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Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
12/11/2017 13:42:26

A`noon guys,

Some progress has been made on this one,but firstly.....

Paul,Cheers mate,much appreciatedthumbs up,

Mr.R.Thank you very much Sir! It really is a great little kit,typical Tamiya-good fun,and a good fitteeth 2,

Simon,Thanks mate! Pm`d you,as you know,i hope you`re have a less frantic time of it at the mosmile o!

Steve,Yeah,wheels touching all at once is always a concern!! Thanks for the compliments Buddyembarrassed!!

Well then,a last pic of the underside before it`s uprighted for good.......


Didn`t go overboard with the weathering as it won`t be seen,apart from here and there! Front end bits mostly on..


Some touch up required in places,then the final weathering can start,next,load bed on..........



Wheels still need detailing like the front one`s,lastly for now,a lightened pic to try and show some details that you do see of the nether regions!!........


So,there you have it so far,nearing the finish now,some stowage to add,and then load bits,with 3 figures.

Thanks for looking in,as always,any thoughts,ideas or plain old abuse,more than welcomedface 20face 20,



Thread: Sorry for my lack of input recently
06/11/2017 17:42:19

So,So sorry to read this Bobby,

I know the pain you must be going through,and hope you can try and think of the happy times with your little buddy,Teddy......easier said i know,especially so soon.

ALL our thoughts are with you from the Smith household mate,keep your chin up!

R.I.P. TEDDYrose


Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 06/11/2017 17:43:36

Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
04/11/2017 16:38:11

Muummmpthhh,NURTH,get me outta thisth fing....

... and while you`re ath it..... remove the thackles......

AH,That`s better,now then Mr.R......

That`s all looking fine and Dandy Sir,a very nice building you`ve producedthumbs up,knowing you as i do,i`m not surprised.....but i AM impressed smile d!!

You probably have it all in hand anyway,but MiniArt do a very nice "Furniture" set,which i used here....


busted seat......and a broken table coming up.....


from the inside.....


Didn`t mean to hijack your thread John,but this is good stuff for Dios.... and you get a couple of each,PLUS 2 full on Wardrobes nerd!! Loving what you`re doing with this mate,!!



Thread: Bruckenlegepanzer Biber (Bridge Laying Tank Beaver) - (EngGB17)
03/11/2017 20:13:37

Awesome stuff going on there Jimsmile d,

Looking absolutely Fabulous Sir....... Loving it!!thumbs up


Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
02/11/2017 23:12:47

Good evening Gentlemen,

Some update pics,firstly....

....Mr.R. Thank you very much Sir,appreciatedthumbs up,

Joe,Great to see you pop in mate!!..... Never second fiddle ,just that my time is stretched these days!!.....Thank you for the kind comments too buddyembarrassed,

Pics of progress..... I`ve only gone and put the bloody wheels on......


Not too bad there,next up.......


Side view there,a few decals found their way onto the body..... I`ll sort them out later!! NEXT the front!!.....


So,there you have it!!..... All going ok so far,still a LONG way to go,but i`m rather pleased how it`s coming together at the mo!!....The windscreen was a first for me-as far as cutting a masking tape guide goes!,,,, nit great.but it`ll do for this one!!

Loads to do yet,but i`m hope full for this one !!

Thread: Can You Dig It??? (EngGB17)
26/10/2017 17:43:47


THREE pages in and just a few track links to report!face 22.......

....Now where have i heard that before?!!face 20face 20face 20.......

Nice to see you blogging again matethumbs up,


Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
24/10/2017 22:28:17

Oooops,The other pics didn`t load?!!

Cargo deck....


One for Dirk there!!.... Some "wear and tear" on the interior,some grime and silvering from boot scrapes.....




Next up..... Hair spray treatment,and then..... who knows?!!!disgustface 20face 20

Thanks for looking in!


24/10/2017 20:32:18

WOW!! A great bunch of guys looking in!!

Richard,I`m hurt by your lack of faith buddy!!disgust,

Thanks to ALL of you for popping in,im not here much these days,but will make an effort soon,my updates....


Front end just dry fitted,but was so troublesome,i think i`ll leave it as is!! Next..... a WHEEL!!!!.......


Well..... I just kinda like it!!.........Lastly ...... the cargo deck before the winter wash/hair spray stuff applied!

Thanks for looking in,one and all,much appreciatedface 20


Thread: Su-76m 1:72
21/10/2017 17:36:06

Very,VERY nice indeed there Si smile d,

Great weathering and details,(nice LOG !!face 20), superb stuff mate,all the more stunning considering the scale!!

Top workthumbs up,


Thread: What happens when you have no more room but want to carry on building kits
21/10/2017 11:07:38

Time to face the brutal facts Chris......

.... You have no space,therefore you CAN`T build the kits you have left.......

....the answer`simple mate..... Leave `em in their boxes,wrap `em up safely,and.........

........Send them to ME!!!! face 20face 20face 20

Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
18/10/2017 18:16:14

OK Then Guys,

My first time blog for a while.... reason being?...

.... afraid i`ve been a bad,bad, man..... and dedicated my time to personal building,and another o!!

This is how i`m going with my latest offering mind..... Undercarriage ......


I don`t normally do the under bits,but this kit is so good i wanna!!.... Next.....


The driver`s station,and no painting yet......HOWEVER .....


