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Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
18/01/2017 19:10:37

Sorry Steve,

Missed you there!! Yep,of course mate,although i fear we had our day in the sun at Anfield!!!smile d

.....either way,the boys are doing us proudthumbs up.



18/01/2017 19:06:17

Well guys,before i log off and watch my beloved ARGYLE hammer Liverpool in the FA Cup,........

I managed to get the hatches,and those pesky brackets,all filled and fittedthumbs up,

That`s for another post mind!!

Andy,I was quite daunted by the scale and order of building/painting,but i think i`ve sussed it nownerd

Stefan,Fair comment mate.... what Cup was it?.... great to see you looking inthumbs up

Jim,HA...... "FLASH"..... Ahhhhh.......but you`re spot on..... i WILL get there!!wink 2

And off i go!!..... HOWEVER,i`ve just heard the Liverpool teamsheetthinking............


probably be about 4 - 0 to them.............but,C`MON YOU PILGRIMS!! fist


18/01/2017 17:24:37

A`noon Guys,

Back with a little bit of an update,firstly though....

Nick,sorry Bud,missed you between posts there,you can`t beat the real thing !!teeth 2

Simon,Yep,another possible one....... just not keen on the "Air Raid siren"!!face 22..... as for the figures,in a weird way,i`m actually looking forward to the challenge!!

Jim,Nice to see you mate,hope you`re comfy..... i`m thinking this`ll be a bit of a slow build!!smile o

Bobster!! Consider yourself well and truly "Piped" Sir!!!face 20

Bobby,Nice little sea shanty there me arty.......... bet that cooled your cobbywobbles in your pantynoodles!!face 13

Stefan,Number 2 Sub really,glad to see you`ve found it and are following alongthumbs up,

John,Good man!! Yean,"Interesting" is one way of putting it mate!!wink 2

Dave,Cracking effort on your 144th Sub Sirsmile d,I especially like the blending of colours on the deck-very realistic! My figures are small enough...... those you have must be MINUTE!!!disgust

The progress,well,not a lot if i`m honest,the kit is old,made of very soft plastic,and the flash......well,we are so spoilt these days that we`re not used to seeing any........ but this thing is.....covered in flash and sink holes/rises!



The first 3 stages are of the main bulkheads,(bits above),you can see the "U" hinges in this.......


Little,tiny clamp like bitsthumbs up, I looked and looked through the sprues.....and couldn`t find them!!teeth "Must be going mad" thought I.......ideaLOOK AT THE SPRUE PLAN!!!!!! No wonder i missed them,3 little bits?.......


...... "Oh no they`re not"!!!! THAT`S what is on the sprue....... somewhere in there are the 3 tiny bits!! So as you can see,there`s a LOT of clean up needed on pretty much EVERY piece,so progress is slow,done more since these pics,but that`s for next timewink 2,I`m gonna plough on mind...... it`s all good fun!!!!

Thanks for looking in,all comments,abuse obviously welcomedthumbs up,

Andy,and of course......... Mortdog

Thread: Straw Poll
17/01/2017 19:14:07

Sorry Dave,

Just kidding-it would appear that Nick Richardson`s GuP`s builds/comments have scarred me for life!!face 20

Mind you,my vote won`t matter anyway......

.....I really like the look of that ICM kit of the PANHARD thumbs up, judging by the votes,i`ll have to wait mind!!thinking

Will follow whatever one you do tho`..... always an interesting view mate......

..... and that Scud Launcher turned out SUPERB!!!smile d



17/01/2017 18:48:05

.....Ah,I get it now.....thinking

....A STRAW POLEface 20,(Nice one Steve!!),

However,back to reality Dave ,I`d vote for the StuG.........

...........The PINK onethumbs up!!!!!.......

.....Must be something in the air down these Devon parts!!smile o


Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
17/01/2017 18:18:05

Hi Simon,

This is just a "Hello,i`m watching" from me reallynerd....... over the years,i`ve used up all the superlatives for your scratchduggery in your buildsdisgust,

The guys have it all covered now,so you won`t be enamoured with me just repeating myself!!

I`ll just say,I`m loving what i`m seeing unfold,and following all the way matethumbs up



Thread: Zis-5 Aug 2cm Flak 30 LKW SSGB 17
17/01/2017 18:06:17


..........Not bad Richardson........ carry on then!!dont know

....wink 2face 20face 20face 20.......Cracking stuff Buddy,that flag doesn`t look too shabby to me,tried a few in 1/35th myself,and the "ruffled" look ain`t easy!!teeth

Lovely build going on,as always mate!!



Thread: Soviet Aerosan NKL-16/41 (SSGB17)
17/01/2017 18:00:04

WOW!! Looking rather excellent there Jim,if i may say so!!smile d,

Absolutely proving there`s no end to your modelling abilities Sir, been watching your builds for a few years now,and the way you can pick up new ideas,turn your hand to them,and then get such varied,and SUPERB results is simply awesome mate!!thumbs up

Top Stuff!!



Thread: Need your help please
17/01/2017 17:53:26


How did the damage you want to show occur?!......

Shell damage,fire,or driver abuse?!!



Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 19:19:07

.............. Cont`d...

Allen,Just the one.... but i get your drift mate....I may need backup for this build!!nerd,Yes,figures are included.....FIFTEEN of them if you please?!!! The standing ones are approx 10mm tall......


Crap pic i know,but they are SMALL!!!!disgust.... I`ll paint them up to my best efforts,but the eyebrows may be a problem!!!face 20face 20face 20!!

