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Thread: R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue Launch. (RAF100GB)
20/03/2018 14:12:13

Thanks Gents. Glad you approve of progress thus far.

John - I'm going as fast as I can. Let's hope they can survive a bit longer, and don't start eating each other!

Bit of an update for you.

Decals, mast, life buoys and anchor finally fixed.






The 2 and 7 were very difficult to get to lay properly due to those small deck vents - Whatever they are


A bit more painting and fettling, then on to the rigging.



Edited By spanner570 on 20/03/2018 14:12:24

Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
20/03/2018 14:00:41

Hi all.

Decals, mast and life rings added.






The 2 and the 7 on the deck were a pig to get to lie down over the 4 small deck vents - whatever they are.


A little bit more painting and fettling, then the rigging.....



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Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
20/03/2018 09:36:53

Moving on with indecent haste.....

Vinyl tracks fixed. These went on as sweet as a nut, and perfectly acceptable - For me anyway! I didn't melt the track joining 'pins', but used general purpose adhesive. Worked fine with a good strong joint. You can see the join above the drive wheel. Yet another cunning plan will cure this.....

I glued the track to the middle wheels, this gave a nice sag to the links.

I've also fitted the mantlet and gun. Being rounded, the mantlet was a pig to cover in zimmerit. It took a couple of goes before I was happy with the result.


Thanks for looking.


Thread: Revell Harbour Tug Boat
19/03/2018 17:40:02

Jim - Scottie is spot on, a 'mess' is what you're after. From the tug, right down the wall, to the shore line - and beyond!

Keep in mind the 'wreck' would have been alongside the harbour wall for months, even years, so the wall will be well neglected too......

I think the last thing you want is a 'tidy and neat build'.......wink

Excellent work.


Edited By spanner570 on 19/03/2018 18:08:19

Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
19/03/2018 17:33:00

Jim - Thanks Jim. Interesting times indeed - Who knows where this build will end up? Not I!

Richard - Nice build. It seems everyone on M.M. either had, has, or about to built this Panther kit. Great that it has brought back memories and perhaps motivated folks to drag it out of the stash......

Right, I've turned my attention to the turret.


For a bit of wear and tear, I've purposely left off a chunk of zimmerit.

This has had it's final coat of yellow.


Cheers all.


Thread: R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue Launch. (RAF100GB)
16/03/2018 13:22:54

Thanks John, and sorry for the very late reply to your post....

As times a'pushin' on, I've quietly done a bit more to the Launch.

Here's the latest progress. I've finally painted, and fixed, the two turrets, which to be honest, I've been hiding from!

I've also done likewise to the rescue dinghy.





Brad, if you are around, can your chaps hold out a bit longer? Perhaps they could eat their pet seagull?



Edited By spanner570 on 16/03/2018 13:24:22

Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
16/03/2018 13:14:36

Fine modelling skills chaps.. Well done everyone!

Here's an update on my RAF Rescue Launch. Turrets fixed along with the rescue dinghy.

To be honest, I've been hiding from this, because I couldn't pluck up the courage to paint the two turrets! But now they're behind me....thanks goodness!







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Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
16/03/2018 11:01:51

I've painted and fixed the road wheels. I don't like black 'tyres', preferring to paint them a grey colour. I noticed the middle wheels have a lot less rubber than the outer and inner sets. I had presumed them to be all the same.....

I haven't gone into any detail about the wheels, as I reckon folks will have all seen how many there are, and how to fix them, way before now on other tank builds.

You can clearly see the plastic card on the hull side coated in zimmerit. Without this addition, you would be able to see right through the 'Toy'..wink


Don't look at the bald zimm. on the back end, it's all part of yet another 'cunning plan'!

Cheers all.


Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
16/03/2018 10:22:43


Just to echo Jim's comments.....echo, echo, echo!

Also, I wouldn't worry too much about painting the figures all neat and tidy. Fighting for their lives in that hell hole, they would be covered in filth, dust, sweat and tears.

Top work, which just get's better.


Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
16/03/2018 10:12:38

Thanks for all your comments chaps....

It seems to me we all have built this kit sometime or other, or is still hiding in the stash. It must have been the 'Must Have ' kit back in the days of yore!

Regarding painting, For years, I've been in the near enough camp, and can't understand why some folks beat themselves up about getting the correct colour / shade. Consider this....

Paint, like wall paper and ceramic tiles are all made in batches. That is why they all have a batch number stamped on them. Wall paper and tiles are notorious for shade variations of supposedly the same colour.

A prime example of shade differences from different sources is WW2 U.S. Army clothing - Hardly any two jackets are alike in shade.

Because the German armour paints probably came from different factories, even these might be a slightly different shade on opening the tin. So a tank painted in factory 1 Dk. Yellow, could well be a slightly different shade from a tank in factory 2's paint.

The paint allocation for camo. paints was usually a tin of green and a tin of brown per tank. There was no set pattern. Here's the lad with his brush / spray, and paint. He starts one end of a tank, then halfway along he realizes he's running out of that colour, so he thins it - Thinner paint = Lighter shade. So in theory, the tank could be slightly lighter one end than the other.....Who dares state that could not have happened - Not I!

Don't even start me on the effect of dirt, dust, weather and sun bleaching! So there you go, that's my view on the subject of painting this type of model. I'm sure a few eyebrows will be raised, and quite right too. We all approach this game differently. which is how it should be....After all, variety is the spice of life!

Off on a bit of a tangent there, sorry.

Next stage pictures to follow, toot sweet.....



Edited By spanner570 on 16/03/2018 10:14:12

15/03/2018 13:52:15

Cheers John.

