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Zis-5 Aug 2cm Flak 30 LKW SSGB 17

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Andy Smith 111/01/2017 17:46:35
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BLIMINECK Nick!!! smile o

Absolutely flying along here eh?..... and not just quick,but..... TOTAL quality too mate,cracking stuffthumbs up,

Lovin` the truck,(i did one once you know!!!face 20),and the contrast with the tank,on that undulating ground,is making for a VERY interesting dio already buddysmile d,

As usual,you have me captivated !!



Scottie11/01/2017 19:01:41
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Hi Nick,

​Give us a chance mate you are nearly done, my build hasn't even turned up yet. Top work and detailing as always mate.


Steve Jones 1211/01/2017 19:27:10
2149 forum posts
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Thats some seriously good paint work on the bits and bobs. This is turning into a fantastic build. Good luck with the dio


Si Benson11/01/2017 19:41:37
3242 forum posts
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Nice work on the truck bed Nick.....all the junk in the trunk looks spot onthumbs up


Nick Richardson12/01/2017 08:43:53
5560 forum posts
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Good morning......

Jim, Stefano, Andy, Scottie, Steve and Si........cheers guys you see this is fun, great fun, wish I had more time......always....

Some more work went on last night, mixing fibres, splodging glue.....etc'll see below....



I used Noch static, light brown 70% + med green 20% + very light green 10% ....varied the mix a bit as I moved around the groundwork.....



jimbo12/01/2017 09:24:00
12600 forum posts
2326 photos

Hi Nick

Grass looks good. Did you use a static grass applicator or just sprinkled?


Nick Richardson12/01/2017 09:27:19
5560 forum posts
5311 photos

Jim ..... I used a puffer type applicator which does work ....kinda, seemed to puff it everywhere lol, after that I went over the groundwork and thickened it up a bit manually, multiple tufts placed close to each other....too an hour but good results.


Nick Richardson12/01/2017 19:08:15
5560 forum posts
5311 photos

Back again...

No sooner than I had posted up this am. I did some more....I got my 12mm static of a light brown colour which I made small clumps betwixt my fingers , dipped them in PVA and "planted" I wanted a late summer type look, bleached out. ..If ya get me lol hence the application of more light straw type colours in mixes and clumps.

Hope you likey




You may notice I have also worked another layer on the road surface. I sifted the finest sterilised soil, ground some chalk pastels, yellow, brown & black, blended the soil/pastels checked the blend, a bit dark, added a little more white & yellow to get the right tone, kept a bit back to dabble over finished Zis & trailer to match groundwork, this was also blended in around the T34/76.


face 22

John Race12/01/2017 19:17:26
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Sir ,

The decals in the cab for the dials THE DOGS . Started on prev page , love the ground work , again THE DOGS. Those large tuffs  certainly look like the high  grasses found in the plains .thumbs up 

John .

Edited By John Race on 12/01/2017 19:19:33

Edited By John Race on 12/01/2017 19:23:01

Nick Richardson12/01/2017 19:31:25
5560 forum posts
5311 photos

Gawsh John!!!!!!

Blinking high praise mate, ....nothing more than a man with 35yrs on/off gardening experience, taught by Mr. Payne & Mr. Verlinden........amongst others lol Not forgetting the Mk.1 eyeball and ones attempts to replicate....


face 3

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