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2 StuGs and a Sturm-Infanteriegeschz 33 B 1942/3 Stalingrad (JR )

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Alan Mckenzie18/03/2017 21:01:06
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Hi John

From my point of view spending £21 just get the barrel and a few other minor bits from the AFV Club kit compared to buying the complete Dragon (older) kit off Ebay for about £25 plus postage is the way I would go and leave the AFV Club as a nice piece on its own for another diorama.

That is if you are not dead set on scratching the parts yourself.


John Race18/03/2017 22:04:32
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Jim ........ starstarstarstarstar hats in the air, I've been racking my mind for their name for over an hr and you post this .Thanks you Sir!!!

I've just been to the shop and ordered 4 lots of rivets sizes.thumbs up

Alan.......I understand your reasoning, but I did search E bay and the only model was £49 + Postage, so this was the result to scratch it .

Loads in the post, so will sit and wait, foam board to order next, having sorted out login problem with 4D model shop.

Stay tuned.Thanks guys

John .

SimonT19/03/2017 00:49:39
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pm John....

John Race19/03/2017 05:20:13
7189 forum posts
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Pm Simon thumbs up

Thanks to super detective work by MrT , he has been able to track down  a  2nd hand model. So as Alan has suggested I can build the gun for another dio. As for the rivets and bolts, they can go into my scratchery drawer.

Roll on retirementthumbs up


Edited By John Race on 19/03/2017 05:27:21

joe strenko21/03/2017 00:33:51
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Glad to see that you've chosen a direction and as always the guys are here to help.. I'm here as support as well, just without all of the knowledge of finding kits and stuff as the other guys are...and as always, I'm looking forward to the progression on this one...and of course jealous that I am not the one retiring,,, the rat race can be quite a drag certain days and finding time to do some "mottling" is sometimes difficult.

Mike DURNFORD21/03/2017 07:09:21
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See Mr Racelaugh the plan is coming togetherwink..............................mikeyes

Bobby Dale21/03/2017 10:34:23
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Hi John

I did not know you knew Mr Smith and Mort that intimately to mention "Belly Buttons" in public ? Lol

But seriously i wholeheartedly agree with Andy and Steve and the rest of the rock steady crew this is a dio you are building as a hobby and for your self, not a commissioned work of historical note for a museum or historical society .,Who cares if Herman was left handed and would never have held his pipe like that in his right hand or if fritz's appendix scar happened three weeks later with a funny looking twist on the End ?

Lets just concentrate on counting all those rivets instead (NO LETS NOT ) joke .

it's your interpretation of a generalization of events that happened around a period in time in a geographical Area .(not Panarama).

So lets all Heave too , splice the main brace and run up the Jolly roger (cause that's how we hang Dude).

Yours Intimately Bobby.

Paul Eberle21/03/2017 13:19:53
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I have to admit John, I almost spewed my coffee when you said you were going to scrap that beautiful rendering because it was the wrong town. That architecture would be at home in most towns in Europe of significant size. Model on. PaulE

jimbo21/03/2017 14:59:33
14261 forum posts
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Hi John

By 'eck Sir we mogglers certainly tie ourselves in knots regarding accuracy. Peter's post on page 6 sums up how I feel. We all have a level of historical accuracy which we are happy with but wherever we sit on the accuracy continuum the main thing is to have fun.

I am sure whatever you end up with I'll enjoy following your work.


John Race24/03/2017 19:24:45
7189 forum posts
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Evening all.

Firstly .........

Joe.... Thanks, yes the help has been great, now as the stash has been added too, I just hope I live long enough to build them all teeth 2.

Mike .....Indeed it has.thumbs up

Bobby...... Brother, we had the pleasure of meeting Andy, the lovely Rach and of course Mid ship- man Mort, when ventured down into the West Country last year to see one of our daughters. I'm happy now with this set up.

Paul..... Hi, and thank you.

Jim..... Yes you are right, I did nearly give up when I realised that the versions were the wrong time frame. Being aware of that would has spoilt the dio, and I would never have been happy with it. As for the models now,well Iam sure someone could tell me that there are inaccuracies in their design, ...... but they are the correct versions.

Well the last few days have brought some deliveries to Race Towers.


Found for me by Simon, from Kingkit, a second hand buy and perfect.


Today brought the first of the Zvezda's , found on Evil bay. One down side... clue on the box front , yes you got it, all in Russiansurprise. Just hope nothing needs to left unglued, of course I could always look at a later model that I have with English instructions, or Google translate. I do know that the latter can throw up some pretty odd translations at times.face 20

The rivets and bolt heads have been put into stock , those bolt heads from Meng are really well moulded, definitely will come into use at some point.

Made some larger 1/2 round than I could find in plastic strip by running some doweling through a large sanding machine, going to miss the use of many of the machines. Hopefully if and when my Son in Law takes over the workshop I will be allowed in. Still all in the air at the moment sad

Decided I will make start on the first StuG, can keep it in the house if need be. The refurbishment of the inside of cave has been put back by Management , more pressing work to be carried out on the pond, before the fish start breeding .

Thanks for following .


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