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Thread: Trying to trace stuff....
20/07/2017 22:50:12

Evenin` guys,

A bit of a weird one from me,not really modelling,but still Militaryface 22!

Today,my Rachel spent the day with her mum,and had a good yap about the family history.

It would appear that her Great Uncle was caught up in the Dunkirk retreat,and mentioned in dispatches for carrying a wounded bloke on his shoulders through fighting,(although i don`t know how true that is ),to the beach.

ANYWAY,i tried to trace some of it from an online site,Which was called "Forces War Records",after paying a month`s money,i got next to nothing more than what was offered at the free "Walkaround"!!sarcastic 2,when i realised it was pretty crap,i tried to cancel the monthly conscription...... but of course,the site locked up,and has prevented me cancelling the subs for a few hours now!!...


If you yould like to help,then i`m after info about a British chap named John George Thomas Sibley,he was on the Dunkirk beaches after the retreat!

THANK YOU for ANY help !!



Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
18/07/2017 18:14:27

Simon,cracking little base there matethumbs up......that Wilko brown filler stuff is an excellent medium for bases eh?!!

Graeme,Love the look of that Tank,and you`re doing a fine job of it Sirsmile d,Decal looks great..... good luck with the friuls.......i hate them thingsdevil!!! Looking forward to seeing further progress.



Thread: Bat outta Hell....
17/07/2017 19:16:02

..... Right then..... I`m back fist........

Here`s the base(Not finished by any means obviously!!),tracks,and depressions laid in....all on another cheap Wilko`s picture frame,that cost just 75p!thumbs upimg_2269.jpg

That`s it,with the required tile grout applied. Leave that to set until tomorrowsmile p,THE FIGURES.......



Now,i have many Hornet heads in the stash,but for me,these molded heads are pretty good,so i`ll be sticking with themthinking,Figures,or i should say,faces,are my serious weak point,but let`s give it a go!! So far they`re........



So then,thats my progress up to now..... there is a wall that i`m going to add......


Watch this space.....and bring it on!!



17/07/2017 18:54:59

Scottie,(Dawg), Cheers buddy,much apreciatedthumbs up,

Mick,HA!! Yeah mate...... that there rigging stuff ain`t for me!!...... Lovely Albatross btwsmile d!!,and GREAT to see you

Steve,Thanks matey.... now just gotta blend them into the base!!smile o

Paul,Straight to the point as always buddy..... and a big THANK YOU from Devonnerd!!!

Keith,Thanks mate,been thinking of the dio for a while now! I`ve decided on what i`ll be doing at last!!..... Just made up from my own ideas..... probably be boring to most..... but HEYsmile p!!

Jim,Oh stop it Sir!!!!..... You`re making me blushembarrassed!!

Maher,Thanks matethumbs up,and it`s SUPERB to see you back around the Parish again!!nerd

...... an update to follow......

Thread: Boyng, boyngady, boyng, boyng...Doink! Aircraft down!
16/07/2017 13:50:16

Lovin` that Ronthumbs up,

A SUPERB little Dio you`ve achieved again..... top stuff matesmile d!!



Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
15/07/2017 17:04:48

Hi Keith,

Just had a very interesting read up on this.

I see what you meant about the Tarp looking a bit "Blanketish",although,as you said,easily sortedthumbs up,

The overall build and painting touches make this a classic build mate! I particularly like the hint with the medi blister pack..... will try that myself in the future!!wink 2

Loving watching this excellent build come together!



Thread: Bat outta Hell....
14/07/2017 17:36:31

Evenin` Guys,

Well,the Bike and Casket are done,(apart from a little mud etc to blend it into it`s base),the mortar is painted and partially together,but again,it has to be fitted to suit the Dio,also,the figures are part together and demanding my attentiondevil!!!

Bob!! Great to see you mate,we`re all good thank youthumbs up,thanks very much ..... gotta love a bike!!

Hooch,The Splinter Strip is from a set for the Splinter Pattern Camowink 2,Probably a mix of my mitts and the weather to be honest mate! 25 doesn`t sound a lot..... it`s just we`re not used to itangry 2embarrassed!!

Here`s where it now stands.......


Tried to make it look a BIT worn but not too muchface 22,painted little bits an` bobs here and there to represent "Stuff"


No choice with the headlight,only the shroud option was in the kit! Next up,the coffin........


again,tried some streaking and wearsmile p,lastly,(Blimey,this is turning into a proper "Walkaround"!!face 20)....


Slots for ammo cases and the plate for mounting the mortar there,not much to see at the mo granted,however,have patience dear viewer!!

Sit for now,on with the figures tonight,and try to decide on a Dio idea...... ain`t got a scooby yet!!smile o

Thanks for looking in....... Hurl that abuse!!!face 20face 20face 20,


09/07/2017 15:53:18

Dave,Thank you very much Sirteeth 2,it really is an enjoyable kit,and,as you say..... WELL worth the moneythumbs up,I have a few more Zvezda kits in the stash,i really rate them!!...... for the Stringy GB,face 22...... must admit that i`ve considered it,but "what to get ?" that`s the question for someone who has NONE in the stash,and likes the unusual?!thinking

John,Cheers mate,much appreciated..... we`re all fine down `ere thank you-although,as you say,Mort is struggling in the heatangry 2. I trust all is well with yourself and Christine Sirthumbs up,



09/07/2017 15:19:35

..... OK then,UPDATE TIME,picture heavy,and be warned,,,, i do "warts and all" this isn`t the finished look.......


Looking along the "Non mortar side" here,you can see that the base green is streaky-no worries,it`ll be tidied up in the weathering stages,also,the foot pegs and seats are to be chucked on at some pointfist,next....


