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Heinkel He-111P

Revell's 1/32 Kit

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Sean Emmott built the 1/32 Heinkel He-111P...

Sean Emmott built the 1/32 Heinkel He-111P...

...the Revell kit from his blog Germany - World War 2

jimbo04/12/2011 15:00:05
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Hi Sean
I'll certainly pull up a chair for this one. You certainly seemed to have all the add ons sorted. It seems to be the week for Big Birds with this and Bob's F-15E Strike Eagle.
I have just measured this out on my bench - - whoops!!

Edited By jimbo on 04/12/2011 15:00:15

Tony Dill 204/12/2011 17:57:20
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Hi Sean,
absolutely no way that I could walk away from this one knowing its in your ever so good hands!
Sean Emmott04/12/2011 18:58:00
2262 forum posts
4584 photos
3 articles
Thank you all for your interest, chaps!
Before I go any further, I need to acknowledge the help and advice I've received from my brother -in-law, Paul Scott (who lurks on here and posts in the forums at Although he's still new enough to the hobby to get away with entering the "beginner" class in their group builds, he produces some good stuff:
His main areas of interest are the Battle of Britain and Luftwaffe interceptors, so I'm hoping I can get him to post on this thread as He will be a valuable resource!
Johnny, I'm with Andy on this one. None of us are responsible for the actions of our ancestors, and in that war, there were plenty of brave and honourable men on both sides.
Robin, thanks for asking me!
Marc, although it's a big kit, the parts count is significantly less than a Dragon AFV with extra etch, so hopefully it won't be too stressfull a build! If it goes together as well as the Red Arrows Hawk they've released in 1/32, we should be fine I'll be using the kit decals, and building the Totenkopf aircraft depicted on the cover as I like the red death's heads. I will be adding some swastikas from the spares box as Revell for obvious reasons couldn't include them in the kit*.
Chris, hope you enjoy the build and find it informative!
Jim, I had to measure it as well, before I could be sure I was able to do the blog. The final paint job wiill be a challenge simply because of the size. I suspect I'll be spraying it in installments.
Tony, Ross, thanks, guys - good to have you along!
Tonight I'll be examining the instructions, cross referencing them with the etch instructions and making some construction notes. I'll also be sorting out my paint references. Revell only refer to their own paint range, but I'll mainly be using Aqueous Hobby Color paints as I find they spray well, brusk well and dry to a tough finish. They also come in a great range of colours sepcifically referenced with RLM numbers.
*If anyone is following the blog and not aware of why Revell couldn't include the swastikas, it is illegal under German law (and possinbly the laws of some other EU countries) for anyone to depict the swastika in any form. I'm pretty certain in my mind, however, that nobody who even vaguely knows me could think that my desire for an accurate representation of a modelling subject demonstrates an endorsement of any particular regime (any more than me thinking Clarkson is funny means I want to see my co-workers shot!), so the swastikas will be on the tail. For the record, my political views can best be described as "despairing"
Nick Kelly05/12/2011 10:05:06
614 forum posts
296 photos
Hey there Sean,
This kit looks Noice , and was, until I saw the dimensions, on my wish list!
I have Revell's 1/72 offering of the H6 with the Eduard etch and masks so I'll be keeping an eye on this for transferable methods and tips
I also dont have any Swastias for the tail, but like you , want to accurately represent the aircraft. Do you know where I could get hold of a pair in 1/72?
Best of luck

Edited By Nick Kelly on 05/12/2011 10:06:37

Marc05/12/2011 14:21:38
2111 forum posts
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Hi Sean!
The kit schemes are great, no problem there! Revell are doing great research these days, good to see it extends to the schemes! We will hear how the Revell decals behave too!
Nick, try Hannants.. the web site has a search engine, insert "swastika" under subject ,(Or matching word) and 1/72 scale and aircraft decals and there will be options, I'm sure! Easy to send in the post, too...
Nick Kelly05/12/2011 14:49:51
614 forum posts
296 photos
Hi Marc,
Many Thanks!
Sean , Sorry to interupt, Ill get me coat!
Daniel Gregory06/12/2011 20:17:24
159 forum posts
35 photos

Will follow this one....on my wish list!
Tim White 106/12/2011 21:18:45
15142 forum posts
3013 photos
I am so in. This kit, those extras, your skill, I've taken a couple of days off work just to wait for updates. Very much looking forward to it, bookmarked in case I fall asleep in my chair.
Basically obsolete by 1940 and thereafter a bit of a clay pigeon, but, my word, I've looked at this kit a few times. The very best for this build, sir.
Echo the guys, absolutely nothing to feel other than admire the bravery of the individual.
Peter C07/12/2011 05:48:34
6633 forum posts
821 photos
Sean. After seeing a few of these at Telford I am sorely tempted to have a bash at one myself. They have a lot of areas for paint and weathering which should be fun.
Waiting eagerly for your progress pics.
Sean Emmott07/12/2011 12:15:02
2262 forum posts
4584 photos
3 articles
Nick, as Marc suggested, I got my sheets of swastikas from Hannants. Please don't worry about interrupting - I don't look on questions and comments as interruptions at all. They create discussion that helps move the blog along an add interest to readers.

Marc, the decals are printed in Italy and look to be of excellent quality. I am sure they must be Cartograf. Happy days

Dan, glad to have you along. Given that you can get this kit for less than £50 if you shop around, I can't see any reason not to have a punt on it. You get a lot of plastic in the box, and I reckon in terms of pounds spent per hour of happy modelling, you'll get excellent value for money. I hope the blog will help you decide whether you want splash out on the kit. Just make sure you have the space!

Tim, great to have you along buddy! Taking the time off work to get updates? So no pressure to get going there then!

Peter, good to see you joining in, mate. You're right - lots of opportunity for weathering - more than you might get on a lot of aircraft builds, I suspect. I hope things live up to expectation!
Well, I keep banging on about how big this kit is, and to give you some idea, here's the box sitting on my specially tidied bench:
Once the wings are ready to go on, I reckon I'll need to clear even more space!

Over the last couple of nights I've been getting prepared. Remember the 6 "P"s!!
Firstly, I really dislike Revell's instruction sheets. They come as a small unstapled booklet on rough paper; very much like a small newspaper. When I built the 1/32 Hawk, I was profoundly irritated by the way pages would drop out of the instructions and I could never find the page I wanted. So for this build I've copied each page of the instructions. I've also cross referenced them with the instructions for the etch and highlighted the parts which will need to be altered or replaced to accomodate the etch:
Also, the paper from my printer is white, not grey, so any pencilled notes I make will be more legible.
I have also been sorting my paints out, so I'm not messing about checking which colour I need when the code letter is given in the instructions. This chart will be on the wall next to my bench:
Right, I think we're finally ready to do some modelling!

Edited By Sean Emmott on 07/12/2011 12:16:21

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