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Thread: An Apology....
19/02/2017 20:17:40

Evenin` Guys,

This is just a post to explain a few thingsembarrassed,

A while ago i moaned about people not commenting on others threads,and,indeed.recently i could be accused of the samesmile o!!

I have tried,recently,to add the odd post,to certain threads, ,as and when,i can.Truth is,i`ve been SO short of time these day`s,not just `cos of work,but some health stuff as well teeth ,

The short and long is..... I`ve been dropping in,looking,commented......and then vanished ....... face 22.......But that`s BEFORE posting on ALL i`ve seen!

...... Here`s the buggervamp...... It ALL looks superb in the GB world Chaps,(And the Milmod site in general of coursethumbs up).

This is all about me saying ,SORRY,for my lack of input recently embarrassed ,i still have been doing stuff on my U-47.....but it`s slow progress...... may get an update soonnerd,....... and when my circumstances are sorted out,i WILL reply to ALL of you great fellows!!teeth 2

I will update my build as and when,......shouldn`t be too long i hope!!face 20



Thread: Hello modelers
17/02/2017 16:57:00

......... and it`s a warm welcome from me too Richardyes

Nice couple of builds in your albums there,Sjors beat me to it with the the "Marder Fan" comment,so i`ll just guess that your preferred modelling is German WW!! armour?!!!face 22

Enjoy the site mate,it really is a great little community, full of great Guys,loads of info readily given,lots of support,and of course.......some GREAT Banterface 20face 20face 20!!

I look forward to seeing you around the sitethumbs up



Thread: " Dusty Bin " ( GB SSGB17 ) JR .
15/02/2017 17:08:12

Blimin` eck Johnny Boy??!!!!

Haven`t looked in for a while,and when i do....... it`s FINISHEDdisgust...... and not just finished, but to a FANTASTIC resultsmile d!!

If i wore a hat i`d Doff it to you Sir,(Somehow i think my P.E. Site one doesn`t count face 20face 20face 20!!) ,

Seriously though mate,VERY WELL done indeed on that cracking little Dio,looks superbthumbs up,



Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
11/02/2017 21:02:05


Well,I did say it wouldn`t be muchdisgust........HOWEVER......


MOTHER is visiting!!!!devil..... So,having been told that i can`t disappear into my mancave to do stuff..... I brought some bits into the kitchen!!face 20

Decided to have a go at the Decalsdisgust..........Approx 145 in total????!!!!smile o......and here`s my start.....


Wish me luck!!nerd....... I may be some time!!!!disgust........



11/02/2017 20:52:01

Evenin` Guys

Not much of an update..... but just worth a mention i thought!!thinking.....Firstly mind......

Jim,I know what you mean buddy..... and a cracking job you`re doing on your Dad`s Frigatesmile d

Dave,Thanks for that Sir!,..... and as an ex-apprentice from the 80`s Royal Navy stuff,i see,in my own mind,the pipework ect..... those little valve wheels are more problematical,i must say!!teeth

Tim,Thank you again buddy,will check them out!!thumbs up

NEXT UP.... My latest update!!nerd........


Thread: Watchout GI
09/02/2017 15:24:37

A`noon Richard,

For some reason i`ve managed to completely miss this thread?!!disgust......

As John Race mentioned on the first page,i`m very partial to a Motorcycle build,and i`ve just had a VERY enjoyable read up on this oneteeth 2.I like this MiniArt series of kits,nice detail and not too many quirks to overcome,( I`m currently partway through the one with the Rider on the ground,firing whilst using the decked Harley as cover),those spokes i found quite tricky-but,as you say...... Doablethumbs up,

Anyway,enough waffle....... You`re making a great job of the bike mate,the figure looks a lot more natural than i expectedsmile d,Loving the Dio backdrop-a cracking idea,with the use of general stuff too!!

I`m now watching all the way with baited breath Buddy,as your work is ALWAYS top drawer!!