Steve!! I know mate,I know!!..... But at this time of year,in my A/B area,i`m loathed to use my comp,THIS build will be mostly Hairy stick good to go!!thumbs up

Gotta go now.....Rach shouting!!vamp

Thanks for looking in Guys......Back tomorrow!!


15/01/2017 19:06:24

A final update before i`m winched into the house by Rach!!

John Race,BIRTHDAY BOY!!party.....a few sprue shots indeed Sir..........


a myriad of Teeny Weeny decals,and quite a few messaging flags....... NICEthumbs up.......


Bits of stuff there,and coming up......more stuff!!face 20.....




There are more,but yet to come!!teeth 2.............

Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 18:21:32

Hi Marc,

Great to see you back around the parish,even if it is only for a short timethumbs up,

I saw your name mentioned in dispatches just the other day,and thought at the time,"Where`s he gone then"?!! Sorry to hear you`ve had a bad time of late,but i hope you`re on the up now mateteeth 2,

Any news on Diether?.... he`s been missing for a while too!! Anyway,enough nostalgia!!......

.... Great to see you partaking in the GB buddy,and with such a cool subjectsmile d,



15/01/2017 16:35:58


Gotta agree with the guys on this one..... A superb result matesmile d,

Top workthumbs up!!!!!



Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 16:31:59

HA!! Sums them up in a nutshell there Andy........... NUTS!!!!!face 20

...... in the nicest possible way of course!!wink 2


15/01/2017 15:55:37

Welcome aboard Guys,(see what i did there?face 20),

Andy,They are indeed nuts mate!crook Only been on Subs when in Dock,during my apprenticeship in Devonport Dockyard,those chaps were,and no disrespect meant here.......BONKERS!!!!

Jim,yes it does look impressive........... however,that`s probably only until i start it!!nerd

BONESkulou,I actually DID consider "Diver Down",(as you well know,ALSO by the great, Van Halen ,not the later "Van Hagar"!!face 20)but they ain`t divers! Swimming with the devil wouldn`t work either mateface 22,Firstly,it`d mean the Sub has been sunk,secondly, when on the move,a Sub is classed as "Running",and lastly...... There`s no such Rock title!!!fistwink 2face 20,

Si,An "Interesting" Yorkshireman?....Blimey mate...... you should`ve marketed him!!!face 20...... Sorry DAVE,no offence meant Sir.....the exception that breaks the rule and all that!!wink 2

Well,Just for a bit of info...... U-47 was the Sub of the famous "Gunther Prien",in the very early days of WW2,(October 14th 1939),he sneaked into HMS station at Scapa Flow,sank the prize Battleship HMS Royal Oak with a salvo of 7 torpedo`s,and escaped unharmed! in March 1941,after many successful convoy kills,U-47 was sunk by a British Destroyer..... HMS Wolverine,and U-47 was no more.

Just started to inspect the kit,and work out the order of building,painting and decaling,i`ll update when that`s done....... if i haven`t lost my marbles at this scale in the meantime!!disgust

Thanks for joining in Guys,much appreciatedthumbs up


Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 14:44:30

Blimey,you lot are leaving me for dead!!!disgust

Guess it`s time i made a start with my 1st effort then,not doing the lightning yet,need to practice the small stuff,so i`m pitching in with this Beastie.......


Obviously i`ll be showing progress on here,however,for anyone interested i`m also running a more detailed Blog under the title "Running with the Devil",



Thread: Its his birthday Sunday
15/01/2017 14:39:53

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr.R. partybeercocktailcake,

Hope you have a FANTASTIC day mate,I suspect Christine is spoiling you rotten!!!thumbs upwink 2face 20

Here`s to many,many more my friend!!

All the very best,from Devon,

Andy,Rachel,and of course........ MORTdog

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
15/01/2017 14:35:53

A`noon Guys,

About time i made a start on my first entry for the GB,(Although finishing ONE in time would make a pleasant changeface 20).

I was going to start with the Lightning,but whilst out shopping with Rachel,I spotted this little baby,and just couldn`t resist!! It`s TINY ,I mean REAL small!! face 22,well,actually it`s quite BIG,531mm to be precisesarcastic,no,but it`s minutedisgust........ aargh....... It`s a real tiny big thingface 20!!

Probably beyond my capabilities,but a good test for the up coming 1/72nd lightningthumbs up,it`s also a subject that i`ve always had a fascination for,also,being a cut away affair,it`s a little different!

Will post up some sprue pics if anyone`s interested,otherwise i`ll just show as i go along-should be funnerd,

Cheers for now,


Thread: The Italian Job - Tamiya M40/75-18 Semovente
14/01/2017 17:19:34


Well my fellow Plymouthian,(OK,I`ve moved up the road a bit,but you get my driftwink 2!!),

I`ve just had a real good catch up here,and gotta say...... It`s a fascinating thread by your good self,as usual,but even MORE importantly,the details you`ve added,both from extras and scratched,really do make this jobbie a treat to look atsmile d,.....and that`s even BEFORE the painting stages,which you do so wellthumbs up,

Great stuff indeed mate,looking in all the way!



Thread: Hello
14/01/2017 17:05:35

Blimey!!..... And we`re not even trusted with garden fireworks here in "Mamby Pamby Britain" anymore!!!disgustface 20

.....Oh,by the way.....

....and it`s a warm welcome to the site from me too Derekyes,great looking Panther by the waysmile d!



Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 14/01/2017 17:06:17

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