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Thread: M26 Dragon wagon {PS}
10/03/2018 15:52:05


Well,i`m so late to this that i missed the entire Buildembarrassed!

Can`t add anything to what the Guys have already said really,but to put my thoughts.....

.... A nice and unusual subject,excellently presented on a quality base with a cool figuresmile d... What else can i say?...

... Oh Yeah.... "Not Bad Mate"face 20face 20

What`s next?



Thread: Building a vintage 1969 Issue Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A.
10/03/2018 15:43:29

A`noon you old reprobate face 20!!

Well,page 2 of a "Spanners Blog" and not a cereal box,or bog roll tube in sightwink 2!

As another who has this self same kit in the stash,i`m,of course,"IN" ,(Not to mention that after a StuG,the Panther is one of my favourite AFVs).

Will be hurling abuse from the cheap seats Ron,whilst,obviously,looking forward to seeing your take on this kitsmile p,



Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
09/03/2018 18:24:10


.... I look away for a while..... (OK,about SIX MONTHS smile o) ,and i see that you`ve not only hand made a part of a CITY!!!....... But the AFV`s as well,for this mahoosive projectdisgust!!

Firstly,i`d like to comment on the amazing effort that you put into the early stages,ie the Bricks,rubble and actual buildings themselves..... absolutely AVERAGE AWESOME work Sirwink 2!!

And it`s all come a long way from there.... the Camo on the StuGs does look,i agree,garish.... however,as has been said,the weathering/washes will help thatthumbs up..... next time,just feather a slightly darker colour-and NEVER forget,most of that camo was applied in the field.... Hence,a crap/rushed Crew will not get a great result-certainly not "Airbrush Standards"!!

.... There really IS no Right or wrong way really!


Thread: Practicing with Winter Whitewash (Tiger 1)
08/03/2018 17:51:07

Good Evening Jamesyes,

Well,this is a most timely post i`ve come across,as i`m also in the midst of building an Academy Tiger,(Although mine`s "Mid Production",which i shall do in the Winter White wash scenario.

I agree with the lads here,your`s looks a very nice rendition indeed mate-nicely donesmile d!!

My Tiger is in early stages,although i have closed it up a bit since this picture......


The shells are just laid in as won`t be seen-I imagine your kit is fairly similar!....As for the Snow ideas,offered by Mr.Race,and Scottie.... i totally concur .... here`s how some tiny bits of snow can look,(OK,it`s an old StuG of mine,but you get the idea?thumbs up........

spoiling for a fight 069.jpg

spoiling for a fight 066.jpg

Not trying to hijack your thread of course.... just hope that helps!!



Thread: Sit Rep
05/03/2018 14:30:21

A`noon Simon,

It`s been a while since i looked in,and having caught your thread,i had a proper catch up!

Well,What can i say,that hasn`t been said by the guys before mate?disgust

..... Obviously,Myself,Rach and the Mortsterdog,(Yep,he`s still around!!),wish you all the very best for your Eye Op,with a quick recoverythumbs up.

As for the leg issue,after our conversations over the years,i have a good picture of your Motorbike/accidents troubles,I have NO IDEA,personally,how i would approach the subject,but,you know your own situation better than ANYBODY..... so good luck with whatever happens Buddyteeth 2,

Thanks for ALL the help,advice,and items received over the years-and being a stout Modbeer,

Cheers for now,


Thread: Show us your workbench
10/02/2018 17:08:54

Oh,go on then....


the far end there.... next.....

img_1169.jpg dvds and books..... and now,as it is currently......


Oooops,looks like Mort`s got bored!!.....

workshop new 003.jpg

I could post more.... but i`m getting a guilt trip gathering momentum !!!

Thread: Tiger 1 Mid Production Hobby Boss 1/16 Scale Winter Camo
05/02/2018 15:55:58

Hello Peter,

Welcome to the site from meyes!

Just wanted to say that i think you`ve made a SUPERB job of the Winter whitewash camo there,mind you,the whole build is cracking mate,well done indeedsmile d!


Thread: Tamiya Tiger 1 Ausf E Late Version...Brush painted and home made zimmerit
05/02/2018 15:51:11

Well,well,well Ron,

Just found this for the first time,and had a right royal read up!

