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M29 'C' Weasel Amphibious Transport

Test Build of New 'C' Version from LZ Models

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Adam's Winter Weasel...

Adam's Winter Weasel...

...his build of the LZ Models 1/35 kit United States - World War 2

Adam Kuller21/09/2011 08:07:22
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Hello Again Gentlemen!
Some of you are no doubt aware the the recent release of theM29 Weasel from LZ Models and saw my BLOG and Feature of the test build for that kit.

Now.....we have the new kit, of the ''C'' version, which was a later development of the vehicle, which came about because though the earlier models could float, they had very low freeboard and really could sink when loaded with too much gear, or met with rough waters! Also it was near to impossible to control and very slow in the water. The result as an updated design including duel-ruddered controls, and large flotation pontoons fore & aft.
The C version was both factory produced and also made as a field-mod kit, so that existing M29''s in use could be fitted for better water travel. The floats simply bolted on, and could be later removed if unneeded. In much the same way, Libor from LZ Models is creating a M29C model kit that simply fits onto the basic M29 model! So to start, I''ve began by building up the model from a box of M29 kit parts Libor has already graciously provided me ---the C version parts are both on the way to me in the post and still in development--so this test-build may possibly yield some changes and updates, but knowing how well Libor designs kits, there will be very little needing any changes.

Here''s a few nice rstored examples of the M29C, with & without the soft top fitted

These quick little amphibs we''re widely used by U.S. Army & Marines as well as British Special units, although photos are a bit hard to find, here''s 2 I did locate
British personel moving through a flooded Saar River Valley while laying wire, one of the common handy jobs for Weasels
in use by unidentified Commando (anyone tell us more?)
Here''s a shot that might give us an idea of scale.
lots More to come!
Happy you could join us and your imput is always welcome

Adam Kuller21/09/2011 08:42:01
8017 forum posts
6915 photos
If you'd like to see more pictures of more angles of the M29C HERE is an excellent Walkaround
Here's one more picture I really like 'in action'

   So, since much of this build, especially at first will be very similar to what's seen in my previous Blog of the M29, I will skip a lot of steps fully outlined there, and rather try to show some things better that I felt could have been shown more clearly, as well as focus on the construction of the C version parts. As usual I'll carry through details of finishing & weathering as well.
   One thing I could do this time is build from the bottom up, which I couldn't the 1st time as the suspension parts came later and tracks didn't exist at the start. Here's the parts for the M29 same as I recieved them the 1st time---only seen together now

There is an xtra track run shown here and the track jig master--
so your kit contents will look a little different.
Here's a better view of the P.E. sheets

The only part of the M29C I've recieved so far is the P.E. sheet, but it's already been updated , so I've put off getting started with it so far, as I should see a new one soon, but here it is.

As you can see the sideskirts are to be formed from the thin brass--
should be interesting!

Edited By Adam Kuller on 21/09/2011 08:44:14

Adam Kuller21/09/2011 08:56:55
8017 forum posts
6915 photos

This time I got to start with attaching the upper & lower hulls. It's recommended you place the radiator & fuel filter in the front cowl before joining, though I'm not sure if the cowl cover will be supplied so I left those out [at least so far]

There's some thin flash that should be carefully cleaned-out of the bogies, also ensure there's no twist to the parts [though I've only seen it on the early castings and shouldn't be any problem ]

Here's what's needed for the idlers

The springs stops attach on both sides of the 8 spring brackets and are some tiny little buggers and tapered and tweezer-resistant---I used the tip of a fresh blade to place them with some gel C/A [worked pretty easily]

So here we have everything ready for the bogies, wheels & tracks!


Now....this part is honestly still a bit tricky!
[Don't mind the lad]

More to come!

Edited By Adam Kuller on 21/09/2011 08:58:28

Paul Hennessy21/09/2011 09:12:06
1305 forum posts
276 photos
This is going to be fun. I'm in.
Adam Kuller21/09/2011 09:12:23
8017 forum posts
6915 photos

Fitting the Tracks

Once again I used my .368" [9.35mm] spacer to gauge the ride height I needed to come out with, and even the 2nd time building this suspension it was a bit of a fiddle, but taking my time I managed to get a decent result and only had to repair one track break

The top run isn't exactly shaped right without the track return rollers, just as before, but I left them off as they will be totally unseen, as will the whole top half of the suspension and lower hull, once the skirts are fitted. I did add the track top run to help hold together the track and also as I believe a very small amount may be seen through the radial hole at the front end of each skirt. You may notice I also have opmited the bogie support rods, which fi from the bogie tops to the hull, as these wont be seen either [ though possibly it's better to mount them for added strength]

As long as the track looks the same from both sides I'm usually happy


Before & After, right?
Well...we can continue to compare for differences with the M29 as we go

Thanks to everyone for reading along, comments & questions are most welcome
see you all soon with more


Edited By Adam Kuller on 21/09/2011 09:36:33

jimbo21/09/2011 09:48:48
14242 forum posts
2711 photos
Hi Adam
Cracking stuff. Glad you're back at the bench with another fascinating build. I'm away to London tomorrow for 10 days so I'll have some catch up to look forward to when I get back. First tip picked up already
"The springs stops attach on both sides of the 8 spring brackets and are some tiny little buggers and tapered and tweezer-resistant---I used the tip of a fresh blade to place them with some gel C/A"
Robin Buckland21/09/2011 10:04:35
15509 forum posts
56527 photos
5253 articles
Hi Adam,
Off to a good start I look forward to being another who will watch how this comes together for Libor.

Edited By Robin Buckland on 21/09/2011 10:05:03

Derrick Slogrove21/09/2011 10:26:38
30 forum posts
18 photos
Looking forward to watching this build!
Both Libor's attention to detail and your building expertise is quite jaw dropping stuff
libor21/09/2011 13:58:59
1946 forum posts
618 photos
Hi Adam,
good to see this one one this fast (and also many thanks guys for the kind words left for me here)
For the PE parts, the production ones are coming soon. Generally I had to fix just one bad connector, and change a bit size of that big front cover with rivets (without its number , between 14-15 on the sheet) but actually it was not that neccessary anyway, just tried to get proper look compared to my reference pictures
There are few more details added to the kit, most of them is shown in picture below. PE aprons will take some time to get together, but I wanted them to look as best as possible, and any other way would not give me satisfaction with the result. I spent about 20 minutes to get one shaped and soldered - lack of time, I needed to check the fit and send my order before PE producer went for holidays, with some more attention these bits can be done much better, but from the other side I think especially these were damaged in service very soon and crooked and bent areas can only look more real 

This was really cool vehicle in my opinion, and offers some even cooler variants to be built. I will send all these adds to Adam once finished, and soon we will see weasels with three various guns and rifles, flamethrower and more
Mark Chisholm21/09/2011 21:01:46
2692 forum posts
1 photos
cool - another Weasel !! Adam - you must be taking commisions for these things by now

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