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Just a Little Bit of Fun

Matchbox 1:76 Stuart "Honey" and A34 Comet

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Steve Jones 1217/02/2018 21:16:17
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Hi Everyone

When I was out and about a while ago I picked up these two little kits from a charity shop. On closer inspection at home the Stuart is complete but the Comet is half built and may need some attention.


I will start with the Stuart and, you’ve guessed it, it has a caunter scheme optionface 20


The Stuart MK1 M3 “Honey” version will be based in North Africa as part of the Desert Rats.


This light American built tank was designed to supply Allied Forces with tanks during the North African Campaign. They were widely used by the British Armoured Corps. The 7th Armoured Division of the British Army also known as the "Desert Rats”, was the first to enter the desert war against the Italians in 1941.


(For discussion purposes only)

The Stuart Light tank was christened with the nickname “Honey” by Robert Crisp, a young South African officer serving in the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment in North-Africa. On answering a question on how the tank performed he answered “she’s a honey”, affectionately known to this day.


(For discussion purposes only)

Large amounts of M3 Stuarts were delivered through Lend-Lease to the British and Commonwealth. British Stuarts were packed with extra equipment and had the standard straight lines pale blue-sand livery, with greyish green upper surfaces. Once their limitations were well-understood, they performed reasonably well against the German-Italian forces of Rommel thanks to their speed, reliability and endurance.


The kit comes with two sprues and rubber tracks.


The decal set is old so may disintegrate when used. I have no idea of the age of these kits but I am sure they are familiar to someone out there.



I look forward to your company on this little bit of fun. For me the builds will be an excuse to do some research into these iconic AFV’s.


Gary MacKenzie17/02/2018 21:18:08
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Peter Day 117/02/2018 22:42:00
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I remember these coming out Steve. Some of them included scenic bases and figures - shows how old I am. Should be fun to do.


Hooch17/02/2018 23:12:05
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Posted by Peter Day 1 on 17/02/2018 22:42:00:

I remember these coming out Steve. Some of them included scenic bases and figures - shows how old I am. Should be fun to do.


This one certainly does have both.


Recently got my hands on Robert Crisps book Brazen Chariots and I'm reading it now, I've owned The Gods were neutral for a number of years.

Both good books.

It was actually Whaley the Driver that declared it a Honey.

Big fan of the Stuart/Honey.

Peter Day 117/02/2018 23:18:17
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Ooops, should have looked more carefully at the photos' sorry (it's late, and I've been watching 'More Guitar Heroes at the BBC'. There you are then, the whole package.


jimbo18/02/2018 08:02:41
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Hi Steve

I shall enjoy watching these come together. Always interesting to see an old, less than perfect, kit made good.


Mike Cartmale18/02/2018 08:33:00
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Hello Steve,

I see the Caunter bug has bitten, next it will be pink Shermans. One point, do not forget to remove the oval fuel filler caps, they did not use them, and the grill for the intake was wrapped around the ends.

Looking forward to seeing this one finished, the Honey is a particular favourite.


Another for you -

'Take These Men' by Cyril Jolley.

Cheers, MikeC.

honey top.jpg

SimonT18/02/2018 10:25:11
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Hi Steve,

Matchbox kits were the only make sold by our local shop when I was much younger so I made lots of them

The Stuart and Humber a/c were always my favourites - built lots. Still have a few in the stash

Been a while since I built one but if I remember correctly it was always a tight fit between track and track guards at the front end so the guards benefit from thinning down


John Race18/02/2018 10:35:06
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Desert boots on

Front seat in the wadi please Rivit


Twin Cadillac  engines , nice ! 

smile d tea🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴w


Edited By John Race on 18/02/2018 10:40:43

Steve Jones 1218/02/2018 11:07:47
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Hi Everyone

Peter - But you look so young in your photowinklaugh. It seems they were very popular back in the 70's. I must have been to busy doing other thingsface 20. I will have a go at the figure as well so hold onto your hatlaughbeer

Hooch - Thanks for the correct info. This is why I luv doing these blogs as you learn so much from the communitybeer

Jim - Great to have you along. Should be a lot of funyes

Mike - I was just going to do an OOB buildfrown Looks like I will have to do all the conversions and adding of detail nowface 20. Thanks very much for those nuggets of information. Please send anything else through which you think will be helpful. Many thanksbeerbeeryes

Mr T - Thanks for the adviceyes. It would be great if you could show us some of your early workwink

JR - Your fire retardant seat has already been reserved my friend.laughyesbeer

Starting with the lower hull, the rear bogie was my first target. This is what it should look like


(For discussion purposes only)


Edited By Steve Jones 12 on 18/02/2018 11:09:12

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