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1/35 Bedford QL, Chevrolet 15 cwt

Last Century Oldies

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Dave Ward07/12/2017 10:38:34
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Whilst looking in my stash, for inspiration, In one corner I found what I thought was two models, but actually was 3 - All the moulds dating from 1974/75 - So, 42/43 years old!

The Italeri boxing of the Chevrolet 15 cwt truckitaleri 15 cwt.jpg

Originally by MAX

max chevy 15 cwt.jpg

Also the Italeri Bedford QL truck, and the Airfix Bedford Portee

italeri bedford.jpg

airfix portee.jpg

Both have their origins in Peerless Max.

peerless max portee.jpg

Thes models have been produced by a fair few companies, aside from the original makers, including Tomy, Italerti, Testors, Airfix, Revell, and Bilek.

Just on opening the boxes, and a brief look at the contents, the sprues look pretty good. There is some flash, but not a lot, detail is a little soft in places, but I think when these models were originally produced, they must have been 'state of the art' . Decals look a bit iffy, and the original instructions for the chevrolet have been replaced by the later Chevy and Breda AA - although no gun!.

I'm going to have a study of the boxes, I'll take a few detail pictures of bits - see that everything is there, then proceed from there.


Jon Arnold07/12/2017 13:29:49
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The older editons of the Chevrolet 15cwt may have had the original rubber tyres degraded a bit, mine were, & didn't fit well, but Mirror models do replacements in plastic & rubber, Hussar and many others, do resin sets.

If they are still good, paint the hubs with Future or wrap tape around the wheel to isolate the rubber from plastic, & paint the rubbery bits with Future, to prime, (& finish with acrylic, Humbrol enamel rotted mine!), & you are good to go.

The Bedford QL's wheel track is off, if my remembering of David Jaynes' Mil Mod articles is right, pack out the rear of the wheels with 60 thou each side.

I think it is only the Front (OR Rear, can't remember), either way, the front & rear axles should have the same track.

They both make lovely kits, with loads of conversion potential, a common one for the QL was re-bodying with a steel GS body, retaining the tilt with the half-round cut-out.

Mind you, nostalgia ain't what it ... er summat or other....

Mike Cartmale07/12/2017 15:34:09
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Also in this genre were the White Scout Car, 21/2 ton truck and the six wheel version with 37mm mounted or was it the other way about.

If I remember I have a rubber mould for casting the QL wheels with flats on the tyres somewhere.


Dave Ward07/12/2017 15:57:37
2855 forum posts
2902 photos


all these models have plastic tyres.................

wheels - bedford.jpg

Green Italeri - Tan Airfix - Bedford

airfix wheel.jpg

italeri chevy.jpg

The grey sprue is from the Italeri Chevy 15cwt - I suspect that this is a much later production sprue.

I'm missing the transfers from the Chevy, and the windows from the Italeri Bedford, but no matter ................

aa cab conversion.jpg

The Accurate armour conversion for the steel cab.

Also in the bottom of the Airfix box..

eduard ql pe.jpg

I think I had some project in mind, but I've had these for quite a while, and I can't remember.

I've had a look at the Italeri & the Airfix sprues, and there are a few differences ( apart from the 6 pdr ). The Airfix model has two metal axles supplied, and a driver, the Italeri does not.

I think that my purchase of the models was in the mid 2000's, in the golden era of eBay bargains, before it became business orientated. I used to buy job lots of models, get the ones I wanted, and resell the remainders on EBay - I still have some of the totally unsaleables! I have a Twin Mustang from Hobbycraft that made 60's Airfix kits look sophisticated - and the less said about 'Starfix' models the better!!!


Peter Smith 1708/12/2017 01:54:02
30 forum posts

The "Max/Peerless set" was rounded out with the 5 Dodge WC kits, the CMP FAT, the 155mm Howitzer and the Steyr RSO. Airfix never released the RSO for some reason, and Max never released the 6pdr separately. In the back of my mind, Max also did a motorized M26 Dragon Wagon, never seen again. I think I remember the tractor boxed with the 155mm howitzer (v odd) but can't remember if they did the full rig. In the very dusty recesses of my memory I may recall that the Italeri GMC was of Peerless origin.

I remember hunting high and low for these kits when they were new, and yes they were very good at the time, as well as being unusual. Of all places, I found my first - a Max CMP + 6pdr - in a little toy shop in Hungerford when a school trip stopped there for a break. Must have been about 1978.

Airfix re-tooled some of the rubber tyres in plastic, although I seem to recall that the FAT and 155mm still had them. When they decided to get out of 1/35 and 1/32 AFVs they sold the moulds on to Italeri, who finally expunged the rubber tyres and metal axles and have since shared some of them with Bilek and Zvezda.

Michael Merloux08/12/2017 06:41:58
19 forum posts
5 photos
Yes the Max, later Peerless-Max,kits were quite nice for the day. In addition to the White Scout Car, the 15 CWT, Fat tractor, Dodge Ambulance, Dodge Cargo truck, Dodge weapons carrier, Anti-Tank Dodge, Dodge staff car, 155mm howitzer, Bedford and Dragon Wagon, they also had the GMC cargo truck (now owned by Italeri). Also Italeri released a 6lber AT (originally available in the Max 15 CWT box), the Nebelwerfer that was to be included in Max's RSO and the two US trailers released by Italeri were originally in some Max truck kits. (The trailers are actually postwar but marketed as WWII!).
Dave Ward08/12/2017 10:02:38
2855 forum posts
2902 photos

I thought that the metal axles were a bit of overkill for plastic tyres!

I have the Dodge anti-tank carrier as well, somewhere in the stash - I don't think that that has lasted as well as the Bedfords & Chevy.

The Airfix Portee looks to be the best moulded model, the tan plastic is better than the Italeri shiny green stuff, so I'm going to build that, with the addition of the Eduard PE

construction will start shortly.......................


Michael Merloux08/12/2017 19:39:56
19 forum posts
5 photos
Sounds like a good idea. Yeh the 37mm AT Dodge has not fared well. The detail is soft and the gunshield has wrong dimensions.
Dave Ward09/12/2017 12:11:02
2855 forum posts
2902 photos

Construction started - the engine - which will be totally invisible! No bonnet to open..............


The chassis is one piece, and I have added spring hangers, and springs.

The axles, and wheel hubs. The rear axle needed modifying, as it gives a too narrow track ( as I read in the Accurate Armour instructions for the steel cab conversion ).

I also joined the 2 barrel halves for the 6 pdr, to see how good a fit - pretty good.

chassis axle barrel.jpg

So far, no problems - quite a bit of clean up, and a few small sink holes filled, but nothing to fret over!


Dave Ward10/12/2017 11:43:53
2855 forum posts
2902 photos

Chassis just about complete - only the torque links to add - a few problems - flashed over holes on the transfer box, and a non-existent hole for the silencer - nothing that a 1mm drill in a pin chuck can't handle

chassis almost .jpg

That's it for the weekend! Sleet here has turned to snow...............

snow 10-12-17.jpg

Cold, damp - I'm glad I don't have to step outside until Tuesday!!


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