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Thread: HobbyBoss GMC CCKW 750 Gallon Tanker
23/03/2017 16:21:13

A`noon dave,

I`ve missed this for an age,and now when i look in,I see you`ve made a superb job of BOTH kits,at the same time!!smile d,

I like the look of these American Trucks,wanted to build one for ages! Seeing how well they can be done has certainly pushed mine further up the "To do" list smile p Although,and here`s the rub..... mine is an OLD Italeri kit of a Dodge old that the kit number number only has 3 figures! But i do like Italeri stuff.

As for your next project,seen these in my LHS,(Luckily we still have one fairly local!!thumbs up),and it looks great! I shall look out for that blog mate.

Top stuff indeed,these two will be an excellent addition to your "Finished cabinet",when the final bits/painting has been donenerd,



Thread: Absent for a while but back now...
23/03/2017 16:04:11

WEY-HEY!!!!...... The EBMEISTER pulls through partybeer!!!!!!!!

Fantastic news there Andy,we`re so pleased for you ALLthumbs up,you`re certainly bang on about them being one of the family,we get SO attached to the little tykes don`t we!!

Here`s to a rapid full recovery from Smythe Towers mate,

Andy,and of course,the Dartmoor Houndface 22....... MORTdog

Thread: New member to military modelling
22/03/2017 17:36:26

........ and it`s a warm welcome from me too Antyes,

It`s all been covered by the guys really,it`s a great place to be for info,advice,hints,tips,encouragement,AND...... the occasional bit of banterwink 2!!

As for "Sons",well....... Take most of `em outdoors,and away from their Consul/P.C. for a couple of hours,and they start to react like Arnie did,when he took his Headwear off after escaping the "Protective" dome in the film Total Recall !!face 20face 20face 20,

I look forward to seeing your progress on your Landy build matethumbs up,



Thread: This great forum
20/03/2017 17:31:58


I can do most thingsangel......

...However, even I can`t be a BROTHER AND SISTER to you mate smile oface 22face 20face 20,

Thread: Running with the Devil (SSGB17)
20/03/2017 15:47:19

HA!! Don`t know about that Mike,(Great to hear from you BTWthumbs up),

The like`s of Simon and the New wave of scratch builders are WAY outta my league matesmile o!

They do it because they want to...... I do a little of it because i HAVE to face 20!!

Thanks for the encouragement .... much appreciated.....Oh,and "Badgers Nadgers"..... Love thatsmile d!!



20/03/2017 15:19:50

....... Cont`d......

Remember the bland looking Green engine from page 5 of this thread? Well,i added a few bits,and painted it up to try and get it looking really greased up and oily........


Put on some etch hinges from a truck set and flattened them out for the Rocker top`s arms,fuse wire for the black vent pipe,floristry wire painted blue for the piston? rods,and a random bit from the spares box,shoved on the end to represent a control box.........


Then painted the Electric motor Drive blue,(Which should actually be in a separate compartment aft of this one,but not built into the kit!!disgust.....Then a liberal mix af washes and grime wash chucked all around the Parishsmile p.Gonna set that aside and call it done......the build would go on FOREVER else!!face 20 Next up,the two Charting tables,nothing fancy,metal frame,wooden top,and a couple of maps/charts from Dio accessories box,(not to scale,but small enough that they should be passable.......


Not a great pic,but you get the idea! Next it was time to stick the two halves of the Deck togetherparty......


Painted white,not sure if that`s correct,but it`s gonna be so dark in there i thought it might help to reflect a little more light?!! you can just about see the over head Girders both F`ward and aft which the next torpedo travelled on-and a closer pic of one of those.......


Not too bad really,and they`ll take extra detailing quite easily i reckon......famous last words!!

Next up are the other Torpedos,them there Girders and the conning tower......WATCH ME GO!!!!!beer

Thanks for looking in,and as ever......ALL thoughts tips.....plain old ABUSE.....very welcome!!


20/03/2017 14:51:49

A`noon Guys,

Well,with just a few days left of the GB,(As Steve kindly pointed out yesterdaycheeky!!),i`ve given myself the afternoon off to try and get this thing further on,in the forlorn hope that i may actually finish it......... yeah,I know......a ridiculous notionface 20!! Firstly though.......

Scottie,(Dawg!!),cheers buddythumbs up,

Paul,thank you mate,very much appreciatedteeth 2,

Fernando,Thanks for that,nice to see you pop in,glad you like it so farsmile

Steve,THAT,I very much doubt mate,i`ll give it a shot though! Thanks for the compliment tooembarrassed!!

Si,Cheers Sir! it`s a real challenge for me just due to the tiny scalesmile o!!

Mr.R. Thank you mate,it`s hard to know just how to go about the details..... as the real thing was simply CRAMMED full of stuffnerd!!

....... TBC........

Thread: Tiger ll {PS}
19/03/2017 15:10:17

Blimey Scottie,(DAWGface 20)!!!

Just went to have a catch up earlier today,and had to go back FIVE PAGES to find the end result of the Tigerdisgust!! You`ve had all the superlatives,but i`m gonna chuck mine in anyway!!

AWESOME RESULT mate-a real jaw dropper!!smile o,when i get back to mine i`ll be nickin` a few of your ideas if you don`t mind?!!

Your building is looking the part already,I particularly like the way you`ve portrayed the rotting at the bottom of the doors......VERY lifelike Buddysmile d,

TOP,TOP stuff!!



