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Test build of LZ Models New Kit in Development

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The US M29 Weasel in 1/35...

The US M29 Weasel in 1/35...

...the new resin kit from LZ Models United States - World War 2

Adam's M29 Weasel...

Adam's M29 Weasel...

...the result of the build of the LZ Models kit United States - World War 2

Adam Kuller07/05/2011 09:20:45
8017 forum posts
6915 photos
The Weasel was a compact 4-man amphibious all-terrain light tractor originally of British design and built by Studebaker. Legend has it that it was designed to take part in raids in WWII on German supply infrastucture operating in Norway, and we''re ideal for transporting Commando in harsh snowy and muddy conditions that would leave jeeps & trucks behind. These vehicles also we're usful throughout Europe and served in Alaska, during he Aleusian Campaign, and we''re found in the Pacific ( at least in the Philippines).
    The earliest models [Light Cargo Carrier M28] were prone to some mechanical problems, and the M29 represents several improvements.
M29 photo by Gary Radford
   Movement in water was possible, but was greatly improved on the Model 29C, by the addition of "buoyancy cells'' , bow & stern
Despite the use of this handy vehicle all during the War, and over 10,000 being fielded, they are little seen in kit form. 50 years ago a Monogram 1/32 kit could be found, {though I''ve never seen this old kit and can''t comment on it} the only other option for building one was the ADV/Azimut resin kit from the 90''s that was the subjuct of the wonderful Steve Zaloga article in Military Modelling Magazine from last October (Vol.40 No.12 2010), which was partly the inspiration for this new kit from LZ
ALSO---Other versions will follow!

Many of you have seen the parts for this kit under development by Libor in his initial thread to introduce the LZ Models Weasel HERE  At this stage I do not have all the part yet, in fact some items are yet to be mastered! Normally I wouldn''t start a blog until I had every element at hand (those that know me, know I like to produce a detailed, complete and possibly entertaining show ) Libor and I felt that since there was a good bit of interest in the initial parts for the kit, that some members may be interested to see into the process a little more, and join along in this first test-build. Be aware that we reserve the right to make changes, and add new parts, and of course--- invite your questions & imput!
Thank you for joining us!

Edited By Adam Kuller on 07/05/2011 09:24:22

Marc07/05/2011 09:23:42
2111 forum posts
1442 photos
I'm in!
Can't wait!
Go for it Adam!
Paul Hennessy07/05/2011 09:40:08
1305 forum posts
276 photos
I'm in and very much looking forward to it Adam
Adam Kuller07/05/2011 09:49:44
8017 forum posts
6915 photos
Marc~ My friend who's quick-on-the-draw
This should be a fun one--a little head-scratching here and there--
it's new,........ya know
Paul~ That's great news--we are happy to have you along
1st Parts Shipment~

AGAIN, this is not everything, in fact it's one of 3 shipments I'll get for this 1st Weasel test-build (Yes, I'm already planning on building at least 2 or 3 of these! In fact, since the main thrust here is geting this kit ready to market, we are going a little fast and I'm sorry I won't be showing every step on this one. Next Weasel I will have at least on of every part and will do a far more complete step-by-step guide to construction)

All the main hull parts fit very easily, though some minor sanding-to-fit was needed to get the floor pan to snug-in. This floor was slightly curled on me, but reacted very favorably to a little heat from the blowdryer and went straight,
(Note-the engine cover is only dry-fit at this stage and is a little more tricky to place)

You'll notice my control sticks are from 2 different resins!
Well,'s only a test build! Only thing was one was a bit shorter than the other  and I had to shim it with a bit of styrene rod---totally the kind of small issue that will never appear in the production kit version (PKV for future reference)
Look past the 'sticks' and you can see the lovely P.E.pedal detail

Moving on to fittings around the compartment, you'll notice there are 2 very different PE sheets. The Brass sheet is a double thick, very sturdy type, while the 'silver' sheet is VERY thin and delicate, allowing  extreme detail

such as the control panel.........and placards.
I've marked the side parts with the letter designators fromt he sheet, as each is a bit different, and fit them along the hull. It's great how Libor designed this--- as it closely resembles the original.  When constructing it, I would however,  next time solder the entire frame together,  and fit it as one peice, as it was difficult to align each part perectly, especially with the engine cover, which ad to be placed 'by eye' at it's odd [proper] angle

This is no 'shake-n-bake' kit so not everything clicks into place.  Judgement and checking of photos was needed to set the engine cover into place. Once done a bit of thin (pink) Zap C/A was carefully placed while parts held in place.

The 'wingnut clamps' holding the lid on the engine cover are nice [tiny] resin parts

Back very soon with more!!!!

Edited By Adam Kuller on 07/05/2011 09:53:49

Adam Kuller07/05/2011 10:14:02
8017 forum posts
6915 photos

Completing the Drivers Area~

This was one tiny scratchbuild---although this part will likely appear in the kit in the future,and seems to not be found on every example anyways. 
 [ Note: Still to come is the small access panel that fits to the right of  the gauges]

It's the driver's oh s**t handle (as us Jeepers call it)
Also note I''ve dressed up the control board with knobs and pulls made from styrene disks make with my Waldron Punch & Die and shaved rivets from Grandtline. I also made one on a streched sprue stalk for what looks like the 'choke'
Simply following photos this is a bit tedious due to small size but not that tuff

Some of these features seem to vary from example to example, at least the appearance of the controls seems to, though I imagine they are the same.

The seats are a simple matter to clean-up and fit, as are nearly all the parts from Libor that are big enough to grip with your fingers
Fitting the seats requires lining-up 'by eye' again
Anyone know what that device is fit behind the drivers seat??

A hull-down shot into the tight driver's spot
walkaround photos by Vladimir Yakubov barrowed for discussion purposes

Now we can stand back and have a look while poor Libor labors over what's turning into thousands of roadwheels!!!
Still lots of fittings for the hull, a very nice complex windscreen arangement, detailed exhaust,ect,ect,ect.......................
Please join us again and leave your thoughts in writing

Edited By Adam Kuller on 07/05/2011 10:46:46

Ken Holland07/05/2011 10:46:24
4975 forum posts
2686 photos
Watching this with interest Adam and Libor. Hopefully I'll be getting me one of these.
That device behind the drivers seat looks like some sort of torch on a retractable extension lead to me.
libor07/05/2011 10:56:25
1946 forum posts
618 photos
Hi Adam,
nice start. I might have finished all the wheel moulds tonight, and will send over the rest of the parts in a couple of days. Had to cast about 400 wheels to make these moulds Then I finally stick on tracks, they should not take too long
Neil doman07/05/2011 11:18:35
2866 forum posts
1820 photos
Looks very interesting Adam.
There are a few pictures of the M29 in the Concord book 'the battle of the bulge' by Steve Zaloga.
Jamie Ferguson07/05/2011 11:25:34
700 forum posts
304 photos
Good to see something unusual like this.
VI07/05/2011 11:51:13
2663 forum posts
992 photos
Hi Adam,
This will be worth getting a comfortable chair for to relax in while enjoying this blog. A fantastic start, those wheels look like fun.

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