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1/48 I-16. Lagg-3, Yak-3, La-5FN

WWII Russian Fighters, ICM, Eduard, Zvezda

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Dave Ward20/09/2017 11:54:40
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Decalled up, panel washed, and sealed with matt varnish. Decals by ROPos (?) aircraft of Northern Air Fleet.

i-16 decal 01.jpg

i-16 decal 02.jpg

i-16 decal 03.jpg

Next, I'll add the prop, and front cowling, then the rather spindly undercarriage. I knocked off the tailwheel, when doing the underside wash, but noticed that the decal sheet showed a tailskid, so easy replacemant!

The tiny little windscreen is masked, and there are a few other little bits to add, but nearly there


Dave Ward20/09/2017 16:35:50
2811 forum posts
2848 photos

No more bits in the box. The undercarriage is a bit fragile, I am cautious about putting it down gently.......

The silver bead around the cowling is BareMetal foil - cut as thin as I could ( took 3 attempts ).

i-16 prewet 01.jpg

i-16 prewet 02.jpg

i-16 prewet 03.jpg

Tomorrow, I'm going to add some weathering, mainly exhaust streaks, then that will be it Then, on to the Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov - 3


colin bruce 120/09/2017 19:48:32
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38 photos

Awesome YAK-3!


Hooch20/09/2017 22:59:16
425 forum posts

Dave just saw the Yak 3, real nice job, how did you get the decals to sit so well?

They are at one with the paint!

Nice weathering too.

Dave Ward21/09/2017 08:29:50
2811 forum posts
2848 photos


I spray a coat of gloss varnish, to give a smooth surface, then I used Humbrol Decalfix, to soften the decals, and get them to fit snugly. After overnight drying, I seal it with another coat of gloss varnish. I then do panel washes, weathering etc, before a final sealing coat of satin, or matt varnish. The varnishes are thinned acrylic ( as are all my paints ), and sprayed as thinly as possible.

Decal solutions are made by most of the big names, most are two part, but the Humbrol is one part. It's just a matter of personal preference, or what you can get hold of!


Dave Ward21/09/2017 11:10:13
2811 forum posts
2848 photos

I'm calling the I-16 finished.

i-16 fini 01.jpg

i-16 fini 02.jpg

i-16 fini 03.jpg

i-16 fini 04.jpg

The ICM I-16 is a nice little kit, the fit is good, but very fiddly in places. The nicely detailed engine is totally hidden!

If I was making this again, I would miss out the engine, and fit the exhaust pipes to the exhaust ports directly. This would save a lot of time and effort detail painting !

Enjoyed this little plane, but ended up a little exasperated at the unseen engine!

I'll be starting the Lagg-3 construction shortly. This will be in a white winter finish, which I can''t recall ever doing before, so a bit of a challenge!


Dave Ward21/09/2017 13:44:39
2811 forum posts
2848 photos

The next in line - Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov - 3, LaGG-3 for short!


This is an older ICM offering - there is quite a bit of wispy flash on some of the bits, but nothing disastrous.

03 lagg bits.jpg

03 lagg prop bits.jpg

There are two sets of propellor blades, and spinners, and 3 pairs of different exhaust stacks.

03 lagg panel.jpg

The panel is a clear moulding - not very encouraging.

There are no locating pins anywhere, but it's not a problemm.

The Lagg-3 was the most modern fighter in soviet service at the beginning of " the great patriotic war ". It was disliked by its' pilots, as being difficult to fly, and underpowered. Build quality was variable resulting in more distrust, a lot of wood construction not helping. The Lagg went through numerous iterations. The ICM model provides for a series 7, armed with 1 x 20mm cannon, 1 x 12.7mm m.g. and 2 x 7.62 mg. The other variant is the series 11, with 1 x 20mm cannon, 1 x 12.7mm m.g., 6 rockets, and 2 small bombs. I'm going for the series 7, in winter camo, pale blue undersides, and white topsides.

Despite all the changes, it was still below modern standards, until Lavochkin ditched his partners, changed the inline engine to a radial monster - and it became the La-5 ( more of that in my final build in ths sequence of four)


John Race21/09/2017 14:20:20
6893 forum posts
1477 photos

Dave .

Great finish, love the weathering, well done on that foil strip.thumbs up


Dave Ward22/09/2017 16:43:26
2811 forum posts
2848 photos

Construction of the Lagg started - not many pictures - camera problem.

This is an older model, and has a few problems. The fit is a little slack in places, and careful fitting & filing is needed. I ended up with a bit of a gap under the nose - out comes the filler, luckily the Lagg was mainly wood construction, so no panel lines to rescribe, but more seam attention than I have done for a while.

03 lagg fuselage etc.jpg

03 lagg  poor fit.jpg

The cockpit - mainly unseen, but there's a fair bit in there. I found out a potential pitfall - the decal for the panel shattered on contact with water, careful jiggling made the best of this.

03 lagg cockpit.jpg

Luckily, I can replace the red stars easily, the aircraft numbers are the only ones I need from the decal sheet.

I'll let the filler really go off overnight, then attend to all the seams ( Flexi-File has new band! ). There is the cooling duct on the underside, with front and back of the radiator, and flaps - again, how much will be visible is moot.

Hopefully the camera problem is sorted, so better picture tomorrow.


Dave Ward23/09/2017 11:31:04
2811 forum posts
2848 photos

Almost ready for priming. A fair amount of fiddling, fettling and filler, it took longer than I thought, and I missed some smaller flaws.........

03 lagg pre prime 01.jpg

03 lagg preprime 02.jpg

03 lagg nose filled.jpg

The parts need a careful clean up before assembly, some parts have wispy flash, others are slightly mismoulded.

It's lucky the main area where panel lines show ( the top of the nose ) is pretty clear.

I'll be priming later today.

I'm going to finish the camouflage, with a complete summer pattern, then apply the winter over the top, probably with a hairy stick, well diluted white with a touch of grey. I'll have to decal first, then protect the decals with masking fluid ( leaving a slight border around them, to show the summer colours ). I've never done this before, so it's going to be a bit trial and error.

I use masking fluid, rather than film/tape, as you have no chance of lifting paint/decal. I've lifted finishes before, ruining hours of work, so fluid is my choice.


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