Thread: 2017 Small Scale Group Build (SSGB17)
19/03/2017 15:00:44

A`noon All,

Phew..... There`s some CRACKING work going on in this GB!!disgust ,

I`m loving that little Dio Fernando,a great scenethumbs up!!.(A shame to cover up the troops and the H/T`s interior though matesmile o), Well done.....a cracking job!



Thread: dragon panzer iv
19/03/2017 13:08:11

A`noon Vlad,

I gotta agree with the guys..... very nice job indeedthumbs up,

Looks like it`s been through some very rough times!!smile o



Thread: DRAGON Panzer IV Ausf D DAK Tropical Version
19/03/2017 12:56:29

A`noon fellow Plymouthianface 20!!

Been watching from the cheap seats and enjoying all the info immensely i must say Buddythumbs up.

Truly some detailing to be proud of there,well done mate-another beauty on the way methinksteeth 2,



Thread: This great forum
19/03/2017 12:50:51

"Who are ya,Who are ya,Who are Ya???!!!!!!!" face 20face 20face 20wink 2

Thread: When an idea BACKFIREs... (SSGB17)
19/03/2017 12:43:37

A`noon Andy,

That sure is a MONSTER of a planesmile o!!

More importantly tho`, Sorry to hear about little Ebenezer ,all our thoughts are with him....stay positive matethumbs up,

All the VERY best,

Andy,and of course........MORTdog

Thread: Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)
19/03/2017 12:37:42

A`noon Allen,

As the guys have said,It`s good to hear you`re back home safe and sound matethumbs up,

Take it easy,eat well,drink well,and.....SLEEP well buddy...... that there model ain`t going nowhere `til you`re ready to tackle it againnerd,

All the best,


Thread: Panther ausf. G 1/72 (SSGB17)
19/03/2017 12:33:23

A`noon Sjors,

I blinked and missed the buildface 20!! Gotta love a Panther,and you`re making a good start on this one matethumbs up.

I look forward to seeing the next developments!



Thread: SSGB17 Braille Scale {ST}
19/03/2017 12:27:57

A`noon Simon,

Just had a catch up! That`s looking superb so far ...... I love the paintwork especially,TOP stuff matesmile d,Thanks for explaining the method too-will have a go at that on my next buildwink 2,



Thread: 2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )
18/03/2017 16:13:03


Once again the old "Would THAT really be there?" question pops up.....and causes chaos!! teeth

Just caught up with this thread,(Which,i may add Mr.R,is excellentthumbs up),only to find that doubts have been cast,info pouring in,and...... another build bites the dust!!,(Well,not entirely,but enough to put the modeller off!).

It`s all been said before,(but i am from Devon,and everything takes a while to get down hereface 20!!),but i HAVE to add my thoughts.So here goes........ It`s FUN ....or supposed to be! So BUILD,PAINT,REPRESENT WHATEVER YOU WANT nerd.......

If TOTAL accuracy is your bag,then fine..... If not......Also fineface 23......

The Dios we make are,sometimes,made up-nothing wrong with that...... some are loosely based on a genuine photo or historical incident....again,that`s fine.......HOWEVER,within reason,there isn`t a modeller on the planet who`s managed a COMPLETELY ACCURATE piece,no matter what the subject.....They can be perfect to look at,and if we`re talking a Dio with figures.........well...... HOW do you know what 3rd man on left`s hair was like,or what personal kit he`d adjusted?!!!!disgust

KEEP CALM and carry on John......and forget that blasted kettle switch.....EVERYONE KNOWS the Jerries only used Flasksface 20face 20face 20!!

Cheers mate,

Andy,and of course.......Mortdog

Edited By Andy Smith 1 on 18/03/2017 16:15:04

Thread: AAGB17 {ST}
14/03/2017 17:59:03

Evenin` Simon,

Hope all`s going OK at "T Towers" Sirthumbs up,

For me,it`d have to be the old SdKfz 7/1..... ALWAYS liked the kit,just like Rich! Built one up for a Dio a few years back,and really enjoyed itteeth 2...... but i`d love to see how it SHOULD be done matesmile owink 2!!

However,knowing you,i`d happily put my money on Mr.Random nipping in at the last minute,scuppering all our thoughtsvampface 20face 20


Andy....... (P.S. Don`t tell anyone else about this mate,but you know that Jim bloke?.... Yeah,THAT one....well,I have the Flak,a metal barrel,and the RSO!! Was going to use Dave`s approach and keep my powder dry....but it`s been blown out of the water now!!disgustcrying....................JIM, no offence mate!!wink 2face 20)

Thread: Hello from me.
12/03/2017 20:02:46

.......... and it`s a warm welcome from me too yes,

Don`t know bugger all about that there new fangled CAD stuff....... and i`m not very good at the plastic kits either!!....BUT,I do love the hobbynerd!!

I look forward to seeing you around the sitethumbs up,


Andy,......(BTW,you`ll probably hear from our very own "CAD MAN" a certain Mr.Simon T at some point...... as long as he hasn`t fallen asleep againface 20wink 2!!)

Thread: The Adventures of Meshman....
12/03/2017 18:16:50

A`noon Allen,(or should that be "Robomodeller"?!!face 20),

Firstly,commiserations on the suffering over the previous few days-sounds pretty grim smile o! On the other hand,it certainly seems like you`re making a good fist of recovery,even in these really early stagesthumbs up,

Hat is well and truly tipped to you for having the gusto to post up through all the action..... TOP MANsmile d!!

Take care mate,

ALL our VERY BEST to you,

Andy,Rachel,and of course....... MORTdog!!

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