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Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
21/04/2017 15:49:07

....... as my Rachel says to me many times......

...... "You`ve been out there AGES ...... is that all you`ve done?"surprise......

Only kidding mate,looks like good progress to me Sirthumbs up,

Crack on then...... you need to get back modellingwink 2!!



Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
21/04/2017 14:42:09

A`noon Steve,

Just had a right royal read up on your progress here,(you are privileged you know,as i don`t get to look in much of lateface 20wink 2),gotta say mate,what a cracking job you`re doingthumbs up!!

The Flak itself is awesome,and the detailing lengths you`ve gone to on the trailer are a tribute to your thoroughness in buildssmile d,(I always think that these vital bits of kit are often overlooked by many modellers,and just chucked togetherdisgust),it ALL adds to make for a great Dio,speaking of which,I can`t wait to see all the elements togethersmile p,

Superb stuff Buddy,



Thread: Back to basics with Bob part 2
19/04/2017 17:04:59

HEY HEY, the STUGMEISTER is backparty!!....

..... and back with some pure quality i must say Matethumbs up,

That`s some rapid progress there,and it looks a cracking kit from the details,very nice indeedsmile d,

Great to see you enjoying it all again Sir,my usual chair is duly filled!!


Andy,(and of course......Mortdog)

Thread: Tiger ll {PS}
17/04/2017 15:35:07

A`noon Scottie...... wait for it......


.... DAWG face 20!!

Starting to have a major catch up around the parish,after hardly any site time for AGES thumbs down!!

AWESOME work on this atmospheric dio indeed mate,in my humble opinioin it`s one of the very best i`ve seen on this site for yearssmile d,a real pleasure to look at-the bike and rider are a very nice addition buddythumbs up,

TOP,TOP stuff all round,congratulationsbeer!!



(BTW..... them there crew figures look excellentsmile p)

Thread: (AAGB17) Sdkfz.7/1 quad Flak38 {ST}
17/04/2017 15:15:15


Where`s my cheap seat gone?!!!!!.....

..... and more importantly......

....Why am i stuck in this comfy chair?!!!!devil


Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
13/04/2017 18:14:53

Evenin` guys,

Well,firstly,apologies for not commenting on the individual builds.....embarrassed

.....,but,i am short of bench time at the mo,mainly due to work,jobs from her indoors,making some garden furniture AND ,sorting out my mum`s electrical problems-in an early 1900`s house,(NIGHTMARE!!teeth),

HOWEVER, i have crammed in a bit of progress-just a bit mind!! The Spouty bit......


Although the Muzzle break is OOTB,it came in 2 halves-BONUS,to show the hollow mouththumbs up......i drilled out the exhaust holes,not perfect,but should do the job?thinking.........


..... Next up is some paintsmile o..... Oh well,let`s see how that goes then!!

Thanks for looking in Guys,...... Steve........ Bring it on!!face 20face 20face 20



Thread: Scottie,s Birthday today
12/04/2017 15:33:05

Guys Guys..... What`s with all this "belated" stuffface 22?

At his age,he`s strings out the BirthDAY to a BirthFEWDAYS wink 2,so the congratulations are still appropriatethumbs up!

All the very best SCOTTIE partycakebeerbeer,amazing you can still stay the pace on your 70th!!!face 20face 20face 20,

Spoil yourself bubby,

Andy,and of course......Mortdog

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
10/04/2017 16:40:02

Hi Jim,Thanks for the confidence ....... always plenty of Cider about the Parish Sirthumbs upface 20!!

Here is the current state of playsmile o.although in this case i should use the Anti Bingo phrase....."Eyes up,Look away"..... There are actually a few,(Just a few mind),positives with this kit,which will become apparent in a bit.....


The conning tower,took a bit of sanding,and quite a bit of filler!! Not TOO bad,although from the pics i can see some areas the require more attentionface 22Some base colours blocked in and to answer a question that John Hutton asked at the start of this build Re the Revell Aqua Colour paints.Well john,i`m going to Hairy stick the "Sea Blue/Grey" along the upper hull,and here,you can see it didn`t come out too bad on the Tower`s sides.I guessed-water thinly,stroke downwards with a flat brush ....thinking being,any visible brush marks will be masked when the streaking/weathering rust is added laternerd,just my thoughts mind!! More of said tower....


and with the control panel fitted-didn`t want to bore you all with even MORE decal picsembarrassed......


