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2018 Group Builds (YES Really!)

Canvassing your opinion

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Andy Claesens17/10/2017 12:41:30
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Good afternoon Chaps,

Cheers Steve, Don't mention it. I'm glad I can give a little back to the site that has almost sorted out the chaos of my moggelling past. No suggestions are off the table and some of yours were suggestions for last year so they can be put back into the 2018 voting mix for certain.thumbs up

Thanks Fernando, your thoughts on RAF100 mirror mine exactly. I'll be reviewing the GBs for the past few years and see what we've covered then we can put together a voting list next month.

Thanks for your thoughts Paul.

Thanks for that Dave, I fully understand your reasoning and I'm sure we can lay down some ground rules if the OOB gets chosen. And you are quite right about keeping it wide ranging. Then issues like all scales can be accommodated.

Hi Peter and thanks for your views. I'll keep reinforcing the idea that figures will be welcome regardless of the topic. I can think of very few subjects that would not include figures.

Hi Allen, JR is a decent chap, no doubt but you're just showing your age now with that reference, (and sparked of teenage memories of Pamlovewink 2..................) And back in the room again!face 20
Thanks for your thoughts and all your suggestions. As for what I do, no thanks required; All for the Moggelling Brotherhood.

Good to see you Alistair and thanks. Thoughts duly noted.

Sjors, cheers for your input. i'll be collating everyone's thoughts from this.

We all love you Johnwink 2

David, An interesting point that last one... Take a look at my Order from Chaos thread... That's been a cleansing experience.

Hi Scottie, thanks for that. That's very disciplined of you.

Cheers David, views noted.

Points noted John and I hope your fears are allayed as far as figures go. If there is a possible link to them then they're welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Always the perfectionist Simonface 20. Maybe we'll have to give you medical dispensation if that gets chosen. Dr's note stating that you are afflicted with a chronic case of AMS!

Thanks for that Marcello. I would endeavour to give as much free rein as possible.

Tim... there's always onesmile pface 20 You make a valid argument there. All duly noted and put into the mix.

Great minds Jimteeth 2

Ever the calming voice eh? Johnwink 2

Lee, Doesn't matter if you've been here 1 week, 1 year or ten years. If you're involved then you are earning your stripes and your right to have a say. If you've got any ideas throw them in.

Thanks all for your input to this.


Graeme C.17/10/2017 20:46:12
1337 forum posts
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Hi all, just logged in having been too busy for a few days, so here's my two'pennorth (is that a word?)

RAF 100 GB sounds both interesting and appropriate.yes

An unfinished build/shelf queen/parade of shame GB, would be a good one for me, given how many unfinished builds I have.......disgust

How about a Battle of Kursk GB? Next year is the 75th anniversary, but the same can be said for the Italian campaign starting.

The group builds could be either 3 months or 4, I'll go with the majority view, that said, 4 months might give me a chance of finishing on time.....


John Race17/10/2017 21:11:18
7183 forum posts
1518 photos

Arg Kursk , yes please Boss


Si Benson17/10/2017 21:29:40
3896 forum posts
974 photos

Evening all,

Had a read through the thoughts so far, some good idea in there gents. Don’t have a preference to quantity of builds over the year.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • ​Cold war....vehicles, aircraft, figures any nation associated with the Cold War period
  • RAF 100....again this could bridge all three modelling subjects
  • Artillery...anything from cannon to mortar crew to SPG
  • The desert....again either vehicles aircraft or figures associated with warfare in the desert

No such thing as a bad idea at this stage and Echo what Andy says, all members old or new are thoroughly welcome and encouraged to chip in with ideas for the GB’slaugh

Look forward to seeing the outcome once mr C does his calculationsnerd


David Lovell 118/10/2017 05:23:50
667 forum posts
671 photos

Andy I feel Tlm M has made a very valid point perhaps 4gbs is the way to go, beginig to think if it ain't broke don't fix it.

RAF anything to do with it in the last 100 years gives massive scope.

RECON&COMMS the choice is also endless armour, trucks softskins aircraft ...perhaps a ACW picket up a tree a flag waver on the battle field a matloe in a duffel coat using a Alldis lamp(sorry if spelling is wrong) I'm sure the most important part of the battle is to to be able to see and tell then pass on.

OOB is still good a trip back to your youth everybody (two shillings airfix kit from woolies anyone).

A theatre of war would suit better than a specific battle.

Perhaps each year a anniversary and theatre plus two more.

Sorry I've gone on to long I'll get my coat.


Bobby Dale18/10/2017 11:50:21
1721 forum posts
1371 photos

Hello Andy and fellow Moglers ,

I would be happy with either 3 or 4 months for the build duration's , i would like to see the Reccon/ communication option for one off the builds , as i have a lot of models in the stash suitable and lean that way as i have family history re signalling /Radio comm . and as the guy's have said there is a multitude of types and era's to be covered .including lots of figure painting options .

With regarding the other options The RAF 100th is a given , apart from the Sopwith Baby no other shelf queens so would not suit me , i along with many others enjoyed the 2016 Vietnam build so would love another theatre of operations build ,or anniversary build to encapsulate the OOB within the brief.

These could include Figures ,Wingy things ,Boaty things or any land craft .

Just a point as 2018 is the last Great War/WW1 100th year would anything from that era suit ? 




Edited By Bobby Dale on 18/10/2017 12:02:53

Edited By Bobby Dale on 18/10/2017 12:16:35

spanner57018/10/2017 15:25:35
1013 forum posts
1215 photos

As 2018 is the 100th year since the end of WW1, I'm going over to France for a repeat visit to a little Military Cemetery nr. Arras, to lay a simple cross and a red rose at my Great Uncle's grave.

So how about a WW1 build? Anything Military, any scale......



Andy Claesens19/10/2017 11:09:30
10986 forum posts
9945 photos
16 articles

Thanks to everyone so far,thumbs up

Research into old GBs and calculations continue....


Robert Court19/10/2017 13:58:16
4489 forum posts
753 photos

Hi Andy

A Kursk one might drag me out of the pit! can see that muddy Stug nowdisgust


RecyMech19/10/2017 16:18:21
863 forum posts
403 photos

I quite like Dave Wards 'helicopter' suggestion.... but only because I have a 1/24th Huey & I'm looking for a reason to build it....and 'attempt' to motorise it.

Also like the artillery idea...... again only because it gives me reason to knock out another one or two 1/24th resin blogs. Being;- L118 105mm Light Gun &/or 5.5" Howitzer.....both of which also fit 'Cold War' if it went that way.

Howard @ KFS

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