Same side,different end,(No Sh*t Sherlock!!face 20),headlight still a WIP,and you can see that the Russian Green has worn away,in certain areas through handling(Although i have applied some wear deliberately here and therethumbs up)....that`s a surprise actually as i haven`t had that previouslyface 22,also it`s awaiting the headlight! Next the Mortar coffin has been rammed into place.......


I put some basic wear on it as it was easier to manhandle,I`m quite pleased so far,but even seeing these pics,i can spot a lot needs to be done,and trust me,with these `ere Devonian mitts..... that aint easy!!!.......



So,there you have itembarrassed,yes it needs work,but i`ll get there....... at some pointsmile o,more prodding,dropping,and ham fisted modelling to come...... hopefully this eveningdevil,

I know it`s not in vogue with the highly popular GB going on,so i DO appreciate you looking in....and even offering up the odd bit of Abuse!!face 20


Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 09/07/2017 15:22:52

09/07/2017 14:54:25

A`noon from a hot and humid Devon Guysangry!

I`ve made some decent progress on this one in the last few days,but firstly.......

Peter,Thank you Sir-although it does help that it`s a fairly easy kitthumbs up,

Simon,Cheers mate.You`re spot on.... these M72`s are actually an adaption of the BMW R71 by the Reds in 1941,purely for the militarywink 2,

Scottie (Dawg),Thanks Buddy,good to see youteeth 2,

Jim,Much appreciated Sirthumbs up,

Dirk,Cheers mate,nice to see you popping insmile d,

Allen,You`re correct about the 3 man team mate.... it WAS only 2.....even with the mortar collapsed there still no room left in the sidecarsmile o,

Steve,Thanks mate ...... it now has THREE wheelsparty!!!!!

Si,Yep,ALMOST there buddy...... and it`s only my SEVENTH bikedisgustface 20,

Mr.R.Thank you Sir.... RIGGING?!!!... I have enough trouble with the little bit of cabling on these things!!vamp

Hooch,Nice to see you mate,Glad you asked because i like that shade too,i`ll be using 3 greens on this kit,the main one,(That you`re interested in),is "Russian Green",for the figures,it`ll be "Russian Uniform",and the ammo cases are supposed to be "Light Green"-but i`ve used the "Splinter Strips" from my collection-seems good to me.


Hope that helps!

That`s it for now.... some pics to follow shortly.....


Thread: Colour help please
08/07/2017 17:49:07


It`s number 70843 ,(and quite useful),matethumbs up,


08/07/2017 17:21:33

Jon,Nice to see you mateteeth 2,thanks for that...... gave it a try,and guess what i ended up with............Yep......

......BLACK !!!vamp

Dirk,Cheers Buddy.... yes,i have Engish Uniform,but not Beige....HOWEVER,i mixed it with a tiny bit of Cork Brown,and it`ll do methumbs up,

Thanks guys!!


Thread: Tamiya 1/35 Panzer IV
08/07/2017 17:06:55


I completely agree with all of the Guy`s comments Christhumbs up,

A great choice,which i shall look forward to following the progress ofnerd!!



(BONESkulou.... was it really FIVE YEARS AGO ....?disgust..... where does the time go eh?!!!smile o)

Thread: Hello from North East England
08/07/2017 16:08:18

A`noon Martin,

.... The guys have said it all,but................ It`s a warm welcome from me toothumbs up,

I look forward to seeing you around the site!



Thread: Colour help please
08/07/2017 15:55:10

Hi Gary,

Thanks very much for taking the time to post that,much appreciated matethumbs up,

Unfortunately,i don`t have any of your suggestionsdisgust..... HOWEVER, looking at that link,it looks pretty much like,almost,a chocolate brown,and,going by my Vallejo`s,i think i`ll use 70941- Burnt Umberthinking.

Thank you again!


08/07/2017 14:57:51

A`noon Guys,

Just a quickie from me,i`m after some info if you`d be so kind, My paints are mainly Vallejo,with some Tamiya and Revell thrown in.

I`m after a good match that anyone can suggest for "Field Drab". It doesn`t have to be the ACTUAL one,(It`s only for a cleaning rod end for a mortar!),as it`ll hardly be seensmile o!

Any thoughts greatfully receivedthumbs up,



Thread: The sign said 1.5 not 15 Ton.
06/07/2017 19:26:14

H i Keith,

The vehicle body is looking top notch theresmile d,,but i`m particularly taken with your method of replicating the canopy...

.... i hadn`t heard of that before,it looks great..... may try that myself for one that`s to be partially pulled off the framework of a Henshell Truck i`m doing in a dioembarrassed!!

Following with great interest,



Thread: Heavy Convoy
06/07/2017 18:54:47

Hi Paul,

Superb work there matethumbs up,

I especially like that last pic,(Previous page),looks a very mean convoy indeed...... nice one buddysmile dbeer,



Thread: Hello from Oregon
06/07/2017 18:41:14

Hi Chris,

Firstly,a warm welcome to the site from meyes,you`l get all the info or advice that you ask for here....... someone ALWAYS pops up with the goods at some point!!

There`s a great mix of skill levels,and everyone is willing to offer up help when they can..... there`s also a good amount of banter tooface 20face 20face 20,

As for your question,i`d recommend getting a Tamiya kit,they go together very well indeed,they aren`t the best when it comes to the finer detailing,but do build up to a very satisfying result- personally i`d say try a StuG!

Hope this helps and i look forward to seeing you around the site mate,



PS.I just KNEW it...... i`m SOOOOO slow at typing,Dave pipped me to it!!!teeth 2

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 06/07/2017 18:43:28

Thread: Dornier Do 17Z in Finnish markings
05/07/2017 19:02:25


Superb Job there Kashthumbs up,


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