And so we progress to adding the 2nd hull section!!......MAJOR TREPIDATION at this point,it took 3 days with various clamps and rubber bands.... Mucho swearing,lots of doubts about carrying on with it all,and.....


After all that,i was rather pleased with the outcomesmile o,there are a few bad points mind,where i just couldn`t get a good fit,no matter what!!.....


Arse end there...Filler needed,but "Doable" mefinksthumbs up....Next up......


Midships,not as bad,JUST!!,but,and here`s one of the plus`s of the kit-i think the deck detailing is really nice.... bit of tidy up and i think it`ll look pretty okteeth 2! Lastly,before you all nod off the forward torpedo room-only to show how much detail you can`t see after the hull added!!.....


So that`s it for now guys,as always,all comments,thoughts,or plain abuse very welcomeface 20

Thanks for looking in-gonna take quite some time this one i reckon disgust,


Andy,and of course......MORTdog

10/04/2017 14:57:57

A`noon Guys,

It`s been a while,but an update will be following shortly,firstly though......

Andy,Thanks very much Sir,I must admit there have been moments when.........teethcrying!!

John,Cheers Bud,much appreciated-I think "Binning it" is probably the best tip you could give someone BEFORE they even start this onewink 2,

Simon,Thank you mate,if you don`t look TOO closely,it should resemble a U-Boat,(ish),in the endthinking,

Bobby,Cheers for that Buddy... i just hope my bloodymindedness perseverance holds outsmile o!

Paul,HA!! Nice one mate,and thank you. If it doesn`t "Bend at the knee" then it`ll "Snap a`midships"face 20!!

Peter,Well,I kicked the missus but it didn`t help AT ALL mate?!!..... Oh,you said,"INANIMATE" ,not "INTIMATE"...embarrassed

Wouts,Cheers Bud,After seeing all that great tiny etch work you`ve done on the Yam,"Binning" this was sorely temptingface 20,

Steve,CIDER ON mate!! many thanks for your encouragement and kind words! As for the gallons of filler required,then read on nerd,

Scottie,Ha!! Well,i`m trying to Bud,it`ll probably end up more like a leather purse mind!!smile o

Mick,Thanks mate...... it has done.... many,MANY timesteeth!!

Mr.R. Yep,i`m ALWAYS up for good old real tradition!! Thank you for your support and encouragement-it`s much appreciatedthumbs up,I hope the Refurb`s going to plan Sirnerd!!

So then,all caught up now,going to take some pics and post an update asap,thanks for looking in,and stay tuned,cheers guys,


(No Wives were harmed during the course of this buildface 20face 20face 20)

Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
09/04/2017 16:53:30

Evenin` Guys,

Not had much time to follow this GB for a while now,totally work relatedteeth!!

BUT,there`s some SUPERB work going on!!

Boneskulou,Sorry i missed you in my last post.... that looks quite the futuristic type thing matesmile d

Andy C, Cool craft there Buddy-a lovely looking vehicalthumbs up

Bobby,I`m liking that scenario bud..... looking forward to the diosmile p,

John G, Cracking idea mate...... and great to seei you back around again!!teeth 2

Si,Superb choice there Buddy.....C`mon then,get crackingface 20!!

Fernando,VERY nice build and layout there mate.... liking that a LOTthumbs up

Steve..... seen that Pic before and it sparked a huge debate on a different site..... Turns out,it`s probably a photo shop set up...As Andy C pointed out....the re-coil would knock the SCHWIMMY over at every shot!!.....Does look cool though!nerd

Anyway,my build is in it`s infant stages,gone from the first 3 sub assemblies.....


....and they morphed into.......


....and tother side.......


Well,that`s it for nowembarrassed,but i AM still doing my U-Boat........OH!!..... and the front and back garden refurbsdisgust..

Speaking of which.....Gotta get back to it!!.... Back soon!

Well done ALLnerd,


Andy,and of course...... MORTdogface 20

Thread: 2000 posts
08/04/2017 17:16:29


Congratulations you miserable old buggerface 20face 20face 20

Always love to see you posting,and ,occasionally commenting on other people`s stuff..... Your style is ........Shall we say,"Distant"!!wink 2..... But always worthwhile matethumbs up,

Just like the Guys have said,I like to see your input on the site,and your builds-always think you`re being too harsh on your work mind!!

