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A 1/48th Little Fokker...(BiplaneGB17)

Dr. I Triplane or...Watch me go down in flames!!!

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Allen Dewire16/07/2017 22:00:29
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Evening All,

This week has been too busy with that dirty word we all hate......W--- and no time to play with my little Fokker. We are making a bit of progress in this strange and foreign wing thingy. First

Andy - Thank you Sir!!!...I just couldn´t sit back and watch everybody having so much fun and not join in. I have a good feeling about this one even if I have no idea about these old wingy´s. I could actually finish in time for once....And thanks once again for stepping in and organizing this fantastic GB!!!

Tim - I too am looking forward to messing up this kit. It is detailed to a point, but the parts are still too small for my sausage fingers. Thanks Sir, but I´m really not sure I can do it any justice. You are so correct too, as it does bring out the inner Snoopy and great memories of the late Charles Schulz. Man, those were the days.............."Curse You Red Baron"!!!...............

I did manage to paint the office this weekend. It seems that my lack of biplane skills have reared it´s ugly face once again. I painted the parts I thought would be seen and didn´t paint what wouldn´t be seen. DOH!!! After gluing the fuselage halves together (and it had a good fit), I noticed that half of what I painted can´t be seen and what I didn´t paint stuck out like a sore thumb.............


The middle wing is only dry fitted. I must admit that this kit actually goes together quite well. The fit is good. I´m suprised that I haven´t encountered any probs as of yet............


Slapped the 2 piece motor together and again...A perfect fit. Added the rear tail wing and glued the middle wing in place. I added the 2 struts but didn´t glue them in case the bottom and top wings need tweaking to sit straight. I do have to touch up the office as it´s starting to bug me......,


The upper wing flaps are dry fitted and have a super fit. Next step (after the office touch up) will be to build the MGs. I won´t add them till after a coat of paint. (too hard to mask) Paint the motor and figure out how to add it after a coat too...Once the tail wings and rudder are added, I can add the rigging to the butt end..............


Ok, so this thing isn´t as bad as I thought. It´s kinda fun!!! A bit small and nerve wracking, but I´m sure it will get done. I guess I shall have to look for one or more 1/48 scale figgies to put her in prospective...I´m crazy...........

Thanks for looking and have a super week. All C, C and abuse is always welcome! Did someone say Panther???? 1/35th????



Mick Charlesworth16/07/2017 23:29:53
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Hi Allen and welcome to the GB madness


Steve Jones 1217/07/2017 20:22:33
4292 forum posts
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I am glad to see you are enjoying the build. Despite the issues with the paintwork it certainly is coming together well


Peter Day 117/07/2017 20:38:11
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That's going together very well Allen - a good, clean build.

The old 'will, it or won't it be seen' thing. I've been stung so many times by that one that now everything gets a coat of paint. I could probably save myself some time if I was prepared to think about it more.


Paul Eberle17/07/2017 21:36:11
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A dandy little Fokker Allen. Happy to see some mojo return. PaulE

john hutton18/07/2017 09:57:13
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Glad to see you getting the Mojo back thumbs up. Very iconic plane too mate ,love the look of a plane with the rotary engine sticking out the front wink 2. When this is completed a Snoop Doggy avatar is in order i think face 20. Nice start matey , fatal though to assume parts don`yt need painting, guaranteed to be visible sad, touch up`s should do the trick . Hope you are keeping well brother , plus not overdoing stuff wink.


jimbo18/07/2017 13:18:25
14351 forum posts
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Hi Allen

If you miss painting something it may pass unnoticed by everyone except you - for you it will stick out like a sore thumb. This little Fokker is surprising you isn't it wink 2 Not quite the little Fokker you thought it might be face 20

Great job so far. Keep it up thumbs up


Wouter18/07/2017 17:32:24
5727 forum posts
2162 photos

Moin moin.

So, the Red Baron flies again ey! Nice start mate. I must say, the painting of non visible office parts and non painting of visible parts made me chuckle a bit...exactly the cock up I would do teeth 2

Looking good so far, and glad you're having fun with this one!


Jim Barry18/07/2017 21:52:16
1136 forum posts
557 photos

Go dude! This is military modeling IMO. I have this in 1/72 Revell in the stash. It often comes up in my choice of kits but I can't seem to break away from the scratch addiction.

Allen Dewire21/07/2017 22:00:42
1453 forum posts
1078 photos

Good Evening Gents,

Sorry for the late reply to you all. Our weather here in the Fatherland has been kind of brutal of late. Every day over 30C. and nights aren't much better. That W word has also taken it's toll! But I am hoping to accomplish something over the weekend, even though the outlook is still 30C. or more.....Sit at the table and sweat...Don't even have to move.....

Mick - Thanks so much Sir. I think I really am enjoying the madness, just don't let the others know..........It's our secret....

Steve - Thanks too Buddy. It is fun but I only wish it was 10 degrees cooler in my neck of the woods. So tell me, who's under par.....FORE!

Peter - You are so right, I studied the destructions and the paint guide till I was blue in the face. Broke out the hairy stick and everything went south. I can only laugh about it now though.....Take care

Paul - The little Fokker has gotten on my nerves a few times, but I just have to sit back and laugh. Having never built a biplane, I can say it has helped the Mojo a bit, but right now our heat wave is killing me. How's things in Ohio? Hot too?

John - I'm going to be totally honest with you my friend. This was the cheapest 1/48th scale kit I found. I knew that 1/72 scale wouldn't cut it in a plane with more than one wing. I did figure, if I muck this up, the loss wouldn't break the bank when it took it's maiden flight out my window into the garden....I do hope to do the touch ups over the weekend. Hope you are well and not working too hard. I also see you have purchased stock in that new store chain, 'Albs R Us"......Take care Bro.

Jim - The little Fokker has surprised me a bit. It doesn't have an instrument panel so I figured that you wouldn't see much of the interior. Wrong answer in that department. I'll fix it if it ever cools down. Thanks for the kind words Opa!

Wouter - To be honest, my actual dream plane for this GB was a Gotha twin engine bomber with a killer lozenge camo pattern from Wingnut Wings. 1/32 scale and all rigging and hardware included. The downside is I would need a larger apartment after building it. Thanks for the vote of confidence and I would never think you could make that mistake...Have a great weekend!

Jim B. - I'm gone....Believe it or not, over here the 1/48th kit was cheaper than the 1/72nd kit on evilbay. Besides,you are so talented with your scratch building, you wouldn't need to attempt the little critter. But then again, after a nervous breakdown with your scratching it might be therapy in the rubber room. Hope all is well in the great state of Maine with you and yours......

Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow including some pics of my latest blunders. Thank you all so much for the support. It really does wonders for my beer intake.....Uhhhhh, I mean my Mojo!!!!!! Have a good night............



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