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2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )

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Gregory Mortara14/11/2017 11:34:24
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John that is MASSIVE.... Omg i just realized the size and the scale of the buildings... RUBBLES... RUBBLES and tons of briks..... I love it keep it coming


Jim F.14/11/2017 13:20:41
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Hi John,

This is turning into a very impressive piece with ooodles of potential for going totally over the top with figures, debris and eye catching details.Looking forward to your next update

regards Jim

Paul Eberle14/11/2017 14:55:08
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A huge undertaking shaping up well. Just the thought of the rubble has my fingers cramping. PaulE

Steve Jones 1214/11/2017 17:05:13
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Terrific work mate. Don't forget the chimney on the roof for Santa this yearlaugh. I hope your footings were dug to the correct depth of 1 metre and 600mm wide and that all the damp proofing was put in. You know what these Russian builders are likewink. You might want to improve the weathering on the Stug - far to clean for my likingface 20

Keep going mate. It's going to be immense.


joe strenko14/11/2017 17:11:38
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WOW and double WOW.. impressive work and inspirational. I too didn't realize the size of the buildings until you set them up next to the vehicles and figures. I also cant wait like the others to see the building damage and amount of rubble that's going to be included in this baby. On your way to one SUPER DUPER build Mr Race. Your skills and attention to the details on this one is definitely paying off.


jimbo14/11/2017 17:24:16
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Hi John

Wow and thrice wow. Great progress and an impressive size. All coming together now.


If you get any spare time, in light of the skills shown here, I have a back bedroom which the wife would like papering. face 20

John Race02/12/2017 21:49:22
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Greetings, well not much has been done in the last 3 weeks, what with 1/1 things and the winter, which always makes me feel down, I somewhat lost the plot. But a couple of PMs soon had me feeling more upbeat. Its the first time i've ever felt like not modelling since I joined the forum nearly 2 years ago .

Firstly though

Peter D......... Thank you, I agree about the angles.

Peter...........Hi , and cheers.

Si................ face 1face 9, Seems to have been getting slower.

Kevin......... Cheers, yes the building has suffered a direct hit, exposing more inside.

Simon........ Nice of you to call in so early or late which ever.teeth 2

Andy..........Luckily Management is very supportive ,........ as long as the cave is tidyish and I keep very little in the kitchen drying overnight. Otherwise life can be hardteeth 2

Gregory......... You can never have to many bricks or fuel drums can you !

Jim F ............Thank you, glad you are enjoying it.

Paul. ....... I know what you mean , if I paint bricks for too long the brain gets cramp, let alone the fingersface 7

Steve........laughFooting are correct, you'd be suprised how little you need if you wrap

the plans in these.face 20

Joe.........Very kind of you to say, thank

Jim.......... While I enjoy papering, Management have suggested the the shower requires re grouting before Christmas, I shall decline your kind offer as I wish to enter 2018 intactsmiley

Off we go. many things needing to be done before the two sides of the back building are joined. I've been working , admittedly so what slowly, on the damaged front to the building.The section that will fall in to the street have had to have bricks on the inner and the stone cladding on the face. Marking out the brick, followed by a grey wash coat then each brick face painted in takes time, of course using a fine brush increases this .



Now Jim , and others of a tidy nature make want to look away at this point.


Yes a mess, but I work this way, I have things in tubs all over the place, plaster , lath and more plaster, timber for the joists, flooring etc etc. While bits are being painted as above it gets messy .

There comes a time when I put every thing away, find things that I lost and then start all over again.

The widows had the " glass " CA to the back, made wider so it could be CA'd to the building back.


This way when the " glass " is damaged you have enough left at the side of the outer frame to hold the window in place.


I've kept all the damaged cuttings for use later. Just useing the scalpel , press in from a corner where glass breaks from and make a series of cuts, either going all the way through or just making a crack.


Part Two in a minutedisgust

Edited By John Race on 02/12/2017 21:51:00

John Race02/12/2017 22:00:59
7145 forum posts
1510 photos

Back . I hate it when you get the its too long sign. angry 2

Right, onward


This the left side, the top curves were a sod , I may shoot some of them out, the windows frames still need to filling around the outsides.

That door for the front.


well its now been blown out, residing in a tube waiting for the base to be done. This time instead of cork for the cobbles and paving I'm going for 5 mm foam board, removing the face and using a brush ferrel shaped into a cobble size to imprint the foam. Should be a lot quicker.

That's it, thanks for following, any comments welcome, and ideas about the top of those windows welcome .


Scottie02/12/2017 22:53:02
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​Great work on the windows my friend.


Richard Foenander03/12/2017 03:05:37
3894 forum posts
4642 photos

Hi John,

Looking at your work station makes me feel at home. smile I work just as well in piles of debris.



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