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2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )

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John Race12/10/2017 10:45:16
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Morning all.


Neil........ That's ok mate

Marcello...... Cheers .

Richard.......Cheers my friend.

Hooch....... Thanks.

and lastly Simon.... Thank you.

I have really appreciated the comments.

Moving on.

I have just up loaded a load of photos, just need to get them into the right order for the up date.

More later, as they say on the TV.

Thanks .


Fernando Nijhuis12/10/2017 17:09:25
736 forum posts
619 photos

Hi John,

Please accept my sincere condolences for your losses.

All the best.


John Race12/10/2017 18:34:52
6892 forum posts
1477 photos

Thank you Fernando ...... appreciate your thoughts.

Hi and good evening Milmoders.smiley

First things first..

Sjors....... Thank you , big up date comingteeth 2

Steve....... Dam I was looking fwd to abuse from the West.sad

Scottie..... Cheers mate.

Peter.......And getting more .

Si ........ Dam sharp tool mate, disgust

The dry liner adhesive I should think is very similar to plaster board adhesive, maybe dries a bit quicker. I'm only using it because I had 1/4 of a tub left over, I was about to bin it when a ideaideamoment said try it. Pleased I did, as would have normally have used a wall diy filler, certainly not as smooth as this, but the dust is something else. No wonder I have grey hair.wink 2.

Andy...... Cheers but don't look to closely at the windows please. blush

Simon......Glad you approve.nerd

Kevin.......Welcome , and I do hope so.

Bobby ....... Now with bells on.

Peter........ Hello and thank you.

Fernando.......Sit tight ....emotion

Jim.......... The chopper is ok, the best thing is the lack of movement in the handle, but you still need to take your time. Its one of those things that the more you use it the better it becomes, you soon find the right pressure and knack. I now keep the arm, and blade down when not using, having nicked my finger when I went to move it.

Joe......... Hi mate, have you had chance to try yours out yet, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

Neil........ No , no one had mentioned that, when it first happened I put a load of books on the boards, having read your helpful advisethumbs up I've scored the backs. I intend gluing some other board to it as internal walls and part of the roof. Some of the other board is the cheaper polystyrene core board, can I still use the UHU glue ?

Right , hope i've not missed any one out, if so sorry. I will post this then do the update.


John Race12/10/2017 19:02:36
6892 forum posts
1477 photos


Earlier or late last week I decided that the cardboard was a none runner, just didn't look right as I planed the internal damage. Using three off cuts of the 10 mm thick KAPA board I started to peel off one face, what a difference to the cheaper version.


Mind you there are times after you have cut out for a window that there are some bits left , but they peel off easily.

These internal sections were then marked out for the door opening and the flooring joists, now in theory the joist s should have run from the outer wall inwards, but I would have lost a lot of detail , so this is a little artistic licence.


Joists openings , not to bothered about being spot on as half of the joists will be damaged as the roof came through the floors, and would have ripped some of the brick work out as well .


Sorry it's a bit dark, this is the filler going over the brick areas, this time instead of covering a whole load of work I left blanks to put the filler on then let it blend into the brick work.


Better shot here, I put the filler on rather thick, then when dry I flat sanded the area. Then added some cracks .



Used some Balsa for the door linings, next job to make the door,s or the remains of them.The widows are slowly taking shape.




Really enjoyed this part, though need to get some steel bars / block to push the frames up to as they dry. Only about 15 more to do including some curved heads, If I never mention them again please don't ask.

Another Zis truck,


Came across this by mistake , cheap at £14 some thing, might use this instead of the other.

Off to have a meal now, enjoy, comment if you want or hurl abuse. Thanks for looking in .


Gregory Mortara12/10/2017 19:51:39
422 forum posts
308 photos

And you are back on track.... yeeeesss😁😁😁😁😁laugh

Peter Gillson12/10/2017 19:52:22
932 forum posts
733 photos


Those walls are looking impressive. I have never tried anything of this size so am full of admiration for your bravery.

Just an idea, but when you have painted the plaster, what about using a scalple to chip back the edges of the plaster which may expose the white edge of the plaster? I have not tried it so I have no idea if it will work!


Scottie12/10/2017 20:12:25
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Some great work on the walls mate looking very good.


Andrew Belsey 212/10/2017 21:05:49
1965 forum posts
1130 photos

Your building is coming on very nicely John.

I too was sorry to read of greif, but it's good to see you back at the bench.

Andy B

jimbo12/10/2017 21:28:20
14128 forum posts
2702 photos

Hi John

Your ruined building is really taking shape now. Good luck with the windows. Have you given any though to how you will do broken glass?


Si Benson12/10/2017 22:28:50
3822 forum posts
953 photos

Evening John,

That filler looks nice and smooth. I’ve been trying out a tube of humbrol filler recently, has a very similar appearance to yours.

Excellent work on the building and windows...very intricate thumbs up And another Zis to join the line up. As you said it might be a better option than the other one. Either way it’s always good to have more options availablesmiley

Keep this good stuff coming matetea


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