Fantastic look you`ve achieved on this Iconic Tank Mate- i like it a LOT smile d,and at a fair pace too,(my current build is also a Tiger 1 as it happenswink 2,but i`m WELL behind you,progress wise.......... well,you know my Sloth like speed when it comes to buildsdisgust),

Cracking stuff as usual Buddy....... Carry on!

..... Oh,BTW,it`s only a small detail,because,as you said you don`t go into the tiny,intricate detail-as i myself don`tthumbs up,however,i have to point out a GLARING mistake...... The flump,that should be attached to the fingy,behind the what`s it,is completely missing??... OK,it`s hidden by the fubbit,and covered up by the stooge,but c`mon mate....... pay attention to the obvious!! face 20face 20face 20  


Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 05/02/2018 16:32:25

Thread: What a Schlepper
04/02/2018 16:45:11

Blimey John,

I`ve not been around much,but luckily i`ve just caught up with your build here,and had a right old read up!

Absolutely superb finish you`ve achieved ,and the "Internal" work certainly adds to the overall piece,smile d,

Well done indeed Sir,it`s always nice to find your builds!!


Thread: British Armoured Car by RODEN No.734 in 1:72 (RAF100GB)
03/02/2018 19:10:06

Oi ,Plymouthian brother!!!

Just had a fantastic read up on this one,(I`ve been away a while dontchya knowwink 2),looking absolutely great with all your fettlin` going on matethumbs up,


(Yeah,i`m back...... Kinda!!face 20)

Thread: I say, you down there, we have a problem, any chance you can help us out?
12/01/2018 17:52:03


That is simply AWESOME smile d,

A great story,(I`m SURE you didn`t make it up eh?!!teeth 2),and in the true British spirit.... i`d believe it could`ve happened!!face 20

Seriously though,the way you`ve portrayed the broken ice sheets looks SPOT ON to me,and the overall scene is just so believable ..... well done indeed Sir!!

ANOTHER "SPANNER`s CLASSIC" .... and i`ve seen pretty much ALL of themwink 2!!

I Love what you produce ,keep on keeping on!!


Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
09/12/2017 21:04:27

....... Well here they are.....

SIDEWAYS again,another reason i don`t bother with this site much anymore!





Sorry for the neck ache guys!.......

You`re all a really good bunch,but since the new regime came in a few months back,it`s gone so far downhill,that i can`t be bothered anymore.

Last post from me.... keep up the great work,and remember the main thing these days.......

SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAG...... OR ELSE!! .........devilvamp,

face 20face 20face 20..... It`s been great to know you allthumbs up

P.S.Sorry Ron,missed you there! Thanks very much- it is indeed a very nice kit..... as for Mort....well,he`s just a complete STAR in my mindthumbs up!!

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 09/12/2017 21:16:05

Edited By Martyn Chorlton on 10/12/2017 10:05:15

09/12/2017 20:50:22

Fernando,thanks for that..... and it won`t be long wink 2,

Scottie (Dawg!!),Cheers Buddy,much appreciatedthumbs up,

Mr.R. Thank you...... and Mort sends a Nip and Lickdog!!

Now then,i`ve been frustrated by doing the Protze fairly clean..... so my hankering for a really embattled and worn down finish on the FlaK eventually got the better of meembarrassed...... so i probably went OVERBOARD...... No surprise there eh?!!face 20face 20face 20...............

Pics to follow..........

Thread: Lorraine 37L by RMP towing PAK 40 by AFV Club (EngGB2017)
04/12/2017 17:18:08


Despite my lack of posting,i`ve been following this ALL the way Buddy!

Obviously it`s up to your usual Top notch standards,both detail and paint effects,but i have to say that the treatment of the PAK`s shields are a real treatsmile d,Well done mate,on a cracking build!

Only thing i`d say is..... "Man,you GOTTA sort out that spares boxsmile oface 20!!!"..... I spend ages after each build,cutting bits off the sprues,and putting them in compartment boxes,(All labelled up BTW)..... OK,that makes me a geek.....but it saves time when i`m looking for/wanting spares or extra`s!!



Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 04/12/2017 17:19:12

Thread: Tamiya 1/35 Steyr Type 1500A/01
04/12/2017 17:08:04


Been watching from the dark side,and gotta say i think it`s your best yet Sir!!

That interior looks first class,not too much,not too little.... perfect imhothumbs up,

Great watch this!


Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
03/12/2017 17:27:18

Evenin` Guys,

A change of direction on this one,Firstly mind.....

Mick,Cheers mate.... it`s the kit,not me..... a cracking little kitthumbs up,

Mr.R. Thank you Sir,Mort is carrying on like he has no problems!!..... Until he falls over again that isdisgust! Rach is fine....getting geared up for Christmas ALREADY!!

Steve,This old Italeri 38 is actually very nicely done...... although i suspect you`ll be getting a newer and better version,not to mention all the alterations you`ll makeface 20!! Also,(Guessing here!!),your`s will probably be DAK?!! you will see,...... mine ain`t!!!vamp

Well then,i have to front up,and admit that i`ve been finally overcome by my normal "Gotta make something Grubby" sideembarrassed! After doing the Protze looking fairly clean,i just HAD to make something Down,worn,and dirty....hence,my final scene may not be very authentic.... but i want the contrast between the two main elements in my Dio!!..... It could be the Protze towing the Flak (With a faded/worn Winter Whitewash ,my favourite camo scheme),to a unit for refurb,or,taking it to another zone where it`s badly needed!

So then,the pics .....Trailer....


Can`t be arsed with fighting the angle of the pics anymore.... but you get the idea?......


tother side


Yes,still a warts`n all situation,but it`ll be okthumbs up....Lastly,the front view......


That`s it for now...... it`ll be fine.....TRUST MEface 20face 20face 20wink 2,


Thread: Hello there
01/12/2017 17:26:38

....... and it`s a very warm welcome from me too Michael yes,


Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
30/11/2017 16:46:43

Some lovely purchases guys!!

Simon T,I know what you mean about the depiction of the figures on the front of the box compared to the back,(In some respects,it looks like they get an Artist to do the interpretation,and a child to paint the actual figuresdisgust!!),however,having done several MB figures,they actually can be OK..... and that`s with my poor figure worksmile o.... BTW,I`ve got that M/C Troops on the move,and it looks pretty good-looking forward to building that up myselfthumbs up,

Mr.R..... At it again eh Sir?!!face 22....... I hope Christine stamped your pass for that double order...... or you`ll be in troublesmile o...... but,of course,I won`t spill the beans!!thinking!!!!!!

Thread: HOW many wheels?!!
29/11/2017 18:45:40

Cheers John,it has to be a "Gentle Pat" these days,the poor little bugger is older than he thinks!!smile o,

Right then,UPDATE TIME, this piece of Krupp will be towing THIS.....


Yep,an OLD kit,but quite nice!!.....OOTB apart from the Barrel.......


So there you go,AM Barrel added-quite like it myself!!

The build so far........




That`s the pics,up til now...... HOWEVER..... I`ve done MUCH more all round..... Keep looking!!

Andy,and Mort!!

29/11/2017 17:08:26

Evenin` Guys,

Some,sorta progress on this to report,mainly about the load really,Firstly mind.....

Scottie DAWG,Cheers buddy,much appreciatedthumbs up!

Dirk,Thank you mate-yep,nearly there,the base details are yet to be decided.. although it will be towing a Flak 38wink 2 !

Mr.R. HA!! Cheers Sir.... "Fans"... Hmmmm not so sure i have a fan club matethinking!!

Jimbo,Thank you,and very nice to hear from youteeth 2!

Fernando,Thanks very much for that,as for the figures..... I`ll need all the luck i can getface 20!!

Paul E,Appreciate your input mate,very pleased you like it so farthumbs up!

Dave S4,Cheers for that,and nice to see you looking inteeth 2,

Si,Hello matey,how the devil are you mate?! As for the weathering,not sure yet,but fairly light i expect..... for me anywaydevil!!

Steve,Hello my Plymouthian buddy!! Thanks for the kind words-the details are pretty cool on this one OOTB,however,i did enhance them a little in just the way you mentioned!!nerd

Mike,`ere,I ain`t been that far me ansome! Glad you like it so far,thanks for the positive wavesthumbs up,

Phew,that took a while!! I`ll post up a pic heavy update after a Cig,and JD!!

Thanks ALL for commenting,or even just looking in.... I do appreciate it!!

Cheers for now,

Andy..... and of course MORTdog,(Yep,he`s still my modelling buddy,although now 11,on lots of Tablets for various ailments,but he`s a tough little bugger for a Cavalierrose!!)

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