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I too am actually still here

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Chris Camfield11/08/2017 14:37:07
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My Matilda is sadly neglected... I finished those blasted PE POW cans and can scratch build the rack for them but the "oomph" (mojo?) to work on my model hasn't been present. Summer just might not be my modelling season!

I guess I'm also discouraged that I can't seem to hand brush an even coat of paint to save my life.

I've been collecting some lovely books... stumbled across a copy of a beautiful 1947 history of the Lord Strathcona Regiment - a Canadian armoured unit that served primarily in Italy - and yesterday my copy of the 79th Armoured Division's history published in Hamburg in 1945 arrived. Tons of photos and maps.

Wishing you all well,

Gregory Mortara11/08/2017 15:59:57
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Hoping to see "her" soon coming put beautifully... 😁😁😁

jimbo11/08/2017 17:17:44
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Hi Chris

Summer always has many distractions and mojo goes up and down anyway.

I think the secret to even brush painting - with acrylics at least - is to use multiple thin coats. If possible each coat at right angles to the last. Also use the largest brush possible. Peter D who gets a superb, smooth finish on his figures does use many coats. Recently on his Tambour Major he talks of 'multiple coats' and on one of his earlier figures I am sure he wrote that to get coverage somewhere he needed 6 coats.


John Race11/08/2017 20:12:54
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I wondered where you had gone, glad to see not far. Hang in there.thumbs up

John .

Tony Dill 211/08/2017 20:19:05
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Hi Chris,

Glad to hear from you.

Hang in there, all will work out in the end.


Tonysmile d

Peter Lynch 211/08/2017 23:17:17
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Could it be that the warm weather dries the paint too soon? Maybe one of those "wet palettes" would keep the acrylic moist. A while ago as a crazy experiment I repainted an old Games Workshop Predator tank lying on my shelf with cheapish bright red acrylic straight from the open tube (not even on a palette or my usual "palette substitute", a spare plastic bottle top - nope, just from the tube) using a damp flat brush about 5 mm wide, just to see what would happen; and I went over each brush mark till it looked smooth. After it dried, the finish looked quite level - not "brushmarky" - I was surprised: the Predator does have several flat areas so perhaps that helps? Next time I might try different shades of a similar paint, still not thinned with water (except whatever moisture the dampened brush leaves in the paint) and blend them on the Predator and see what the result will be. It won't win the Nobel Prize for Painting, unlike Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un's current efforts to win the Nobel Peace Prize - but it may help to dispel, for me, the voodoo surrounding thinned paint versus normal paint. {Coincidentally, GW's Predator is Imagined to be a tank set in the future post-apocalyptic age, so if Donald and Jong-Un usher in such an era, we can see if the Games Workshop predictions were accurate, in about 40,000 years time. Result! )


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Sjors Greut12/08/2017 06:05:10
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Great to know your still here.

I like your work so I cant wait to see your current project.


Si Benson12/08/2017 09:33:46
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Hi Chris,

We've all been on the receiving end of the 'no mojo' scenario....for one reason or another.

I've found best to just take a break completely when this happens....don't push yourself to do something if the interest isn't there, it'll turn out substandard and you'll discourage yourself even more!

If it's just the brush painting that leaves you demoralised, maybe it's time time to get an airbrush set up?

Top tip for a mojo boost is to build some thing you wouldn't normally....or even a different scale maybe?


Allen Dewire13/08/2017 15:01:37
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Morning Chris,

Happens to us all and especially this time of year. When it gets too hot, I hate even thinking about building, painting or the like.

Si has a good idea there. Try something different and not too complicated. As you build it, you'll see that oh, I can improve this or make that better! BAM, Mojo flowing like a raging river again.

I was in the same boat before I started building my little Fokker for the latest GB. I am NOT a wing thingy builder by any means, but the Mojo is back!!! Take care Sir.



Chris Camfield16/08/2017 03:45:05
1044 forum posts
168 photos

Thank you for the many kind words, friends

I'm not really sure if a change of model is really what's needed. Aside from the practical limits of what space I have...

Tonight I started thinking about the task at hand - scratch building a POW can rack for my Matidla - and I looked at the great pictures in my A9/A10 and A13 books and that actually started getting the juices going. I didn't have time to do any modeling tonight but I did look over some Matilda pictures as well and I went over my measurements for how wide I need to make the rack. The cans seem to annoyingly be just over 5mm wide and I'm not sure whether to count the space for two cans at 10.5mm or 11mm or what exactly. I don't think I can make a measurement more precise than half a mm!

As far as the painting goes, I know, largest brush possible and multiple thin coats and all. What about when you're painting something really quite small? And after dipping my brush in the (thinned) paint, how much do I need to tap off of the brush before starting to paint? Ah dear.

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