be, I see no problem,I'm all against the Black diggers, but even the small outfits that do it respectfully such as these, should be congratulated on doing a good job recovering these guys, I'm guessing from the comments to your link, they don't have a clue, or any historical interest , they just see these teams digging up remains with no consideration as to why, or what happens Once they have. If only paid or even non paid archeolagists recovered these guys, it's clear there would not be many recovered at all, but agree about those that do it without permits and don't hand in the remains and just dig to see what they can sell on, the TWO ARE very different, the show isn't like some dodgy you-tube upload.

16/01/2016 21:23:51

David how can you comment on the T.V show? By your own admittance you never even watched it! And the info James gave about these diggers goes to show they are not all thieving grave robbers, but conduct themselves professionally, working with local authorities etc .. 15,000 recoveries! What great people. The T.V show is no different, the team have permits to dig, all remains and artefacts are contained and took to local authority's, the coordinates are documented. Nothing more they could do from what I witnessed on the program and another fallen hero is recovered, I can't personally knock what they and others do.

16/01/2016 20:05:19

You and I both know that will never happen! If it wasn't the the scores of un-paid 'amateurs' then many fallen soldiers would never have been recovered. Maybe you should of watched the program and then passed comment, the team was made up of historians, ex military etc.. The remains they found were took to the appropriate local war cemetery with any other finds being passed on to the local museum. What more could they have done?? Respect to them.

16/01/2016 19:30:43

David, it's unfair to class these guys as 'Black diggers' they are not grave robbers, sure they exist, but this team act professionally and by a code as many other hobbyists and pros do, the majority are into history etc .. And if soldiers remains are found, then the War Grave Comission are informed and the remains get the burial they deserve and families can have some closure etc.. There must be thousands of soldiers still out there, not all diggers are in it just for treasure. Good on the these guys for doing what they do. (Grave robbers not included!)

16/01/2016 15:03:08

Thanks for the heads up James! Really interesting programs..

Thread: 1/12 First Order Force Awakens Special Forces Tie Fighter
16/01/2016 00:07:23

No worries mate, you'll know when the mojo returns, I'll look forward to when it does! 😀 You have to run with whatever creative feeling you get .. I'm waiting for the Dragon models 35th scale SW AT-AT😍

Thread: Agitators for Vallejo paints
16/01/2016 00:04:36

Jay, I actually found some solid 8mm glass beads in the bottom of a smelly bottle, I tested them out earlier, I think they'll stand up, but there's not much weight to them and are inferior to weighty S/Steel for agitating the paint.

16/01/2016 00:01:18

Thanks for your comments Gents, Jimbo, I'm testing some S/S nuts at the mo' and they are excellent at mixing, they do seem to agitate the paint better and quicker, I just hope they do not tarnish in time and affect the acrylics ..

David A, that's good to hear, a decent amount of time to test them out, there is obviously a big difference between different grades of stainless, Thanks.

David W, I've never had a problem at all with VMC, I have some bottles that are around Eight yrs old, maybe older .. But other companies, just do not last from my experience and will not mix, not a problem if you use them a lot and regular I guess.. Some bottles have the pigment set like plastic, no amount of mixing will liven these back up, time for the bin, but some, with persistent stirring, shaking and using agitators just about Come back to life, Thanks I'll check Amazon out for some BB's to test also, my local Bicycle shop is long gone now ...

John good idea with the U/S cleaner!

Thread: 1/12 First Order Force Awakens Special Forces Tie Fighter
15/01/2016 23:37:01

I hear you mate, doesn't look an easy One, but will be so impressive once complete!! Did you ever finish the T-34 Dio ? I know these huge works must be tough going, so won't hold it against you 👍🏼😜😀

Thread: M706 Command Car Vietnam.
15/01/2016 23:34:51

Hi John, they're the wheels I have for mine, I hope you like them .. Re the clear parts, CA can fog clear parts quite bad if you are not careful, a better solution I find is to use PVA which will dry clear with no harm being done .,,

Thread: 1/12 First Order Force Awakens Special Forces Tie Fighter
15/01/2016 22:51:33

Eh up Dave! I knew this was yours before I clocked it was you! Hope your are well and good to see you posting 👍🏼

The lighting and figure look superb 👍🏼 I hope we see this One complete 😜😀

Thread: Agitators for Vallejo paints
13/01/2016 16:00:45

A recent post over on Facebook about poor shelf life of some acrylics and enamels, has lead me to check over my paint stock, many, by a particular brand have suffered from the pigment and carrier separating so bad it appears they'll never knock up again, however some have, some haven't and some are just plain had it, with the acrylic pigment which is now more of a plastic stringy goo ... When you have a lot of paint and they all need the pigments livening up, shaking or stirring isn't cutting it, I looked into Stainless bearings to use as agitaters, but after reading this Jay and an on line test of stainless BB's I'm put off getting any, the only thing I think would work is maybe marine Stainless but I'm yet to find any .. Although Stainless 316 is supposed to be pretty resistant to corrosion, I wondered what anybody else had used, or how your contraption is going Jay?! I've testing some stainless nuts in enamel at the minute, think they may fair better in a mineral/oil based paint over acrylic. Also I thought of marbles or glass beads, but not sure how well they'd hold up to all the smashing around in the bottle. I think rattle cans use ceramic?

Need to give the guns a rest ..l 😜😂

Thread: Chipping
13/01/2016 15:33:11

James Noble, very good mate 😂😜👍🏼

Paul Truesdale, very true, but also they used what they could get, so this often meant anything goes, I've read accounts of paint being used, mixed with fuel to thin it, Lyme, chalk, it was brushed on, sprayed on, etc etc .. All these variables, give a different distressed finish, some would chip away, some would fade and wash off, streak etc etc ..

10/01/2016 14:42:44

Alan they clearly couldnt develop a paint that could be field applied that would have some longevity in the field lol! But then the paint had to be easily removeable when the camo' was not needed, so perhaps it wasn't that important?

But seriously I don't think I've seen a model that has been basecoated only, that carries the distress to the paintwork that the above vehicle images show, unless it's been fire damaged.. But Gernan paint did wear around cupola edges etc .. As I'm sure it did on Allied vehicles. Chipping definetly has its place in armour modelling. Reference says so 😀

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