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1:1 Remington New Model .36 Navy Revolver

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SimonT25/04/2011 01:00:50
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This one came about as a result of Robins post about Dragon 1/3 firearms
I remembered that I had some 1:1 LS models in the stash
located this one in this mornings archeological delve into the stash and decided that 20yr waiting to be built is long enough, so here we go....
LS produced a sizeable range of 1:1 handguns, hand grenades, bayonets, assault rifles and sub machine guns, before such things were frowned upon
This is an 1858 Remington .36 Navy cap and ball percussion revolver

There are not too many pieces as can be seen from the sprue shot above although there are quite a few springs and screws in the small poly bag
The black parts are moulded in ABS but I think the ''wood'' grips are normal polystyrene

I think this must have been one of the later production kits as it does not have the display stand - just a note stamped in red ink on the instructions to say that the stand is not included
Some kits used to provide chunks of metal to hide inside hollow parts to give the finished item a bit of weight but there are no weights with this one

Although the parts count is low it will take some building due to sink marks and seams, which would not be present on the original machined parts, needing to be removed to get a good surface finish
gothicgeek25/04/2011 08:06:36
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Oh that brings back some memories!
I shall be following along...
jh25/04/2011 08:18:52
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One caveat worth remembering, is that the completed kit will be regarded as a "replica weapon" (no matter that it is plastic).  A definition on the Thames Valley Police site:-
"A replica firearm is described as anything that has the appearance of a firearm, including ball bearing (BB) guns and some toy guns."
Which is a fairly wide definition.

As it looks like the real thing .ie. black, you cannot sell it on or even give it away, not that you want to at the moment. However, it is not illegal for you to keep it.
What you cannot do is carry it in a public place on your person.

That being said, I had similar kits "back in the day", including a flintlock.


Edited By jch on 25/04/2011 08:23:45

SimonT25/04/2011 10:13:02
11640 forum posts
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Don't worry jch I'm not planning on running around the streets with it it's purely for display but it is a good point.
All new replicas have to be brightly coloured to show that they are not real (although there is nothing to stop the naughty people spray painting their illegal working firearms orange of course....)
Anyway, as you say, it is not actually illegal, yet, although I am sure that replicas and deactivated will eventually become so, so I shall build it while I have the chance
Magnus Berggren25/04/2011 12:58:37
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I really wish some company could release these kits again. I had and built several 25-30 years ago, and I would really like to get a shot at them again.
jh25/04/2011 13:01:28
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Posted by Magnus Berggren on 25/04/2011 12:58:37:
I really wish some company could release these kits again. I had and built several 25-30 years ago, and I would really like to get a shot at them again.
In the UK at least I think the legality and any pending legislation means this is very unlikely, which is sad, since I suspect the criminals will get real guns anyway.
Magnus Berggren25/04/2011 13:27:32
124 forum posts
7 photos
So far that isn't a problem here in Sweden. And I think most countries in Europe accept them as long as they are sold with their muzzles painted red and are not carried in public spaces.
I believe that Japan, which ought to be the largest market for these could sustain enough demand for new releases to be worthwhile. Problem might be that most kids buy soft air guns instead of kits like these.
A link for inspiration: 

Edited By Magnus Berggren on 25/04/2011 13:32:12

Adam Kuller25/04/2011 14:07:00
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Simon~ I'm interested as I've never seen one of these kits at all.
SO--not legal to own in UK?--Or just not legal to flash about like its real asking to be shot by Police?
Funny I remember being able to order real Blackpowder weapon kits mailorder as a boy, here in The States! I ordered and built a few nice Bowie Knife kits--You'd get a wood block to whittle into a grip, brass chunks to shape into pummel & hilt & a stainless steel blade blank, ready to build,polish or weather, and then edge ,ect.
Prices have gone up a bit
SimonT25/04/2011 15:04:02
11640 forum posts
9479 photos
As jch says, I can never see them relaxing the laws and if anything they will get tighter.
Whatever the powers decide on totally banning replicas and deactivated weapons, the real criminals won't give a monkeys as they will always be able to get the real thing from somewhere

Hi Adam - legal to own at the moment. You just can't sell them, unless to a licensed dealer (i think), or carry them around or wave them in public etc - then you are just asking to be shot by police marksmen and/or get locked up.
They probably never bothered importing to the USA as you can all collect real ones
Build your own knives as well - not over here in the UK !
There used to be quite a selection in the LS model range. Over the years I had:-
Colt Python .357 in 6" and 8" barrels
S&W .44 Magnum
S&W .38 police special
Colt 1911A1 .45
Colt M177
German Stick grenade and egg grenade
US M1 grenade
US smoke grenade
Also got in part built state in the stash:-
S&W .38 special
Walther P38

I think I may have an un-started Remington Army model as well
They made quite a few others as well including the .44 automag but i never managed to get that one
Andy Claesens25/04/2011 15:16:44
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Count me in too. Childhood memories indeed. It would be great to build a few of these again.

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