Thread: Tiger ll {PS}
08/02/2017 18:37:08

........ So then Mr.Scott,after reading,re-reading and RE-RE-READING Trackgatedisgust.......

..... I THINK i`ve got it crook?!!!!! Firstly,(and as you know,i`m currently building the Eduard "Weekend" version of this same kit,although mine`s without the etch setcrying!!), i just HAVE to say i think your,swift,progress is very good indeed matethumbs up,and i shall be using the tips from your scratchduggery parts,to shamelessly copy,and up rate my build!smile owink 2........ Back to the tracks now.......

...... So you`re gonna use THOSE are you??...... You HERETIC Sir devil...... how very dare youvamp !!!............

.......Hmmmmmthinking .........idea OK then......WHACK `em on,COVER `em with Mud and the job`s a goodun thumbs up,

.....Great blog buddy!!smile d,



Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
07/02/2017 18:51:38

Just a quickie to say,"Thanks for the great feedback guys"thumbs up,it REALLY is much appreciated!!

Tim,Cheers for taking the time to provide that info.... i`ve checked out the site,however,can`t seem to find somewhere to input the number of the set you mentioned?!face 22

Mr.R. HA!!.... I only counted 18embarrassed.....your one eye is better than my two eh?!!smile o,(You may of hit on something with the "Quiz" type thing mind!!....... I`ll let you see what i mean as this build progresseswink 2,it could be a bit of fun!!),Rach and Mort are fine thanks......I bought them both a new set of Waders!!face 20face 20face 20

Jon,Hello mate,and thanks very much!! As for that Type VIIC kit,i did see that,but as i`m only doing this for the small scale GB i went for the cheap optionembarrassed..... although i`m regretting it now!!

Steve,Cheers Buddy,glad you like it so far,,,much to do mind!!wink 2

Mick,Thanks very much for that mate,looked it up on line but the pics are a bit fuzzy......can you tell me if the "Hand Wheels" are actually hollowed out please?!!nerd

Si !! What can i say Sirthinking......face 22...... A fantastic post there,read it many times,and it still makes me smile...... Whilst rocking gently with pipe in hand!!smile d

Andy,Very good point....hadn`t thought of that.... I shall PM drekklythumbs up........ and Thank Youteeth 2!!

Well that`s it for tonight,still trying to source stuff,and get the boring side of the painting doneteeth.... Looking forward to adding some scratch stuff and actually ASSEMBLE SOME OF THIS MOTHER !!!!smile p

Cheers Guys,your input,and yes........... Abuse,

Is as always MUCH appreciatedthumbs up,



Thread: Loose Lips,sink ships
06/02/2017 19:58:44

Evenin` Guys,

Gotta say i was surprised to see this one appear from the ether again!!thumbs up,

Steve,Well,obviously i managed to make"The journey home" from the darkest depths of Cornwall,(That way there be monsters!!face 20),

Scott,Thanks mate,much appreciated....... and also for reviving this build blogthumbs up,

Alun, Cheers,Yes,it was a good build,i`ll check out your photo`s in a bit-may get to nick some tipswink 2,As for Mort..... his age is turning him into a light weight...... i.e... because of the current cold snap,he slinks off to the warm with his mum indoors....the TRAITOR !!!teeth 2

Mike,(Mr.Chagford!!wink 2),Great to see you`re still around Sir,I trust your comfy life in that there froggie land is going well for youface 20!! "HMS Intrepid eh?.... When i was doing my apprenticeship in Devonport Dockyard,(M.O.D.Navy at the time),in the very early 80`s,she was in for a major re-fit..... i spent many a time running cables and connecting up various stuff on her..... truly an Iconic Shipsmile d!! Our paths,in a strange way,actually crossed!!

ALL,as a background to this blog,it was put on hold as i got to a stage where painting was necessary,wasn`t possible then,so started to build a King Tiger.HOWEVER, with me joining on the SSGB building a U-Boat in 1/125th,my nautical paints have been increased to a level that i`ve started painting bits of said U-Boatsmile p...

