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Cave up date.JR

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Peter Day 115/08/2017 22:08:22
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That cave is a work of art John! Almost looks like an operating theatre or a scientific laboratory. I can only dream......


Keith Hiscock16/08/2017 01:01:10
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Now that is a very well thought out workspace.disgust

Hope you have many hours of enjoyment building the next lot of masterpieces. thumbs up


Paul Eberle16/08/2017 01:30:42
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Well done Mr Race! PaulE

Chris Camfield16/08/2017 03:38:31
1044 forum posts
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Hi John,

That all looks very nice, but given that you now have your own space... I'd have thought you'd have given more thought to storage!!!

face 20

John Race16/08/2017 06:54:07
7166 forum posts
1510 photos

Hi guys.

Thank for those kind postings, the abuse is yet to come face 20and you all know who that means

Gregory.... Sorry missed your comment,blush now I can relax and model.laugh

Allen ......... Buddy, thank you. It was worth the effort, although at my age it took it out of me at times. I've heard " Your not a young man anymore " 10 times in the last 4 months.sadlaugh

Scottie... Cheers my friend,thanks for your support from the off .

Jim.... I don't know about you ,but when I work I have stuff everywhere. I will try to be tidy,....well for a week or two at least. Trouble is Mrs R passes through so comments will be made, and after 40 + years she's put up with a lot !!.

Peter...Hi , one of the nicest things is its so light in there. Before it was rather dark. The new led strip light is superb, meant for kitchen under cabinet lighting really. I picked one with a high white light output. Not quite pure daylight but along with the bench light its not far off .

Keith .....Thank you, I hope all being well to have a few years left in me to enjoy the effort.!! Might even manage a

couple of half decent models.teeth 2.

Mr Eberle......Why thank you Sir thumbs up.

Chris......face 20 at the rate I build I will have enough room for at least 3 years !!!!. Then , well what do you do with them.????? .That's an interesting question. Peter recycles his figures, some ditch them. Don't want any more crap in the loft, there's enough now, even after a clear out.

John .

Paul Middleton 416/08/2017 07:05:55
124 forum posts

Morning John,

Just had a catch up with your thread, absolutely marvellous!

It must be great to have the skills and experience to put together the ideal 'hobby' environment, and you have achieved what must be a modeller's nirvana.

I noted the old Dinkies on the shelves, envy, envy.... I was conned out of mine years ago for a pittance of their true value.

I have taken on board the inspiration that you have provided, and perhaps will find time to upgrade my workshed (if I can get rid of junk dropped in there by the rest of the family!). The other challenge is re-locating the stack of nearly completed models in there.........

And now for something you don't have to worry about anymore..... work! (Yep, still a wage-slave, but only 4 years six months till I am entitled to my state pension, if it still exists by then...Not that I am counting, much)

Enjoy your man-cave.

Paul M.

John Race16/08/2017 07:12:49
7166 forum posts
1510 photos

Thanks Paul and good morning to you .

It was nice to be able to do it, hard but worth it . The hardest thing to do is start the thing,!!!!

Just think of what you want, ask every one what they have in your garage, no one will remember every thing. Skip !!!! comes to mind, hard to part with things, thought I had lost my "dinkys" found then in a box at my parents house years ago .

John .

SimonT16/08/2017 08:04:25
11700 forum posts
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Nice one John - great result


jimbo16/08/2017 09:00:02
14243 forum posts
2711 photos

Hi John

Tidiness when working thinking Some people seem to do great work and yet work in seeming chaos while others are so neat and tidy. I am one of those who is very tidy - drives the wife mad at times. I have been known to clear up stuff which she has got out to use face 20

Enjoy smile p


Mike Mortimore16/08/2017 09:10:11
1322 forum posts
1109 photos

Hi John,

Mine is on hold fora week or two, timber yard on block holiday. France almost closes down in August........ Need timber to build a window frame. Plus oak lintels for the windows and main garage door. Then the joists for the first floor for storage. Once the roof is on then I can crack on and get the man cave sorted.

Want to be in before the cold weather sets in......teeth 2

You'll be knocking out kits left right and centre now.....face 20

Cheers Mike dogdogdogcat

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