Yes , it does make sense to use cheap paints whenever you can. Particularly this application. The zimm. soaks up paint like Billy'o. I also use them when I'm making dios. and seascapes......

Think beer tokens!

Here is the main hull near enough ready for the 'proper' paint. I have a theory that on the real thing, it would be virtually impossible (because of the different materials) to get both the zimmerit and the metal surfaces exactly the same shade of Dk. yellow, so I'm happy to go along with the slightly different shades.


Next I'll tackle the wheels.




Edited By spanner570 on 15/03/2018 13:59:13

Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
15/03/2018 10:03:28

I'm loving this....Top work John!

Regarding the glossed Stug. Just keep in mind where it is.

There would probably be thick dust everywhere. How about using some dry pollyfilla powder, tipped in a fine sieve, Then sprinkle the stuff all over the model, work the powder in with an old brush then gently blow any excess off......One dusty Stug! I've often used this method to tone down any paintwork that's too gaudy.......

Or, for you A.B. wallahs, how about a light overall dusting of sprayed on Dk. yellow?


Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
15/03/2018 09:24:47

Thanks boys.

Mike - I use ordinary powdered wood filler mixed with pva to a workable consistency. I don't know the ratios, I just mixed it to an acceptable thickness for working with.

For prep work, I've use fine wire wool or watered down pva, which I let dry first. Both gave satisfactory results, but pva was a darn sight easier.

Scottie - I'm chuffed you like the zimm. and chipped areas.

Here's a tip for any would be zimmerers. When spreading the stuff, don't worry if it goes where it shouldn't. Don't try and wipe it off....Let it dry first, then pick it off with a needle or small fine headed screwdriver....Because once applied, you just won't have time to f**t around with the stuff!



Edited By spanner570 on 15/03/2018 09:37:12

Thread: UK forces on clean up at Salisbury
14/03/2018 15:38:35

Don't get me wrong, this is serious stuff, but I couldn't help laugh at the series of pictures....

There's a bloke in full protective gear watching the cars being loaded up. Another behind a wall.

Yet there are the low life paparazzi, and the Army Personnel within feet of the contaminated vehicles wearing jackets, berets and bobble hats!

Who knows what is coming off the vehicles....

Sometimes I despair at the stupidity of my fellow man....Any risk for a photograph, eh?


Edited By spanner570 on 14/03/2018 15:39:27

Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
14/03/2018 10:08:13

Next step was to start to blend in the stark white zimmerit. For this sort of application I always use cheap, in little tubes, children's poundshop acrylics. I don't see the point in using good, and relatively expensive modeller's paints for this kind of work.

Once I'm happy that everything is reasonably blended in, then I will use the 'Proper' paints.....

Here is the first coat.



I've left patches off, and with my finger, I've dabbed the surface here and there to give the coating a worn look



I did the zimm. first, then added the exhausts. Apart from both big storage boxes, all the rest of the detail is moulded on.


If you think this looks rough, you should see some photos of the real thing!.......surprise


Thanks for looking.



Edited By spanner570 on 14/03/2018 10:08:41

14/03/2018 09:47:13

Thanks to Hooch and SimonT for your information. Much appreciated.

Through my ignorance, I didn't fill in the underside space referred to in Simon's picture. But luckily it won't be seen...Phew!

The bit I did fill in is on the vertical surfaces of the hull.(See early pictures) If I had not done this then you could see right through from side to side above the tracks. It would even have been possible to see the commanders boots as he stood in the turret hatch!

Anyway, all is good and thank you both for increasing my very limited knowledge of the Panther.



13/03/2018 21:46:53

Thanks Slotty and Kevin.

Slotty - Sorry, but I don't know what sponsons are relative to my tank,so I'm a bit baffled by your post. Can you post just what they are so I can learn a bit more about the Panther as I progress through the build?

Kevin - With or without the zimmerit, I'm sure you'll make an excellent job of your own Panther, and I will look out for the start of the build.

Thanks again for your posts, chaps.


12/03/2018 19:42:39

Thanks boys.

Glad you both approve of the zimmerit.

Scottie - I don't possess a fine enough drill and being impatient to push on, I decided to ream them out with the point of my scalpel. I managed to get away with it - This time!



12/03/2018 15:44:30

Thanks for the humorous, enthusiastic and down right insulting comments boys - Long may it all continue!!yescheeky

Zimmerit done. When I looked on Google images, the first thing I noticed was the pattern is different on Panthers compared with the one on the Tiger 1 I made on here. Also, it looks like the stuff wasn't applied quite so thickly on Panthers, so right or wrong here's my stab at it.....

Most of the detail is moulded on to the hull. Prior to pasting, I fixed the two hull halves together then glued on the rear panel.



The rear. I glued on the two storage boxes, then I coated the paste right through at the top before adding the exhausts ( Which were solid, so I dug the ends out with my craft knife) - Very carefully!



Here's the side of the hull. There are real images of zimmerit above the wheels, so I decided to put it on.


Next up I'll paint the raw white zimmerit to start to blend it in.





Edited By spanner570 on 12/03/2018 15:44:47

Thread: GROUP BUILD RAF 100 2018 .(JR)
10/03/2018 16:47:39
Posted by Brad9826 on 10/03/2018 15:56:12:

No probs Ron,... Just at the following coordinates.. Lat 51.050031 long .1.50936105


Bob, Bob and Bobbing.


Sorry Brad, I can't get to you. Those co-ordinates are for the beach at Dunkirk - Don't really want to go there. Sorry to be awkward, but can you paddle west for a few days? Be awfully good of you chaps if you could.....Over!


Edited By spanner570 on 10/03/2018 16:48:43

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