.... and thanks to you guys,resurrecting this blog,i`ll start painting up the LCVP at the same time....SO....

For those who are interested......WATCH THIS SPACE !!

Thanks again Guys,VERY much appreciate your interest,and i`ll do my best for a good resultthumbs up!!


Andy(P.S. Sorry Mick,missed you thereembarrassed,thanks mate,great to see youthumbs up!!)

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 06/02/2017 20:00:30

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
06/02/2017 19:01:08

..... SEE!!face 20....

Now then,the forward Torpedo bay,you know that "Realism" i mentioned i wanted to add?WELL the REAL thing....


......Blimey!!.....Busy space eh?disgust Whaddya get?...........


Basic colours blocked in and some VERY tentative weathering for a background to any details i can jam in there,i have a few ideas,but can`t source ANY valve wheels AM products!!sad,Oh,BTW,the spare tubes in the real pic ARE represented in the kit.....BONUS i hear you say...... "not exactly" i reply.......


Yep,that`s it!!..... 3 Torpedo`s on a small,curved backplate to stick th the inner hull!!!disgust There aren`t even any fixing clips represented AT ALL,(They should be below the white bands that will be,i hope,done to look like the said bracketssmile p),......Detail for rear tube bulkhead,pretty much the same,i.e.....NONE......


There is just SO MUCH that you need to add to get an even fairly accurate model,that TBH i doubt it can be donesarcastic 2,i`ll give it ago,but the Silver Lining is...... if the internals on the open side turn out like something from Playschool(,that Big and Little Ted put together),I can always turn it around to the full side and just show U-47 in all it`s Complete menacing glory....... win win eh?!!thumbs up,

Thanks for looking in guys,any thoughts,hints,tips,and indeed...... Abuse,very welcomed!!



06/02/2017 18:38:19

....... and here i am,back as quick as a flashthumbs upsmile d!!!! ......

Andy,"Short while",well down in fast paced Devon,it could be anywhere from,a couple hours time,to....... face 22....Hmmm,"By the end of the week"thumbs up....... y`see,we`re have a pretty full on approach here!!!

Steve,steady mate...... you`re giving the game away somewhat!!face 20

Mr.R. Wakey Wakey..... where`s Mort gone?smile o.... hurry up mate-you`re holding me upvampwink 2!!

Sorry about that all,it`s just,sometimes,the rowdy ones have to be put in their place fistface 20....update....

I`ve sprayed the lower hull "Tank Grey",(Humbrol 67),masking wasn`t too bad apart from around the ballast tanks,didn`t come out too bad,although a couple of bleed areas are apparentteeth.......



Above that,the upper hull will be painted "Greyish Blue",(Revell Aqua colour no.79,i`m thinking it`ll make a cool contrast,although a bit worried about the masking tape pulling off the Tank Grey on removal....We`ll see?dont know......

....... TBC.......No REALLY!!!!.........

05/02/2017 16:29:34

A`noon Guys,

This is a brief "Hello" before an update later,..... don`t wanna make the update too long!!embarrassed

Mr.R,HA....Very good Sir!! All`s good down these parts thank youthumbs up,nope,never used TXT before-always used Revell contacta,but after seeing several You Tube clips,it seemed worth a punt!nerd

John,Yeah,`tis a bit of a pain for suredisgust,then again..... the whole kit is!! FOUR of them in the family ehwink 2?....just goes to show how far we`re lacking behind in Devon........ mind you....... if you want Tractor partsface 20!!

Steve,Cheers Buddy,much appreciatedthumbs up

Allen,Too kind my friend-TOO KINDembarrassed...... but feel free to continueface 20!! As for the film,mine is the extended version,(not the Hollywood onedevil),it`s not the full length that was serialised on tv back then,but still the sub-titled 3 1/2 hr one..... FANTASTIC filmsmile d!!

