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Thread: Master Box 1/35 Sd.Kfz.1 Staff Car
24/05/2017 15:54:52


Making a good fist of this one so far Dave,despite it`s issues!

I added this to the stash about a year ago,eagerly opened the box,with much anticipation of building it up straight awaythumbs up,

THEN,after seeing some of the more "Delicately balanced" sprue bits,i quietly closed it up,and slid it,guiltily back into said stash!disgust

Anyway mate,it looks a cracking little staff car,has a real sense of "early motor arrogance", looking forward to seeing how it ends upnerd,



Thread: New Panzer Crew figures from Tamiya
13/05/2017 19:19:38

Sorry,I`ll withdraw from this!

It would appear that what i meant to say hasen`t come across as i first meant it disgust

Still good figures mind!!wink 2face 20


13/05/2017 18:24:07

HA!! I see what you mean from that pic Alan!!......

But i may not of put my point across properly...........

I was meaning the "Older" Tamiya figs...... i was pointing out that the "more recent",other figs have surpassed them ........

I`ve ,more or less moved on to Resin Figures in the stash these days,but will try and incorporate the plastic ones when i cannerd, but...... there is still scope for using the old guard!!


Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 13/05/2017 18:25:49

13/05/2017 17:59:10

They do indeed look fine figuresthumbs up,

BUT,i think the 1st and 3rd in the group shown,look VERY SIMILAR to some miniart,(I think?!!),figs i used on my StuG build a few years ago.....

a stug called rach 083.jpg

Yes,the figures are very nice..... however,are they just enhancing previous efforts?face 22....

not saying it`s a bad thing,all progress is goodthumbs up,and all of us modellers benefit from the advances..... just wanted to give a shout out for "OLDER" stuff....... it ain`t THAT BAD teeth 2,



Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
11/05/2017 19:29:28


Yeah,it`s a very cool book indeedthumbs up,you`re spot on about these being "Specific",if you look up their whole range it`s quite amazing some of the subjects they devote a whole book toosmile d! I hope you manage to catch Postie  for your new books soon mate!


Don`t bother mate.......... there ain`t one!!face 20....... cracking set of books mindwink 2,



Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 11/05/2017 19:53:35

Thread: Stug fest rebooted
10/05/2017 19:12:41

`min !!

Seat for me too please StuGmeisterthumbs up!!

I saw these purchases of yours on "Latest Acquisitions" earlier this evening..... and lo...... the thread appearedangel!

Seems like your recent mini holiday into enemy territory has certainly fired up the mojo again mate,(GO ON.... you just KNOW that if you embrace the Cross Of St. George it will make you happywink 2face 20!!),

Super quick start there,awesome in fact!!

C`mon then,bring it onfist!!


Andy,and of course....... Mortdog

Thread: Latest Acquisitions 2017
10/05/2017 18:18:13

Well,you lot sure have been busy!!smile o

I however,have been a little more restrainedangel,.......just a book,YEP........ ONE book!!

BUT ...... what a great little nuggetthumbs up,now,i have several of this "Images Of War" series in my collection,covering various aspects of WW2,and think they`re not only an interesting read,but also,VERY useful for builds,and Diorama ideasteeth 2,

This one is perfect for my current AAGB build,(and for other projects in the futurewink 2),normally retails at £14:99,but i blagged this one off EvilBay for just £6:49 delivered............


IMHO it`s a superb book,with all 126 pages crammed with excellent info and great real time photo`s..... HAPPY DAYS!!nerd,



Thread: Achtung Flugzeug! (AAGB17)
08/05/2017 19:28:38

Evenin` Fernando,

I must agree with Scottie there,you`ve created a lovely little scene therethumbs up,the revetment looks excellent so far,with the weathering it`ll all tie together very nicely IMHOsmile d,

Top stuff so far mate...... liking it a LOTnerd!!



Thread: Even a Big Bruiser Battle Wagon needs little helpers......
08/05/2017 18:15:59

Evenin` Ron,

I blinked and missed this!! As ever,you`ve done a sterling job,and..... in your own,indomitable,fashionthumbs up,

A first class pair of escorts there mate,i`m looking forward to see them with the King Georgesmile d,

Top work indeed!!



Thread: Out numbered
08/05/2017 00:05:15

Good evenin` Joe,

Been watching this all the way from my back seat here,and gotta agree about the figures ..... they`re all looking absolutely superb so far matesmile d,

The building is very impressive,i personally, love that side of scratch building and you`ve made a great fist of ........... although congratulations about some having" nice shingles" sounds a bit wrongface 22face 20face 20face 20!!

All in all this is looking most excellent Sirthumbs up,



05/05/2017 17:36:17

Hi Manu,

Great to see you back around the place again thumbs up,

Looks like you`ve taken on a real monster of a build here,it`s gonna keep you busy for quite some time i think.....and that`s BEFORE you spiral downwards along the correction/scratching path...... which i`m quite sure you will matesmile owink 2,

Anyway,looks a fantastic kit,and with those great refs...... I`m sure we`re in for a treat.... booking my seat right now thankssmile p!!



Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
04/05/2017 22:23:54

....... Back!!....

Mick,sorry mate,missed you there!....... I`ll certainly meet that bloke in the ward...... NURSE surprise!!

So then,my progress...... First up,and just for John H here......


That`s the snorting Bull there...... painted on by the crew after their "Heroic" sinking of the Royal Oak,,,You can see,(I hope?!),the downward brush strokes of the outer "Blue/Grey" Aqua colour-as i`m hoping that`ll aid the streaking later on?!dont know ..... Next up.......


A bit more of the brush painting effect i`m trying to get,also,on these real Subs,there was a double skin,however,on this kit,not sodisgust,so if i`d drilled the vents out,you`d just see the inside of this build?!!..... So i decided to try and paint the areas with a block of wash-therefore,(Hopefully),showing a type of "inner hull" shadingface 22,Next.....