Job, (Nearly),done..... a bit more of an angle.......


I`m happy so far

Nice to see some familiar names around at last!!face 20face 20

Thread: Morning
16/10/2017 09:20:15

"MORNING" is a concept i don`t recognise thinking.......

........we dance ALL DAY in Smythe Towers face 20face 20face 20!!!!!

Thread: By bye for now, Stugs rule ok
10/09/2017 19:38:51

StuGmeister.......NOOOOO... say it aint so surprise!!

Please don`t go into hiding!.... I understand it must be very difficult keeping your pecker up,with all of the health issues you`re going throughdisgust,HOWEVER,WE,(Your milmod buddies),can help you throug,willlh the low times.....and,through our,(or basically MY!!),inane comments,can surely encourage a smile on that ugly Welsh mug of yours ehface 20face 20face 20?!!!

Seriously though mate,i hope you and Sue are back on top form,(As well as can be expected of coursethinking), don`t be a stranger Sir......... You,after all,have been a stallwart of this great site,from my joining daysthumbs up!!

Take care Mate,will talk soon!



Thread: Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Fighter
08/09/2017 18:05:04

Evenin` D.D.!!(Sure i`ve seen your stuff on other siteswink 2)

Not into planes myself,but i do enjoy seeing a good un.......and this certainly fits the billsmile d!!

That camo is quite tricky to replicate eh?..... especially by brushdisgust!! All looking good though Buddy!



(You Tease you!!fistface 20!!)

Thread: Eduard Airco DH.2 1/48 (BiplaneGB17)
08/09/2017 17:12:59


WOW Sir,that`s a superb figure there,and in the scale...... even more impressivesmile d,

He does have that Character from "The Fast Show",look about him,the Toff...... "Me,Left alone in the Nurse`s Dormitory ...... What ARE they thinking of?!!" face 20face 20face 20

Excellent work indeed matethumbs up,



Thread: HobbyBoss 1/35 M35 Mittlere Panzerwagen
07/09/2017 16:16:51

A`noon Dave,

Blimey..... you certainly didn`t hang around on this one ehsmile o?!!

Liked the look of this kit from the start,and now,seeing it built up,it`s shot to the top of my "Wanted" list!

A few fit issues i see,but hey..... that`s all part of the challenge nerd.Nice stuff matethumbs up,you`ve definitely been banging them out at some rate this year!!



Thread: Stug III Ausf G in Italy 1944
07/09/2017 15:51:24

A`noon Tim,

Been watching this from the shadows,gotta say it`s coming along very nicely,some great touches on the interior`s paintwork matethumbs up.

The StuG is,without a doubt my favourite German AFV of WW2...... there`s just a different "menacing" and "meaness" about them compared to other Tanks etcnerd,

Anyway,great stuff indeed,i look forward to seeing this progress.



Thread: Sd.Kfz.11 C`mon,we ALL know these eh?!!
06/09/2017 20:33:37

..... Back!!......

Right then,before the pics,i`d like to address all the "Lurkers" who may be looking in,(Although that sounds a bit sinister to medisgust,why you can`t just be called "occasional viewers",i don`t knowface 22!!), in response to an ongoing thread at the mo. DON`T be put off by my "POST COUNT"..... that just means i talk too much! Also,the "PHOTO COUNT"....... just take a look at the one`s coming up,(and in my "Albums" if you like),..... and you`ll see it means NOTHING ......yeah,quite a few picssmile o........ but i`m still crap!! So don`t hide.......JOIN IN thumbs up!!

(That was a partyparty broadcast from Smythe Towersface 20face 20face 20),

The COMPLETED build....Side view.....


Various stages of painting/weathering already going on,but only due to build process,next......


Arse end there......and a very happy Smithy with just dropping on the load bed and all brackets touchingrose!!


Down the tother side there,and now we move around to the front......


Well,ok,not EXACTLY the front...... but it is the other frontface 22!! Finally,("Thank God for that", i can hear you all sayface 20) not only the head on pic,BUT..... the WORST pic!!!!


So there you have it,it`s been a pleasure of a kit to build...... now it`s just left to me to completely ruin it with my painting!!!devil

Thanks for looking in,and as ever,any thoughts,tips,or good old abuse is totally welcomedthumbs up


06/09/2017 20:01:07

Evenin` Guys,

Well,can hardly believe it,BUT,the build is FINISHED ..... and quite a few bits left over for the Spares Box,mostly a complete exhaust system and a a load of stuff for a Cab....... seats,dash,clocks etcthumbs up, some pics to follow before the weathering and detail painting startssmile p. Firstly though....

Dirk,Thanks mate,it won`t be long nowteeth 2!

Scottie(Dawg),Cheers Buddy,the plaudits go to the kit itself ,not me mindwink 2!

Mr.R. Thank youSir,went through the middle of the Track,top and bottom,then tied the cotton offthumbs up.

Bobby,Thanks Buddy,yep,some sort of Dio..... not sure what yet thoughdont know!

Steve,Cheers mate,a figure or two yes,which ones?..... Depends on the Dio reallythinking!

Bill, `ere,that`s proper nice of ya me ansomebeer!

..... Next up,the pic update of completed assembly..... the load bed is just resting on there for effect!....

..... TBC.......

Thread: Forum
06/09/2017 19:36:43

What Si saidteeth 2......... completely agreethumbs up!!


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