Keep it up Sir...... You`re a cornerstone of MilMod!!



Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
04/04/2017 19:10:00

A very good evenin` from sunny Devon fellow GB`ers!!

Just had a catch up and,BLIMEY,things have come on apace eh?!!smile o Fantastic to see all the great participation!!

Robin,Thanks very much for that pic-very useful Sirthumbs up,

Mike,Loadsa bits there mate...... no time for darning socks in the foreseeable now!!face 20

Dave,A cracking pace you`ve set!! That looks a very fine piece indeed Sir..... and almost done alreadysmile o!!

Allen,Nice choice Buddy,and great to see you participating despite your current pains-I wish you all the very best for a swift return of your finger controlsteeth 2!

Richard P,He`s a bit of a devious little monkey mate-so good luck with that one,(Just ask John Racewink 2)....but thank you,it`ll be very much appreciatedsmile d,

Mick,That looks well cool bud!! Some tiny,tiny bits there i suspect...... and a "Snap off together" kit to boot....Bring it onsmile p,

Peter,Sounds a superb idea for a Dio Sir!! I have a similar idea for the future,(but different scenario), I `ll follow your progress with much interestthumbs up,

Marty,Great combination there, and good to know there`s a fellow "Snail`s pace" builder in the GB too!!face 20

Steve,Good to see you`ve decided to write your own posts instead of nicking minenerdwink 2!! Seriously tho`....That`s a very classy looking assembly there mate,well done indeedsmile d,

As for my build?..... Well,despite working on my U-Boat still,being the coiled sponge that i am....... I couldn`t resist doing a little to the Flak 43thumbs up..... Sloth like,yes....... HOWEVER .... look out later for a brief pic updatevamp,


Andy,and of course........MORTdog

.....(Where`s Richard when you need himthinkingface 22face 20)?!!

02/04/2017 17:22:02

.....Back again devil!!

Well, I`ve had a Dio in my mind for quite some time now,and it revolves around AA guns,so you can imagine i was chuffed to bits when this GB was announced thumbs up!!

HOWEVER,as i want to actually complete a GB entry on time,i`ve decided to put my main entry on hold for a little while. This will allow me to finish my U-Boat from the SSGB,whilst entering a little build on this one....... blimeyface 22....that almost sounds like a sensible plansmile o!!

So i`m going to pitch in with this one,which was very kindly provided by our own "MESHMAN"!! (Keep repairing matenerd)..........


Basic,and will be more or less OOTB,well.....more or lesswink 2...... Just 3 sprues......


It`s actually quite nicely moulded with minimal clean up requiredparty!!!! So,there you have it.... I shan`t be doing a separate blogg,so will post progress here,(I`ll try and not stuff it up with my own dirge!smile o),....therefore,apologies in advance for occasionally ruining you evenings pleasant read through this great GB..... but HEY!!......

...... That`s what i do best!!!face 20face 20face 20

Cheers for now,


Thread: Tamiya 35091 20mm Flakvierling 38 MITSd.Ah.52 (AAGB17)
02/04/2017 14:17:27

A`noon Steve,

Blimey,you`re off like a rocket with this thread eh?smile o!!

Only day 2 and on page 3 already!! (Always like a good Page 3 me face 20wink 2!!),superb History detailing mate-really adds to your quality Bloggsthumbs up,

I`m in of course...... I`m the one you can see bouncing up and down at the back....... behind Mr.R. perched on his stepladdervamp!!

Good stuff this............. carry on!



Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
02/04/2017 13:57:48

A`noon Guys,

Andy,I like thelook of that "SHILKA" Sir smile p,

Colin,Nice choice Bud,you just GOTTA have a go at the figures.....they`re just too cool not to smile d!

Mike,I remember painstakingly sewing various Band names,and album covers,on my denim waist coats back in my Biker days embarrassedface 20!!

Graeme,I spent quite some time pondering on whether to enter the 1/48th version of this one. Looks a great subject so i`ll be watching your build avidly matethumbs up,

Bobby,Nuffink wrong with another 88 buddy....truly a real icon nerd.

