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M8 - HMC

next up on the bench

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joe strenko04/12/2017 14:45:31
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So having started to work on my next little dio I got the inspiration from a couple of pics that I've been looking at online. bd5fb6ea-f7c1-44be-aab2-753b6ae1d663.jpeg


I started construction a couple of weeks ago and found that the level of detail in the Tamiya kit was a bit lax. so..... back to the internet and ordered some update kits.

WOOHOO!! (new turret from TMD). Great level of detail in this baby!!!..also have been waiting for a PE set from a company called 1001 model kits... unfortunately 1001 model kits LOST my package and I've been dealing with that issue...ughhhh ALOT of frustration with that company to date. TMD has been great on the other hand and was able to help out with some PE.

As I started construction this weekend I came upon a piece of PE that I just cant seem to find an answer for. I am hoping that someone out there can give me a bit of help. See the pic below: Just what is this piece supposed to be? (Highlighted in red cloud)


I've looked at a number of pictures and other modelers builds and just cant seem to find this little odd detail anywhere.. not even on any walk around links..???

Gary MacKenzie04/12/2017 15:32:35
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picture @ LINK and LINK2 has a piece added to right hand side front track guard

Not seen it on many other pictures , looks like a inverted v , maybe to stop something rolling forward down the guard.

Paul Middleton 406/12/2017 19:24:57
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Hi Joe,

That is a mystery! I detailed the Tamiya kit waaaay back before the internet was available and with help from Andy Boyce put a page of sketches in Tankette, the MAFVA magazine. IIRC I was working from the stowage manual. I'll try to get in the loft to find the relevant issue, but busy, busy, busy!

Found thsi shot from the manual that does not have that plate.

For discussion purposes only.

Cannot see it on here either.Image result for m8 hmc interiorFor discussion purposes only.

But this one????

Image result for m8 hmc interiorFor discussion purposes only.

Perhaps a Free French field modification?

Related imageFor discussion purposes only....

Think this is the sketch I worked from

Image result for m8 hmc interior

Related image

However, this plan does show a plate. Shame we do not know their sources.

Image result for m8 hmc interiorRelated image

Still only for discussion purposes...

All via Mr. Google.

Tankograd do a book covering the M8 HMC.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on.


Paul M.

Frank Dobson06/12/2017 21:04:23
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Looking at the PE instructions and the location it is intended to go, it seems to be some sort of plate possibly a tactical or divisional marking plate, although these were usually just painted straight onto wings etc. Can't really see it being used for much else, as its not seen on real pics then leaving it off won't hurt too much I wouldn't think!

On second thoughts after having another look it would be placed too far back and almost flat to be that, maybe just a bracket for something but if you put some gear there as in the photo's you won't see it anyway. Frank.

Edited By Frank Dobson on 06/12/2017 21:11:56

joe strenko06/12/2017 23:17:21
606 forum posts
572 photos


Thanks, I ithnk that I’ve been looking at most if not all of those same reference pictures and am baffled by the plate. I’m not convinced yet that I am going to put it on, since I’ve started on some other details based on those reference pictures and information that I can find from other sources.

Frank thanks also for the comments.... that plate is definitely on the bubble of being installed.

Some progress photos below.. cut back the fenders and added the three welds on the hull along with some texture to the hull sides. Not sure why the kit has texture on some surfaces and not on others???? Those crazy mold makers at Tamiya 😬😬




It’s my first attempt at adding welds,, and I am not sure that they are perfect but will wait to see how they look after a coat of primer. You can see the difference between the soft styrene rod and the textured weld in the one picture.. I used liquid cement to soften the styrene rod for sculpting the weld seams with a fine flathead screw driver blade.

Thanks for watching everyone

Richard Foenander07/12/2017 01:38:16
3894 forum posts
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Hi Joe,

Always wanted to do a dio with this little tank. Will be watching this.

In the old days before slide molds came into play, only two halves of the mold tool were used so there will be some sacrifice made for ease of releasing the mold from the tool. I think later when there was a market for higher end kits then the extra or more sophisticated tooling molds were invested in.

This kit is easily 30 years old and still a nice kit to build. Looking forward to seeing you upgrade it.



John Race07/12/2017 11:48:47
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Like the look of this Joe.

Love that short stumpy barrel

So making my way down to the front row.


Jon Arnold07/12/2017 13:39:50
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Nice work so far.

Please note the tracks are wrong, the end connectors should 'span' the rubber block, not perch on the end of each block.

Steve Jones 1207/12/2017 15:46:32
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I would leave the plate off mate. I too have looked for ages and cannot find it on any reference photos at all. What this means is that the guys at Eduard probably found a very rare modification (if not unique)on someone's M8. As it is probably a one off it would look out of place. It is a great fender area to put an ammo box or some stowage with those four strap loops anyhow. Looking forward to watching your progress. Good luck


Michael Merloux08/12/2017 08:34:10
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Looks good so far. I have this kit so I will be observing! 😉
As far as the age of the kit, it was released in 1979 (!), with the M5A1 parts from even before that! Not an expert on OD thingies but I thought I read the kit tracks are wrong, and also the road wheels should be the closed type? Anyways I will probably do mine OOB. Following with interest! 😃

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