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Special Boat Service, Falklands 1982,

Mookie`s miniatures bust conversion,

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TONY WILBRAHAM22/03/2018 18:12:50
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HI, ive been asked on several occasions how i paint my 1980`s camouflage pattern and which paints and colours do i use, more on that later, When i first saw this bust i loved it and Peter Day did a terrific job on the box art, and with being a big lover of the 200mm scale figure`s my intention was to convert it to just that, i spoke to Richard from Mookies min, and he liked the idea, in fact he also had his idea on how he would like to see it done, So i do intend in the very near future in doing another sculpt of how Richard would like to see it but for now im just going to be using parts from my spares box from Mitches models, the legs, pouches, and bergen, ive already made a start by cutting the top of the bergen as i intend adding a roll matt then resculpting the bergen hood, ive also added the support straps for the bayonet, so my next step is to clean it up and start adding the pouches and bergen to it, thks for looking in, tony, 1.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg9.jpg

Peter Day 122/03/2018 18:47:52
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Great stuff Tony. I knew that Richard wanted to develop the bust into a full figure, so he must be excited to see what you're doing. Looking forward to following along and learning.


john hutton22/03/2018 20:33:37
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Hi Tony,

This will be a must follow project from my point of view , as although i cannot sculpt myself , am always fascinated watching the people that can work their magic thumbs up.


Mike Mortimore23/03/2018 08:47:05
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Hi Tony,

Will keep a very close eye on this project as it progresses. When available will obtain one.

During my service, I was attached to the SBS from 1980 - 1984. Sadly the Squadron I was attached to was not involved in the Falklands conflict. We were else where. But we all wanted to go...... it is what you are trained for.

Cheers Mike dogdogdogcat

Richard Pearce 123/03/2018 15:12:42
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Hiya Guys.
A very nice surprise to see Tonys take on our SBS chappie.We are still keen to do some legs and the bust is looking at me from a shelf saying oi winkle where are me legs you beggar!!.So many people helped to get this produced.Moz Corry is a genius with the Grey/green miliput.I will post some images of the original master to show what a quality sculptor can achieve with epoxy.Our friend Peter did a magnificent box art example and his example is our centrepiece at shows.My wife did all the artwork and the castings were produced by our friend whos a silicone master.I hope that Tonys article inspires others to dabble in all things DPM.I still have a few of the busts left for sale.As a footnote if any of our forces personnel past and present would like one then it will be at a discount.Its a heavy old bit of casting and a half figure type bust.I was told by guys on a facebook site that the SBS would have used the Marines artctic bergen with frame.Some SBS may have had a Norwegian type but then again its a bit of artistic license on our behalf and you never know we may do some similar figures and busts.
Thanks to Tony,Peter Day,Mike M and our friends on here.
TONY WILBRAHAM23/03/2018 17:42:08
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HI, peter, john, mike, richard, glad you guys are looking in, i will try my utmost mike to bring it to life for you as a former member of the service, and a massive thank you to you richard in your support in letting me turning it into a full figure, like i stated earlier i do hope i can sculpt you a set of legs etc thats exclusively to the figure only, well as you can see ive now added all the pouches and the bergen on to the figure and its all been molded into shape with milliput, i do have a d ring to add the the right hand ammo pouch and a pocket on the gas mask pouch, im also going to add two new d rings on the front of the figure along with new rings on the smoke and frag grenade so they can attach together nicely, i have to figure out what im going to use for the roll matt thats going to sit onto the top of the bergen, i then can add the new bergen hood along with new straps, i also have to figure out which smock im going to paint - either the arctic smock without the left arm field dressing pocket of which hasnt been sculpted on the figure of which does suggest it was sculpted as the arctic smock, or do i sculpt one and paint the smock up as a cold weather parka, both very different camo`s but again more on this later along with pics of the smocks, so next up is the d rings, grenades, roll matt and the bergen, + possibly the left pocket lol, i know it needs a good sanding down and a wash but i`ll do that just before the undercoat, so i hope you guys like it so far, cheers tony,


Peter Gillson23/03/2018 19:58:43
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Hi Tony

You are doing a great job with the sculpting on this one.

One thought,it may be the angle of the -hots, but should he be leaning forward a bit to balance the weaght of the pack?


Richard Pearce 123/03/2018 20:28:52
1075 forum posts
21 photos
Hi guys.
The bust Moz sculpted for me is based on an.image showing a few SBS guys on HMS.Antrim awaiting a heli ride to South Georgia maybe.He kept the pose close to what i wanted.My legs im sculpting are truer to the orignal image.Will be wearing gaiters and fell boots.Im.also planning new arms,Marine arctic bergen with ally frame and maybe some SBS guys with chest rig set up.
The Falklands is a great interest and will play a big part in my range of figures and busts.
Cheers all from Richard

Edited By Richard Pearce 1 on 23/03/2018 20:32:44

TONY WILBRAHAM23/03/2018 22:11:43
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1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpgHI peter, richard, looking forward to seeing that one come out rich, my answer to your question peter is no, im only 5ft 6, and i never bent over to counter balance the load i found carrying weight ok, some did others didnt, heres a few pics, as you can see most are up right, the guys marching in single file are both up right and slightly bent over, then theres the guys that are bent over but they are on a slope, id be intrested to see the image that the figure is based upon as are they bent over due to the heli blades ? so yes and no, down to the individual i would say, cheers tony, 6.jpg

TONY WILBRAHAM25/03/2018 17:55:44
93 forum posts
889 photos

HI, just an update on what ive done so far, as you can see ive added the D rings on the front of the figure on his webbing and added the o rings on the grenades, these have just been put into place for the photo shots, once finally painted the rings will then be closed shut and glued, ive now added the compass pouch that came with the kit and ive made the strap and D ring on the right hand ammo pouch, this was used for securing the poncho holder in place, ive also added the small pocket and the cord on the gas mask bag, the cord again isnt glued into place yet as i will paint it then add it, the cord was used for wrapping around the body or equipment then tied around the metal disc on the pouch that sat below the front pocket to help prevent the bag from bouncing around, never used though, as previously mentioned i also added the bayonet holding straps and the D ring strap, again used to secure the poncho holder, and finally i used milliput for the roll matt, i cut a piece of graph paper to 200mm so i got the correct length, and the width was taken from roughly from pocket to pocket on the bergen, i now have to add a little milliput underneath the roll matt to get the right sag then add the bergen hood and straps, then finally add the D D rings on the M16 then attach the rifle sling,     then give him a good sanding down where needed  then a good wash   and its ready for priming,                hope you like him, thks tony


Edited By TONY WILBRAHAM on 25/03/2018 17:57:39

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