Paul,Lovely collection you`ve gathered there mate...... another cracking Dio on the way eh?wink 2

Dave,Blimey that is small Sir!! My vote would go to the "Duster" smile p!!

Interesting GB this,i`ll be pitching in with my entry quite soon....... just to lessen the quality of courseface 20face 20face 20,

Cheers for now,


01/04/2017 20:36:53

Looking very enticing JIMthumbs up,

That`ll be a great combi ........ although i do fear for your sanity re the scale!!smile o

Great stuff,bring it on!!


01/04/2017 19:40:20

Evenin` Guys,

ANDY,Nice one for getting this latest GB up and running matethumbs up

M.T. (Well,it`s quicker typing that than your full name buddywink 2),I look forward to seeing your build!

ANDREW,That looks a cracker mate....... and BIG smile o

SIMON,.....HUSSAR !!beer I voted for that one,I can`t wait to see how you set about it!! I love this out for the "Umper Lumper" figures mindnerd,

DAVE....,Now THAT is a real oddity Sirsmile d,

JOHN,Liking that a lot Bud.....It`s a Trumpy,so should be a great fitthumbs up

PETER,Zvezda`s ain`t that bad ...... and that looks the set for a cracking little Dio matesmile p

FERNANDO,A very nice selection you have there buddy!....... I remember that Bloodhound set from my EARLY modelling years,(Late 70`s),looking forward to seeing you build that upnerd,

GARY,that looks great.... get cracking then!!face 20

STEVE, I also have that one in the stash-and i look forward to seeing what you do with itthumbs up,(and don`t worry,just because i`ve joined in on this doesn`t mean the U-Boat won`t be finishedwink 2).

MIKE,DO `EM BOTH ....They`re both iconic kits-and it`s NOT a competition matenerd.....and i`s GREAT to see you back around the site!!

SO THEN..... I`ve caught up with everyone,and suffice to say ""Min" !!!

I shall divulge my proposed offering tomorrow ....... for now though.....


Andy,and of course,the Dartmoor Hound................MORTdog

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
29/03/2017 23:39:00



OOOOPS forgot Rore`n`aft tube decks,and......


and the VERY ill fitting deck.......


That`s it.......... I`m doneangry........NURSE!!!!!face 20,



29/03/2017 23:17:23

..... Cont`d....

....And some more SUB ASSEMBLIES,(Sorry,couldn`t resist!teeth 2

Some better pics


2nd engine in there and the overhead Tor,took a bit of settling in,but looks ok for a Devon boy!!


Dunno what you can see from this dodgy pic?!!........More to do in the "Nerve centre",so stay tuned fellow Millmodianssmile d+

However,that is it for tonight! Thanks for looking guys,much appreciatedthumbs up,

Andy,and of course.......Mortdog

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 29/03/2017 23:30:13

29/03/2017 23:01:09


OK then,a cig done,and a rather large glass of Cider than i`d planned,(Well,if i`m honest..... a few VERY MUCH larger glasses!!thumbs up) .......Back to the build. From what you saw last time,it may not seem much,HOWEVER,it`s taken quite some fiddling about! I saw a blog on YOU TUBE about a guy building this exact same kit,and after two blogs.....HE BINNED IT!!smile o...... I can sure see why,but i`m from DEVON ........and i WILL succeed devil.....


It was about time to get the Deck shoved onto the hull,well,part of it!! Gotta say it was a REAL fightfist,the deck didn`t wanna go at all,so,.......Despite ALL of mu clamps,it was down to the SPAR shop for the classic 70p pack of rubber bands........ Which also helped for the APPALLING fit of the Deck gun.....


You can still see the gaps and defects that ALL need attention...Hmmm,This "Little Kit" taking some time eh?!disgust

HOWEVER..... Due to me getting some time,i`ve upped my game from "Coiled Sponge mode".to....."Sloth Speed"smile d...... Which means i`m gonna be EVEN QUICKERthumbs up.....OK,maybe not!! NEXT.....


Not moaning here,but this is what you get for the Conning tower smile o Even with clean up,so,as you can imagine.....For some reason those pics are reversedsarcastic...... NEXT......


And the Deck gun there,which,despite the scale....they STILL put the sink mark on THE WRONG SIDE!!disgust

........ TBC........

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