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Edward of Woodstock. The Black Prince

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David Appleton14/02/2018 09:38:43
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Hi all

Well this is something different for me. It will either be a complete disaster or a interesting exercise, either way its going to be bright.

The figure is a Pegaso 75mm Limited Edition of Edward of Woodstock a famous \infamous 14th century English Prince,son of Edward III, there is much more of him on the webb for those who may be interested **LINK** .

The figure came with a colour print which the figure has been based on and 3 parchment type documents with a short history, colour guide and limited edition cert', and all up to Pegaso's usual quality.





The figure comes with an option on the head, with helmet as per the painting or without with a crown, I'm going for the helmeted version.


The figure comes in 30 white metal parts + base and unusually for Pegaso I have some cleaning up to do there 2 mold lines on the underside of the horse to come off, it's no big deal just very unlike Pegaso.

the black prince 001.jpg

The rest of the parts are superbly sculpted and cast.

the black prince 002.jpg

You can see the head options, also there is 2 shields supplied but they are slightly different the one on the right has no detail on the back as the one on the left does. There is no indication what this is for but I have an idea kicking around what to do with this and the crowned head.

the black prince 003.jpg

When I recieved the kit the sword scabbard was missing , but a email to Elgreco Miniatures and a part arrived from Italy a few days later very good service all round.

the black prince 004.jpg

the black prince 000.jpg

I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a project and not a quick turn around and could also have the potential to be a disaster.smiley


jimbo14/02/2018 11:32:51
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Hi David

That looks impressive and unusual. Quite a character. I look forward to this and well done you for moving out of your comfort zone.

How will you assemble it? Pins, CA and/or epoxy? It will be heavy thinking


Peter Day 114/02/2018 13:15:32
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Oh, fantastic David.

The Black Prince's tomb is in Canterbury Cathedral, about a mile away from where I'm sitting now. It was placed next to the shrine of Thomas Beckett, which was done away with by our 'enry. It's famous for the funeral achievements which are hung above - replicas now, the originals are in a case nearby:

A beautiful figure which I'm sure you'll do justice to - all of that embroidered detail is right up your street. I've been trying to get hold of the old Airfix figure of the BP, but it's a collectors item now and going for stupid prices on eBay.


Edited By Peter Day 1 on 14/02/2018 13:23:18

Mike Wilkinson14/02/2018 17:20:33
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Looking quite a challenge. Good luck.


Paul Eberle14/02/2018 18:22:06
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winkWe have an Edward of Woodstock on this side of the pond too.


He never made it to king either, or employed even I think. Historic rock concert was the best I could come up with. Looks to be a challenging model. PaulE

Edited By Paul Eberle on 14/02/2018 18:25:01

Peter Lynch 214/02/2018 22:22:03
89 forum posts

Actually because Woodstock is an English word, the iconic 1970s music festival (named after Woodstock Ventures which promoted the festival) and Woodstock Palace in England (where the Black Prince was born) are in fact linked, if somewhat tenuously. Talk about Six Degrees of Separation ... Kevin Bacon, we salute thee.


David Appleton15/02/2018 07:56:15
333 forum posts
868 photos

Jim I've been thinking about assembly and what to and what not to ever since I've had this and I think it's going to a series of small sub assembly. As for glues it will be both CA and epoxy and probably no pinning. When I done my first white metal figure I read lots of advice on pinning them, to be honest I have never pinned any of the white metal figures I have done. I make sure the joint is clean (I use IPA ) and CA that hasn't been kicking around for months, I'm sure you've noticed it looses grip as it gets older, and have never had any problems. If you look in my albums at the Nth American Indians I have painted you will see plenty of raised arms holding spears shields etc without problems so my advice to people put off white metal figures because of pinning is don't be.

As for weight you are correct, Pegaso says 998 grams, why not rounded up to 1Kg I dont no, I have read that white metal mounted figures on 2 legs over a period of time have a tendency to sag under there own weight. Pegaso have avoided this in this case by bringing the tail which is very thick and heavy into the back leg and onto the base via a very large location lug, this can been seen in the picture of the 2 halves of the horse.

Peter time will tell if it's "up my street" but I am looking forward to it. As for the Airfix figure I had one of these when I was a kid and having painted it a few years later I remember useing it as target practice at the bottom of my garden for my .22 rifle😥. I know of a couple of other figures that are available, Andrea Miniatures do a 90mm standing version, I've heard good and bad about Andrea and haven't done one myself yet so caveat emptor, the other is a UK manufacturer who I will not name or recommend so again caveat emptor.

Paul & Peter thanks for your invaluable insight and imput

Thanks to all for your interest



Edited By David Appleton on 15/02/2018 07:59:23

Peter Day 115/02/2018 08:52:35
6278 forum posts
1779 photos

Hi David

Re the weight. A couple of years ago John Ballard sent me a Poste Militaire metal figure of a 90mm dragoon - a Ray Lamb piece. It was fantastic to work on, but incredibly heavy. About a fortnight ago there was a mysterious bump in the night that had me nervously checking for burglars. The 'culprit' tuned out to be the dragoon - the back legs of the horse had sagged under the weight, lifting the hooves off the base and causing the whole thing to topple over.

I suppose it's all about weight distribution, and it looks like Pegaso have indeed taken that into account with your figure.


jimbo15/02/2018 09:29:10
14121 forum posts
2693 photos

Hi David

Interesting thumbs up I am sure you are right regarding pinning. In my limited experience it is virtually impossible to position the pins correctly. Good CA or epoxy will be best. Just a case of supporting parts will the glue sets. I have read about white metal figures 'sagging' under their own weight but not heard a first hand account until Peter's. I had to smile though at the vision of Mr Day creeping around in the middle of the night looking for the culprit. Pegaso look to have sorted the problem with clever design.

Looking forward to this.


john hutton15/02/2018 10:32:04
4422 forum posts
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Hi David,

Sorry i have missed posting on your recent Napoleonic figure, will catch up with that when i can blush. Another of your metal figures with a horse, will be in for this thumbs up. That reminds me i never did get around to buying one of the Trapper mounted figures you did so well . This one looks like a beauty with the usual excellent Pegaso craftmenship, will the horse be Black ? Often looked at these type of figures at Euro painted by the likes of Danilo Cartacci with a lot of envy , as they always seem to take centre stage in my eye`s, sure you will do a great job and will be looking forward to looking in wink 2. As for the Woodstock festival, it is a shame something of that scale probably won`t happen again , incredible line up of rock starrs and substances i should think thinking.


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