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DRAGON Panzer IV Ausf D DAK Tropical Version

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Andy Smith 119/03/2017 12:56:29
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A`noon fellow Plymouthianface 20!!

Been watching from the cheap seats and enjoying all the info immensely i must say Buddythumbs up.

Truly some detailing to be proud of there,well done mate-another beauty on the way methinksteeth 2,



Steve Jones 1219/03/2017 14:15:23
4098 forum posts
9187 photos

Hi Everyone

Simon - The highest I got was 3x magnification. Would it be worth acquiring a 5x lens? I wear glasses as I cant see far away. I model without them as I am okay with close work.

Scottie - More detailing coming up my friendwink

Peter - I am amazed you do your figure work without magnification. Have you ever tried any magnification aids?

John - Its been close to being stopped but I am doing small stages. That's why its taking so long

Mr Smith!! - How the devil are you sir? Thanks for the support. Now dive dive dive! You only have two weeks to get that awesome sub of yours finished. Also we need to have a chat about the Plymouth model show at the end of April so we can meet up for a few beerswink

I have committed the cardinal sin of preparing for the next group build before finishing these builds. So I have only a small update this weekend.

I have started on the tools. The Tamiya kit has no PE and the fixings arnt brilliant on their tools. I am going through each tool and seeing if I can improve them with PE or better moulded tools.

For example the spanner needed its clamps replaced. I compared the PE I was using for the Dragon spanner and used a PE piece from the spares box. I scored bend marks in the same place to create the same looking fixing


Then the Tamiya part had its clamps removed


A couple of wing nuts were added and the piece was put in place. You can also see I replaced the barrel cleaner for a more detailed one from the spares box. As I had no clamps for this in the PE spares it was left as


Only another 43 clamps to gocrook

Thanks for all the support



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Peter Day 119/03/2017 15:47:18
6442 forum posts
1896 photos

Now that is detailing! 45 clamps though - you must be mad Steve.

No, I've never used magnification - the difference in focus between my eyes won't allow it - not even good with binoculars or telescopes.


John Race19/03/2017 19:02:37
7189 forum posts
1518 photos

Steve, or should you be renamed PE king, Peter he is mad, mad on getting things rightthumbs up

Looks good my friend, like the barrel cleaner, the end looks the part.

As for magnification, my optovisor is 1.75. I don't need any glasses for close up work with the good eye , and cover the left up when required. I tried one of those glasses on recently and found it just didn't suit. Any way I would have to pay for both sides face 20 Now if I could get a monical type with a x 3 lens ....................


joe strenko21/03/2017 00:40:39
604 forum posts
572 photos


Holy cow the level of detailing that you do just keeps growing and growing,,,, just outstanding!!!!! Perhaps matching a beer or two per each clamp could help keep your sanity... couldn't hurt right?? 🍺🍺

SimonT21/03/2017 06:47:10
11700 forum posts
9551 photos

Hi Steve,

I went straight for the No.5 as that was what seemed to get the most recommendations

It suits me and I couldn't do anything these days without it


jimbo21/03/2017 15:18:59
14261 forum posts
2716 photos

Hi Steve

What superb detailing. Great skill and patience.

I use an Optivisor and like Simon I wear it virtually all the time when modelling. I have a DA-5 which gives 2.5x magnification and also a DA-7 with 2.75x magnification.

Enjoying this - what madness detailing will he attempt next wink 2


Steve Jones 1223/03/2017 19:45:28
4098 forum posts
9187 photos

Hi Everyone

Peter - Yeah - totally mad mate. I think you have to be when we do the strange things that we doface 21

John - I'm glad you are enjoying the detailing. It gets me down at times but you just have to keep Percy Veering

Joe - I'm happy to join you in a couple of wet ones. I can then use it as an excuse for all my botch jobswink

Simon - I have ordered the 5x. I will let you know how I get on with ityes

Jim - I wish I could match the standards of yourself and Mr T. Keep on practising I suppose

Well I have spent the week clamping (No Chinese boy scout jokes pleaselaugh) the Tamiya Ausf D and the lower hull is now completeface 7. There is a lack of detail due to my spares box running rather thin. I have tried to replace the Tamiya items as best I can with improved Dragon parts and PE spares. I replaced the nondescript Tamiya hooks with a couple of scratch ones


I had no spare fire extinguishers so went with the Tamiya. Its a waste of time scratching everything off to put the PE detail on as it always looks a mess.

I discovered the double ended spanner is in fact two spanners on top of each other. There you go - learn something new everyday. I have used the Dragon part on the Tamiya build and I will use the spare box spanners and PE clamps on the Dragon build


I wasnt happy with the "S" hooks so I have put a tool box in its place. Its all very tight so painting will be funlaugh


I have decided to use the spare wheel bracket on the back but not on the Dragon build, Purely to add variety


On the other side I had no spare axe, jack or wheel lever so I just added PE clamps


Next was the antenna which I have decided to be in the down position. There should be a spade under the holder but I am fed up with doing spades so I put the tyre lever there instead with PE clamps. The brackets in front are for spare track links. These have been added to the ever growing pile of accessories that will be painted separately


Where the tyre lever should be I have put a tarp from the spares box


Over the next few days I will tackle the Dragon clamps and tools. This will take a little longer as I can use all the PE clamps in the original kityes


Thanks for watching



(For discussion purposes only)

Steve Jones 1226/03/2017 10:07:05
4098 forum posts
9187 photos

Hi Everyone

Well its back to the main event with the Dragon build. First thing was to cover up the rear join line with this lovely detailed PE bracket


This enabled me to put the rear exhaust on.

Next comes Section 11 which shows you the alterations you need to do to get the fender tools and equipment done. Section 12 and 13 shows you how everything comes together with all the additional detailing. I am going back and forwards through the three sections (Along with the PE instructions) and working my way clockwise around the build

Firstly the rear lights were put on the fenders and mud guards. Also I put rivets on the rear jerry can holder


Next I spent over an hour cleaning all the tools off ready for clamping


The first stage was the barrel cleaner which has some lovely PE clamps and locks. Then one of the highlights of the build - the PE air intake flaps. The Eduard PE kit for this build is outstanding. The level of detail is awesome and it has been a joy to work with. I left the L/H flap up for variety.




Thanks for watching



(For discussion purpose only)

Wouter26/03/2017 10:46:16
5725 forum posts
2162 photos

What can I say, very cool stuff mate thumbs up


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