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Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down (SSGB17)

VOMAG 7 mit 88mm Flak 36

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John Race17/02/2017 14:40:49
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Right well we want to know now how long , as you said don't ask , rather like saying don't look and very one turns round . !!!!teeth 2

Allen . Nice clean edge to the tyres, ,not easy . Hows the mesh holding with the TET? Why not a spot of CA, was this just a test.?

Will anoy you later . smileyface 20party


Allen Dewire17/02/2017 15:49:19
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Ok John,

The reel winding with wire took........about 15 minutes per reel. I think it took more time finding the drilled hole with an awl, for the second wire than the winding itself. I only have a thick CA and it wouldn't work well. It would be a pain to apply and would probably clog up the mesh too. Looks like the TET is doing the job, so I'll go with that now.....Later



jimbo17/02/2017 17:38:35
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Hi Allen

An excellent job with the wire winding. Should paint up well. Nice wheels - steady hand from clean living? face 20 Your figure fits nicely.

Maybe I'm just thick but what is TET?

Great stuff on this. Proving a real labour of love.


Allen Dewire17/02/2017 20:06:19
1406 forum posts
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Good Evening All,

Yea, it's me again, trying to be a Moggelling Monster....But hey, I'm having so much fun, why not!!!

Jim - Thanks so much Sir!....Don't know about the 'clean' living, but I love this hobby to death. Poor Heinz on the MG, I'm still trying to sort an arm for him...No my friend, you're not thick at all. I didn't know what it was either at first. It's Tamiya Extra Thin glue, hence TET. Works like a dream and it held the mesh perfectly in place. Aerosan's rule!

So, now a little update from the evening session (feels like I'm playing snooker, afternoon session, evening session) and more was accomplished....

I brushed generous amounts of Mr Metal Primer on the reels, finished attaching the mesh, spent a lot of time going over the 88 to clean up some ragged edges and mold lines etc. and in an insane moment (while playing with the mesh), I had the hair-brained idea how to make tread for the tires. As you see below, a long piece of mesh makes the perfect tread pattern. You just need to glue at least 5 or 6 pieces on each tire!!! NOT....This is where the case of ASSS stopped.............


Regaining my sanity, I decided to finish painting the tires (without tread) and add the luggage rack to back of the MAG. The rack was very tedious, but in the end, I won the battle. I then spent a hour thinking about how I'm going to put this all together for the hissy stick and not knock half of the pieces off later. I think I have a plan......


Another tiny update for my tiny build. I wish you all a super weekend and lots of bench time. For me, it's off to the fridge....You know why!!!



John Race17/02/2017 20:34:36
7138 forum posts
1510 photos


I am back ........ thanks for the time figs. Note made teeth 2

Thought the first photo was of some denim covered leg !!!, until I noticed the 3 m logo and how straight the legs were .smile o

That mesh looks good and very well glued . Love Mr Metal primer , really does its job well , nor bad smell either teeth 2. Tyres looking smart Mr Steady Hand , I agree with Jim .

I forget the scale and then remember its 1/72 its more impressive.

2007114102310_CSS2007-034.jpg (399?600)

See we have a camera on you .

John .

Peter Day 117/02/2017 20:40:29
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Looks like you're being watched - love the laid back painting pose, and you haven't quite managed to cover up you mojo fuel...

Great work on the metalwork - all very neat and tidy.


Richard Pearce 117/02/2017 21:49:42
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Heya Allen
How you doing buddy.Im back in the chair again.I.can honestly say i have never seen the vechile you are making.Looks a quirky old jallopy.Will tag along with the others if i may.
Nice to be back amongst you all as Gandalf might.say.
Prost .
Steve Jones 1218/02/2017 18:47:18
4098 forum posts
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And there was me thinking all along you were Johnny Depp's look alikeface 20

Allen Dewire18/02/2017 19:57:45
1406 forum posts
1048 photos

Evening All,

As the vacation is drawing to a close, it was time to get cracking on the MAG. I also learned a few things today. Details will follow...

John - You're very welcome my friend, but as you will see later here, I should have taken more time on the winding. Ok, so who's the guy in the picture??? It certainly can't be me for a couple of reasons... 1. The table is far too clean and tidy to be mine, 2. I'm a long haired, hippie type from the 50's and (believe it or not) I hardly have any gray hair, 3. The glass of beer (or bottle) is missing and don't drink cola or whatever is in the glass. Cool pic though and thanks a lot buddy!!!

Peter - Thank you too Sir, but like I said to John, my mojo juice isn't in the picture. As you will see below, I could have done a better job on the reels. It's now too late....Have a great weekend!

Richard - Hey buddy, great to see you back with us! I hope all is well with you and life is going your way. You know you can follow along anytime Sir, no need to ask! I thought I saw that you are doing a kitty cat...I've been so busy with this project, I'm still trying to play catchup with all the fantastic builds going on at the moment. Ain't easy!!!!! Great to see your smiling face again.

After adding the laundry racks behind the luggage rack and some other tidbits, I got this hair-brained idea to paint this critter. I realized that it wasn't going to an easy task so I broke out the old masking tape and went to town covering what I thought needed it. Then I saw I had forgotten to add side panels and the reels. I let the glue dry for a while and thought about how to make 3 ml of feldgrau for the Hissy Stick. It had to be a 50 to 50 mix with thinner.

Breaking out the syringe, I sucked 1.5 ml paint and then 1.5 ml thinner into it. I figured I could shake it vigorously to mix the two. NOTE: Never forget to put a finger over the end of the syringe before you shake!!! Paint all over me and my kitchen. LOL!!! Anyway, filled the cup on my Hissy Stick and went at it....NOTE 2: don't Hissy Stick when it's almost dark and you don't have enough light (I don't)....Spray, run to light, check, run back, spray again, repeat...many times!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of the final result of this adventure. Sorry they're are not better, but it was dark when I took 'em.


Gotta love that grill......Bumper, Notek and headlights to add, along with the front stabilizer...............


The laundry racks and the playpen/storage rack. The mesh came out fantastic and I only had one clogged spot to clean on the whole shebang. With a coat of paint, the reels look rather shabby with the winding I did. Oh well, a lesson learned for the next time....With a coat of black, maybe they'll look better...........


The 88 going into action here. Enemy at...'who knows what o'clock'....Nine maybe.............


Full elevation, think they're coming in at ten o'clock......Ten thirty??????.........


Alright, the training exercise is over for today...Put the 88 back in the cradle and go get some chow...Good job men!!!


Well good people, there's still a bit to do and the MAG will be finished. Thanks for following the training exercise and have a wonderful Sunday. Time for a refreshing beverage......All C, C and abuse welcome!



Edited By Allen Dewire on 18/02/2017 20:00:07

Allen Dewire18/02/2017 20:07:11
1406 forum posts
1048 photos

Hey Steve,

Crossed posts buddy... Nah!!!, ain't me... I'm too ugly to look that good. I'm more Depp than gray!!! Guess I'll have to change my Avatar here shortly...Have a good one!



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