From further back here..... Looks much better from a distance eh?!!face 20face 20face 20.... Now.....


.... my basic fiddling/filling of those horrible gaps there..... more surgery needed yet mind!! ...... and.....


OH YES..... I did the last DECAL......RESULTthumbs up!!...... and,just dry fitted........


It`s starting to look a bit more like a U-Boat now eh?!!smile p..... well.......... maybe!!

Thanks for looking in,as always,any thoughts,hints,tips.....or plain old abuse is very welcomed!!face 20



04/05/2017 19:13:22

Well then Guys,

An update is definitely required,if only to show i`m still going with this one,it`s very slow progress i`m afraid,firstly mind.......

Mr.Ballard,Thank you very much Sir,welcomed support indeedthumbs up,

Jon Hep,Cheers mate,i just hope my EXTERNAL painting doesn`t let it downembarrassed,

Peter,Great to see you popping in Sir,yes,they`re not popular,but i can sort of see why!!disgust

Si,Cheers Buddy...... I`ll probably mess it up at some point!!face 22

Fernando,Thank you..... and i hope sosmile p!!

Steve,HA!! ....... Yeah,a Gold would be good....... but then the governing body would come along and exsponge ALL awards due to doping!!face 20wink 2

Bobby,Hee Hee,nice one!!....."On the ropes"..... not so sure yet.... but i`ll give it my best punchfistsmile o

John H,Yes they do,and as i`m sure you know,it was put on after the sinking of the Royal Oak,in Scapa Flow-as a rebuff to Winston Churchill....... look in later matethumbs up,

Mr.R.SEAWEED....... Hmmmm,now there`s a thought Sir!! if a floating sub then yes..... however,being a "Cut-Away".... probably won`t workteeth!!

Scottie,(Dawg!!),Thanks buddy,very much appreciated,and great to see youthumbs up,

That`s it for now,will organise the pics,and post up soon....... don`t get too excited mind!!!!!!......


Thread: Me109 E
04/05/2017 17:49:24

Evenin` Mick,

Well mate,that`s looking SUPERB already,a cracking little diothumbs up,

Very nice indeed,well done Sirbeer,



Thread: Get well soon Mike Durnford
04/05/2017 17:43:20


Get well soon there mate........ or i`ll send Mortdogdevil over face 20face 20face 20!!!!!!

Take care buddy,


Thread: A very sad day for the family...
04/05/2017 17:32:50


Yes,undoubtedly a fine age to reach,and what awesome advances in the world she witnessed..... and probably endured many hardships along the way too!

Our deepest sympathies go out to you,and all your family at this traumatic time,


Thread: 2017 Anti Aircraft Group Build (AAGB17)
02/05/2017 19:22:40

All looking good here guys...... fantastic stuffthumbs up!!

Sorry,but far too many personal blogs for me to keep up with i`m afraid,due to my very limited bench time of late.... I must say though,(and this probably won`t go down wellembarrassed),when i first joined the site,a GB Thread was EXACTLY that.....

Hence,you could pop in and catch up very quickly,a few updates,a couple of pics..... and gone!!sarcastic ALL in the GB threadteeth 2...... no more tho`..... i had to spool back just to find it..... YEP,I`m a "Stick in the mud" !!face 20

Anyhoo,here`s my update for my meagre Flak 43 offering,base colours,with tentative high lights......


Yeah,i know,what a Mish Mash eh?!!smile o..... but,i have a planthumbs up..... some further stuff gone on......


..... Hmmmm,i don`t see the problem with this weathering fancy dan stuffwink 2..... just some very basic wear....


again,still tiny steps,and forget the most of the colour discrepancies,be sorted soonnerd,FINALLY for now,the Gun mount just plonked onto the base......... probably all wrong,but HEY.... I`m from DEVON face 20!!......


A LOT more to do,but i`m quite chuffed how my Teeny Weeny modelling brain has struggled to copeface 22....and guess what...... I DO have a plan to make something that`ll be at least Childlikethumbs upface 20face 20face 20,

Cheers All,


Thread: Mesh
01/05/2017 16:36:31

Hey Guys!!

Paul M, HA!! It seems to me that whenever i think of things i did/got in my past these days,i quickly work out how long ago it was and come to the same conclusion,it`s forever ............ "A very long time ago"!!!!disgustcrying

Paul R,thank you for taking the time to take and post those pics matethumbs up,I`m interested in the Carb Mesh please,if you pm me,we`ll come to an arrangement Sirteeth 2

Simon,Cheers mate-i`ll look them up for future stuffthumbs up,

Thanks ALL again,


Thread: Plymouth Model Show (Lot's of photos!)
01/05/2017 16:24:58

Evenin` Stevenface 20!!

Well mate,some superb stuff on display there,makes me even more gutted that i didn`t get there,and meet up with you and Bobbycrying,

Like Jim,my attention has been grabbed by the burnt out/wrecked Panther,Scout car and Pz IV....... did my first wreck,(A Jagdpanther),a while back,and thoroughly enjoyed it-not to that excellent standard mind!disgust

Also..... You won an award eh?!!...... kept that quiet didn`t you my friend?!!smile o........ CONGRATULATIONS indeed Sir,and most deserved beerbeerparty!!

Great stuff!!


Thread: Mesh
01/05/2017 15:25:44

Cheers Mr.R. I`ll go and find his blogthumbs up

Mick,Thanks for the offer mate,however,the rubbish that`s supplied measures 52 x 65mm,which you then cut to a paper pattern. sarcastic

Jim,Thank you very much Sir,I`ll check `em out drecklyteeth 2,

Thanks chaps,MUCHLY appreciated,


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