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Obi-Wans Starfighter (ep.2)(SSGB17)

Finemolds 1/72 Jedi Starfighter SW-3

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Fernando Nijhuis20/03/2017 10:05:22
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Hi everyone, here’s another one for this GB.


First some information of the craft( from the box):

Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-7 Aethersprite light interceptor.

The Jedi Starfighter is a small wedge-shaped one-man fighter used by the Jedi Order to serve the Galactic Republic.

Manufactured by Kuat Systems Engineering, the vessel is a modified Delta-7 Aethersprite light interceptor with a maximum speed of 12,000 km/h.

The ultra-light fighter is well shielded against impacts and blasts, and is equipped with two dual laser cannons that can unleash a withering frontal assault.

Its sleek, blade-like form simplifies shield distribution and affords excellent visibility, especially in forward and lateral directions.

A fighter of this size normally cannot travel far into deep space on its own, but the customized Jedi version can dock with an external hyperdrive booster ring, which affords it the performance of a class one hyperdrive for interstellar travel.

The Jedi have customized the vessel to include a truncated astromech droid that provides navigation and repair information to the Jedi pilot.

The Jedi Starfighter piloted by Obi-Wan Kenobi contains a rebuilt R4 unit with an R2-series dome.

R4 is the prototype for other integrated droid navigators in Jedi Delta-7 ships.

Obi-Wan Kenobi used this type of craft in episode 2 to track the bounty hunter Jango Fett down.

Here’re the sprues and decals:



Thanks for looking, more to follow.


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Fernando Nijhuis20/03/2017 17:50:35
812 forum posts
686 photos

Good evening everyone,

Had the day off for a dentist appointment, also a nice opportunity to get some bench time.wink 2

Progress after a day’s work:




No trickery, the engineering of the kit is just excellent.

Having built several of their X-wings, Y-wings and TIE-fighters in the past, I’d expected a perfect fit and wasn’t disappointed today.

Finemolds keeps the sprue-attachment points on easy to clean areas, and where parts meet is either invisible at the end or a panel line.teeth 2

Their licence has gone to Bandai and Revell now, Revell’s master series 1/48 X-wing, Tie-fighter and 1/72 Falcon I believe are from the Finemolds moulding(tough not cheap).

Managed to complete the cockpit, all the subassemblies and started painting Obi-Wan.

I just taped everything together for a test-fit, it’s better to keep it apart for the decal placement as can be seen on one pic.

Some light sanding, a very little filler, finish Obi-Wan, close the canopy and its ready for the paint booth.laugh

Thanks for looking in.


Wingnut20/03/2017 20:19:59
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The Force is strong with this one.

John Race20/03/2017 20:24:16
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First , hope the dentist visit went well. !!

A big Stars Wars fan, I gather after reading the intro. laughFor us mere earthlings thank you for that , I will follow along completely uneducated in such matters.

Prey tell me are those decals in the bottom first posting?


Si Benson20/03/2017 21:54:29
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Evening fernando,

Love anything starwars so it's great to watch this go together....that's a lot of decals to go on!! Good luck with thatwink 2

Built one of the revell x-wings last year which was a quick fun build....but this looks A lot betterlaugh


Fernando Nijhuis21/03/2017 19:19:22
812 forum posts
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Hi all,

Mike, thanks indeed it is.thumbs up

John, thank you it actually was the dental hygienist and all went well, just routine check-up and maintenance(removal of tartar)with my limited English I just wrote dentist(being Dutch and all).thinking

Real dentist appointment is over two weeks, another routine check-up and another day at the bench. (took that day off too)laugh

And yes that are the decals, exterior painting is just overall white and metallic steel with black for the intakes, exhausts and equipment areas.

Any other colour you see in the box art is decal, the challenge of this kit.wink 2

Si, thank you too, haven’t built any of Revell’s I find them a bit toy like and they aren’t in a single scale ea. 1/72 or 1/48 except their master series.

If you ever get a chance to get a Bandai or Finemolds kit go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Back at work todayface 8, so nothing to show now, back to the bench.


John Race22/03/2017 18:40:00
7482 forum posts
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There is nothing amiss with your English I can assure youthumbs up I too would have said   the same thing.


Edited By John Race on 22/03/2017 18:40:32

James Ryan 122/03/2017 19:13:10
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I remember this one. Built it some years ago. Let me forewarn you about the decals.....They are extremely delicate and thin. Be very very careful especially with all the strange shapes.

DON'T even consider setting solutions. I did and the decal just turned to mush.

Nice kit and looks good when finished.

Fernando Nijhuis22/03/2017 20:01:41
812 forum posts
686 photos

Good evening all,

John, thanks that's nice to hear much appreciated.thumbs up

James, thanks for the heads-up.thumbs up

I’m accustomed to Finemolds decals, built 4 of their X-wings who had large decals too for different coloured panel’s.

I think the decals are overall thinner than Tamiya and Hasegawa but still thicker than some recent decals I’ve used from Cartograf and Furball decals.

Carrier film might be an small issue….dont know

Interested to know what you used for setting solution, I’ve used Microscale set and sol on the cockpit decals and also in the past on the others with no problem at all.

Some progress to show;

Obi-Wan got his colours on before he was installed in the cockpit, hope I did him some justice:


All the parts primed with white primer:


I plan to paint and decal everything separate and then glue it all together.teeth 2

Thanks for looking in.


ps. disregard that remark about work, I’ve got a great joblaugh

Edited By Fernando Nijhuis on 22/03/2017 20:05:08

Fernando Nijhuis25/03/2017 17:03:15
812 forum posts
686 photos

Hi everyone,

Managed to get all the major colours on yesterday, airbrush and hand painting followed by a coat of gloss:


Yes, two display bases.

One for the fighter and one for the hyperdrive ring.thumbs up

Decaling has started:



The number of them isn’t an issue for me, modern fighter jets are festooned with all sorts of instructions.

The fact that they sometimes have to bend to two different directions is a good challenge, found a nice method to overcome this:

  • First place decal and let it dry.
  • Then coat it with Micro Sol and let that dry.
  • Coat the to bend area with sol and bend it into place with paintbrush/finger and let it dry.
  • Last coat of sol on it to seal it in and to press some wrinkles away.
  • Final step cut away excess film and check for touch-ups.

A lot of work, but I knew what was in store when I started this one, good thing I left all the major parts separate this gives a lot room for decal placement.teeth 2

Thanks for looking and more to follow.


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