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German Water Crane

LZ Models Premier Resin Railside Accessory

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German Railways Water Crane in 1/35...

German Railways Water Crane in 1/35...

...the resin diorama accessory from LZ Models Germany - World War 2

Adam Kuller02/01/2011 08:12:45
8017 forum posts
6915 photos
Gentleman,    another really nice, brand new resin kit that is now available
from LZ Models from masters & castings lovingly created by our friend Libor  is this constant railside classic anyplace steam engines ran
 The German Water Crane 
photo for prototype by Libor
The prototype as built and finished by Libor
A similar model in the series (photo for discussion purposes only)
  ~~These  railside devices where usually found at the end of the railway platform any place a train would  make a stop, in order to supply the essential ingedient for the steam that fueled the engines of the day. A great volume of water would be quickly loaded onboard under high-pressure, from a near-by dedicated water source, often owned by the rail company, and stored in a water tower or similar arrangement. Operation was fast and simple and like everything of German manufacture, these were built to last and function to an optimum.

Some very similar water cranes in use.

~The Kit~

19 parts in resin, seen here as I recieved them. What I have is what you may call a test-shot--or really an early series of castings, as Libor is constantly refining his proccess to give a better product and trying new materials--thus you''ll notice some different resins were used and this may vary in future kits

~It pretty simple to see where eveything goes, an one can arrange the parts very near to thier homes
--however, detailed instructions can be found at the above link

~~Here''s all the parts cleaned-up. This can be done in one sitting, and is very simple on the large parts, but a boatload of care must be taken with some of the small thin pieces, as is the nature of the medium, these are fragile.


Adam Kuller02/01/2011 08:57:48
8017 forum posts
6915 photos

~~Close inspection of all the parts reveals Libor's usual extremely well-done detail work, though it's immposible to appreciate in pre-primer photos. I love the lettering and emblem on the fountainhead.
The box says there is the needed wire included, but wasn't included in my test-shot, so I'll just see what I need as I go, there's plenty of wire here on the shelf---

So the one thing needed that's not included is the small chain. I have purchased the same chain you see used for the prototype, and it is very nice, pre-blackened, an definately the smallest chain I've ever held in my hand, but it was felt by the manufacturer that though close, it's really not the correct chain, and because of that, and to keep the kit cost down (it is very nicely priced!) the chain will need to be sourced from a supplier of your choosing. (Bill Hazard  kindly made me aware of a nice Tiger Models chain, I believe it was,  from Lou Stiener that may perhaps be slightly finer)

Here's a good look at the Tank Workshop micro-chain ontop of the main crane upright.
~~Not recommended, but I was able to remove the large card-pourplug by simply snapping it off, and it worked quite well, leaving only a low parting-line to sand away.

A little saw may be needed to totally remove the excess material between these couplers, but take care there are some through-bolts that shouldn't be removed.

Spoked wheels always present some sort of challenge to cast. there's terrific detail to this tiny pully wheel--it just requires sanding the back to open the lightening holes---but be careful to retain the rim---this is the channel the chain works in.--Also---there is a small pin on the backside making sanding a pain-[-but nicely fits & locates the part-]--I opted to make sanding easy and removed the pin-but-I'll need to replace it with a bit of wire later on

I can see in the zoom a little more rounding is needed, some of these parts may benifit from primer prior to assembly, as the bare resin makes seeing a bit difficult sometimes

The lovely lamps are moulded as solid pieces making it a slightly challenging paintjob instead of a tedious build, (as you may have seen in some streetlamp kits)--fine by me

~Very very easy to dry-fit the large parts of the kit!    Takes a half second.
~Something I'm always looking for (and sometimes finding & sometimes not) is some nice VERTICAL ELEMENT in my Dio compositions.  This kit really does the job!
Here I've grabbed a few random Germans from the shelf to demonstrate.

Well guys---thanks for check'in this out -I'll return with construction & finishing  and this item will find a nice home in build that's coming up
-I'd be really interested to know your thoughts about this one and sure Libor would as well --            (& Happy New Year!)                       ADAM
Ian Sinclair02/01/2011 10:16:04
1613 forum posts
453 photos

Just ordered one now.
Looking forward to it arriving here.
Craig Hiscock02/01/2011 10:16:48
17650 forum posts
6533 photos
11 articles
Looks like another great kit from Libor  Castings again look top drawer.
Michael McLaughlin02/01/2011 11:16:30
5585 forum posts
2787 photos
11 articles
Hi Adam,
That is a beautiful kit and a very useful scenic accessory

Adam Kuller02/01/2011 19:17:19
8017 forum posts
6915 photos
~Ian~ Very good
~Craig~ You bet & absolutely!
~Mike~ Yes Sir -- Actually it was this model model that led to be getting involved with LZ ---I saw Libor building the original model for his huge Rail Station Dio  and I thought I really have to have one of those--so industrial--such a metal monument to the Steam Age.
Bill Mall02/01/2011 20:13:57
233 forum posts
441 photos
Hi Adam,
What a wonderful piece to compliment a RR Dio, very cool that our Libor can focus on the things that the big boys neglect. 
I can't wait to see this come together, I will be watching closely.
Ian Robinson02/01/2011 20:42:03
10586 forum posts
1437 photos
Very nice casting and detail, look forward to seeing how this ends up Adam
Adam Kuller03/01/2011 06:59:01
8017 forum posts
6915 photos

~Bill~ Thanks for the post--Yes & Yes you are sure right
~Robbo~ Yes, really is,huh? Thanks for tun'in in--
~Assembly Begins~
Here's the main feeder gooseneck--
all goes together easily, though I've pinned the parts for strength and allow movement for now--as most of it is dry-fit here.
(The pully sub-assembly cleverly covers the join of the gooseneck to the fountainhead--where no seam should be seen.)

The 3 part pully sub-assembly needs to be aligned like so.

Here you can see where I replaced the tiny resin pin with a short length of .020 drillstock

It's a neat little item.
I like to pin & epoxy when I join large pieces of resin. Not only does the drillstock add alot of permanent strength, but it allows you to locate the part correctly when you apply the adhesive and avoid squishing around the join---though pinning isn't mandatory

I pinned the two feeder tubes of the gooseneck also, using some .031 drillstock.
I hollowed-out the mouth of the feeder with some grinding bits in the Dremel, as I can't be sure this won't be seen from underneath later-on. The openning gets very rusty on these and so some roughness there is a plus..

Below-before  &  Above after milling-out

~~Another interesting German contraption--one of so many!
Tim Ivatts03/01/2011 10:14:46
761 forum posts
318 photos
Hi Adam
Great progress, the LZ models detail and mouldings do look really good. The extra pins wil make those joins so much stronger. You nearly built all of LZ kits now are you going to do there heavy rail car?
Also you show two feeder pipes does this mean you have two kits or does this come with spare parts ?
Cheers Tim

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