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120mm Figure Recycling -an Ongoing Project.

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joe strenko06/01/2017 01:22:58
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Fantastic... outstanding work Peter 👍👍👍👍👍

Jim Barry06/01/2017 03:33:50
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I actually sat back to think hard about the composition and agree with others, you did a good job. These are somewhat standalone figures by design (I think) but you've got them linked credibly. I read William Shirer's Collapse of the Third Republic a few years ago to build a richer understanding of what it was Germany invaded exactly. It was a very hollow country, I came to conclude. I think you have it captured some of that dynamic pretty well here. The Germans were setting up problem!

Sorry the 1/72 stuff is not as expected. I have had some (unrealized) interest in 1/72 Napoleonic figures as one can set up a few dozen in a diorama to model the large splash of color a line of infantry and their signal flags displayed. I do not think any other scale can model that very well.

Peter Day 106/01/2017 07:16:08
4511 forum posts
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Joe - many thanks.

Jim - I think the composition just about works, but as you say, they are intended as stand alone figures. Unfortunately, I'm just not capable of major conversions; I lack your skill with the putty. I can handle small remedial touches, but that's all.

As for France in 1940, I've read a bit about that. The strongest army in Europe brought to it's knees in six weeks. Incompetent leadership, a major dose of complacency, 1WW tactics etc. And politically in a real mess, with constant changes of cabinet and the left and right equally strong and vying for power - much disunity on the streets.

Re: the 1/72 stuff, well it's just not for me. I agree that a mass of colourful Napoleonics can look very impressive, but it will be hard to make a group of 2WW Finns look interesting. Also I don't really like the dumpy wargames style- just a personal thing. And there's the eyesight issue.


Peter Day 106/01/2017 08:36:18
4511 forum posts
1198 photos

So, it's back to recycling figures:

This will be my next project, an Ardennes/Eastern Front vignette (or possibly diorama).

The first is an amalgam of several figures:


The torso is from Dragon's Joachim Pieper figure (I'm not really into depicting convicted war criminals, so I'm glad to change him to someone anonymous). The legs are the last of Jay's items, and are from the Tamiya kit of the German Infanrtyman in winter gear. The head is from the Tamiya Machine Gunner in a greatcoat and the hat is from the Tamiya Field Officer. Hands and equipment are a mix of Dragon and Tamiya.

I just couldn't get all of the paint off the jacket, despite many hours in a Flash bath and lots of scrubbing, but the finish is probably smooth enough. I've built up the scarf around the neck with Miliput to help the head sit comfortably.

The second figure will be based on Dragon's Hansen figure and is currently bathing in Flash (again proving difficult to clean).


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 06/01/2017 08:39:51

Mike DURNFORD06/01/2017 10:10:39
1276 forum posts
69 photos

Peter......cant add anything about dio construction or painting all I'm sure up to your exacting standards......but a question.......Have you done any samuriia


Peter Day 106/01/2017 11:46:07
4511 forum posts
1198 photos

Hi Mike. I did this SK Miniatures bust and Verlinden figure some time ago. I also did the other Verlinden samurai, but I can't find a photo of it I'm afraid.



Mike DURNFORD06/01/2017 12:08:46
1276 forum posts
69 photos

Peter many thanks for posting the photos...amazing always a pleasure to view anything you paint cheers mike.

John Race06/01/2017 14:22:42
4653 forum posts
1102 photos

Afternoon Peter.

Well compared to my sheets of render this is light years ahead.

I would reconise your style anywhere thumbs up


Peter Day 106/01/2017 14:32:46
4511 forum posts
1198 photos

Mike - you're welcome.

John - thanks, but there is certainly nothing wrong with your render.

Right, I've got the head and extras done:


This is the second cap I've painted today. The first was more elaborate, and I spent ages painting in the cords etc, only to find that it look terrible in the photographs. This is a simpler Dragon field cap, and although it still needs some work, it's way better than the first - the problem with German officer's caps is all of that damn piping. I wonder if this Tamiya head is the most frequently painted in 1/16?


Steve Jones 1206/01/2017 20:15:12
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Top class dio. All that work has certainly produced another memorable group of figures. The facial expressions stand out for me on this one. No rest for the wicked I see. Another one on the go. I'm sorry the 1:72 didnt work out for you


Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 06/01/2017 20:16:53

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