Si,Yeah,sorry mate,it really is a slow slog this one!disgust,but in my defence,it`s a dog of a kit,and SO lacking of info!! As for the paints,well,no problem really..... I JUST NEED MORE!!!!face 20

Scottie,welcome along buddy,nice to see youteeth 2,it`ll be "interesting" to say the least mefinks!!smile o

Andy,Thanks mate,and cheers for looking inthumbs up,

So,an update to follow in a short while.........

Thread: Otto's Ride
05/02/2017 13:26:10

A`noon Mick,

Just been catching up on this one,great blog mate,and as has been said,the Tiger is looking smashing so far,a lovely job theresmile d!!

I`ve always liked the look of the Kubelwagens,only ever built a 1/72nd one myself,but do have a rather old1/35th Italeri kit in the stash........ must get round to it sometimedisgust!! Yours is looking damned fine in the pics....again,a cracking job-this will make for a great Dio matethumbs up,



Thread: Revell PzKpfw III L...(SSGB17)
04/02/2017 16:56:14

WOAH THERE...... Mr.Benson`s at it AGAIN!!disgust......

..... face 22....... or should that be "Benson modelling machine"?!!face 20

Never built a III before,but always liked the look of them,i shall be following along all the way mate,not just to pick up tips for when i get around to adding one to the stash,(not in this scale mind-it`s too scaryvamp),but mainly to see a superb build......which i`m SURE it will be matethumbs up,



Thread: STZ5 Russian ww2 Tractor in 1/35 with a twist. (JR )
04/02/2017 15:34:35

A`noon Mr.R.

Blimey,you`re moving along at a good rate on this considering all the trouble you`re going to for the excellent detailingthumbs up,your tenacious endeavours to create the cobbling and brick work is MOST worrying impressive if i may say sodisgustwink 2face 20!!

You are definitely surpassing your previous builds,(great work that they are also BTWsmile d),with all the techniques you`re gathering and combiningthumbs up,

Anyway,get on with it man...... finished them there bricks yet?!!devil



Thread: Airfix BF109E 1/72 (SSGB17)
04/02/2017 15:24:04

A`noon Si !

Well,gotta say i think you`ve made a CRACKING job of this one matethumbs up,love the finish you got already,but if you`re after taking it to the next level,(you brave boysmile o),by using Wouter`s tips,then we`re in for something special i reckonsmile d!!!

Excellent stuff indeed!



Thread: Raining in Tunisia - ITALERI Kfz. 15 Funkwagen No6526
02/02/2017 18:49:31

Min!!smile o

Following all the way matethumbs up,


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
02/02/2017 18:24:46

Well,I saw you`d started another blog and thought,HA!! He`s gone down the slippery slope!!fist......

...... and then i thought i`d check this one out..... and,BLIMEY-it`s FINISHED disgust........ not just finished mind......finished REALLY wellnerd...... Top work indeed mate,i`ve looked at all the pics you`ve posted,and i gotta say you really have done a fine,fine jobsmile d!!

Just wanted to add my compliments!!



Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
02/02/2017 18:05:24

Oi !!!! Allenteeth 2,

Blimey! Just had a catch up on this one Buddysmile o....... and what a SUPERB array of latest kits you`re adding to the Dio..... top,TOP stuff indeed matethumbs up,

Loving this,and can`t wait to see the next updates...... c`mon then,get crackingwink 2face 20,

Seriously though,this blog is most excellentsmile d,



Thread: Shenanigans:15. Tamiya 1/35 SDKFZ 231 and Diorama
02/02/2017 17:25:05

Evenin` Peter,

I`ve just had a very enjoyable read up on this,and,have to say,ALL the elements for this Dio are looking simply sublime matesmile d!!

..... and, i DO mean ALL of the elementssmile o!!

As for that latest figure,well,all i can say is........ a few hundred years ago,you`d have been burnt at the stake for being able to do that!!face 20face 20face 20

A FANTASTIC blog,and a pleasure to view indeed,



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